Biden Threatens He Won’t Testify If Called To Impeachment Hearing

There’s nothing quite like admitting your guilty before anyone has even asked you anything. Joe Biden’s name has been brought up considerably throughout the impeachment proceeding. In fact, he’s the reason that the House even wants to impeach Donald Trump. After all, the phone call made to the Ukrainian president was focused on investigating the Bidens.

Although Joe Biden has not specifically been asked by the Senate to testify regarding the impeachment hearings, Biden is already ruling that out.

The presidential frontrunner has told reporters that he would refuse to testify in the event that the Senate calls him.

Biden may not realize exactly how this sounds. It makes him sound guilty. If you have nothing to hide, there should be no reason to refuse to testify before the Senate. Further, if he were to be called to testify, he would be held in contempt of court if he failed to show up for the hearing. Such blatant disregard for the law could end his presidential campaign dead in its tracks.

Peter Doocy of Fox News talked to the former VP about the possibility of being called. He said that if there is a Senate impeachment trial, there is a possibility that Biden would be called as a witness. He asked if that is something that Biden would appear voluntarily.

That’s when Biden said that he wouldn’t. He said that he’s not going to let the Senate “take their eye off the ball.”

Biden went on to say that Trump was the one who committed impeachable crimes and he doesn’t want him to diverge from that. He doesn’t want anybody to diverge from that. All of this is questionable, however. There is the fact that Biden committed a similar quid pro quo when he was serving as vice president to Barack Obama. His actions led to Trump calling the Ukrainian president. Biden threatened to withhold military aid if the then-Pres. of Ukraine didn’t fire the investigator looking into his son and his son’s company.

The Senate would have every right to call Biden to the stand in order to find out more. Democrats began their impeachment inquiry aced on the accusation that Trump withheld military aid from Ukraine by pressuring them to investigate Joe Biden’s influence in Ukraine.

Plenty of Trump’s allies have defended him, identifying that there was sufficient evidence to seek an investigation into Biden’s decisions made as VP that could have provided benefit to his son, Hunter Biden.

Although Joe Biden is quick to identify that he would not voluntarily testify, he had no comment regarding whether he would answer to a subpoena it Senate lawmakers issued one. Biden also made the side comment that “if he’s worried about corruption” he has released 21 years of his tax returns. Although Joe Biden may have released tax returns, his son has not – and there have been plenty of business deals of questionable origin coming from not only Ukraine but also China.

Biden somehow thinks that this impeachment proceeding against Trump has nothing to do with him. Biden wants Congress to focus solely on Trump. It’s not that easy – and as a former VP and a former Senator, he should know that. Everything that the House supposedly has on Trump has to do with the president investigating what happened in Ukraine, which is where Biden was directly involved.

The entire impeachment proceeding seems like a ruse to prevent Trump from conducting the investigation and finding out what Biden really did. Once Biden threatened aid, the then-Ukrainian president fired the investigator, ending the investigation into Hunter Biden and Burisma Holding. If that investigation had been allowed to take place, what would it have shown?

The current president of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, already identified that he was planning to investigate the matters on his own. This means that there must be something of questionable nature to warrant Trump looking into it – and for Zelensky to want to re-open the investigation.

This only puts additional pressure on the Democrats to go after Trump in a feverish manner so that the investigation doesn’t take place. If they can take Trump down and get a Democrat into the White House, the issue can be buried once and for all. The only problem is that the Democrats have failed to get anything to stick. They know that the impeachment proceedings are a farce, but they have to do what they can to protect their own. Even the whistleblower is a weak attempt to create an impeachable crime against Trump.

Whether Biden likes it or not, he’ll end up being a part of the impeachment hearings as this whole thing is about him.

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  1. You sir are the one who is mid informed. Biden is a crook and has already proven it by the picture where he bragged about it. who cares what Hillary says about us. She is a low class criminal. A democRAT. They say nasty things because they can’t believe we vote against her. I would vote for anyone but her.

  2. Great toss buden in jail. He belongs there anyway.

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  4. What hypocrites these republicans are! It’s laughable they won’t let their people testify, but the Democrats should. What a pot calling the kettle black!

