Employing Illegals Could Mean Prison Time

So many companies and business owners violate federal employment laws that the issue is becoming an epidemic. These owners see an opportunity to exploit humans by paying them low wages. And they see a way for them to not have to pay taxes on the workers that they have because they are all illegal. Such is the case of a construction company in Dallas that it has repeated violations for hiring and paying illegals. Ripping off people and not paying taxes is just the tip of the iceberg for one executive. They are now facing prison time for their serious lack of judgment.

Illegal immigration is a serious matter. It undercuts everything that President Trump has worked hard to make better for legal citizens. In another case, four upper management people from a company called Speed Fab-Crete hid illegal immigrants by moving them to a staffing company. This was done to appear compliant and legal after an audit of the company showed that some workers were illegal. Instead of letting them go and hiring legal workers they tried to hide them, so they could reuse them later on. The top person at the company will face up to five years in prison for his efforts to make a dollar.

The main thrust of liberal Democrats is that they believe that illegals have every right to be in the country as the next person. The truth is that the longer the illegals are in the country, the worse off things are going to get. Law enforcement and city officials have to step up and deal with the problem in their areas. When ICE shows up law enforcement needs to assist and remove the illegals as quickly as possible. People who resist helping should also be taken to prison for interfering in a law enforcement operation.

One news outlet reported that “This fiscal year, the North Texas region led the U.S. in the number of civil arrests of immigrants for the third year in a row. The relative lack of criminal cases against companies and their owners, however, has been a long-standing trend that also existed under the Obama administration.” Obnoxious Obama simply chose not to deal with the issue. But President Trump is dealing with the problem head-on. He is wanting to arrest and deport every illegal person in the nation. Including the dangerous Dreamers.

The only ones that suffer when illegals are used as workers are the regular working class. They have to remain unemployed because cheap criminal labor is being exploited. Massive illegal immigration undermines the working class. But what has happened is that people have learned how to beat the system and make money doing it. One contractor put it this way “The reality is that a person that was hired as a laborer in 1988, I paid $15 an hour and within a month if I could leave him on the job alone, he got $20 an hour. If I hired somebody that already knew how to do certain types of labor or certain types of operations, they would get $20 an hour. Now, the average wage in Los Angeles for construction workers is less than $11 an hour. They can’t go lower than the minimum wage.” The owners never have to issue raises, and they certainly do not have to pay employer taxes.

President Trump was right when he declared that many illegals are responsible for crimes in America. Many of them have committed horrible crimes and have gotten away with it. Employers beware that the White House is coming for them. “Those employers who continue to knowingly violate federal laws not only risk hefty fines but also spending time in prison.” This was said by a special agent tasked with dealing with repeated business owner violators. He has stated that the best deterrent of this kind of behavior is to simply lock the owners up. After all, who wants to miss the next five years of their child’s growth because they decided it would be a good idea to hire a bunch of illegals as employees.

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  2. We need to police our own actions to help curb the illegals in our own states.Example is if your having some work done at your home and you suspect its being done buy illegals call imagration.Let those illegals continue to work until imagration gets there.Allowing illegals at your home to do work they could be setting you up to rip you off and besides the quality of work isn’t going to be good.

  3. I guess you should expect a discount on your pool?

  4. You are Soooo correct. And, they even brag about what they are getting free. One woman even said illegals do NOT want to be citizens; they don’t have to pay taxes, learn English or choose to work. She announced this as if she were very proud of this.

  5. And, what work the male makes is to buy toys, I phones, huge meals for all family members at expensive restaurants AND to buy money orders to send money back to Mexico for relatives there. If the government would charge taxes on these money orders it might get some money from them, because most work they do they require CASH MONEY payment- Thus, pay NO income taxes!

  6. All fast food businesses in my town hire mostly illegal aliens {dubbed “undocumented immigrants by the media}. They bring all their non school-age children to the restaurant to feed them {stealing food from the business; and they fill up the booths with their children, not to mention feeding them free whatever they want all the time the mother is working {otherwise, stealing from the business}.

    There are NO jobs for teenagers trying to make some money to help their own families or to buy school clothes for themselves.

  7. When is E-verify coming to California? This is surprising as Oregon’s governor is kathleen brown, jerry the ‘clown’ brown’s sister. For those unaware, jerry the ‘clown’ brown was the socialist bastard who had three non consecutive California gubernatorial terms and did nothing positive to improve the state or lives of its residents. Oh yeah, he kept jackin’ up the taxes for stuff like the ‘high speed rail line’ to nowhere and a bunch of other socialist BS.. You’d think after this bastards first tern, his name would be on the S**T list and he’d never be reelected. Sometimes it makes you wonder what’s wrong with the voters of California, are they all clueless morons who like paying some of the highest taxes while the place hits the toilet and they end up with SQUAT.! Have they been smokin’ the wrong kind of weed or what? Inquiring minds want, need an demand to know why this keeps happening. FYI: not all Californian’s voted for all this socialist BULLS**T but have to live with the consequences of the decisions of the clueless morons who did this. Unbelievable!

