Americans Believe Freedom is Threatened

A new survey was taken this week, which shows 92 percent of Americans believe our freedoms are under attack.  The study was nationwide with 2,002 Americans answering the questions which were broken down into the top categories of what they felt were the most infringed.  Freedom of speech came in at the highest with 48 percent.  The right to bear arms followed at a close second with 47 percent and the right to equal justice came in at 41 percent.  Those were the top three Americans who were most concerned about taking the Harris Poll/Purple Project.

As American citizens watch as the Democratic Socialist unfold all that is taking place before our eyes, it drew concerns as the polls show our freedoms are threatened.  The CEO of the Harris Poll, John Gerzema, stated, “When you frame something as a threat, it creates a bit of a political response, and it creates division and encampments of special interest.  That’s why political parties and lobbying groups warn supporters with strident language.  It’s easier to drum up backing for a political cause by talking about an issue in terms of threats.”

Gerzema continued, “But when you start to consider which rights and freedoms really matter, poll responses changed, and Americans re-prioritized which values they cared about most.”

We know there is 48 percent who feel the freedom of speech is threatened, but when asked if it would be missed by Americans, 63 percent said it would be missed.  It is considered the most valuable freedom we as Americans have available to us.  Gerzema explained, “When you look at the things we really value, what makes America so special is these core tenets of our Constitution.  I find it interesting to note how much Americans really value this.”

A similar poll was also taken, which resembled closely many of the questions in the Harris Poll on our freedoms.  The Public Agenda/USA TODAY/Ipsos poll shows 90 percent of Americans feel America is divided over all that is taking place.  We have the Democrats to blame for this.  It is no longer a party issue as it shows the real character and their goals of taking away our rights.  Most people are finally catching on.  In the Harris Polls, people who oppose politics, 55 percent want to see more conversations with meaning and solving problems.  This is not the Democrats’ most active area as they are the cause of the division and the problems with our nation.

Gerzema asked, “How can this be done? Talking about issues in a way that de-escalates tensions from a threat and helps Americans find common ground.  So does finding common ground on shared values and freedoms, both at the dinner table and between the political aisle.”  He continued, “Even if Americans don’t agree on a contentious, politically charged topic, they can find shared values in the things that Americans tend to take for granted.”

Gerzema advises the politicians in Washington to focus on the foundations that are essential to the “American way of life.”  He concluded with this statement, “There is something wonderful going on underneath the surface, and that’s what I wish our leaders in Washington would pay attention to.  You start to see the true, softer side of America’s rough-and-tumble political reality.”

Better words could have never been spoken.  A picture we can be reminded of when we think of the freedoms and blessings we have in America is when President Trump was hugging the American flag.  Our president loves America so much he has given up everything in his comfortable life to put America back on track.  Never in history has there been a time since the Civil War America was divided.  The polls have spoken.

All the Democrats and those who support them are trying to take away what has been instilled for over 200 years by our forefathers who founded this great nation.  With nine out of ten people realizing this, it can bring hope back to the voting booths next year when we can reelect President Donald Trump.  People are angry and scared at the same time because it is an awakening to how close America really came to losing all of our rights.

The only one standing in the way of the Socialist Democrats is President Donald Trump.  That is the reason they are working so hard to get rid of him.  America is finally starting to wake up to these facts, and it is about time.  It is past time!

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  1. Another one speaking out their rear end, don’t know squat about the draft , where did you serve big mouth?

  2. You’re as stupid as the day is long Your Obozo had already spent eight years dividing the country taking our flag out of the schools trying like hell to bring in Islam his religion taking down our heritage placed in parks or squares around the country! You have been in mommies basement too long!

  3. There are no good commies including trump and his best friend Putin

  4. I can’t believe that someone is that brain washed to believe that crap. Trump confessed to all the crimes he was accused of on the White House lawn. Open your eyes. Who dose trump look up to and believe that person over 17 intelligence agencies that person is Putin

  5. Hell Yes, So true!!!

  6. It looks the second Lexington and Concord is going to happen in Virginia. I’d hate to be a democrat if it does…the only good commie is a ………….

  7. Yes our freedom of speech is being taken from us. There was a man just yesterday sentenced to 15 years from burning a LGBT flag. Why is this not freedom of speech when they call burning an American flag freedom of speech?

  8. These Dem-ons toss around reckless baseless accusations our POTUS is a criminal without citing any obvious crime just as the unfounded Impeachment sham articulates 2 vague abuse, moot obstruction non-crimes not inscribed in the US Constitution for which President Trump is being unfairly charged by the lower House, to be for certain exonerated, acquitted or dismissed by the Senate.
    C’mon people-what are you smoking &/or hallucinogenic/opiate drugs fed on?Don’t you realize you’re being lied to, deluded, mesmerized, fawned on with freebies by a diabolical conspiracy of the scheming vile Macchiavellian liberals soon turning into an unholy alliance of violent Nazi-Stalinist-Maoist-Islamist-Alinsky leftists for raw absolute power=unfettered corruption=widespread enrichment our crusading golden knight Executive is mightily striving to rid off.
    This is madness you must be exorcised from.

