Omar Has a Fascinating Crush on President Trump

There is no doubt that Ilhan Omar has a strange fascination with President Trump. She just cannot help herself with responding to the comments that the president truthfully makes about her. President Trump has called on Omar to resign because she is a “disgrace” to the country, and she is an “America-hating socialist” as the president has said. Omar and others like her are destructive to the country as they do not represent what the founders of the United States envisioned for the nation.

Omar believes that the president has some weird attraction for her. Truth be told he thinks she is a disaster just waiting to happen. He has repeatedly told her and the other members of the socialist corner of Congress to get out and even return to where they came from. This is not an obsession, but rather a warning for her to leave. President Trump tells the truth. He does not dance around and make comments hoping to make a point. He clearly states his point and moves on. Omar has a strange pull towards the president that is creepy at best.

Ilhan Omar is known for her many husbands and lovers. She divorces one man and goes after another. At least people hope she has left one before moving on to another. At one time she was married to two men at the same time. She simply loves battling the president because it gives her the ability to communicate with the person that she idolizes deep down.

In a response to the president’s truthful statements about her she mentioned that “This has been a president that has used his energy in the most xenophobic, racist ways to mobilize a base that is understandably frightened about the kind of America they might have if we continue to build the kind of connected communities we’re all excited about.”

Omar’s obsession with the president started the day she took office. She started proposing ideas that threaten America hoping to get the president’s attention. She got it and a lot more. The president is ready to ship her back to Somalia where she belongs. She wants free education, free healthcare, no student debt and a lot more. But nothing is ever free. Her idea of these insane plans takes all the money from the rest of the population and distributes it’s to pay off what socialists determine.

Her hatred of Israel has also fueled the drive to rid America of Omar. She has publicly voiced her satanic opinion of Israel and called on them to let the Palestinians reign supreme. She loves Islam and would love to see the terrorists take over America. The way she sees that happening is to tear down the very freedoms that set America apart from the rest of the world. There is no other place in the world where a person has so much freedom to do what they want with their lives.

Omar sees President Trump as her obstacle. She sees him as a person that that stands in her way for world domination. She stated as a lie that “For me, it’s never been a particular leader. It’s always about the agenda.” This one statement is full of falsehood. If it was not about the leader, she would be supporting the very man that she has a crush on. She would be backing his efforts to make America great and his push to secure the border. But the truth is that she hates President Trump as the leader because she is about power and taking it all for herself.

The remarks that the president has made about Omar the past three years are correct. She is a traitor that hates America and the freedoms that come with being a citizen of the country. She hates Israel and the relationship that they have with the West. She is a traitor to the people because she wants to take what everyone has and give it all away to a select few that will oppress the population. She has a strange crush on President Trump because she cannot get around the fact that he is the rightful leader of America and the people love him.

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  1. They don’t have much to write about!

  2. Just keep drinking that Koolaid son

  3. Yeah.She has a crush ! Also and an agenda !! none of it good for the USA and us !!

  4. False: With the support of his countrymen, Trump will make America great again. MAGA!

  5. Like Abraham Lincoln.

  6. Indict her like yesterday.

  7. Agreed. The only good looking one in Congress is Tulsi on the dem side. Well they hate men especially white men, they are so angry and unhappy that they look older than there age and they are just negative, the glass half empty kind of people. There poster child is Mad max. Somebody should put a towel over her face. She definitely doesn’t need a mask for Halloween. Bet her husband is no where to be found around her.

  8. She’s a Muslim. Can’t be touched or you are islamaphobic. Can’t prosecute a black or you are racist. Can’t prosecute someone of the LGBTQ community or you are homophobic. They all walk from punishment. They don’t have to abide by the same laws as a straight white male.

  9. I believe she’s was not born here. She entered illegally and now serves in congress . It’s a travesty.

  10. Kudos to your grandfather. Yes those who immigrated to our country then are in no way the same as those who immigrate today. Immigrants then did it legally and waited to become citizens. They had a real sense that they were blessed by being here. Immigrants today are illegal in huge numbers. These people are gaming our system and fail to even learn English in most cases. The left just lumps illegals in with legal immigrants. Just calls all immigrants or undocumented not illegal. They broke our laws and should not be allowed in country. Also we need to get rid of birth citizenship. If you entered illegally your child is illegal also. 22,000,000 illegal immigrants. All democratic voters. 12 states issuing drivers licenses to illegals. Why? They will use them to vote. Something needs to be done . My grandfather also came here legally and was in the military.

