Al Green Wants to Impeach Trump Because of Slavery

The rationale offered by the Democrats for impeaching President Donald Trump keeps shifting. At one time, Trump was supposed to have colluded with the Russians to steal the 2016 election out from under Hillary Clinton. Then, when that story was disproven by the Mueller Report, Trump was accused of offering a “quid pro quo” with the newly elected president of Ukraine, offering arms sales in exchange for a corruption investigation of former Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter. When the Democrats decided that the Latin phrase was too obscure for the yokel voters to understand, they hit on the term “bribe.”

Rep Al Green, D-Texas, has another reason Trump has to be frog-marched out of the Oval Office. It has nothing to do with anything he has done or indeed anyone has done since the passage of the 13th Amendment in 1865. The Washington Examiner explains.

“During a Saturday appearance on MSNBC, the congressman cited an interest in acting on behalf of people of color. ‘I do believe, ma’am, that we have to deal with the original sin,” Green said to host Alex Witt. ‘We have to deal with slavery. Slavery was the thing that put all of what President Trump has done lately into motion. It’s [the] insidious scion of racism. The president has played on racism, and he’s used that as a weapon to galvanize a base of support to mobilize people.’”

To be sure, Rep. Green has wanted to impeach President Trump from the moment the president uttered the oath of office. Green has compelled the House to vote three times to impeach the president, each time failing to get a majority vote. He famously said that the House needs to impeach President Trump and the Senate remove him from office lest he is reelected. That statement has provided a myriad of talking points for supporters of the president, revealing as it seems to the real reasons House Democrats are marching headlong into impeachment, despite a growing lack of support for the proposition in the hinterlands, especially swing states for the upcoming election.

Green has also said that President Trump can be impeached more than once, the theory being that the Constitution does not forbid double jeopardy for the process. If at first, you don’t succeed, try, try again.

That Green’s supposition that Trump must be removed from office because of slavery has raised more than a few eyebrows is to put the matter mildly. Slavery was outlawed in 1865 with the passage of the 13th Amendment. A great deal of institutional racism, which persisted in the wake of the Civil War, was dealt with by the passage of the Civil Rights Act and the Voting Rights Act in 1964 and 1965.

To be sure racism persists since the human heart cannot be cleaned as easily as the law. However, Green may be engaging in tactics that Democrats have pursued for decades. Every Republican president has been accused of racism since at least the Nixon administration.

On the other hand, supporters of President Trump may allude to several facts that inconvenience Green’s narrative. CNN notes that the Trump Administration has featured historic gains for minority workers.

“Black unemployment fell to a record low in August, helped by a jump in the number of black women on the job.

“The unemployment rate for black workers fell to 5.5% from 6%, according to the Labor Department data. The previous record low of 5.9% was set in May 2018.

“The unemployment rate for black women fell to a record of 4.4% from 5.2% in July. The unemployment rate for black men crept up to 5.9% from 5.8%. But the previous month’s rate was a record, so the rate is still near its historic low.

“Unemployment among workers who identify themselves as Hispanic or Latino also fell in August to 4.2%, which matched a record low set earlier this year.”

The record compares favorably to that of past Democratic presidents, including Barack Obama, the first African American president in the history of the United States. As more than one pundit has stated about President Trump, “Worst racist ever.”

Incidentally, Green has also complained that the recent House Judiciary Committee hearing that featured testimony from several law professors did not include a single expert “of color,” according to Fox News. The message is that committee Democrats are ignoring the African American community in the impeachment process even as they rely on black voters.

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  2. I BELIEVE That there was to much inbreeding in greens , Sharptons and Pelosi family tree, also there was a lot of African tribes who had and SOLD slaves to the rest of the world, Americans didn’t start it Blacks did.

  3. Black people in this country should appreciate their Great Grans being brought over here as slaves. Anything less they would still be in Africa and not live the life they have. They would still be lion bait.

