Look Who Joe Biden Wants to Win the Veepstakes and Be His Running Mate

Former Vice President Joe Biden has not secured the Democratic nomination for president. Some doubt exists that he will be nominated, due to his age and his tendency to utter gaffes, sometimes several in one occasion. The Hunter Biden matter has certainly become a distraction. However, Biden is already mulling who he would like to have as his running mate.

Biden is pretty sure that he would like to run with a woman, according to the Hill. None of the women he mentioned are currently running for president, Hot Air mentioned.

“Biden did not provide any specific names, but he said several people are qualified, including ‘the former assistant attorney general who got fired,’ referring to former Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates; ‘the woman who should have been the governor of Georgia,’ referring to Stacey Abrams; and ‘the two senators from the state of New Hampshire,’ referring to Sens. Jeanne Shaheen (D) and Maggie Hassan (D).”

Yates served briefly as President Trump’s acting attorney general before the president was obliged to fire her for refusing to support a travel ban. Abrams, an African American woman, to this day has not acknowledged being beaten last year in the race to be governor of Georgia, claiming racism, sexism, and various voter intimidation shenanigans. The two woman senators come from a relatively small state, albeit one that holds an early primary.

Traditionally, a male presidential candidate chooses a female running mate as a way to shake up a race that he seems destined to lose. In 1984, Walter Mondale tapped a then-obscure member of Congress, Geraldine Ferraro, in an attempt to topple then-President Ronald Reagan. Reagan still beat the former vice president, winning 49 states.,

In 2008, Sen. John McCain chose then Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin. Then the decision seemed brilliant at the time. Palin was conservative enough to allay the fears of many Republican voters that they would be electing a RINO administration. Palin had enough charisma and star power to inject the McCain campaign with considerable excitement.

Unfortunately, McCain was so poor a candidate, that not even Palin could save him. After the 2008 election, the Democrats, the media, and even some in the McCain organization itself, seeking to deflect responsibility for Barack Obama becoming president, combined in a systematic campaign to destroy Sarah Palin. The left had real fears that Palin might take the presidency away from Obama in 2012. The effort to destroy Palin as a viable politician largely succeeded.

Fast-forwarding to the 2020 election cycle, and Hot Air notes that Biden has no choice but to choose a woman to run with him.

“The fact that he restricted his list to only female candidates was pretty much a no-brainer. Joe has been through this process before and obviously recognizes the danger signals in the distance. If an elderly white guy picks another white guy as his running mate, the Democratic base will react with a mixture of fury and depression, neither of which does anything for their turnout next November.”

On the other hand, Biden has several African American males to choose from. Both Cory Booker and Deval Patrick come to mind. Considering that recent polls suggest that President Trump is making remarkable inroads in the African American community. The Epoch Times notes that two recent polls suggest that 34 percent of black voters support Trump, an astonishing figure for a Republican candidate in the modern age. Ever since the 1960s, Republican presidential candidates are lucky to get anywhere above 10 percent.

Kamala Harris might prove to be an ideal running mate. She is both black and a woman. The fact that she comes from California would also be an advantage if not for the fact that the state is considered certain for any candidate with a D after his or her name.

Besides, Hot Air notes, “The problem for Biden (or any frontrunner, really) when it comes to the veepstakes is that he can’t afford to suggest any of his primary opponents. If he mentioned Warren, Kamala Harris or any of the other women still in the running, they would publicly rebuke him, insisting that they still planned to win the nomination themselves. And that’s one more bad headline Uncle Joe doesn’t need.”

Of course, the situation will be different if and when Biden wraps up the nomination. Then someone like Harris or Elizabeth Warren, according to Hot Air, will be just what Biden needs. On the other hand, would either senator want to be on the ticket, all things considered?

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  2. Sleepy Joe going to pick Hunter Biden for vice President.

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  4. Or could it be Maxine Water, I doubt it for Pres. or Biden’s VP choice, could it actually be Ana Pressley , may not, because it makes no sense for her to ask about it.

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  8. Too bad former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley Isn’t running! As an Independent, that’s who I want as the first female US President! She is so much more qualified, fit, intelligent and classy, yes classy than Hillary Clinton! She’s also not a murderer, treasoner or traitor!

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  12. Ever notice how the horde of Democrat candidates always reminds you of “Bring in the clowns”?

  13. Stacey Abrams lost GA and another demorat who cannot comprehend losing and blames it on voter suppression! We did not want her in GA and we don’t want her in the WH, just because she is black does not make her competent!

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  15. Lying two face Kamala Harris has a black heart and soul! Maybe that’s what the author meant?

  16. Sleepy Joe doesn’t need to worry about picking a running mate he’s never going to make it that far.He’s done!! He should be thinking about hiring a good lawyer. There isn’t any running mate to help him beat President Trump.Sleepy Joe is a real loser.

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  20. So that is how the Democrats will get the first female President .. because they will oust Biden for health issues shortly later .. And we all know women are easier to control by the people like Soros and Globalists

  21. You definitely speak the truth! Only way she can get there!


  23. your Article Mentions that Kamala Harris is Black, that is a Lie, her father is From India and her mother is from Jamica.

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