Trump Changes His Mind and Will Keep Federal Agency Open

After extensive reviewing of cutting back on federal agencies, President Trump decided it was best to leave one of them alone.  The Office of Personnel Management will go untouched and remain open as the decision was found to be more damaging than helping if it were to shut down.  The decision was based both on the political aspect and the job force.  Since President Trump became president, he has battled to make the government more efficient by cutting back the excess fat.  The General Services Admission and the White House will not parcel The Office of Personnel Management, which oversees the workforce of over 2.1 million civilian employees.

President Trump’s first made the decision to shut down the federal agency, but he was met with skepticism and was shown proof of the damages if the agency closed.  Over 5,500 government employees would have been out of a job, and it would not have looked good politically.  Other advisors also came up with the numbers showing it would not make much of a difference in saving government funds if the agency stayed open.

The plan to eliminate the agency stayed on life support as both Democrats and Republicans acknowledged the problems within the agency.  Both parties amazingly agreed it was best left alone and just fix the problems within its system.  President Trump is an excellent businessman and listened to both sides before he made the decision to call off the plan of closing the doors.

There were also other options looked into to split the agency up into different sectors, but both parties found that would serve no benefit to the government or save money.  If the agency had shut down, it would have been the largest federal department to close in decades.

So what changed the president’s mind?  After weeks of fighting, President Trump watched a program on television called “Government Matters.”  It was about programs within the government, and their topic of choice that day was the Office of Personnel Management.  There were several segments aired, but that one day was the day meant for President Trump to see the show.  He had taken into consideration all angles and called White House officials and top budget officers to meet with him the next day.

In the meeting, Trump told his advisers the plan should be called off for shutting down the Office of Personnel Management due to the poor reviews he would receive when it came to the upcoming election.  Officials stated, “Acting chief of staff Mick Mulvaney and acting budget director Russell Vought, along with Margaret Weichert, the White House official leading the effort, tried to persuade Trump to keep going in line with conservative principles of shrinking government.”  After the debate, the decision came forth as the president stood firm with a different mindset.

Republican Representative Mark Meadows commented on the new decision.  “The president has been very clear that the reforms to make government more efficient shouldn’t have a negative implication for federal workers in that agency.  There’s a lot of distrust related to any effort to rearrange, reform, and redirect a federal asset.”

Democratic Representative Gerald E. Connolly, who is the chairman of the House Oversight and Reform Committee’s subcommittee on government operations, even gave Trump a compliment.  He said, “The goal of shrinking government is neither good nor bad, but it has to be tied to something.  If the goal is to make government more efficient, they didn’t make a pretense at a rationale.  Mulvaney saw this as a point on the scoreboard to say, ‘I abolished a federal agency and the consequences be damned.’ For once, Trump’s political instincts are better than Mulvaney’s.”

A spokeswoman for the OMB, Rachel Semmel, stated, “This Administration remains committed to reforms, including organizational improvements, that will increase the service and stewardship of the government for the American people.”  They welcomed the study.

President Trump’s first promise came as a goal for a smaller government.  He stated in his 2016 campaign he would “cut so much your head will spin.”  The Office of Personnel Management was created in 1978 and was put in the crosshairs under the Trump administration for the reason they felt the OPM was not holding up to its standards in overseeing the coordinating of the hiring policies, civil service, health insurance, retirement benefits, and other policies.  Instead of shutting the OPM down, decisions will be made to upgrade the system and weed out the bad seeds.

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  1. This points out the problem. Once a government program is established, it can only continue to grow, never to be reduced or eliminated. Government isn’t operated on objective criteria. It’s all political and when the political pitfalls are counted, nothing meaningful can be done about the bureaucracy. Why does the government have over 2.1 million civilian employees overseeing just about every aspect of our lives? Where in the Constitution does it call for such functions? Why does it matter if 5500 employees need to find other jobs? Surely there are enough open positions within the bureaucracy to absorb most, if not all, of those 5500 employees. That’s about 1/4 of 1% of the total workforce; small potatoes by any measure. Egad!