  4. Al is just one of those politicians that never does anything while in office, but he sure loves living off of the taxpayer dole for the rest of his life

  5. You are totally correct about a “Black” being the first slave owner in America.

  6. They seem to be doing that themselves without any help!

  7. They seem to be doing that themselves without any help!

  8. If this is true then when I go to check all of Trump’s properties around America and the rest of the World, if I don’t find any slaves that will mean Trump freed them? Wow, this will put the President right up there with Lincoln.

  9. Al Green is as stupid as he looks, maybe a primate was involved. If stupidity would hurt, he be in urgent care.

  10. Trump’s IQ is higher than Obama’s. And our nation is winning…. thank you,Trump. That’s been reported by many many sources. Your comment is the usual left BS.

  11. Pres.Trump has never EXPRESSED any racist comments, he hasn’t pushed forward any anti-black laws, and he has never supported white supremacists. It is the democrat party who started the KKK, and has tried to stop equal rights/freedoms for blacks, since they arrived in the U.S. Go ahead and try to come up with something.

  12. I know that no democrat is using ANY intelligence or Law in this impeachment; but HOW can more and more of them come forward, with more and more stupidity. By November 2020, there won’t be a democrat doing or saying anything, as they self destruct. But, my point; even if Trump would’ve ever proved himself to be a racist: BEING A RACIST IS NOT A SERIOUS CRIME OR MISDEMEANOR, IT’S NOT EVEN A CRIME!!! As Trump treats all U.S. citizens the same, I believe that is the very example/definition of NOT BEING RACIST?

  13. Such hateful comments! And, such a stupid, uneducated comment by Mr. Green. He needs to listen to his Speaker of the house, Nancy Pelosi, who “Can’t hate anyone because she is Catholic ; however, I do think as a Catholic she really should speak out against abortion & certainly NOT vote for it. I believe she has produced 9 children herself. AOC would say, having so many children is partially the cause of climate problems- or was that Greta Thunderberg (sic) from Norway

  14. This crazy man or woman knows nothing about history. Did you ever go to school?? If you would have you would have known your history. DemocRATS brought you slaves to American. Check research. Lincoln freed the slaves and democRATS fought them . Also republicans voted too give you freedom and to give you the vote. Not democRATS. Research this . I believe you all would see the truth if you did some research. Of course the gave you weFare so you would vote for them for 200 years. And you have. No jobs for the blacks so you would keep voting for them. Wake up people.

  15. Al Green is living proof that at some time in his family there was a primate living with them and he was conceived.

  16. This man dreams with Impeachments no doubt, everytime I see him he seems dirty, it is like a monkey in a suit.

  17. Rep Al Green, D-Texas is another NUT CASE. It has been 154 years and he is still crying SLAVERY. I was fortunate to have had a Lady of Color care for me when I was a child in the 1940’s. Her view then holds water today as much today the people of color reject what we the white people call norms. They disagree with the educational standards, they fight taking care of their property. She was a elderly retired teacher so she was educated, she use to tell me that I couldn’t say “You can’t make me” when I went to school because Can’t never Could, Don’t never Did and Won’t never Will. So when our children Don’t contribute in school they Can”t learn and therefore Will never succeed.

    Some will say that I am a racist but they would be living in the world of Can’t Don’t & Won’t. Our Country has made more opportunity for everyone ihan any other Country in history, it’s up to each of us to build on the opportunities.

  18. Al Green looks and acts like a neanderthal. You heard it from him – they can impeach the President again. Looks as though the Democrats do not plan on getting any work accomplished in the next five years because they will be so busy impeaching the President over and over.

  19. Al green is a moron. How about al green goes t bg e other people way. Slavery was wrong and the bka is should never have been brought to america. Ship them all back. Oh wait that was offered to them 150 years ago: that’s why Nigeria exists. Every black person in America is related to a person who decided to immigrate to america.

    The discussion is over al green. It was personal choice not slavery that has you here.

    Grow up a you African americans. No one owes you a damn thing. Got it assholes.

  20. You’re right Obozo was the biggest race baiter in the White House. He created the problem ,not try too stop it.

  21. You’re right this clown should’ve kept that comment too themselves.

  22. I think Mickey Mouse is a little smarter than this ignorant clown. But he is just a moron like the weasel Al Sharpton .. it shows how smart a demonrat really is ..


