Giuliani Fires Back at ‘Coup Attempt’ and Who’s Behind It

Since President Trump’s 2016 campaign, we have heard about the “deep state.” There have been many who try to discredit it, but rest assure, it does exist. It is one of the most corrupt forms of criminal activity within the government. We are all witnessing what they are capable of doing, and they are in a hurry to get rid of President Trump because he has exposed them like no other. Rudy Giuliani, the president’s personal attorney, has uncovered the internal efforts and made sense of their goals within the State Department to spread their corruption in all corners of the United States government.

Democrats have tried to make Rudy Giuliani out to be a fool, but he keeps striking back with evidence which cannot be denied. The 75-year-old former New York City mayor had an interview with Sinclair’s Eric Bolling, and he exposed them even more in the discussion.

Bolling asked Giuliani point blank, “Is there a deep state? Is there a concerted effort within the organization within the [State] Department and or the FBI to take down President Trump?”

Giuliani replied, “Oh yes, State Department is filled with them. It isn’t that they disagree with his policies, and even that they try to undermine his policies a bit. That’s been going on for years. They want to get him out of office. Any way they can. How you can miss that this is a coup attempt is beyond being intelligent. Democrats are leading the coup. The FBI and law enforcement have become intimidated by the press.”

Giuliani continued, “Unless I’m a courageous prosecutor, I know that if I investigate Rudy Giuliani, the New York Times is going to love it. But if I would open an investigation into Joe Biden for a bribe that he admitted on tape… If I were to prosecute Biden, I’d get attacked as, ‘You’re doing it to help Trump,’ ‘You’re interfering in the election.'”

Through all the criticism, Giuliani remains vigilant and focused. He has met with essential people in Ukraine on his trip and has collected more information. Everything Giuliani speaks is the truth backed up with the evidence to credit his words. The only way the Democrats can try to wiggle their way out of this one is to work to discredit the evidence in attempting to make Giuliani out to be crazy. Here is the deal, Giuliani is not the only one building a case against the Bidens. He met with Andriy Derkach, a lawyer from Ukraine, who is also developing his case.

Prosecutors in New York have placed Giuliani under investigation along with two of his associates on how they have conducted business. As they do this, there is nothing they can do about Derkach. Prosecutors may be able to bring up claims against Giuliani. Still, with Ukraine handling their own investigations, Democrats will not have a leg to stand on when it is all said and done.

Everything Democrats have done to remove the president has backfired. The impeachment process will be no different. With no evidence since the beginning of President Trump’s term, the failure of the impeachment is imminent. It will throw the Democrats into another fit of rage, and the American people will finally see what Rudy Giuliani and President Trump has been saying about the “deep state.”

The sick part is, we all hate to ask, “What next?” Maybe if the impeachment can get passed the House into the Senate, more will be exposed. Many are starting to believe it will not get passed the House since more Democrats have stepped into the light and see this whole process is killing them politically.

Rudy Giuliani has been on every news outlet available to the public, throwing out information to the American people. Still, some are blind to the fact. Some are in denial because they are hardcore Democrats passed down from “old school.” The problem is, the Democrats of back then and the Democrats today are really not that much different. The Democrats back then hid behind the scenes better than today. Many were fooled back then. Today this not so.

The Democrat snakes have been pulled out from under the rocks. President Trump holds the shovel to cut the heads off. The shovel is all the evidence contained within Rudy Giuliani’s possession. Everything will backfire on all of the “deep state” when it comes time to get in the booths for the 2020 Presidential Election. Trump will win in a landslide.

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  1. Let’s hope the everything they do to stop him doesn’t include his “committing suicide”. They’re good at that, you know.

  2. Mr. Giuliani had better watch his back, people who go after any of the back stabbing basturd dems. somehow end up not breathing !! BUT I do hope he uncovers the low life’s trying to take down MY president ! GOD BLESS Mr. Trump

  3. This is Satan fighting Almighty God. Now who do you think is going to win.?????

  4. Dump lollipop man and that deranged woman and money bags along with other Demodonkeys Shxt, Peelosi and Nutler to the sharks. To much lies and stupid thinking. Let POTUS have a field day with them and then send them to the sharks. JAIL time would be to easy.

  5. Take the Clintons and Soros out of the picture first! Rudy, WATCH YOUR BACK, and God bless President Trump.


  7. I don’t trust Schiff or Pelosi or Nadler, They are afraid of President Trump ,There all snakes, Trump is draining the swamp and there part of it, There afraid of Republicans and President Trump, on what he might UNCOVER

  8. Are they going to do any back door deals? It`s got the Biden`s head on the chopping block. Go ahead Trump make them a deal. If you take out the president there will be war.

