Devin Nunes Doubles Down on Plans To Sue CNN And The Daily Beast

This weekend Republican Devin Nunes doubled down on his previous promise to file lawsuits against CNN and the Daily Beast. On Sunday Morning Futures Nunes said that to hold the corrupt media accountable is to challenge their actions in court.

Nunes first threatened to pursue legal actions last Friday after both left-leaning publications made unsubstantiated claims that Nunes, the ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee, had secretly met with Viktor Shokin, a Ukrainian Prosecutor, in Vienna in 2018. According to the claims Nunes supposedly pushed for an investigation into Hunter Biden’s role as a board member of one of Ukraine’s most corrupt companies, Burisma.

Hunter Biden was offered a position on Burisma’s board shortly after Joe Biden became Obama’s point men on Ukraine and subsequently apparently used his connection with the Vice President to lobby the State Department for favorable treatment during an investigation the Ukrainian prosecutor was pursuing against Burisma.

Shortly later Joe Biden pressured Ukraine to fire the prosecutor going after his son’s company if they wanted to receive a billion dollars in aid from the US. Biden even bragged on camera about how he manhandled Ukraine. Both Biden’s, of course, claim that there is nothing wrong with Hunter Biden sitting on Burisma’s board and collecting millions of dollars over 3 years despite the fact that he has no experience in gas, no experience with Ukraine and does not speak the language. Hunter Biden recently admitted that he probably would not have been invited to sit on Burisma’s board if it wasn’t for his father being the Vice President of the United States.

Both, CNN and the Daily Beast were citing Lev Parnas, a former client of Rudy Guiliani, who was indicted on charges on campaign donation violations. According to Nunes, that alone justifies questioning the validity of the sources.

In an interview with Fox News Nunes said:

“I’ve been used to this for the last three years. The House Intelligence Committee Republicans, we continue to expose Democrat corruption over and over again. And what always happens is right when we expose them… they go out to kill the messenger.”

Then he continued “So this week — another fake news story. The problem with this week’s fake news story is — we actually caught them. And we caught them badly and it also involves criminal activity… We are going to take both CNN and the Daily Beast likely into federal court, right after Thanksgiving and we hope they cooperate.”

The story was originally published by the Daily Beast on Thursday relying on Ed MacMahon, Parnas’ lawyer, as the sole source. In addition, the publication claims to have found congressional travel records showing Nunes visited Europe from November 30th through December 3rd, 2018. CNN then followed up with another story on Saturday claiming Parnas’ other lawyer said that Nunes was put in contact with Ukrainian officials to dig up dirt on the Bidens.

Nunes feels that it is unconscionable for a media outlet to base a smear of a US congressman on the word of someone currently under indictment.

“It is not OK to work with someone who has been indicted on [a] serious federal crime, to build a media narrative and dirty up a member of Congress,” Nunes said. “You’ve seen it, the American people have seen it over the last three years. We out them, and then they come out with a media narrative to try to dirty up the people who are doing the work on behalf of the American people. So we hope that CNN and Daily Beast will cooperate with the court,” Nunes explains. “They should comply with the subpoenas once we file this and go through different depositions. It should be fun.”

Fox News was trying to push Nunes further but he said he will not prosecute this issue in the media.

“I really want to answer all these questions,” Nunes said. “But I think you can understand that I can’t compete by trying to debate this out with the public media when 90 percent of the media are totally corrupt. And because this is criminal in nature and because it’s so bad, it’s so slanderous — we’ve got all the facts on our side and we’re going to file in federal court, because I’m not going to sit here and try to compete against the media that I have no chance of winning this. I will win in court.”

Nunes is convinced that both publications conducted criminal acts and that the only way to find out the truth is to have them testify under oath.

“It’s very likely [they committed a crime], or they’re an accessory to it,” Rep Nunes said. “So none of this is true… We will get to all the facts when it’s filed in court. But somehow they’re either witting or unwitting of listening to somebody who’s been indicted and not only that, but it’s their lawyers. So you’re talking about third and fourth hand hearsay to do what? To dirty up the leader of the Republicans on the Intelligence Committee that just destroyed their complete narrative that they’ve been pushing.”

For the rest of us, this is just another example of how Democrats have no shame!

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  1. You should run for political office – you have the makings for a successful life long con.

  2. Somebody has got to pay for their actions!
    I am backing you with prayers!
    We need to get righteousness back into our country!

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  5. Go get em , make them pay big time.

  6. you have that right

  7. Maybe a national class action sue, because of them being the anti-GOD, and Anti-American democrats tools for the party and people of hate and division of America!

  8. I can’t believe they would take the word of Ed MacMahon. He’s been lying to me and everyone else in America for years in letters telling us all “You may have won The Publisher’s Clearinghouse Sweepstakes” when I never even entered.

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