  24. Al Gore Sr. voted against the ’64 Civil Rights Act. It was the Republicans who freed the slaves, while the Democrats tried to keep slaves. The first slave owner in America was Black.

  25. I have just finished reading some of the best literature about racism ever printed. Thanks to Senator Al Green we are about to set the history of slavery back 200 years. If black America listens to the likes of Green, Jackson and Sharpton we will
    be going backwards, and never gain equality. Take a look around you. There are
    plenty of people of color who have worked past the blame game and are now very successful and respected. Our country is open to anyone who wants to work and not play the race card. So Green and the democrats need to put their efforts in a direction to work for the people and quit feeling sorry for themselves. I trust in Donald Trump and I think it’s time our elected officials think about what we elected them for. Things such as crime , health care, and protection of our country should be their agenda not impeachment.

  26. What Al Green was in Prison than what the HELL his doing in Congress.

  27. Mr. Green You as a Anti- American should leave office, and LEAVE the Country. You have to much HATE in you, With your commets it is a sure thing that YOU ARE RACIST. We don’t need you, make it easy LEAVE.

  28. Maybe President Trump should DISCLOSE AL GREENS DIRTY LAUNDRY .

  29. Can’t you tell ugly and stupids.

  30. Add jackson, Waters, nadler, Shiffe to name just a few more dumborats to the list!

  31. One last thought to my Black friends and neighbors just because people do not like you it does not me they racist not everyone in the worlds likes everyone. You are groomed by your leaders to cry racist whenever someone disagrees with you. All that hatred is going to eat you up inside.

  32. Someone should sit down with the so called black leaders and explain to them that physical slavery has ended. Any slavery that Black America feels or believes to be real in planted in their minds by the totally deranged leaders of theirs. This slavery and bias and racism is all in their minds planting their by people like Al Sharpless, and Jessie jackasson. The Black History museums tell only a part of the story of the beginnings of slavery. Every country, Kingdom, and any place where two different groups of people have and do live.
    It would be much better for your mental health to recognize that slavery existed in America but has been abolished. We have Black millionaires, doctors, lawyers, professors, etc. that doesn’t sound like an enslaved people. You have allowed yourselves to be mentally and emotionally enslaved by your own leaders.

  33. Trump has got the unemployed Black the lowest it has been in many years. There are 20 Black Pastors that meet with him for prayer. He is well liked by most Christian Blacks.

  34. Mr. Al Green; It is President Donald J. Trump that has finally freed black American’s from the cruel inhumane acts of the democratic party.. It was the white democrats of the southern states that had all the slaves and then became the Klu Klux Klan for a hundred years to keep them in submission.. Then new demwit party of the 50’s and 60’s found a new system to keep black’s unemployed and on assistance of welfare, food stamps and free healthcare to keep them voting for them.. They even recruited black politicians to become Uncle Tom’s, Aunt Jemimah’s and you, to do their bidding in our government..

  35. Hey, Al Green, we have 100 acres of cotton you can come pick by hand.

  36. Hey, Al Greene, we have 100 acres of cotton you can come pick by hand!!

  37. Just what the He## are you talking about? You cannot provide one bit of factual evidence to support your crazy assertions. Crawl back into your hole with the rest of the blind lemmins.

  38. I guess that is why so many Democrats are turning Republican. No, not one clear thinking person will agree with your thinking. I voted for Democrats about 65 years ago and finally realized they were only in office to benefit themselves. How many Democrats have you ever heard of refusing their pay? All of Trumps pay goes to charity.