  9. The only reason Donald Trump is President is GOD (YHVH). The only reason Donald J Trump will be reelected is GOD (YHVH). GOD does want all Christians to get out and vote. GOD wants us to find and support good Christian men to run for an elected position. Christians that can stand up to Satans liberal/Democrats. One more thing GOD wants ALL of the good Christians to be numbered in the coming fight against tyranny and Communism. These are Satans tools. Satan is losing his stranglehold on America. He will use every evil, underhanded, Lying, deceiving way he can to destroy FREEDOM and the American Republic which is UNDER GOD (YHVH). Pray for GOD to grant you the wisdom, strength, common sense and the ability to read with understanding. I am asking everyone to read the King James Holy Bible. I pray for all of this in Jesus’ name AMEN!

  10. I’m sure there is someone in our country that isn’t a total moron. Anyone that doesn’t believe our President is a criminal, or more importantly a coward. When our country called him, he hid like a beaten dog, our country called again and he did it six times, hid like a beaten dog. When we need someone to stand up to Putin, he hides again. When China and North Korean dictate to the coward and he hides again. Turkey says go away or we’ll close the Trump Hotel and Putin says we’ll take this part of Syria and the coward hides again. Americans today are waking up and while Americans voted a clear majority in the House in 2018 it will be a louder boom when Americans want to see the criminal on trial without obstructing evidence or witnesses like Mulvaney, Bolton, Pompeo or the more than dozen other people with first-hand knowledge, under oath and the pains of perjury. The coward doesn’t want that, he knows the conservative talking heads will proliferate the Russian talking points. Moscow Mitch is coordinating with the White House, when does a juror coordinate with the criminal? The strategy is simple to divide and conquer. The more important question is why aren’t Americans demanding to see witnesses and documents to exonerate the President? The truth is a fickle thing and Americans want the entire picture and should demand to hear and see all the evidence. Just a thought…

  11. Putting your head in the sand or up your ass so you do need to know the facts. Your Democrap party is anti God (rewind to the Democrap convention during the presidential race that elected Trump. The Democraps murder babies by the thousands with the use of abortion, even very late term abortions. The Democraps are for open borders everything hard working Americans have worked will be craped on by the third world. Already in CA. these third world people crap or pee on the streets in front of the CA. people.

  12. USA education ( socialism ) is what we were about to become! Prior to President Trump, because in America we believe in the constitution, the 2nd amendment and the bill of rights. I would suggest that you being educated as you are – STUDY history and it’s ability to repeat its self. FYI: AMERICANS are Against one world government, Communism, socialism and the murdering of Jews, we are also against the beheading of human beings, the Murdering of babies, destruction of our history taking down of our flags & monuments, the destruction our country and our belief in The Lord Jesus CHRIST who died on the cross for everyone including you, we Americans believe in what our flag stands for and are indebted to those who served and died for our freedoms including your freedom. It’s plain to see your eyes are closed to evil, I pray that God Almighty will open your eyes before it’s to late, God Bless you and your family.

  13. I agree that the Dems are socialist. Get rid of the Squad, Pelosi, Schiff. Nadler and Schumer. Americans do not want a Socialist government.

  14. Obama did the dividing. He pitted blacks against whites, Muslims against Christians, or any other non-Muslim group, People against police. Anytime there was a report of police brutality it was always the policeman’s fault. always sided with the Muslims. Obama NOT Trump. was the divider.

  15. Very typical response from a illiterate republican try to get a little education before posting dumb ass responses. You sound just like trump

  16. Your semi retarded and a socialist pig if you think Trump is in anyway at fault.
    Demorats are the cancer and MR T is the cure.

  17. Someone just posted that the Democrats are responsible for the division in our country. What the hell is this person smoking. Trump has been dividing America from day one. All you have to do is listen to any of his campaign rallies he insults humiliates lies. Calls names. Disrespectful. Etc etc to the other party

  18. damned straight !

  19. “ Only the innocent have the right to condemn” For it is written

  20. The Democrats are socialists-communists. They have NO control of their own lives therefore they MUST control someone else’s life – meaning YOUR life. Vote each and every one of them out of office. Investigate, convict, imprison all of them

  21. The only one standing in the way of the Socialist Democrats is President Donald Trump. That is the reason they are working so hard to get rid of him. America is finally starting to wake up to these facts, and it is about time. It is past time! This is the truest statement there has been said in over 3 years

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