High School Student Accosted For Wearing Trump Pin

A high school student in Michigan wore a pin on her shirt that read ‘Women for Trump.’ This is what caused her to be accosted by a teacher at the school, grabbing at the pin.

Sadie Earegood is a 16-year-old student who attends Mason High School. She told a Fox News reporter that a male teacher “aggressively” grabbed the front of her jacket where the pin was located. She said that he used both hands at the front of her so that the pin could be unlatched. He, then, put the pin upside down on his own shirt, saying that it belonged “upside down.”

Sadie’s family quickly filed a police report, identifying that the teacher assaulted her. Sadie’s mother, Capi, said that “he had no right” to place his hands on Sadie because of a pin or for any other reason. She went on to explain that the First Amendment rights allow her to express her freedom of speech. She believed that there was no reason for a teacher to get so upset over a high school student wearing a pin.

While the school district told Fox News that they contacted law enforcement following the complaint, they have declined to provide details. There are federal laws that prohibit them from sharing student-related information with the press or anyone other than law enforcement.

Sadie Earegood, meanwhile, has already stated that she plans to be outspoken. She won’t stop wearing the political pins to school or anywhere else. She told a local news station, WILX 10, that she wants the teacher to know that what he did is not okay. She wants what happened to be a learning experience for other teachers. She’s not going to stop wearing “my political stuff” simply because of what happened.

It was not identified as to what male teacher it was that accosted her. Further, it was explored that the teacher didn’t say anything before he reached out and touched her, a clear violation of any policy. All school districts in today’s society have policies that prevent teachers from touching students – and a male teacher touching a female student for any reason is simply wrong.

It’s clear that the male teacher wasn’t a fan of Trump. He was upset when he saw a student wearing a pin that supported a politician that he wasn’t a personal fan of. However, why is it always the Democrats who feel as though the rules don’t apply to them? Trump is a horrible human being, according to them, yet it’s the people who hate Trump who feel that it’s okay to touch inappropriately, start riots, and more. Republicans are never making the headlines for being physical against a Democrat – it’s the other way around.

The news story did not identify whether the teacher who inappropriately touched Earegood is going to be reprimanded in any way. At the very least, he should be removed from her school so that she doesn’t have to see her attacker on a daily basis. Although he may not have meant to harm her, a grown man should know that it’s not okay to touch a female, especially at the front of her jacket. If it was on her backpack, it could almost be overlooked. At no time was it seen as the teacher joking with her, either. He took the pin off, pinned it to his own shirt upside down, and informed her that the pin should be worn upside down – an obvious attack on Trump as well as the student’s beliefs.

All students across Michigan and the rest of the United States should be able to support whatever political side they want. No teacher should promote politics in the classroom. They need to take a bipartisan approach with how they teach as well as how they conduct themselves on a daily basis. This teacher at Mason High School clearly broke protocol – and it was Sadie Earegood who spoke up and said something. The incident took place during school hours on December 5. Luckily, she was confident enough to speak up to prevent this kind of thing from happening again. How many other students would have been silently assaulted? How many times has this teacher inappropriately touched a student in the past?

Hopefully, this news story surfaces again so that everyone can learn what kind of punishment the teacher faced by not only touching a student inappropriately, assaulting her because of her choice of supporting the president but also for taking a political side in a public school.