  39. Blaming Trump for slavery is about as inane as blaming Obama for the death of white policemen…or Jussie Smollett’s hateful acts. Wait a minute, maybe Obama CAN carry some blame for those things? At any rate, Trump is NOT responsible for the original sin nor did he participate in slavery. As noted in the article above, he has done more to help minorities than any other president, including the Democrats and especially Obama. How can those job figures exist under a racist president, I ask. They can’t. Trump isn’t a racist…that is a simple lie created and perpetuated by the Democrats that fear his reelection and a Republican majority in both houses of Congress. Obviously their fears are justified and they have no valid recourse except lies and deceit. Democrats’ political aims and greed have replaced a sense of fairness, grace or righteousness that used to mark our nation’s leaders. Green and his party need to be replaced as they lack leadership skill and his thinking is without logic.

  40. Al Green, you don’t have enough Democrats to Impeach President Trump until God is ready for him to come out. You Democrats can do all your crooked lies but Trump will still be our President. I know you are not stupid enough to believe that Trump had anything to do with slavery. In the first place slavery was caused by the Democrats. Just you remember that God is in charge. He put Trump in to get the crooked Democrats to get their act together. There are so many of them he will most likely have to keep him another four years.

  41. how does Trump got to do with slavery when like me both born back in the 40’s don’t have a damn thing to do with slavery.He is just a damn sorry ass black Democrat that needs to be out of office for his racism he put out there.Needs to be sent to Africa to live and stopped being able to live free off the taxpayers of America like so many of them are doing in Washington today need to be made to loose lots of their benefits in Washington and be made to pay their own way since they do not work 52 wks. a year but on 6 months and shouldn’t be allowed to get a years paycheck and big bonuses like they all do shorten all of t5heir terms to 2 years only then oust all of them.

  42. He and Sharpton make a good pair of shitheads they are right with Shitty Shitt

  43. He wouldnt get my vote for dog catcher

  44. Mr greens slavery is self imposed. however the relation between wages and the cost of living i have thought about it

  45. You are so full of shite..if ya dont know your history dont come out here and show your stupidity ..Your post is whats wrong with the liberal mental retarded Demorat party..

  46. To get an IQ on Green, one must measure both feet, add that and divide by 2 on account of persistent foot in mouth disease.

  47. Will SOMEONE please inform this BRAINDEAD politician that SLAVERY was ended 1863 (Emancipation Proclamation) and it was ENDED by a REPUBLICAN? Man, this guy is a walking talking LOBODOMY! Team Trump and his allies 2020 – KAGA (Keep America Great Again).

  48. Al Green is an ugly, ignorant black POS that should be outed in the next election!

  49. You need to learn how to spell and write proper sentences! You are as much of a racist idiot as Al Green and all the other vile Democrats! Stupidity must run that deranged political party!

  50. Al Green is a stupid, racist black man who has lost his black mind! This is beyond stupidity! When will these lunatics stop their foolishness?

  51. A zoo in Texas is missing an orangutan. Surely the people of his district were laughing and high on to much cannabis when they put him in his place.

  52. You seem to be a moron! WHAT has President Trump done or said that is remotely racist???

  53. The race card, so original.

  54. There should be a trophy for that. Something like a statute with its head up is butt.

  55. You think ? Or perhaps they are competing to see who is the biggest idiot .

  56. We need politicians drug tested and for alcohol abuse because they’ve gone too far off their narrative!!! Corruption has made fools out of Democrats!!

  57. Sounds like he’s 6 cents short of a nickel!

  58. How many wish AL GREEN could have been one of the Creators of the Constitution?

  59. Native Americans owned black slaves in the US. No blacks seem to be concerned about that.
    Why aren’t they demanding the casinos pay them back?
    Also, the Quakers offered to send the freed slaves back to Africa, and some went, but others OPTED TO STAY.
    Even now, some American blacks are moving to Japan or other countries. It’s not like the US is the only country on earth.
    Go, and be happy somewhere else where you are not forced to be a martyr for a cause.
    It must make your children miserable to be “reminded” of past injustice constantly when they could live in Mexico or Canada and not have a grudge for the rest of their lives.

