When Crabby Liberals Get Angry at Whole Foods and it Takes a Hysterical Turn

Liberals will get upset at the drop of the hat. They also don’t bother to do their research, which means that they created a huge media stunt only for it to backfire on them recently. They were in a complete uproar when Whole Foods Magazine named Mitch McConnell the title of “Person of the Year” for his work within the hemp industry, legalizing it all.

No liberal wanted to hear that they’re beloved vegan health food shopping store was going to name a Republican as “Person of the Year.” This is when they decided across Twitter that they were going to boycott the shopping center franchise.

In fact, one person was so irate that McConnell would win that they called Whole Foods Magazine out for “ignoring his treason” and compared it to inviting Adolf Hitler over for dinner because of finding out that he was a vegetarian.

Boycotts are simply a part of the world we live in. People will boycott anyone and anything if they think that it will support their cause.

There’s one big problem, though. Whole Foods Magazine and Whole Foods the grocery store are not affiliated with one another. They have never been affiliated with one another, either. They simply share the same name. This left the liberals feeling awkward when they found out what they had done. It also left the Whole Foods store chain scrambling to make sure that everyone knew that they had not been the ones to bestow an award on Mitch McConnell.

Whole Foods the store had to spend most of their Thanksgiving weekend in stores and on social media explaining that there was a difference because there were so many irate shoppers disgusted by the McConnell honor.

Tweet after the tweet was sent by the grocery store after being tagged by people, saying how they won’t be shopping there anymore. Every tweet was polite, saying that they appreciate them reaching out and that Whole Foods Market is not affiliated with the publication of the same name.

Meanwhile, other companies don’t get boycotted at all. After all, people were furious that the plant-based burger from Burger King was being cooked on the same grill that the Whopper was. However, no one actually chose to boycott the franchise.

Plenty of people aren’t even impressed by what Mitch McConnell did for the hemp industry. The ban on hemp was lifted easily enough. It was originally banned due to being so closely related to marijuana. However, marijuana is legalized through much of the United States. When given the decision, people would much rather smoke pot over hemp anyway, so it wasn’t too big of a deal that McConnell got the ban lifted.

There’s also the issue that Whole Foods Magazine isn’t a major player when it comes to publications. They’re not known for boasting millions and millions of subscribers like Time Magazine. So, it really came down to people getting upset about nothing. The liberals simply needed something else to get upset about. Perhaps AOC was on vacation and had left people struggling with something to yell about.

Being honored by Whole Foods Magazine as “Person of the Year” might be nice, but it’s not exactly news-worthy. McConnell won. Big deal. He wasn’t named “Person of the Year” by Time Magazine, so the liberals should really learn to relax a little bit. If they’re not going to relax, they should at least do a bit of research to make sure that they get mad at the right company. How long would it have really taken to see that Whole Foods Market and Whole Foods Magazine have absolutely no connection?

This is typical liberal media behavior. They drag a good company through the mud because it fits their agenda at the time. They don’t like what someone has to say so they boycott without any real reason behind it. This is just like saying they’re going to start outlawing cows because of the methane gas that is released. The planet has so much more work to do to clean up the air quality and everything else before we have to worry about picking on cows.

Good for Mitch McConnell. He won an award that named him “Person of the Year” by a little known publication for doing something that required very little effort. Too bad Whole Foods Market had to take quite a hit over the weekend as they were verbally accosted on social media. After that whole ordeal, the social media manager for the grocery store should be looking for a raise.

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