  8. Thanks for clarifying this issue, for me and many of us unsure of how this hurts the local taxpayers:. Example: employers hiring illegals and paying them minimum wage while the going wage for legal employees in their industry is say, $20.00 per hour. This while paying minimum wage of say $12.00 per hour under the table in cash, no checks aka ‘paper trail so there’s no record of their presence on your payroll and no employer taxes paid. The local community gets screwed losing the tax revenue these companies would have paid so thus the taxes go up on the local community to make up the deficit. And as for the so called ‘dreamer’, those who came as kids with their parents are reaping the benefits of a ‘free ride’ give us all a break!. Too damned bad. In California these ‘dreamers’ are getting taxpayer subsidized educations while the legals are having to pay a full tuition. How is this ‘fair’? This and so much more care of the fools and morons voting for these liberals aka ‘socialists and believing the BULLS**T foisted on them and running the former ‘golden state’ into the ground Time long overdue to arrest, convict and imprison all employers doing this along with all politicians from governors on down to city mayors allowing this to keep going on and on. And please start here in California with gavin ‘give away the store and just about everything else for free ‘newsom, How this no good bastard got the state’s top job is beyond me and a lot of other thinking Californian’s. This social climbing pretty boy, first class ass wipe, weasel and snake in the grass is responsible for turning San Francisco, the one time jewel in California’s crown into a third world enclave care of his ‘sanctuary city’ declaration while he was mayor. Now the bastard along with his aunt ‘nasty’ nancy ‘pigliosi, good ole ‘fart’ faced dianne feinstein along with a whole bunch of liberals are ruining this one time great state. i could go on and on but what’s the point?.

  9. good i hope they follow through with it. i am tired of the employers hiring illegals over legal americans. but that’s the only way the demorats can do something. an to get the illegals votes.

  10. I agree, but it wouldn’t be prudent to allow the business to operate unless they’re monitored for a minimum of 2 years.

  11. and what is the constant statement coming from the SOCIALISTS/DEMOCRATS “NOBODY” is above the law. Well enforce the LAW about hiring ILLEGAL workers from ANY country!!! Put your actions where your MOUTH’S ARE!!

  12. I agree with Ron: Papa works under the table–Mama and the kids get full welfare and all of the same benefits as U.S.Citizens. If Papa should have to declare some of his earnings–he will file an income tax form–IRS knows he is illegal and has a special form for his filing. He and his family then become able to claim the “EARNED INCOME TAX BENEFIT as much as 20thousand dollars if there are enough kids and unlike others who file income taxes–there is no proof required from these folks as to how many dependant children and produce their SS# and other proof. SS numbers and we know that not having a SS# never stopped an illegal as they are sold to illegals at flea markets along with passports and drivers licenses and any other document an illegal alien may require. I am so happy that President Trump is keeping promises made unlike past presidents . Just think what our wonderful president could accomplish if the DemoMarxists would stop their attempts to nullify him and install a REAL COMMUNIST.

  13. Jail the employers who hires illegals for cheap labor.

  14. Do you actually expect, much less believe, a democRAT to use FACTS or tell the truth? The moronic impeachment hearings were an excellent model of their TRUE selves. Everything based on hearsay and lies. So typical of the modern day democRATS.

  15. Right on. It is time we have an honest government who will enforce our Laws.

  16. Illegals are draining the social services in this country. They should not have access to food stamps,subsidized housing,food pantries and free healthcare not to mention Social Security.what earks me is “Bilingual a plus” when you apply for a job.They have help from their own kind in every government office to help them to exploit the government. It has to be stopped. All illegals must go. No questions asked.

  17. I am having a swimming pool built in Murrieta California, and I have noticed the majority of the Subcontractors employees are illegal aliens. I am a very strong believer in “Charity Belongs at Home First”! I would love to see all of these companies that higher illegals instead of American Citizens go to jail.

  18. In the 1980’s California had an employment form that had to be filed by the employer for each employee he hired – if he did not have a for for an employee then he was arrested and the employee illegal immigrant was deported .

    Oregon has everify for all employees – all states should have these and ENFORCE THEM.