  60. Who, in Texas, voted for this guy. He is embarrassing us true Texans terribly.

  61. It’s actually FACTS that Californians uncover that you should worry about. The FACT that blacks, Hispanics and Native Americans do NOT graduate from high school, community college or 4-year college at the same rates as Asians or whites. Asians lead in income, not whites.
    Why aren’t you concerned that Obama never has bothered to adopt some poor, black “sons”?
    Why aren’t you concerned that Oprah hasn’t either?
    When are the adult blacks and Hispanics going to adopt their own people and give them a good home?
    Graduating is also a terrible problem in Oregon where many Hispanics have moved.
    You can’t be equal if YOU DON’T WORK HARD TO GRADUATE!

  62. Anyone running for public office should have to take and IQ test such as Al Green for example!!!!!

  63. AL Green,if you would study you would find out that the first slaves were white and held for around one thousand years .It is still going on in Mexico with their own people too.It was not right to hold anyone in slavery,but it happened and we just need to get past it and love one another.

  64. Stupid statements like that one, which is not new, you know why he exist, even his no common sensor’s know that reason, but he is as Maxine still riding on the bus of Racism. They both need to have a bus wreck by their own, and you see they never want racism to go away, which is so sad to see those who suffer for not wrecking their bus. They do nothing and at 78 yrs old now, when I was in service 1960, these are not the ones I tried to personally protect. Today we do have someone who tries and does win. One who didn’t have to do it, was a winner way before being President, and he gave, gives and tries to keep everyone winning, and the want u to loses, just don’t how to make you lose.( Our President don’t want the miserable to lose either, but they are miserable, so bad they can’t stand to see you the deplorables or any D be a winner. They want to see you be controlled by others that will take every thing you ever hoped to give your children. Dump these Misery loves company lovers and love yourselves to get them gone, so you can still be a winner too now and future.


  66. This Al Green guy is a straight up nut

  67. Al Green is a Fucking NUT….

  68. What country are you living in must not be the USof A there are more people of color with jobs now then there ever have been ,with more rights then any other country in the world.

  69. green is a batsheet crazy, racist, lying ahole!!

  70. Rep Al Green apparently is unaware that the Dem-wit Party’s original founder was slavery supporter, Andrew Jackson who committed cultural genocide against the American American way more than any U.S. President in his treatment of the Cherokee Native Americans of Georgia. The Republican Party is the Party of murdered President Abraham Lincoln who freed slaves while the Party Green belongs to supported the Confederate States of America! However, historical or judicial truth doesn’t matter to Rep Al Green as the impeachment sham of Pres. Donald Trump Green supports shows! Happy Holidays to all rightists!

  71. I have been listening to the impeachment debate. On the first day of the debate, after the conclusion of “witness” testimony. I heard Republican representatives state the failures of the inquiry to justify the two impeachment charges, point by point. I heard the majority of Democrat representatives give oratory on their life story and their personal reasons why they will vote for impeachment, most having nothing to do with any crimes accused or alleged during the impeachment inquiry. Congressman Green’s departure from reason in determining his motivation for impeachment is the attitude of over half the Democrats in the House of Representatives. One democrat representative wants to impeach because the President is not a good role model for his children, and his children, obviously misguided and misinformed, have been lead to believe that President Trump is a threat to the world and their own safety. The ambiguity of these so called articles of impeachment seem to act as a mixing pot to enable Democrat representatives to vote for impeachment based on whatever personal animosity they have against our President, no matter how many degrees of departure it is from the charges targeted by the inquiry. These people need an intervention, not a vote on impeachment.

  72. DERP is your middle name!

  73. Well if we are going down this F**king road, then ALL Democrats should be Jailed for their role as Slave masters, KKK killings to control Blacks, and Even today with their Support for Abortion with a History of being Aimed at Killing unborn BLACK kids… How about that you POS…

  74. Al Green is as stupid as he looks!!!!!

  75. As everyone, with any sense knows, listening to Al Green, is just a waste of time. He’s a babbling idiot. Next he’ll want to file charges against Abraham Lincoln because he didn’t end slavery fast enough………why this dummy gets any media time or press is just astounding to me. He’s a fool…..

  76. Al Green is Mr. Shit for Sense. The man thinks that you can bring Impeachment Charges over and over until you get the results he wants. It doesn’t work that way if the Democrats lose this one they probably lose the House and the Presidency and the Senate in 2020. Lets see how they feel about Mr. Greens stupidity then. ROTFLMAO.

