How Trump Ruined a Liberal Writer’s Christmas

Amanda Marcotte is a writer for Salon and seriously hates President Donald Trump. She is, after all, the author of a book that is entitled “Troll Nation: How the Right Became Trump Worshipping Monsters Set on Rat F-cking Liberals, America, and Truth Itself.” Trump, in fact, is so evil that he has managed to ruin Christmas for Ms. Marcotte.

In a recent article in Salon, Marcotte wrote how Christmas, a holiday that used to have a little meaning for her even though she’s an atheist, has turned to ashes because of President Donald Trump and those who support him.

“This isn’t a matter of political differences that can be set aside for the sake of the holiday. This is about not being able to make merry with people who think nothing of voting for a man who is on tape bragging about sexual assault, a man who cheats in elections and runs concentration camps on the border.”

The idea of swearing off Christmas because of a politician is something new in American life. One cannot find any instance in American history in which conservatives thought the holiday was a lie because of Obama or Clinton or even liberals thought the same because of Reagan or either President named Bush. Apparently, up until Trump, people were able to forget politics for at least one day, exchange gifts under the tree, sing carols, eat a big meal, and maybe even attend church and remember the birth of a baby over 2,000 years ago who grew up to found a major religion.

The constant comparisons of Trump (and virtually any other Republican president) to Hitler are tiresome. But one is hard-pressed to find an instance of people who resisted the actual Hitler, living under Nazi oppression in the Third Reich, sweating off Christmas. Indeed, one suspects that Christian opponents of Nazism found the holiday a balm for their suffering as they awaited liberation by allied forces.

Marcotte seems to be more irate at her friends and relatives who do not see Trump as a monster, but rather as a great man who is liberating them from the oppression of people like her. “It seems a little silly to make a big thing out of a holiday that just reminds me how my own family and so many other people in America have been sucked up into the Trump cult.” She is referring to her own mother and her family back in Texas, who do not share her hotter than a thousand suns hatred of President Trump and all of his works.

Naturally, Marcotte’s article has already gotten some push back. Newsbusters, for example, compares her to the Grinch. “Though is Marcotte really so heartless that she would tear down the most wonderful day of the year because of a politician? Sort of. She’s no fan of Christianity anyway, so it didn’t take much for her to dismiss the day of Jesus’ birth. Trump is a scapegoat.”

Marcotte is having none of it. Like many aggrieved person of any political persuasion, she took to Twitter.

“For instance, one outlet simply called me a ‘grinch’ and argued that I should simply overlook the deep sadness that is watching family members embrace a president who is a fascist and a racist. Their argument is that liberals should simply ignore what’s going on.”

Marcotte does not conceive of the idea that many people do not consider Trump either a fascist or a racist. She went on to tweet that Trump supporters “know” they did something terrible by voting for the current president and are just trying to assuage their guilt by turning it back on liberals like her. One would like to interview her mother and other relatives back in Texas to get their perspective. One suspects that they may feel more confusion about the fury coming from their northeastern, liberal, atheist relative than shame over their political choices.

Ironically, in the same piece in which she adjures Christmas in the Trump era, Marcotte denies that liberals are waging a war on Christmas. The War on Christmas, as many know, ranges from scolds who demand that we do not wish one another a “Merry Christmas” to those who want to drive symbols of the holiday from the public square. Marcotte believes that the War on Christmas is a canard cooked up by Fox News even as public schools replace Christmas pageants with “Winter Festivals.”

Newsbusters notes, “You’re a mean one, Ms. Grinch.”

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  1. What the girl needed long ago was a good spanking. but sadly she is a product of removing God from a Childs early education. Common Core was the disaster of the decade!

  2. Her monthlies are late again. She is also maybe delusional.

  3. Obviously her book isn’t selling so she’s taking her anger out on the President and his supporters. Christians wouldn’t buy her book because the title is proves her lack of a vocabulary. Atheists don’t want it because she’s obvious not an atheist and socialist liberals are too stupid to read.

  4. Sounds like she has SEVERE Depression and Anxiety.

    She should try some OTC Medications:

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  5. Sounds like she has SEVERE Depression and Anxiety

    Possible OTC treatments are’

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  6. Liberalism is a mental retardation disorder that afflicts young and old, rich and poor, cross party lines, Millennials and you know the rest. Leading the libtards are Shiff for brains,Bella Pelosi,Mutt Romney,Hillary,Waters,the squad, all the libtards running for President! The view and worst of all the treasonous RINOs! These are just some of the poster girls in the godless deranged Satanist NAZI Commie Demoncrat party!Stop these traitors/weirdos from turning the US into godless shit holes like the lib run cities..