  19. I dont know ,if you do ,give us a figure and proof-otherwise shutup

  20. …north Texas, guess that is where all the vile demoncraps from Ca. relocated…lock all their liberal asses up in some God forsaken deep dark hole…

  21. I am an employer and I have supported this idea for many years

  22. cut off all aid for illegals stiff fines and jail time for employers who hire them and get tuff on those who cross the border this applys to all non citizens not just Mexicans but all illegals period like trump said America for americans if they want to be here do it the legal way then they will be americans too and then get really serious on crime when illegals commit crimes quit fooling around with them no more plea deals put there asses in gitmo and if they try to escap shoot them end of story hope the president see’s this but don’t let the demorats see this boy it really will piss them off


  23. Presibent Trump has hired ZERO illegal aliens and has FIRED sub contractors if he found out THEY did… So you are either a lier or ignorant OR an IGNORANT LIAR

  24. that’s the only to keep them from hiring them

  25. Why has this not been done years ago??? DEPORT ALL ILLEGAL ALIENS A.S.A.P. PERIOD

  26. I don’t necessarily disagree with these proposals. However, I find it rather two-faced coming from a person who hired illegals until he was caught.

  27. Stop saying what you have no proof of! You sound like a true Demorat! Send all the illegals back! His wife’s parents were legal! Check it out asshole before you say something untrue! You must be working as an illegal eh?

  28. I am from California and we have had an illegal problem for DECADES! And it has gotten worse as time has gone by. I am glad to see we FINALLY GOT A PRESIDENT that is going to attack this problem, instead of looking the other way. Yes I do agree that people from other countries here in the USA is a GOOD THING. But only if they come in LEGALLY. I do not have a problem with that. But when they come in ILLEGALY and take all the resources dry and take down the country with it with actions that are against the law. And the law just cuts them loose. And if you or I did the same crime they would put us in jail and for get you. That is what burns me! And I am tired of it.

  29. This CHARLATAN is also a hypocrite. How many persons without papers has he hired? Don’t forget his aim to break the chain migration, except for his wife’s parents. With him it’s about “do as I say, not as I do, idiots”

  30. Tell the Hasadic owners of the deep Midwest meat packing houses. Tell them as their businesses are confiscated. Tell them as their wives and children weep and wail. Tell them when the local town fathers lose substantial bribes. Too bad the scenario can’t replay in the deep blue cities on the east and west coasts. Those condemned souls that try to live OF this world, worshiping mammon instead of God, are SOMETIMES realizing karma before Judgment.

  31. 2 years minimum hard labor for first offense hiring illegals, 2nd time 10 years, that would make them sit up and listen.

  32. The problem with just deporting those who are here illegally is that most just turn right around and come back, entering illegally again. As long as there are jobs available to them and social services to depend on, along with free education for their children, they will continue to return. There is no downside to being located and deported and returning illegally again. Until we stop employers from hiring them and we stop assisting them with food stamps, subsidized housing, and aid to dependent children, they will continue to come. Yes, I know they are “not supposed to be eligible” for social services, but the reality is that many states have many illegal immigrants on the social services payroll. And now, Democratic presidential candidates are talking about medicare for all, including illegals! This is one thing Canada has gotten right. It is rare for a Canadian company to hire an illegal and illegals are not eligible for free medical care. If there are no jobs available to illegals, no social services, and no way for them to live, there would be no reason for masses of illegals to come. The criminals will continue to come. We do need to also deal with the illegal-immigrant crime and more quickly deport them from the country. And we need a way to stop them from returning once we have deported them.

  33. Yes, put all the “illegal” employers in prison , that’s the way to get the economy going. More prison inmates, that’s the way forward.

  34. It is time to clamp down on illegals. Be firm ! I hope this will work.

  35. This is GREAT NEWS!!!!!

  36. I like that idea. Let the fine be large enough to pay the cost of their prison time.

  37. they should have to pay a big fine plus the time in jail. the fine should be enough for the cost of that person.

  38. Jailing the employers will be worth every penny and word gets around and they will stop that nonsense.

  39. Everyone knows someone who is violating these laws. They have heard the lame excuses.
    But who did the work before we were invaded by illegals?
    OUR OWN CHILDREN who could work as teens.
    I worked as a teen and earned my parents respect. In the fields and in a cannery three summers.
    That part of growing up is being discouraged by having illegals here – so easy to hire but making our young generations SLOW to mature.

  40. It should be mandatory 5000 fine 6 months first offense..50,000 5 years
    second offense..

  41. Yes, but I would prefer we export them (illegals) back to the original country, PERIOD, then put the top tier management/owners of the company in Prison, then maybe we will get the attention of people who want to scam the system, instead of doing the right thing in the first place….

  42. Let the corrupt Americans trade places with the corrupt immigrants! This is much cheaper than putting them in prison. It costs money to put them in prison. You dig? Good!

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