  11. Right. I guess treason is not a crime. Sedition is. Go for sedition. Still prison time.

  12. Speaks 4 or 5 languages. Nancy can’t speak one language.

  13. Oh no Nancy is a good Catholic and believes in promoting love for all. Guess our POTUS is not part of all. Besides any catholic promoting genocide is not a Christian. Does this mean Nancy represents all Catholics? I hope not. Though they should look to impeach Pope Francis. That guy is a certified socialist. He’s also shrinking his following.

  14. Tulsi is more sane then the rest but she’s still a true leftist. She comes from a state that would vote blue even if the candidate were maduro.

  15. Agree with everything you have just said. We can make comments , but it goes no where. All they do is just get your email address and try to hack your computer , phone or iPad. All the Democratic people should go and fall off a cliff.

  16. Electoral College is how we elect not by popular vote. If we did Popular vote we’d all have to live with what the crazy lying liberals want and is totally unacceptable! Your views suck as bad as your knowledge of elections! What has Trump done to you personally make you so butt-hurt and just what crimes against the Constitution are you accusing him of? President Trump is the best we have had since Ronnie Reagan! Pull your head of your ass and maybe you can see and hear more clearly but please stay down wind as your shit most decidedly stinks!

  17. It is time to make the world 100%, I mean 100% REPUBLICAN CHRISTIAN! The Bible says to do so! Study your own Bible to soon lean more for proof!

  18. Well minn get everything they desever she has done nothing for them but make us thnk they have lost there mines the state has gone down hill everytime they vote dems in they need to look around there cities or trush now an they pay all thise taxes the dems have past on them the roads are falling apart where did all that tax money go not the the pepole needs nothing has happen in minn they have been lead around by fools but they like it lol

  19. Oxymoron! Negative in every way, shape and form. Nothing attractive in being a democratic Satanist, just the opposite!

  20. She also has a crush on daddy, brothers, cousins, etc.

  21. The Good News Gospel is that pastors, televangelists and others alike are supporting Donald Trump, George Bush, Mike Pence, Michele Bachmann and Jesus Christ together because in order to become a CHRISTIAN, you have to become a REPUBLICAN in which the Bible says in the form of parables and symbols. Read it in your own Bible to certainly prove it to yourself! Start with the King James Version of the Bible! It is more direct and explicit in what to do in terms of living a Good Christian Lifestyle that is 100% REPUBLICAN!

  22. Omar and Pelosi both told al-Qaeda and isis to attack America, Israel and the Christians but Trump and his Good Republican Christians will save America and Israel from these democratic Satanists that want to make trouble and turn us inside out.

  23. The Good News Gospel is that Trump is 100% REPUBLICAN CHRISTIAN!

  24. How true what she needs is brain surgery. Oh wait you cant operate on what doesnt exis

  25. No No Pelosi has a fascination with plastic surgery

  26. I commanded Units in 5 nations, on 3 continents. – multiple times. I found that Islamic “people “ to be disgusting, dirty, backward people, surviving only by theft and violence. We looked at them as pirates living off of violence to their own people or shipping that came anywhere close to Somalia. I’ve often referred to Omar as “The Somalian pirate. If “the Nation of Islam is used in anyway to describe Ms Omar, then she should bow her head every time she is amping Americans. BTW, for those who don’t understand this, Omar’s FIRST. ALLEGIANCE is to “.THE NATION OF ISLAM “- NOT TO THE UNITED STATES OR IT’S CITIZENS. Think about that . She doesn’t even recognize Israel’s right to exist! In fact, she has prayed for Somalia to remain – over the USA . Those are absolute facts.

  27. If I’m not mistaken, if Omar returned to her home country they would dig a hole stand her up in it, then cover her with dirt, except for her head, and the women of her faith would stone her until dead, as the sentence for adultery.


