Trump Explains Why the Armenian Bill is Doomed to Fail

Things that have taken place in the past that were horrible is always a regrettable experience. But for lazy liberals, they want to bring up the past and make people pay for the crimes of previous generations. What they fail to realize is that people change over time. Nations that were once hostile can become friends and even supporters of those seeking to do what is right. But the liberals want to incriminate everyone and make people believe that certain atrocities are still taking place today.

Recently, lawmakers passed a bill that would effectively label the killing Armenians from 1915 to 1923 as a genocidal event. This is one way to take what has already been called a massacre to the next level. For some reason, many lawmakers need to appeal their conscience and deal with something that took place over 100 years ago. Many of the Democrats want to waste time and just pass bills on things that have happened over decades ago.

President Trump is a person that moves on when an issue has been addressed. Morgan Ortagusm who is the State Department spokesperson stated that “Our views are reflected in the President’s definitive statement on this issue from last April.” The White House is not going to go back in time and call something worse that has already been labeled as horrible. The issue that is being dealt with is not over whether the event that took place 100 years ago was bad, but rather the need to keep revisiting the same old agenda.

The president has already stated of the issue that it was “one of the worst mass atrocities of the 20th century.” There is no reason to keep throwing the horrible event in the face of the decedents of the Ottoman Empire. President Trump also stated that “We pledge to learn from past tragedies to not to repeat them. We welcome the efforts of Armenians and Turks to acknowledge and reckon with their painful history.” This is all that needed to be said. For the legislature branches to want to pass a bill condemning such actions is just a way for the raunchy liberals to throw the event in the faces of the other nations. In a way, the liberals are saying that they are better than everyone else because they would have never done such a thing to other people. President Trump would go on and say that the goal is “to ensure atrocities like this would not be repeated.”

The freaky Democrat that brought the bill to the attention of the Senate was Bob Menendez. He just cannot let the matter lie. The Democrats have been trying to undercut the president since the day he took office. The bill that Menendez was proposing would have caused major issues with Turkey and the touchy events that are taking place with them as an ally. The bill that Menendez was pushing was a terrible reminder of the 1.5 million Armenians that were killed. Many people praise this event as a major victory for someone but the fact is that no one is going to speak out against such a bill because they do not want to appear unsympathetic.

But someone should have spoken up. The president wanted the bill to be voted down because of the problems that it will create. The way the bill was handled was that it was never voted on and did not require a vote unless someone objected.

The bill was an attempt by the Democrats to derail the talks with Turkey. The Democrats live to create conflict. They did not care about what happened to strangers 100 years ago. They wanted to create problems for the president. As expected the bill ticked Turkey off and they protested. They declared that the numbers killed are greatly inflated by the Democrats. The Turkey government is now threatening to close down several bases that are vital to American military operations in the east. As a result, the president will veto the bill because it does more harm than good.

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  1. When we , meaning if your an American breathing air, than We’re all “RESPONSIBLE “, for OUR ACTIONS, right or wrong that’s nature’s way of saying “THINK ABOUT WHAT YOUR GOING TOO SAY OR DO !”, THAT THERE ARE “CONSEQUENCES “, for each ACTION!, but than WE ARE NEVER WRONG?, ask anyone that’s a LIBERAL OR RINO, to include MILLENNIALS?. When VOTING DO “YOU “, know WHO that PERSON IS & WHATS THAT “CANDIDATE “, really going to do for AMERICA, YOUR AREA, or YOUR STATE!, look at UTAH, ROMNEY IS A LOSER, but he’s KNOWN IN the POLITICAL WORLD?, SO VOTE for him?, WRONG!, he’s just one small fry in the system of POLITICS. AMERICA USE YOUR “GOD GIVEN BRAIN TO DO WHAT’S A EXCEEDING GREAT UPCOMING ELECTION “, We must not FAIL OUR GOD GIVEN RESPONSIBILITIES!. AMEN.

  2. these clowns are useless and we are paying them to be useless….WHY?

  3. This is as dumb as offering Liberians who are here illegally citizenship. If they are here illegally, then they should be deported.

  4. The Armenian Genocide did happen and it was a genocide that had nothing to do with the USA per se! If we had better dialogue with Russia we might not need those bases in semi-Jihadi Turkey which is proving like all Muslim nations not too trustworthy to deal with!
    However, after all the nasty things the Dem-Rat Party of Dem-Wits have done to Pres. Donald Trump in their orchestrated impeachment sham, I don’t want Pres. Trump to appear bad. If he has to table this recognition of the historical genocide by the Turkish Islamics that was led by AtaTurk, a disloyal Commander of the Turkish Sultan for the election season than so be it but it was still a genocide among many the Islamics have perpetrated! Happy Chanukah and Christmas to all rightists!

  5. The Democrats have gone full blown Communist. Anything to destroy America and turn it into a Third World shit hole is now their only purpose for living. They continue to allow illegal aliens to cross our order and vote in our elections. Our Country will be destroyed if we let them keep up their treason on Americans. They slide in the illegal alien from Kenya to be President in order to start their open attacks on the American People. He is the current attack on our Constitution and our Freedoms. Thanks to the Demonazis, if you say something that some weasel asshole doesn’t like, he can charge you with a Hate Crime and, you will get a Court Judgement against you. They just made your Free Speech a crime under the Communist Rule of law.

  6. What did you expect from LOSER Democrats? . . . SUCESS?!? Team Trump and his allies 2020.

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