  9. Go get’em Ratatouilleani
    Get the demodonkeys for All their stupidness!
    One lawmaker says “this process is a circus” No worry Elephants and Demodonkeys just throw up tent and everyone will see ALL the clowns acting up!!
    Don’t give up Ratatouilleani ,don’t ever give up.

  10. If you got the goods put it out there, letting this BS string along is only doing our enemies bidding, the time has come for those “Enemies of America” to be held accountable for their treasonous acts of attempting a Liberal Fake News Witch Hunt COUP against POTUS! These DeMONcRATic Party Assholes want Power So Badly that there is no telling what they will do, I fear with giving Illegal Immigrants Driver License assuring VOTER FRAUD 100% and who knows what else they will do “We The People” will have to be watching (👁👁) everything that going on because Liberal DeMONcRATs can’t be trusted!🤔💭🏴‍☠‍

  11. This is what happens when you think you have the power to change the rules you have nothing to guide you. What happened to innocent till proven guilty and if you cant figure it out show us will be glad to help we should be worrying about more important things like North Korea don’t you think right now is not a good time for political games to many things going on that need to be watched over ,the interference weather it be right or wrong can be dealt with later if we still have a country to run wake up AMERICA get your priorities straight.Your first priority is to protect from outside then clean up inside if that be the case

  12. Start fixing this mess or get the f out of office your fired

  13. The politicians have in their hands the button to start the next civil war tell me do they know what will happen do they know what they are doing or are they all blind as well as stupid

  14. Why do you think they want to take our guns away ,for the same reason we have a right to have them in defense of a treasonous government

  15. All these traitors involved in this coupe should and must be brought up on treason charges and if found guilty should pay the ultimate penalty.

  16. This is not that complicated! If you have evidence with an admission on tape – PROSECUTE regarding obvious violations of US Code title 18. Hell with the Politics! Hey FBI, this is your job lets look at this crime and investigate the same regarding violations of US Law!

  17. Makes perfect sense we the People have been had far too long and time to take back our “Government of the People and Our Republic under God for which it Stands!” I’m up North here in the most criminally corrupted Blue State shit-holes in the land but if it comes to all out Civil War I’m all in and will be willing to protect my Nations Southern Border to the death. Keep out our enemies and all the parasites that want to devour all that is good here! Damn Straight the Deep State crony bureaucrats should be first to go to clean up the system. I’d be all for reinstating the Gallows and Schiff can have his pencil neck snapped like a twig in the public square along with Pelosi,Nadler, Schumer, Comey, Brennan, Clapper and right on down the line!

  18. You sound like one more great patriotic Texan! Love your term for “Buzzards should already be circling!” Right on!!

  19. The DC political toilet must be flushed finally once and for all because if it isn’t after all of this corruption and mayhem the toilet will be plugged and stinking to high heaven for decades to come with no sane citizens ever trusting them or believing in our system of government but we will instead be living the way they do in Third World Dictatorships under the thump of the powerful and elite and not any better off than having a communistic regime.

  20. As disturbing as this all is, I was floored the other day when I read the information given by an x-border control agent revealing (to me) that the US does not directly control the southern border but that it is under the responsibility of a joint US-Mexican commission since 1897 or so that is apparently totally at odds with a secure southern border to the point of having the power to order the padlocking open of gates in newly constructed walls (on private land). My 1st suggested targets in any upcoming civil war would be these commission members, their staffs and all enforcement agents in their employ – on BOTH sides of the border. Assuming that Trump knows about this and is handcuffed, it’s the least some cowboys could do. THESE deep stater bureaucrats have got to go, one way or another. IMHO there should be buzzards circling already.

  21. Mr. President,

    Wear this false impeachment as a badge of honor. It happens to nearly anyone who does their very best to do the right thing for the benefit of others and under the auspices of our dear Creator.

    The Senate of course will diminish all the cruel fluff given by the liars on the other side and jealous people wherever they may be found. Fortunately you have a cadre of comrades that will go to bat for you starting with Rudy, Johnson, Gates, Hannity, Levine, Kellyanne and many, many others. Keep your powder dry and know that we are all praying for you and your fine family until all this falsity subsides. It reminds me of the time they took Our Lord at night and put him in front of the Sanhedrin and each one of them when in front of them each one of them would slap Him in the face yet let us remember Jesus was either mostly or entirely quiet. The gall and blindness others have when even the truth is staring them right in the face.