  5. So why don’t you want to testify, Good old Joe? Scared you might convict your son of something.. or yourself. Well, don’t testify.. go to jail instead.. probably where you belong

  6. Video tape trumps 10,000 lies Joe.

  7. The many crimes of the democratic party. what about SPYGATE? SLEEPY CREEPY Joe did a personal quid pro quo on tape with OUR TAX MONEY not his money! this is why Donald J Trump ran in the first place. Trump knows how corrupt the democratic party is & of course NEEDS TO DRAIN THE swamp of the democrats!!

  8. That’s a fact. CREEPY SLEEPY JOE was the VP under the worst BLACK EYE of America & his boyfriend Mike/Michelle Obama. It’s NOT just Biden its the democratic party. when is the last time a dem has every been RIGHT?? never they are liars & Trump has PROVEN them WRONG every single time: the 5 impeachment attempts, russia thing it does not matter what it is! the democratic PARTY have always been WRONG. look at sanctuary cities they are illegal in America YET they are funded whenever a democrat is in. they are always funded by your & my Federal tax dollars YET they are ALL illegal in America. trump stopped all federal funding of the ILLEGAL sanctuary cities THEY ARE ILLEGAL!!! vote for Donald J Trump 2020!

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  11. Joe, you run your mouth, so proud of how you told the Ukraine’s to get rid of that Prosecutor… were full of being The Man – you don’t show up, that film, and they already have enough to handle the scumbag you protect…Hunter.

  12. Does Pres Obama has knowledge of this Demcratic Game.How about what his Vice Pesident did in Ukraine.Don’t play innocent you should know more about this.You should be called to testify also.

  13. Dont need him to testify…Just play his quid pro quo statement on a loop recording, all during the trial

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  15. I am glad you corrected the previous comments to say those words accurately. Good job.

  16. Might not need to, but lets start a bet, Bet one he will, Bet 2, his son will tell you all you need to know. Bet 3 gone soon. Bet 4 get that BIG LETTER marked (S)

  17. This is the first I have heard of Nancy Pelosi and her son Paul, Jr. being involved in Ukraine. Does anyone know the details?

  18. I must take issue with one sentence in the article: “There is the fact that Biden committed a similar quid pro quo when he was serving as vice president to Barack Obama.” No, he didn’t commit a ‘similar’ quid pro quo. He committed a quid pro quo but President Trump did not.

    The argument that President Trump was trying to dig up dirt on an opponent is equally bogus. Biden is not an opponent and won’t be until he is officially nominated by his party. There is no guarantee that that will happen. But that points to a potential future election and the president was asking for investigation of an incident that took place sometime prior to the last election.

  19. After this sham is over, i want my f’ing tax dollars back. You dumbass crybaby dickweed democRATS have wasted enough tax payers money. You dumbass die hard moron democRATS better pace yourselves cus TRUMP WILL BE PRESIDENT TILL JANUARY 2025…

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  22. Nancy and her son Paul, jr, John Kerry and his son are all involved in the Ukraine fiasco.

  23. No Bite me won’t testify because he knows that under oath he is toast. That is if he can remember. Debates ought to be fun tv if this jacka$$ gets nominated

  24. Why can’t you respond & show respect for others & not using foul language.
    Years ago both parties very similar. Today, Democrats are very liberal
    & Sanders is a Socialist disaster. Former Pres. Reagan, a Republican,
    but years earlier had been a Democrat.

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  32. It is hard to read posts like this which are stated by such ignorant brainwahsed people, people who are, as stated b y Hillary, herself: the dumbest people in America….

  33. They will back their liers Biden,pelosi,Clinton’s,.other top democrats should all. Be tried for high treason asap.

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  35. I wouldn’t wast the time for he will show boat, just have a grand jury and force him to testify, he invoke the fifth if he wants. I am adamant on this, because he continues to lie to we the people and that we trusted him and we find, like what we found about Nixon and LBJ, who were of the two unethical Presidents we have ever had; and, Biden is right in there with those two.

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  41. Biden’s own words condemn him and his party.

  42. If Trumps get’s impeached we should block all voting polls so that no one can vote. If the Democraps are going to take the voting right from the Republicans then the people should take that same right from the Democraps by blocking anyone and everyone from voting.