  29. Omar envisions, destruction. That is precisely, what Muslims want. Omar tries to manipulate minds saying what she does is out of love. That is a lie trying to gain back what she lost. Omar wants to get up close and personal, with Trump, in order to kill him. She has tried everything, but that. The money will not go to a socialist anything. Money will go to strengthen Muslims, so they can dominate, non – Muslims.

  30. shit if this was a communist country they would have been shot a long time ago that’s why we have these loosers here because the us don’t shoot people like them

  31. “Further, I have seen anything cowardly about the President’s behavior.” Perhaps you meant “haven’t seen”, just trying to get your point about him being a coward. I don’t know if you are a veteran, or fought in any wars, but when your country calls you you go and serve. A coward gets a doctors note 6 times. Most Patriots go and serve our nation and protect us and our freedoms. Poor cowards went to Canada, rich cowards pay off doctors. If you could provide a link to your fascinating stories and I’ll provide you with any Congressional oversight findings. When Stormy Daniels was working on the little mushroom and was paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to keep quiet about the little fella conservatives said that’s what he does. Hmm, those good Christians saying it’s okay. Then he misused campaign funds to pay for a little fellatio frolicking and got caught by the Southern District of New York federal court which I believe they can now issue the subpoenas because he was impeached. When I checked there have been no subpoenas issued to Rep. Omar for misuse of campaign funds, it’s a federal offense like that imbecile Republican Duncan Hunter, who wasn’t getting a BJ from Stormy. But, Mr. Hunter was also accused of using campaign dollars to fund several extramarital affairs between 2010 and 2016, including one with a member of his staff. Prosecutors also alleged that the congressman, a Republican elected to represent a Southern California district in 2008, attempted to pass off some of those expenses as charitable contributions to veterans. Remember when Trump said he gave money to veterans as well, must be some weird republican thing exploiting veterans. I think if you were honest with yourself you would clearly see he is a coward, Impeached President, criminal for tax fraud, perjury, extortion, obstruction of justice, and a conspirator of RICO actions. The Russians, Chinese, Turks, and North Koreans know he is a coward and pushes him around like a kickball. Just a thought …

  32. Oh he does, 2020 wham!bang!begone you wicked witch. on way out pay back your funds you used for personal from your donations, That is illegal isn’t it, oh you could care less! your mother Pelosi has you covered. Oh sorry she is working on her Pro for Quo, wants more witnesses and she will walk to the door and destroy what you sent her to do. YOU and (D) for decades when she crosses that one, so enjoy 2020

  33. Ilhan Omar is a hijab bibabb.

  34. Most D women are the homeliest plain Jane’s to ever group together. A mud fence has more attributes. Hate to meet one in a dark alley.

  35. Your in the wrong country. IAW the Constitution, you are innocent until proven guilty. Obviously your betters the demonicRat congress listed zero crimes in the two articles. Millions of $’s wasted and that includes 22 mos of Mueller investigation. POTUS is clean as as a whistle. I’ll bet no politician meets that standard.
    Cuba, NK and Venezuela will accept you and your thought pattern.

  36. you are correct they seem to think this is a communist country

  37. You so stupid like egg 🥚 head and so dumb too.

  38. Maybe so but he has FLOTUS. Only reason 2 pay attention 2 the “SKANK SQUAD” & the rest of the SOCOM “SCRUBS” is 2 exterminate them. Only 1 woman & patriot in that party, Tusi . Too bad she has such disastrous/dangerous politics. I give her a partial pass 4 being a vet..

  39. You obviously are not reading the same reports as the rest of us. She didn’t lie when she married another man while already married? She die didn’t didn’t lie when she was having an affair with another married man? She didn’t lie when she misused campaign funds? The President is only distructive to the very swamp he pledged to drain. He lost only popular vote in the states where fraud is rampant and thank goodness our forefathers were savvy enough to include electorial college voting otherwise we’d have one of the most crooked politicians in charge. Perhaps that’s the outcome you desired. And, in case you have forgotten, the “overwhelming” majority in the House can issue all the articles of impeachment they want (while wasting untold millions of our tax dollars in so doing) but the final outcome isn’t up to the liberal/socialist hateful democrats. Further, I have seen anything cowardly about the President’s behavior. What I see is someone who just wants to get a job done, in spite of the hateful rhetoric spewed by the house democrats and people like you on a minute to minute, hourly and daily basis. If you were honest with youself you’d see he’s probably one of the strongest people you’ve ever heard of.