  77. We should vote to abolish the entire democratic party out of existence for good!

  78. Mr stupid I believe was one of the first people I heard mention impeachment almost from day one. Well now you have it and the way you went about it is not only disgraceful it is in violation of many constitutional standards, So who should be impeached? The president didn’t obstruct and he didn’t violate any laws that you can impeach him on. What happened to the bribery charge, Oh you couldn’t prove it? Ok what about your Bite me candidate, it is on record that a VP he did commit offenses against the citizens of this country. Mr Green where is your outrage over this????????????????????? Just as I though crickets you dems are going to pay for this farce

  79. Don’t insult Micky Mouse like that. Micky’s a darn genius compared to this racist ingrate.


  81. In the words of the immortal Fred Sanford, Al Green is a “Fish Eyed Fool!”

  82. Al is Green with Envy of TRUMP , Nothing less. TRUMP 20/20 ! GREEN NEEDS TO SHUT UP AND CLEAN UP HIS DISTRICT

  83. We need to impeach you for being a idiot

  84. You got it wrong shit for brains.Your Lover Obama is racist & you must have been in a coma for his 8 years your ignorant Anti American Liberals voted him in to try to bring America down to your garbage Baby murdering, Illegal immigrants taking your place in America puppets.President Trump 4 more years yeah.

  85. Senator Green, if you are so concerned about slavery, why don’t you do something about the people who are in slavery now, today? They are more important than the slaves who are gone before and are no longer with us. We can and should learn from them, but we can’t do anything for them. And if we talk slavery of the past in this country, their were black slave owners in addition to the (majority) white slave owners. There were also some white slaves here. It was Europeans who brought them here. But don’t forget who sold them to those Europeans. You got it, they were African blacks. They slaves were either prisoners of war or were kidnapped by other blacks for the express purpose of selling them to the slave traders. No nation, no nationality is exempt from blame. There is plenty of blame to go around. It’s worth saying again: Let’s learn from the past and do what we can to help those in slavery today, including the sex trade slaves!

  86. Does this man have a brain anywhere in his body, It does not appear to be so. The Dems are like cooks throwing pasta at a wall to see if anything will stick, so far nothing has, what’s next?



  89. You do know that Obama was far more than racist than Trump , right?

    Your hate and your own racism is blinding you to reality.

  90. you are really ignorant! president trump amassed all of his wealth by being stupid. you sound like you have a very low iq. go back and finish high school.

  91. al green had to dream up all of this nonsense when he was in prison. he is not a good man. a typical convict who does not know his job or ho w to do it. he really was in prison! having been in the security business, i would shadow him. he has the look and the low mentality to do something really stupid!

  92. I think it has to do with his old days as a heroin junkie singer truth be told!

  93. DEAR 12/ 10 7:01 pm… After ‘ lbj ‘ had JFK assassinated, he started stealing from the SOCIAL SECURITY FUND that HARD WORKING UNITED STATES CITIZENS were/ are PAYING ORR , to start his GREAT SOCIETY of ‘ welfare leeches ‘. He created the WELFARE STATE and was quoted for the WORLD to hear, I’LL HAVE THOSE NIGGERS VOTING DEMOCRAT for 200 years ‘. It’s now REFRESHING to see young EDUCATED and SUCCESSFUL BLACKS like KANYE WEST and CANDACE OWENS… They have both decided to WALK AWAY and NO LONGER suffer as a ‘ plantation nigger ‘, but as FREE THINKING PATRIOTIC UNITED STATES CITIZENS… period. ARE THEY RACIST ?

  94. Why does that man still hold an elected position?

  95. nd you sir/ ma’am OR whatever you identify as , are full of SHIT… AND , PRESIDENT TRUMP is SOOOOOOOO RACIST that he currently has a 36 % approval rating among YOUNG BLACK COLLEGE EDUCATED FEMALES and MALES as well as the BLACK MINISTERIAL ALLIANCE and BLACK BUSINESS OWNERS ASSOCIATION and he’s such a WHITE SUPREMECIST he has a 41 % approval among LATINO/ HISPANIC/ ASIAN REGISTERED VOTERS . You’re a goat humping loser.