  2. There is a lot in government that needs to go. But the first order of business should have been an executive order to say that any government employee CAN BE FIRED. They have (know from experience) people who are miserable ( who make everyone else miserable and some are hard to get along with), as they wait to retire. Some do not have enough to do.

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  4. I am retired from the Federal Gummit after 30 long years. You think you Gummit looks fxxxed up from the outside, you autta see it from the inside !

  5. A case of the swamp being so ingrained that we can’t replace, modify, or trim it. Draining the swamp will take strong fortitude and mindset; President Trump is a threat to the system as we know it. That is why the swamp is trying to take him down. These government fithium’s once in place are almost imposable to eliminate.

  6. The D’s we have are all Communists and want America to be all Communist too. They say President Trump is a dictator but it’s they who do what dictator’s do. They all need to be impeached and we could turn this stupid circus back on them. I can’t believe they have the nerve to think we believe anything they say. The whole group tells lies everyday and doesn’t seem to care. If Nancy really is such a Christian she should know that God says He detests liars and we can be sure that they will parish. The truth is important to God and that is why He says that all liars are also the children of satan,meaning He doesn’t claim them as His children. His word says too that He doesn’t listen to the prayers of those that turn their back on Him. God says He laughs at them.

  7. get rid of congress , they don’t do anything any ways ,when’s the last time they passed something that works for americans , for the last 11 years it’s bin all about illegals and refugees , and we are stuck paying for them , even tho we don’t want them here , it even says in the constitituion they are suppose to be able to support them selves for 5 years before they are intitled to any benifits

  8. I think it’s important to clean house and cut expenses that cost us not only money but liberal interlopers who try to do anything in their power to take down President Trump. He needs to do this. If not now then after he gets elected for a 2nd term.

  9. Does this mean they are going after treason charges for the Bush/Clinton/Obama`s? So they are going to acknowledge the problem and like always it will be business as usual? All I have heard is talk while our borders are being infiltrated. Our freedom is being disintegrated from the top. Illegals have more perks and rights than a citizen in our own country does? I have thought about our country`s well being. If I could fly who would I shcity on first

  10. Having such a large organization like this is a major potential of corruption and favorable to partisan politics. From the beginning of Trump’s term as President he has been plagued with leaks, and with one sided views on who he has entrusted his innermost private ideas with. Obama on the other hand has been appraised of every detail it seems before even Trump knew of it and included the leaks and dems views to spoil the soup, so to speak. The decision to eliminate the organization of management and personnel may be a bad one if all the personnel can be decentralized and reconfigured to loyalty to the nation and the Constitution and not the party. I would venture to believe that most of the personnel in the 2.1 million count are placed dems in each area and are favorable to Obama still. Until the organization is cleaned , Trump will suffer a continuing difficulty in his administration, leaks to the fake press, corruption, etc.
    As a recommendation every employee of the federal gov’t must take an oath of office that will demand his/her loyalty to the Constitution and to the nation. All personnel will also be vetted completely. In this day and age any muslim or ME recruits are to be extra vetted and questioned with extra care to see where loyalties lie. Extra care should also be made to any personnel that are privy to sensitive documentation, especially to the President’s office and close ties with any heads of departments.

  11. Each department should see changes that make government more efficient. It’s time to trim excesses in how government does it’s job of serving the people.

  12. I’ll have to see how the Montgomery, VA office is now. It was rated F- by me the first and only time I went there.
    They said I had “NO BENEFITS” unless injured by “Agent Orange”! My local “Veterans Affairs” office says I’m entitled to several benefits. None of which I’ve ever gotten! So I’m in my 70’s now, and still have to get “One damn benefit”! No seller would accept a VA loan when I was buying a home. Luckily I assumed one at 4.75%. I hope most of the staff that was there is fired?

  13. I’m just interested in the return of the public servant, not the plantation overseer.

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