    Dearest Sir, May Perpetual Light descend upon you and remain with you forever. Be still now and know that all is in the loving hands of Our Lord.

  22. Giuliani is no more than a criminal and a con man he was in Ukraine talking to ex corrupt politicians who were thrown out of office for being corrupt. Giuliani was trying to make hundreds of thousands of dollars from these guys to benefit his greedy self. He will also be dealt with

  23. I agree,they are so afraid that he will end their political corruption and they will lose power that they are willing to do anything,and I do mean ANYTHING,lie cheat and divide our country in order to stop him.

  24. I get so disgusted everytime I read another article pertaining to this attempted coup. It is high time these criminals are brought to justice, prosecuted and locked up. All we continue to here is wait until these different investigations are over. The last time they caught that slime ball comey they said they would not prosecute. As far as I am concerned that is totally unacceptable if the people in the DOJ won’t punish these people for the crimes they are committing what is the purpose of these investigations, just to waste taxpayer dollars, haven’t the democraps done enough of that already.

  25. Giuliani and trump stay the course.
    we believe you will win

    President Trump please do not sign the OMNIBUS BILL. You said you would not sign a bill that the Dems get all the perks and the citizens get all the sh t knocked out of us.

  26. LOCK up ALL Democrats responsible for this ILLEGAL Coup and expose the REST of the DEEP State as well. They are doing the HIGH CRIMES and MISDEMEANORS, CRIMES against the POTUS, SEDITION and TREASON. The Democrats responsible for this Knew POTUS Trump is INNOCENT of ALL charges. Therefore, these Democrats are GUILTY (such as Pelosi, Nadler and Schiff as well as others) as charged and SHOULD be prosecuted as per the U.S. Constitution. Team Trump and his allies 2020 – KAGA (Keep America Great Again)

  27. I a’m hoping that the rattle snakes (DemoRats) start committing suicide soon. All it’s going to take is get solid evidence on a couple of them, charge them with Treason and I’m sure they will start turning on each other to save their own skin.
    There is no doubt they are all guilty of other crimes such as election fixing, bribery, pay to play etc. they all start out with very little money yet have vast amounts of money now.

    I want to say something to the Hollywood elites ie DiNaro, Mark Ruffalo etc. without us going to see your movies/buying them on disc/and on line you are dead broke.
    If you want to kill the goose that laid the golden egg keep up the a-shole attitude about people just trying to get along in life.
    You are all way over paid and if we the people boycotted your movies your broke and living on the streets, or pay check to pay check wake the f-ck up.

    Sorry, I’m stepping down off my soapbox, I now return you to your topic of concern.

  28. I agree with Rudy Giuliani……..this has been a fear based and desperate effort to stop President Trump.
    If, they can accomplish their coup to remove President Trump from the Oval Office, as well as discredit
    …..the both of you, then their corruption may continue “unmolested” and not publicized to American voters.

    To anyone with two functioning brain cells………….the corruption in D.C. … an active political cartel!!

  29. Yes, mr. Giuliani. Watch out for those who may want to do you harm. Can’t wait to see those reports! God bless.

  30. The Deep State along with theIRS
    Tea Party assault was the Obama creation.Rudy must expose the Facilitator Biden a real thief .Not above the law

  31. Keep going trump. America needs you

  32. That is the reason the Senate doesn’t want a impeachment hearing . Trump would expose all of the Deep State . As he knows it now. It would open Pandora’s Box.

  33. I support President Trump completely. My 92-year-old cuban American mother also supports President Trump completely we will both be there to vote for him I wish that I was able to donate to his fun but as of now I’m working part time taking care of my elderly mother,. As far as Mr. Giuliani I wish that he sometimes wouldn’t talk as much as he does.

  34. There are many usually intelligent people that just can’t bring themselves to believe that there is a Deep State. They are so brainwashed by the media and Democrats that they refuse to look at what’s been going on. I fervently hope that President Trump is re-elected in a landslide and Democrats lose Congress. Then we will see some real progress. I am amazed the President has accomplished so much already, even with all the Congressional obstruction and media lies.

  35. I certainly hope Giuliani has hired himself some good protection, as I’m sure the corrupt dems have a target on his back! Stay safe Rudy!!!

  36. I believe there is so much corruption in DC and Trump is trying to clean it up and the Democrats are scared to death and want him out. Can’t wait to see all Giuliani has to show!

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