  7. those that are need to be jailed before they cause harm to themselves

  8. First :
    Anyone with any self respect would not use the gutter language Amanda Marcotte uses. That is a big turnoff.
    We do not worship Trump. we worship God through His Son Jesus Christ.
    We support President Trump because he is doing the correct thing for the USA, and ALL its people – even those who hate him

    Merry Christmas

  9. get lost Ms. Grinch.

  10. Don’t condemn the poor lady. Her mind is already fried. Regardless of whatever one says, it will not get to her head; she will not understand. Pray for her instead, like Christ prayed on the Cross for His persecutors – “Father, forgive them for they know not what they do”. Pity her (and others like her) instead.
    It is so sad, Amanda, that having come from a good Catholic family, you turned out this way. I, personally, pray for your conversion – that it will happen before the clock runs out on you. You claim to be an atheist; no one really is! There is a soul in every person, and that soul will remain restless until it rests in God who made it – or it will be forever restless out of its own free will.
    So let’s pray for Amand that President Trump will not ruin her Christmas. Obviously she still believes in CHRISTmas. That’s a clue!

  11. Trump is not the cult leader. It ie Hillary who leads the cult. So many people have tied their wagon to this amoral fraud and have ruined their careers because of her. Just look at how many fools she has helped ruin themselves. Career people in the govt. down the tubes. She is the devil incarnate. Comey, McCabe, Clapper,Brennan,Strozk, Paige, Schiff,Nadler etc all went along like a bunch of lemmings into a sea of disaster.

  12. Marcotte turned her Christmas into ashes all by herself. It is called hate, and it burns and destroys within oneself. She has made her own bed.

  13. Amanda you are real Satans helper.

  14. Poor thing! No one should be this unhappy with their life.
    It’s a shame it’s of her own making.
    She was surely taught better in her up bringing.
    Hopefully Amanda will be brought back to the Lord soon. She is obviously in need of saving.
    Merry Christmas, Amanda!


  16. I honestly feel sorry for a misguided soul who was raised in a Christian home, probably was taught about God and Jesus, was taught the message of God and his Son of ❤ and Forgiveness. How terrible it is to be unloved, alone and be part of a group who needs to see to believe. Jesus said to “Thomas put your hand in my side your finger thru’ the hole in my hand so you will believe that I am here. Blessed for those who believe in me who are not here.”. This poor soul does not know the meaning of atheism and agnostic. She is displacing her anger because she is a big fan of socialism, racism as well as dictatorship, she should agree that it does not work. In a society that is a producing country.

  17. We ‘did something wrong’ by voting for Trump? And how would it have been right by voting for Hillary, the most crooked politician ever?!? If you are an atheist, why are you even celebrating Christmas?!? I simply can not believe it is even possible to be this stupid.

  18. Poor Amanda to be so young and dumb. She’s dizzier than an outhouse rat in a fumigation raid!

  19. You have got to be one of the most stupid people on the planet. Nothing you said about Trump is true and how do you ruin Christmas for an atheist? You don’t have God? You have no soul. I don’t know how you people can keep opening your mouth without having any facts. Tell me Bitch were you better off when Obama was president? Do you honestly think Hillary Clinton gives a damn about you? Shut up and go away and take your stupid book with you.

  20. Salon Marcotte. You clame to be a Atheist and that President Trump turned your Christmas into aAshes. You are so wrong. Your Satan Aka the devil turned it to ashes. You are so miss guided. We the people know whose Birth the 25 of December we honor. It is Jesus Christ.
    If you are a Atheist then you should not even need to receive gift or be merry.

  21. It’s just what a Creator inspired America needs is a God hating anti America’s brainwash opinion! NOT!

  22. Poor, pathetic liberal, this shows the facts of liberal thoughts, if you disagree with their thoughts they get to cuss you and call you names. I pray to God one of them never gets in power!

  23. You’re THE MEAN ONE a jealous one at that, this is all on you

  24. SAD so much hate from liberals. It must be exhausting to consume all your time hating one man, GOD will not be pleased.

  25. Poor thing. So sad.

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