BUSTED: New Drug Tunnel Found in Arizona

It is an unthinkable horror that is becoming a reality for an Arizona town. Tunnels are being made into the town so that drugs and people can be smuggled across the border. Nogales, Arizona is the place that people are turning their attention to this week. ICE agents protecting the country have found several tunnels that have been dug under the walls of homes with the intent of smuggling things and people. This is the third tunnel found in less than a week. The Mexican drug lords and runners know how to evade and hide from ICE. But that is all coming to an end at least for these three tunnels.

ICE found these tunnels that are eight feet deep and over 82-feet long. The home the connection was found in was searched by warrant and a bunch of drugs were found including the entrance to the tunnel. Two men were arrested and charged with possession and conspiracy to distribute the drugs. These and another kind of stories need to be told to make a case for the wall to be built.

President Trump is not backing down when it comes to the wall. This report is just one of many accounts of people trying to bypass security and pass into the country without being detected. So they can carry out their criminal behavior. The clueless Democrats would deny that these things happen and that illegals are here to commit crimes, but the evidence is overwhelmingly in the president’s favor. These drugs that these two people had in their possession came through the tunnel and were about to be released into the public. But they were caught by ICE.

This is the organization that the Democrats want to shut down. They claim that the agents are brutal towards immigrants and forcefully detain innocent people. But this story and others like it tell a very different and very real story. The story that there are drugs and possibly people being taken under the border for illegal purposes.

The sick part of the story is that the tunnel intersects at a sewage outlet pipe called the International Outfall Interceptor. This pipeline takes millions of gallons of raw sewage from a town in Mexico and the city of Nogales to a wastewater treatment plant in Arizona. So the drugs that people are buying on the streets are being transported through human sewage. They are smoking and snorting human waste. The act of doing drugs is vile and disgusting. People that are involved in the practice need help from professionals to break the addiction.

It is thought that the tunnel has been around for a long time. The arrests were made after ICE received a tip about drugs coming through the sewage tunnel. Customs and Border Protection agents began looking for the tunnel and found another tunnel that was not yet built. This other tunnel was 20 feet long on the United States side of the border. It was three feet by four feet on the inside of the tunnel. The tunnel makers are crafty and slick when they design their tunnels. They know exactly how far and where to stop digging. This shows that they must have help on the other side of the border to determine the pathway.

These tunnels are just one of the many ways that illegals are flowing into the country. President Trump knows this and has asked for help to devise a wall structure that would keep this kind of tunneling from taking place. The wall segments he wants to install are high-tech and will alert authorities if someone is trying to dig or cross the border. This is one reason why the Democrats hate the wall because they want the illegals in the country, so they can exploit them for votes later on. The tunnel’s entrance is usually concealed on the other side fo the border. The diggers know when they can work on it because of the monitor the patrols of agents. The wall that is being installed keeps illegals from being able to see the patrols, so they do not know their movements.

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  1. I guess no one believes you, but I just found this photo print @Home Comforts

  2. How stupid could you people be! if Trump built the wall those people will still be building the Tunnels. Then Trump will want to go under ground and put a fence up. Anyway, he will be impeached by the end of January !

  3. put explosives on the border about 30 feet from the wall set the explosives off. do this along the wall every 40 feet or sow good by tunnels.

  4. The Border Patrol should keep homes, and Businesses, especially vacant homes, Shops, and Warehouses under surveillance. These structures are targeted, and being used to tunnel into, and then move Illegal Aliens, and drugs throughout the Country.

  5. If the Drug Cartels are using these tunnels, then ICE, and other Agencies must know that ISIS, Hamas, Hezbollah, and the rest of the psycho, screwball crowd are using these tunnels to get into the Country, as well.