  96. Watch the demorats jump ship when all comes out

  97. green isn’t even related to himself. Just like his buddy sharpton. But I’m told we must look over their bigoted self-righteous irrelevant democrat lying asses
    Better yet just look over the entire party until 1/2021 when they’re gone from the house and the Senate isn’t within their reach now or the near future and I said it b4 and I’ll say it once again,

  98. 👍👍👍👍 trump is the best for a long time

  99. Misery loves company .the bo ho dems want to throw their chest out
    And play hittler .I hope all Americans take a long and hard look at the dems and their actions and policys they are trying to shove
    Up our butt.if it don’t.stop now we
    We will leave the future of our children and generations to come in horrible and sick lives looking back
    Asking why didn’t you fight for our rights when you had the chance

  100. I think your comparison is a gross insult to Mr. Mouse….this guy has been compared to a Neanderthal. Think that comparison to be closer to the truth…just saying.

  101. Hey Big Al, the Republicans were 100% and the Democrats were 0% on the Vote to end Slavery, maybe you did not study History in School if you even went.


  103. This black Democratic moron is totally and utterly insane. He is the ugly face of what Democrats have sunk too!

  104. It is Al Green and the Democratic Party who have put the African American in the Plantation housing development projects., the Modern Day plantation. It is Al Green and the Democratic Party who have put the low income White people in the Section 8 ghetto suburbs, It is Al Green and the Democratic Party who have put the Hispanic in the Low Income Housing Apartments/Barrios. However, lets impeach President Trump because of Slavery.

  105. Slavery has always existed . goes way back in history. At one time the Irish were brought into this country as slaves. blacks were not the only ones who suffered. I say “let it go and learn from history not to ever allow this to happen again . Be ever watchful….

  106. He is hung up on the past. I don’t care what color he is, we all bleed the same red blood! Slavery was over 200 hundred years ago.
    Get over it! You are the the problem! Stop blaming everything on the past! This is 2019!!! Are you in slavery now???
    Get over it! We are a nation of all colors!

  107. Ok, name One instance of racism that Trump has displayed. And it doesn’t count if you twist his words.

  108. It would appear that congressman Green is a Racist. I would bet everything I have on the fact that Trump has better relationships with different racial groups that Mr. Green. He appears to only have one race that is acceptable, his. It is too bad we have such narrow minded individuals in Congress. They belong in an occupation that are not in power to do the harm he is perpetrating. I would term his a disaster and a poor example of a human being.

  109. Are you really that blind? Obama started the racial divide and hatred like I haven’t seen since the 60’s. Al Green looks like the missing link or real close to it. Him bringing slavery into it is as warped as it gets. He was not a slave. I don’t know anybody alive today that has or had a slave. It’s a horrible part of history that can’t be changed but the future can be controlled. Like Clinton losing, get the hell over it and move on to make the US better. Stop being part of what is holding it back


  111. More like a rock

  112. As long as the black community keeps saying we were slaves they will always succumb to it. You are as you pronounce yourself. It’s in the Bible. Look to the future, not the past. No one today wants slavery and genetics proves that no one alive today is even remotely related to anyone who has ever owned a slave. Slavery would be too expensive at today’s cost than simple automation so the notion of slavery is moot at best. Al Green is simply spewing the same old hatred platform that divides our country even more and a house divided will surely fall.

  113. Whats that old commercial say ? ” If you look like a Nut, sound like a Nut . . . you must be a Nut! ! ! Look in the mirror Al !

  114. It was YOUR President Obama in 2008 that re-introduced Racisim into a new stampede by the blacks to ‘Gin Up” their masses and shove Slavery up White American’s butt again. His administration set in m otion 11 year’s of racia divide when it was beginning up to 2008 be less interesting to all Ameircan’s. Thank Obama and his minion’s for making “Change America” he and his supporter’s today are the cause.. Let’s hope Trump continues and Does Make America Great Again !!

