High School Student Accosted For Wearing Trump Pin

A high school student in Michigan wore a pin on her shirt that read ‘Women for Trump.’ This is what caused her to be accosted by a teacher at the school, grabbing at the pin.

Sadie Earegood is a 16-year-old student who attends Mason High School. She told a Fox News reporter that a male teacher “aggressively” grabbed the front of her jacket where the pin was located. She said that he used both hands at the front of her so that the pin could be unlatched. He, then, put the pin upside down on his own shirt, saying that it belonged “upside down.”

Sadie’s family quickly filed a police report, identifying that the teacher assaulted her. Sadie’s mother, Capi, said that “he had no right” to place his hands on Sadie because of a pin or for any other reason. She went on to explain that the First Amendment rights allow her to express her freedom of speech. She believed that there was no reason for a teacher to get so upset over a high school student wearing a pin.

While the school district told Fox News that they contacted law enforcement following the complaint, they have declined to provide details. There are federal laws that prohibit them from sharing student-related information with the press or anyone other than law enforcement.

Sadie Earegood, meanwhile, has already stated that she plans to be outspoken. She won’t stop wearing the political pins to school or anywhere else. She told a local news station, WILX 10, that she wants the teacher to know that what he did is not okay. She wants what happened to be a learning experience for other teachers. She’s not going to stop wearing “my political stuff” simply because of what happened.

It was not identified as to what male teacher it was that accosted her. Further, it was explored that the teacher didn’t say anything before he reached out and touched her, a clear violation of any policy. All school districts in today’s society have policies that prevent teachers from touching students – and a male teacher touching a female student for any reason is simply wrong.

It’s clear that the male teacher wasn’t a fan of Trump. He was upset when he saw a student wearing a pin that supported a politician that he wasn’t a personal fan of. However, why is it always the Democrats who feel as though the rules don’t apply to them? Trump is a horrible human being, according to them, yet it’s the people who hate Trump who feel that it’s okay to touch inappropriately, start riots, and more. Republicans are never making the headlines for being physical against a Democrat – it’s the other way around.

The news story did not identify whether the teacher who inappropriately touched Earegood is going to be reprimanded in any way. At the very least, he should be removed from her school so that she doesn’t have to see her attacker on a daily basis. Although he may not have meant to harm her, a grown man should know that it’s not okay to touch a female, especially at the front of her jacket. If it was on her backpack, it could almost be overlooked. At no time was it seen as the teacher joking with her, either. He took the pin off, pinned it to his own shirt upside down, and informed her that the pin should be worn upside down – an obvious attack on Trump as well as the student’s beliefs.

All students across Michigan and the rest of the United States should be able to support whatever political side they want. No teacher should promote politics in the classroom. They need to take a bipartisan approach with how they teach as well as how they conduct themselves on a daily basis. This teacher at Mason High School clearly broke protocol – and it was Sadie Earegood who spoke up and said something. The incident took place during school hours on December 5. Luckily, she was confident enough to speak up to prevent this kind of thing from happening again. How many other students would have been silently assaulted? How many times has this teacher inappropriately touched a student in the past?

Hopefully, this news story surfaces again so that everyone can learn what kind of punishment the teacher faced by not only touching a student inappropriately, assaulting her because of her choice of supporting the president but also for taking a political side in a public school.

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  1. If this story, misbehavior by an so-called teacher is correct, the following question comes to mind.

    Has this “teacher” been called on to justify/explain her actions, if justification and or explanation is possible, and is she still on the payroll?

  2. Same here brother! 2/5 Marines. I’d love to have that scumbag touch me. He’d be pulling back a stub after I broke his wrist off and body slammed his ass! Notice they didn’t say his name. If it would have been a Republican his name would be front page news so they could threaten and bully him. Bring it on you puke politicians. You’ll be the first taken out when SHTF. You are expendable! Time to clean house, NOW !