  6. Well according to the Department of Justice, DEA reports the southwest border does have the most seizures, however, the northern border is by far the easiest way to smuggle drugs into the USA. Trump having the Mexicans build a wall, oh wait, they aren’t paying for the wall we are and at the cost of repairing military housing, training facilities, weapons storage, and the US is also pulling funds from several overseas projects, more than $1.8 billion, including from construction at air bases in ally nations like the United Kingdom and Germany. The money allocated to the Pentagon by Congress will now go to a useless wall that won’t stop smuggling and in fact, probably will give Americans a false sense of security. The tunnels are just the tip of the iceberg, and because they find one tunnel here and one there doesn’t mean they don’t have thousands. Cartels have a variety of ships that submerge high-speed powerboats with drop sites in the ocean. The same can be said about aircraft that drop off in remote areas. How does a wall stop that? Judging by the comments from your followers with the homicidal plans to kill whoever is in the tunnel suggests to me they really don’t care if its women and children looking for asylum or thugs moving drugs. They need to read the bible and learn tolerance for the poor to make a better life. As far as the drug traffickers are concerned, catch them, send them to court, and hang them. The entire world considers Trump a clown and laughs at him in public. The quicker we can rid ourselves of this coward, criminal, and conspirator the better off the US will be.

  7. There are electronics and animals that can detect movement in the ground. Also, the Mexicans can dig under the wall or climb over

  8. Place Land mines in the caves, when the smugglers, illegal aliens come thru, BOOM!!! End of problem, repeat as needed. MAGA!!

  9. There is a very dangerous situation that isn’t being mentioned in this article. WWII Korean, Nam, Civil War and so on tunnels were used for enemies to relocate for surprise attacks very effectively. We know there is terrorist training camps in Mexico and here, These tunnels can be used to move terrorist around crossing the border to kill us with a surprise attacks. Lets build the walls and set camouflaged charges on our side . We can observe for multiple terrorist movement under ground and blow the charges. Kill a bunch of these cult worshippers and collapse the tunnels at the same time.

  10. Bahhumbug
    Democrats side job is protecting the drug market
    It is a lucrative side business for them. That is why they want trump out.


  11. The wall is necessary but the photo above is a wall hanging that was available on under the caption “Home Comforts Canvas Print Deep Geology” and has nothing to do with this article and is NOT a drug tunnel.

  12. The more wall get put up the more time officers have to find and stop things like these tunnels.

    Simple solution that should even make liberal democrats happy, cap off the US end of tunnel and pressurize human waste being pumped directly into tunnels making them huge underground storage for waste treatment . It fills tunnels 100% with human waste (may at least slow illegals digging ) it saves USA money as we don’t have to dig tunnels used as waste treatment plant , fertilizes the soil all seems like a win win situation ……….. and Democrats no illegals where harmed by this option 🙂

  13. Good argument for the wall. Meanwhile Ground penetrating radar [GPR] could be used [if not already] to discover voids beneath the surfaces near homes and towns. I’m sure the GPR industry would be glad to help design even better GPR equipment to discover voids under the top soil up indicating old tunnels.

  14. Don’t forget the whole Obama administration too.

  15. There are MANY tunnels that cross the border, most of them are natural. There are over 800 dormant volcanoes in Arizona. I know of one that started near Benson, AZ and goes off on a branch to 5 miles on the Mexican border. It’s a long walk, but doable (I did it several times in the 1960;s)

  16. Either you can’t read or understand english, It is a smart wall with seismic sensors. BPaux

  17. That’s about the same idea I submitted! Use the tunnel to plant say a Claymoore Mine, blow up drug dealers. clean it out, and reset the trap?

  18. How about the 70,000 drug users that died last year? The DemoCraps think that is FINE! Don’t believe it? Ask Hunter Biden if he wants the drugs stopped? Or Pelosi? Maybe even Hillary? Mr. Soros is making Billions on the drugs, you can bet your $weet A$$ on that! He invests in anything that makes money! He made money turning in fellow Jews to the Nazi’s! Broke the Bank of England in the 1970’s! Read some “Real History”, and see how England suffered after that? FYI, that’s when the U.S. Dollar replace the British Pound as the “International Currency”! I know, you didn’t like History in high school! So you don’t know anything about “History”!

  19. These are all food ideas however, one more thing that should be considered, that is,
    Placeing Vietnam type Booby traps at both ends, through the middle. I will volunteer for this.
    I spent 35years in the SF I’m ready to go to work!

  20. Filling with concrete is very expensive! Just rig a Claymore mine to detonate when the drug runners are going thru. Clean it out, and reset. Put the tunnel to use!

  21. I’ll vote for that idea! First “Constructive” one I have read in quite a while. How about putting the tunnel to “Good Use”??? Like rig a Claymore mine to go off when the drug runners are going thru the tunnel? Clean it out, and reset the trap!