  40. she has the same agenda as obama he wanted to turn this into muslium nation also he might succeeded if she was in office same time he was they both should be charged with treason both are traitors to the american way of life

  41. All those left leaning liberal women are crazy about him!

  42. All the demonrat women have a secret fascination for President Trump!!!

  43. So I was reading this colorful description of Ilhan Omar and how criminal she is apparently. But, she doesn’t have a single arrest, hmm, not only that she pays her taxes, she is well educated and articulate in her mannerisms and speech. She doesn’t lie, doesn’t even stretch the truth because she is passionate about her religion. Then I heard the biggest coward of the United States calling Democrats 8th-grade names and providing his obligatory lies about his impeachment. The fascinating thing is in 2018 Americans overwhelmingly voted to give democrats the power to impeach the coward because he was so destructive to everyday Americans. The intellectually challenged republicans talk about not liking him or his policies but in reality, it’s his crimes against the Constitution and the people of the United States. He lost the popular vote by more than 3 million and the 66,000,000 million that didn’t vote for him are finally seeing justice. You will never see him put his hand on a bible and say”I solemnly swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, so help me GOD.” He will obstruct justice by not letting anybody associated with the WH to testify, he will not provide documents and transcripts to prove his innocence. The fickle thing about the truth, eventually it will present itself and the little lying coward will have to pull up the big boys pants. Just a thought…

  44. TRUMP / PENCE 2020 Leave the Deamon Rats out for trash !!!!!!!

  45. Omar is a very attractive young lady, Too bad she is crooked,,,

  46. In view of what has happened in the past decade or so maybe we should adopt a more strict guidelines for our countries leaders. Obama’s birth certificate is fishy at best and as for Omar, let’s just say she’s one allah short of a jihad. As for any fatal attraction I don’t think there’s any love loss there.

  47. Maybe she’s “horny” (YUCK)! . . . Anyway, that REPROBATE needs to go to PRISON for her crimes against this country and THEN get deported BACK to Somalia. She is a DISGUSTING disgrace to this country, and ANYWHERE she goes. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  48. Ilan Omar = useless anti american Piece of Shit

  49. The only thing Omar has a crush on is herself. She is a piss Muslim who has sex outside her marriage which is a sin in the Quaron!

  50. My father-in-law immigrated from Denmark
    He left his old culture behind.
    Declared new country, new language (English)
    My father-in-law served in the US Army during World WAR 1 as a cook.
    My father-in-law knew what being a true American war all about.

  51. Omar is a little Muslim bitch whore with shit for brains. Islam sucks. Trump 2020.

  52. Why aren’t this anti-Americans thrown out of office–her, the rest of the “Squad”, AOC? They are a HYUUUUUGE conflict of interest to the American ideals and traditions. I thought there was a law that said in order to hold office, one has to be born in the US. There is a reason for that. ALL immigrants bring in their value system and way of life, and theirs do massive damage.

  53. That story about Ilhan is quite a stretch.
    TRUMP 2020👏✌️🇺🇸

  54. She changes the diaper she wears on her head every day. She wears it because she has sh-t for brains. Anyone who listens to her crap for more than a few minutes starts to smell it for what it is.

  55. The President has Melania, who is smart, a super model and one of the most beautiful women in the world. He could get lots of super models if he wanted to. Why in the world would he even look twice at an uglee, crap for brains, Somali terrorist?

  56. Omar and Pelosi are both just STRANGE! And they are out of touch with America and Reality! Sickos; and one needs to be shipped out to Somalia while the other needs an orange jump suit in Gitmo.

  57. I thought it was Pelosi who has a strange fascination on President. Trump.

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