  3. as I’ve stated many times before, NOTHING will happen to democrooks for any misdeeds, until Trump is able to take the various administrations away from the democrooks who are still encrusted in our government. when that happens, the prisons will fill with DEMOCROOKS galore,as they are all guilty of sabotage against our nation.

  4. What anyone wearing any kind of Trump pins, hats or whatever should do is, buy a can of mace. If anyone attempts to grab what your are wearing, spray them in the face,then kick them as hard as you can ( if a male ) in the nuts, or if a female in the knees.
    That way when your walking away, they’ll have a hard time following you.

  5. that teacher should be charged with assalt of a minor , then put in jail for being a liberal

  6. You are so right . I wear my trump hat everywhere. People say aren’t you afraid of getting assaulted I tell him never going to happen 6 foot 3 255 lb not one of them will ever approached me and they never have the only pick on the weak and a small

  7. The teacher took her pin by force, and without her permission. I believe you could call that strong arm robbery. He should be fired, maybe even arrested.

  8. should be arrested

  9. Boy, what an example of Trump Derangement! What is the matter with nearly everybody?! I would say, he is an adult, he made the decision to do a stupid thing and he deserves to lose his job, it was that serious a mis-judgement! In fact, schools should adopt a policy in schools that teachers will not allow their own political leanings to be known to students, and that would never have happened. This should be true in College as well, what an individual teacher’s thoughts are about the current political climate has nothing to do with teaching young people to read, become educated about policy, study history and then decide for themselves! PERIOD! There would be a lot more worthwhile education going on and a lot less demonstrating, skipping class, and causing anxiety and vandalism on and around the campus.

  10. They sleep very sound I am sure.Evil is as evil does

  11. I am often asked why I am not afraid to whare my Trump hat . I have always expressed my feelings and I will defend that right!

  12. Remove him from the school system and send him to the unemployment line

  13. Typical of left-wing un- and anti-Americans. This man should have his teaching credentials removed and forever forbidden teaching.
    He is an example of our ignorant, marginally literate population.

  14. She should have “accidentally” gave that teacher a firm knee to his groin area, got her pin back, and walked on.

  15. indeed they need to be hung by the neck for all to see !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. This dem treason started with bo’s 8 years violating 78 U.S. Laws & defying our U.S. Constitution @ least 10 times just to create his own wannabe dictatorship over the U.S.A. ! The damned treasonous dems, with bo & hilary cronies that supported bo’s blatant crimes are also prime candidates for execution … ! Hang ’em all high in public view as examples for high treason , then get every illegal enemy they supported … !

  17. Better believe it & the dems are about to find out the real definition of deplorable as they create their own deserved demise !

  18. This scumbag should be disqualified as a teacher, never to be in a school again. He should be charged with assault on a minor, and have his teachers credentials revoked and stand trial for his asinine attitude!!!

  19. His license should be taking away from him and should not be allow back in any school.

  20. I would not have to say a word the second she came home and told me I would have been at the school and he would not be able to touch her or any other child. He may be walking funny and singing the high notes but it beats telling my husband and letting him use his training on him. That would have turned out worse. Now for the five kids that beat the fourteen year old and put him in the hospital would be a different story. The police better take care of the kids and I would let him take care of the parents while I took legal action on the school . Kid learn from parents and schools should be protecting the children in their care.

  21. First of all, he should be Fired, then charged with Child Molestation and put in jail and on a Sex Offenders listing for the rest of his life (obviously a woman’s Breast are on her chest and he would have to have his hands rubbing against them to get the pin off her chest), then charged with assaulting a minor, theft of property. and since she’s a young lady being attacked by a grown man to remove a free speech item (then placing it on himself in a disrespectful and hateful manor, it should be considered a hate crime. Personally, it would be a shame were he to be accosted, made to drop his pants and BRANDED on his A$$ “Women for Trump”, he would remember it for life and anyone having personal relations with him that didn’t know he was on the sex Offenders list for Child Molestation would find out quickly! If politics of the Dems is going to continue so violently to the innocent, it’s time for others (including my Brothers and Sisters in Arms) to step in!