  22. Maybe we should pursue the involvement of the Dems here.
    Are they profiting from Mexican
    drug activity across our border.
    All of the Dem leaders have supported the wall at some time in their career from Obama on down the line from Pelosi…now in tandem
    they all oppose the wall. Open borders for all is a cover up maybe. Just saying!!!!

  23. The democrats don’t want a wall they want the illegals to come vote for them and the drug cartels money to run their campaigns and their hate and discontent agenda.

  24. Are U the one called Dumb or the one called Dumber. You probably want a one way highway into America, no gate, no speed limit, no highway patrol, no fines, no taxes, no drivers license, free sex, free food, free drugs just take anybody’s job they want, dont speak english, kill, rape, mame. We dont care we owe it to the world right? Oh yeah give em your mother and children too!

  25. Would you want to take a drug that has unknown origins?
    Give them a job by taking jobs away from Americans?
    Inside factories? Everything is made in China now.

  26. To solve the problem is stop being a soft ass and start killing them as they try sneaking in from Mexico. Once the shooting them starts I’d say the rest would think twice before trying to get in the USA. You may think this sounds mean but you should check and see how many of our people are killed by some of their hardened criminals.

  27. damn you are closed minded , and stupid.

  28. AW come on, we are fed up with you cry babies they are killing our country

  29. How can a wall stop a tunneler? It can’t, so get off your wall kick!

  30. It’s mad and it’s illegal!

  31. You forgot to put NADLER in the tunnel before blowing it up!!! How could anyone forget to put that fat slimeball in with Pelosi, Schumer, SCHITT & the “squad”? If we’re going to get rid of IDIOTS, make room for Swalwell too. That tunnel looks big enough to fit every democrap so let’s do it right and finish draining the swamp.

  32. Everyone is talking about what to do with the tunnels what about the people who live in the homes above them,when the house’s fall into the tunnels hopefully the bastards are in there

  33. Concrete can be removed–just blow them up so they can’t be reopened

  34. Didn’t you read the comments above? The wall has sensors that can detect the tunneling activity below it. Uninformed electorate fights every action of our president.

  35. I think President Trump should issue and Executive Order stating that all money seized in these operations MUST be used to build the wall. AND YES THE WALL DOES WORK . . . WE JUST NEED TO GET IT FINISHED.

  36. After All They ( Schumer and Pelosi ) says that there is NO PROBLEM on the BORDER!

  37. Again solid unrefutable evidence of dem voter surpression.This must stop.

  38. Building the wall will deter a lot of criminal activity, especially if it’s a smart wall that can detect illegal activity. Yes, there are other ways to get into this country illegally BUT having the wall will give authorities the chance to concentrate more resources on stopping entry from other points.

  39. Maybe irresponsible, but not so foolish to an awful lot of people!


  41. I second that motion. Let these pukes see what they sow

  42. SO now that they have time to look they find tunnels. Destroy, concrete them and keep patrolling.
    Why did our federal quit trying to stop the drugs in the first place?
    What happened to our high faluting drug czar?

  43. We Need the Wall. Let Our President do His Job and Let ICE Do their Job.

  44. Irresponsible and foolish!

  45. this article just made a valid point of why spending money on a wall is wasteful. tunnels, other points of entry, i.e. harbors, airports, vacant landing strips in the desert.

  46. The thousands of dollars that have been confiscated should be used to build the wall in Nogales and hire more Security for these areas. Most small border towns will be targeted by the cartel so maybe we should place undercover agents in these towns. As far as all the addictions we need more hospitals and personnel that can help in this area. Thirty days isn’t enough for these additives they need at least one year.

  47. Help them build the tunnel right to palosie;s back yard.

  48. Wait until the fully auto AK47’s start coming across if they haven’t already A whole new stream of income for the cartels.

  49. I like the concrete idea. Also a flood of water might be good. Enough of illegals taking benefits that belong to our own citizens. Yes get this done and keep the pressure on to deny any benefit and lessen the idea that they will be taken care of and decrease the desire to emigrate. They must remain home and reform their own govt.

  50. Blow the damn tunnel up with the illegals/drug runners inside.

  51. Let the cops grab the drugs and give them to laboratories to use for making medicines and take their cash too and tell the dealers to “get a good job where an honest paycheck is used” and the same with panhandlers! Let the cops tell them to “GET A REAL JOB” just like they do in Texas and Arizona.


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