    (THE DOO)!!!

    They can both have great careers HAUNTING HOUSES &


  117. You gave yourself away when you printed ‘rich bastard’ . Your hatred is fueled by envy.

  118. You gave yourself away when you printed ‘rich bastard’ . Your hatred is fueled by envy.

  119. You are giving these two men (?) too much credit, some rats have more IQ. What an embarrassment to the people they represent and this country. I have one word to describe Green, but they won’t let me post it.

  120. Yeah, he is about as ignorant and eat up with stupid as they come.

  121. Al Green is a racist moron sure slavery was bad. But it was A good move for the blacks because it is the only reason that race is here in the number they are otherwise there would never have been A reason to bring them here to the greatest country there is

  122. These stupid dumboRATS will come with anything to try and impeach President Trump. He is the ONLY President that during his campaign made promises to the people of the United States and the ONLY President that has kept his promises. The black bastard Green is just like Sharpton, Trump won’t kiss his black ass so he doesn’t like him. Get over it Green. You Need to be voted out just like the rest of those stupid dumboRATS. Go back to Africa and take that monkey Obama and His wife Michael with you. Oh and Maxine too.

  123. These fools just keep mixing the pot trump is working for all of us red bkack white it dont make any differnts to him he doing good for all these old guys keep us down they hurt us more with there words like that he needs to go he no longer is a benfit he a hurter vote him out the dems are the ones that are racess

  124. And YOU are a Special Kind Of STUPID besides being a Total Jackass DemoRat Jerk !!! Sit your Stupid pathetic Ass Down and just STFU !!!!!

  125. When is the American people going to wake up and Vote ALL these communist (Democrats) out of office so we can get the country going the the right direction again? We have been stale matted for the last 2+ years while the communist (Democrats) have been after this President since he won over the “Chosen One”. Enough is enough!

  126. LMAO! …”and all will agree” Laughable; PRESIDENT TRUMP didn’t gain the White House by “all agreeing” that he is a racist or White Supremacist!
    Yours is a sad, pathetic, failed post. Try facts instead of hyperbolic, cnn bloviations.

  127. Cool! So a man who builds empires, resorts and office towers can do all of that with an IQ of 70?

    I’d bet he knows what a garbage disposal is or that natural gas is a fossil fuel!

  128. ‘I do believe, ma’am, that we have to deal with the original sin,” Green said to host Alex Witt. ‘We have to deal with slavery.’
    So Al is as stupid as Casio-Cortex or “The island gwons ta tip over” Hank Johnson.

    I seemed to have left out the rest of the DNC’s geniuses!

  129. Oh yes and as IQs go – did any of you see the story about Trump’s I Q when he was a school age boy- a low low number in the 70’s- I had a good laugh with that. ? It would be quite interesting to find out what he really would score. I doubt much above that.
    IQ is not so important really-it is what you do with it that is important.

  130. he did not say anything about slavery being why he should be impeached. He is saying ( and all will agree) that TRUMP is not just a racist but a white supremisist. This is not acceptable for a president of the U S of A. I saw the 60’s as a child working through the sadness of racism. To have a RICH bastard like Trump do whatever he can to feed the hatred of racism that is held still in this country-behind closed doors ( still being passed down by lack of education and failure to support social equality by our anti-government mentality.) He has sadly pushed the doors open so that it is now -in some circles-to openly show your racist colors of hatred. What you call progressive is to support the ousting of a man who is bringing our country back into the dark ages of Hatred. I think there are many republicans who do believe that we should Fight Hatred and RAcism- Impeach trump from an office he bought with his evil money-and is again working to do so. IMPEACH Trump. Yes he is a racist. and if he had been born during Slavery-he would have been paying the Gray side to win. Lincoln would not support Trump- The repbulicans who know where their party ‘s beliefs came from and why- your history does not support this mans mean spirited craziness.

  131. Al Green must be related to Al Sharpton as both of them have IQs of mouse, Mickey that is!

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