  43. In Public and in “Your face good o’l Uncle Joe” is well known for his public displays of playing fast and loose with his hugging; some would say repressed fondling , of any female that comes within his reach. His extreme weak excuse does little to square with “aw sucks juvenile claim” factually appears to be “stealth serial public female grouping.” Joe Biden’s smug and in your face brag on how he actually committed “Quid Quo Pro” with a Ukraine government official telling him my plane is scheduled to leave here in 6 hours, either you fire the investigator into my Son Hunter Biden serving as a director on a troubling natural gas company or I will not deliver the US government billions of dollars loan guarantee. Exclamation; “Son of a B” he fired him.” Try as they may Granola Nancy and her side kick “Shifty Schiff” like the Don Knotts character TV fame who had a gun that never ever shot straight. The president is charged with the power to set and make foreign policy. Federal employees man the diplomatic foreign relations staffs are not policy makers, they execute the policies as mandated by the sitting president. In total these self annotated foreign relations experts in public testimony brag how they protected the Ukraine from the disaster in the making if they followed president Trump’s policies. Russian connection! Obama on open mike tells Medved; Tell Putin to wait till after the current election cycle plays out and I will have time for talks!” Not one single news reporter asked Obama what did you and Putin discuss”. Hypocrisy 101 as practiced by “Drain the Swamp Sociopaths”. The only member of the Ukraine Diplomatic Corps, Ambassador Sunderland in a one on one with President Trump confirmed President Trump’s statement answer “what do you want with Ukraine?”; There is no Quid Quo Pro, I want nothing! I want them to do the right thing! “Drain the Swamp” gang that can’t shoot straight have not one single first person witness that proves the President violated any laws. Every witness basic response fits definition of hearsay;” He said, she said , they said, I over heard a telephone conversation violator’s all reside within the US House led by the sociopath Nancy with her side kick Bug eyed Schiff both poster child’s for Granola; Shake it up pour it out, all’s that left a bunch of “Nuts” and “Flakes”. lee1233


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  47. Unfortunately equal justice under the law doesn’t exist. Mutually assured destruction between both Democrats and Republicans is an overpowering fact in the world of politics, the fabled circular firing squad. They must stand united or they all fall and we would have a ghost town in DC. Donald Trump is the noble mongoose who leaped into a bottomless snake pit.


  49. Sounds like a Democrat with a low IQ!

  50. The only reason why NOT to testify would be: Process crimes in an EXTREMELY poisonous political environment and/or IF YOU’RE Guilty. Hopefully the SENATE won’t run the IMPEACHMENT trial like a gulag in former USSR . . . er, AMERIKA . I’ll bet the RUSSIANS and the CHICOMS must be falling off their chairs in a LAUGHING FIT. Goal ACCOMPLISHED, complements of the DEMOCRATS. Team Trump and his allies 2020 – KAGA (Keep America Great Again).

  51. Hmmm… Sounds a little, a LOT, like a guilty QUID PRO QUO – right Joe?

  52. Not only is Trump refusing to defend himself by testifying, he’s instructed his people to refuse. That not only makes him look guilty, it’s an impeachable offense in and of itself. Joe is not on trial or likely to be (since any potential “charges” have been proven to be Russian propaganda), while Trump IS on trial (while acting like he was elected King and not just President, with all the checks and balances that entails).

  53. If the DemonRatPac can Impeach Trump for a Non-Proven Quid Pro Quo.? but we can Elect a Candidate with a proven Quid Pro Quo. Joe to be our next President.?? evidently it is only a crime if it is committed by a Republiken.! Sorry, Forgot that only the DemonRatPack is above the LAW?!


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  57. Prove a crime committed by Trump using solid evidence without denying the President any of his Constitutional rights. We can prove in a court of Law that Biden, Clinton, Colmey, Baker, and that other spook jackass are guilty of high crimes simply by showing their current and previous public statements/confessions.

  58. You guys are fucking crazy. Will Trump and HIS guys trstify?

  59. Not to worry Joe: You will not have to testify.. The film of you bragging about withholding American funds from the Ukraine if the prosecutor who was investigating the corrupt gas company on whose board your son sat was not fired should do the trick. A picture is worth a thousand words.

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