  22. the teacher is lucky, if the young lady had used any self defense training, he could have been hurt as he definitely was no expecting ant resistance… i know young ladies of her age who would have handed him his eyeballs.

  23. Dear Staff:

    This teacher is an example of nazi german tactics of the 4th reich of the gastopo! Let us not repeat what happened in Europe from the late 1930s to the mid 1940s during World War II!!! This is an example of NO FREEDOM OF SPEECH!

    Thank you for your time,
    Phil Heirendt

  24. this teacher is a total coward if the school do not do anything then maybe the people should

  25. fire that SOB or ” GET A ROPE “

  26. This is what a case of TDS does to Dems. They lose all concept of what is legal.

  27. Teacher is nuts. Deranged. Fire him. He is setting bad example for our kids. He belongs in kindergarten. Embarrassment to the teaching profession although the teachers are becoming sheep. Keep wearing that pin!!! Wear 10 !!! It’s your right!!!!

  28. Thank you for your services. I agree with everything you have said. We are in dangerous times because we make nobody on the left accountable for their criminal activities. Most of the Communists in the House of Representatives and the Senate should be in a permanent jail cell, along with Obama and his administration.

  29. Not only did the teacher take her pin from her chest, he did a little ‘biden’ with his hands.

  30. Thank you very much for your service and I totally agree with you!

  31. “It was not identified as to what male teacher it was that accosted her.” Sounds like the teacher was underage. At least mentally.

  32. Hey asshole ,
    Be glad it wasn’t my daughter you grabbed. You wouldn’t need to worry about police, the only arrest would be mine until you got out of the hospital. If you survived!

  33. Typical liberal tactic! If they aren’t groping kids, (Joe Biden) they are assaulting them. Real tough “he-men”

  34. It seems only you Veterans have any testicles any more, and God Bless you both!!! My child?? Bet your sweet “Obama” I’d have charged down there and pimp slapped that parasite for touching my baby girl!!

  35. Some teachers have this motto: “You may practice any political belief you want to practice…….as long as it agrees with mine, because I happen to know what is good for you.”

  36. This teacher should be removed not only from the school but from the school system. Somehow in todays world teacher think they are special and can do whatever they want. If this was my daughter, he would certainly regret what he did for the rest of his life.

  37. That is 100% right.

  38. What kind of atmosphere is in that high school that teachers feel they can violate a person’s rights to free speech and protection under our Federal laws and our constitution? What of professional role model is this “felon” that he continue be indoctinating his students with violence as a solution to any issue or individual they disagree with? ….. If the answer is radical socialism (anarchy, progressive )then fire all teachers who are of this persuasion, hire substitutes, and state very clearly, “only teachers with respect for our constitution, and its stated protection of an indiviual’s inaliable ” rights need apply.
    Mr Superintendent, drain your swamp!

  39. He should lose his license at the minimum. Also a re-education camp in China.

  40. I would love to see some DemoRat attempt to remove my hat/pin/tee-shirt anything disagreeable to them. I stand 6’2” 248 lbs played football for ASU in college and trained as a Navy Seal. That person wouldn’t need a day off, it wouldn’t be enough to mend their wounds. Bones take months, and skin well it takes a long time if removed.
    I’m totally feed up with DemoRats/Snowflakes crying unfair and I don’t like that so it has to change for me, sorry folks if you don’t like it go scratch or look the other way.
    I love my God, my Country, and have fought in Viet Nam for those rights. I stand for my flag, and kneel for my God.
    No DemoRat will ever change that!

  41. Your a much better person than I am, if someone did that to any of my children he and I would be talking face to face and believe me he would not be happy.


  43. Any teacher who grabs a student for any reason other than to save them from harm needs to be removed. This guy grabbed a underage girl and took something from her. At the very least he can no longer be allowed around children and the school must act or face lawsuits. The sheer fact this teacher went nuts and forgot all laws and what could happen to his career simply because a child was wearing a pin he did not like shows just how unhinged this moron really is.

  44. TRUMP2020 MAGA KAG.
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    Stop the invasion! 
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    Here’s the patrirchy:
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  45. Suspend him. period. And the parents should sue him for a very large sum of money. And return the pin and apologize.

  46. Yes I’ll give you all my two cent worth no teacher has no right to put his hands on any Student or anyone who’s ware’s a Trump Pin and further more I am with that Student I am a Trump fan and I am going to Vote for Donald Trump in 2020 and he is going to Win the Election next year .

  47. A typical coward democrat,. pick on me you SOB, I did not fight in Korea for you to take our liberties away,
    you piece of shit!!! there are no democrats anymore, they are socialist scum!!! MAGA!!

  48. Fire the Teacher in front of a Firing Squad…

  49. How disgusting. Look how far we have come. As a civilized society where does this fit in, it Dosen’t. When did we reached the conclusion that it’s okay to just put hands on. No respect. You don”t agree with someone’s beliefs, fine, but you don’t have the right to forcefully assault anyone.

  50. He at the very least needs to be fired. He is actually guilty of Sexual Assault of a Minor or at least inappropriate touching of a minor. He DID violate her right to free speech. What this teacher did was so far beyond appropriate that he does need to be fired.

  51. what the student wears is her business, she don’t have to go with his political beliefs it is not going hinder him or threat him at all

  52. Happens all the time.

  53. I would like to congratulate Sadie for her stand, and I wish her the very best that life has for her. I will pray for her to continue to believe in her rights to freedom to express her political views. I hope and pray that that teacher is fired for what he did to her. He had no right or authority to do what he did, and he should be severely reprimanded for what he did and should be made to appologize to Sadie and to her family. Way to go Sadie for standing up for your rights. God bless you and you family, and have a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year. Sincerely, JERALD E. Hayford.

  54. That is exactly right how the writer stated: “It is always the democrat that start the violence”. It is not difficult to find or to understand why it is always the democrats that start the troubles or commit violence acts. It started with Maxine Waters standing on her soapbox and ordering her crowd to get in the faces of the opposite party. Since then a whole lot of innocent folks are being pestered and violated against. Maxine is playing it low lately but she could not help to gloat on TV when she stood with Nadler and the gang of 8 when he read they decided to go ahead with the biggest scam of an impeachment as the US citizen have seen in their live times. May all that blow up in their own faces come 2020. The democrats with just half a brain even see through this farce. The biggest bully’s are democrats/commies, the biggest liars are democrats/commies. When you gear the fake news presented. They all say the same words like they read from a script. One wonders how they even can sleep at nights.

  55. I will wear my Trump hat anywhere I want to that’s my right if you dont agree with me that’s fine but if you touch me I will open up the largest can of woopass you have ever seen

  56. Make an example of the teacher, so hopefully it won’t happen again!

  57. Not only did he touch her, which was wrong, but he stole the pin. This teacher should be fired.

  58. The teacher has next November to make his feelings known. Or he too can get a pin,hat, Tee shirt what ever to make his feelings known just as Sadie has a right to make hers known. Perhaps a healthy classroom debate is in order. Too take Sadies pin because you don’t like it is off the wall and illegal time for an arrest.


  60. Suspend him with no pay for a period of time.

  61. The teacher should be charged with at least misdemeanor battery on the student and theft (strong arm robbery?) and be fired from the school system and banned from teaching because he is dangerous. By the way, anybody taking bets that this baboon’s ass supports burning our flag as free speech?

  62. If I was her dad, I would be at the lawyers office now. If that didn’t work, I would politely ask him to remove the same pin off my lapel.

  63. and Trump supporters are the DEPLORABLES????

  64. When we object what others are saying or wearing we should keep our thoughts to yourself.

  65. What a material of un-ambiguity and preserveness of
    valuable familiarity regarding unpredicted emotions.

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