San Francisco Goes Deeper in the Dumper Resulting in Huge Losses

San Francisco, with its massive Golden Gate Bridge, historical sites such as the infamous Alcatraz prison, and popular tourist destinations like Lombard Street and Fisherman’s Wharf, was once the pride of California. But in recent days, it has fallen into disrepair. Crime and hostility fill its streets, and both people and businesses are drowning in fear. It has even been referred to as America’s very own Gotham. It’s no wonder the once-bustling city is turning into a ghost town.

Luckily, there are a few that are willing to stand up and try to “take our city back.” The owner of Boba Guys, a local tea shop, posted a picture of his front windows after they had been smashed in during a robbery, and he called for an end to constant destruction.

He wrote, “We just had out third break-in in SF this year. Another broken window which we will board up immediately. Seems like we’ve seen a lot of boarded-up windows and empty storefronts these days.”

“We are known for our transparency and empathy, so here’s an official statement. People, especially other small businesses, wanted us to speak out more since the last break-in. We all know property crimes are skyrocketing in SF. We are turning into Gotham with jokers taking over the city…”

He continued, saying, “SF is a shell of what it used to be – I’m a local, son of a retired Muni bus operator and Pacific Bell call center representative. I’ve seen this city transform into Gotham, and it makes me sad. It’s time for radical solutions that think long term.”

“It’s time we take our city back.”

His post was easily relatable to many within the city’s borders.

As the San Francisco Chronicle writes: “Within the first 16 months after it opened, Pine Tar Grill, Martin’s San Francisco Giants-themed business of Folsom Street filled with sports memorabilia, was burglarized three times. The final incident was caught on camera, showing a person breaking the glass of the front door at around 4 a.m. to steal cash, sports-related bobblehead toys and computers, Martin said.”

“Repairs cost thousands of dollars and were a big factor in his decision to close the bar last month…”

But this wasn’t the only business remarked on. “At the fine dining destination Nightbird and its adjoining bar, Lindon Room, in Hayes Valley, chef-owner Kim Alter said it isn’t unusual to find crowbar marks on the doors of her building from people trying to break in after hours. She recently spent roughly $6,000 to install a new security system to deter property crime and $15,000 installing gates over her doors. Such expenses are pushing businesses away from the city, she added.”

The Chronicle noted that Alter said, “No one wants to open a restaurant in San Francisco.” She also mentioned that she would like to expand her business, but the high crime rate in the city makes her wonder if it’s a good idea.

According to the FBI, San Francisco had the highest property crime rate per capita of all major cities in the US, with around 150 property crimes a day. And that was last October. Over a year later, crime rates have only increased in the city.

Add that to the amount of filth strewn in the streets, the prolific drug problems, and the near countless number of deranged homeless that populate the city, and it’s no wonder small businesses are closing up shop and moving elsewhere. Few can afford the high prices of increased security measures, and even fewer can even walk down their street in peace.

Jeffrey Woo, another local business owner, compared the streets to “a war zone” last year after one of his coworkers witnessed an attempted murder right outside of their doors.

And the crimes aren’t contained to one or just a few areas either.

Two months ago, Mr. Smiths, a popular bar that has been in business since the early 2000s, closed. The owner said he didn’t have much of a choice, as organized drug deals take place on an hourly occurrence on the corner right out front. Oh, the bar is located directly across the street from the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.

No one wants to do business with such criminal activity so close to home, not that customers will want to visit such places either. Woo, Alter, and Boba Guys are all asking for some much-needed help from their government. But it seems they will not likely get it.

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  1. Yes, the new San Francisco District Attorney, Chesa Boudin, is the activist son of murderous terrorists. Since he “felt badly” that his parents went to prison for murdering 3 or 4 people, he has decided not to prosecute criminals.
    Crime, robberies, murderous drug dealers, mugging, filth and all the other democrat politician caused nightmares in San Francisco, is only going to get MUCH WORSE with a D.A. like Chesa Boudin.
    How can the people of San Francisco be so ignorant to elect this dread!

  2. No sympathy from me…
    YOU voted for the commie liberals who made it that way…..

    Reap what you sow….

  3. I’m with you!!! I am in Vegas as well. I always vote red!!!!!

  4. The politicians who voted for the laws that allowed this to happen, were voted for by the people. If the people really do not like what they are living with they need to vote for someone else.

  5. California can NOT survive! Now that few automobile makers will build their car to CARB emissions regulations, and 16 states, including Alabama are now “Blacklisted” by the state, I will no longer do business with any company in California. The state is “BANKRUPT”, credit rating “F-“! The teachers now get full salary and benefits after 20 years! Start at age 30, retire at 50, and collect for another 40 years! At over $80,000 a year! That’s $3.2 Million in retirement pay, not including benefits! The farmers now have to pump water from at least 350 down to water their crops. Their big diesel powered pumps run 24/7. Even if they stopped pumping for 500 years, the water table would not recover. I’d vote to build a wall around California and give it to Mexico!

  6. no wonder the democrats have high walls they are scared of what they have created

  7. You bet! It is following the path of so many cities run by the radical leftists. The good patriotic folks must raise hell to get SF back to its original beauty and safety. Complacency is a killer.

  8. To clean CA out we can enforce the 2nd Amendment and rid the country of the criminals who run the state. Our Founders would have already done so!
    I live in the northern part of the state where the voting is different, but it doesn’t count or matter but still go out and vote conservative each election. Of course every election we getting more angry!

  9. Yes I wish they would stop coming here to Nevada we don’t want their kind here so to all you Californians stay away with your Demoncratic ways we don’t need you up here.

  10. SF just elected a District Attorney who is a public defender who has never prosecuted a case! He ran on a policy to decriminalize most property and other non-violent crimes! The people of SF deserve what they get! They have ruined a BEAUTIFUL city, where I once lived. I have no desire to ever go back there, even though it’s about an hour’s drive from where I live.

  11. The Democrats still have almost total control in California with their ultra liberal media and guilt trip philosophy. I’m afraid they will have to suffer much greater loses before the people take back the state. Most of the city dwellers are totally brainwashed already plus the school system promotes ignorance.

  12. Well you can thank the corrupt, immoral liberal politicians for San Francisco’s problems as well as the rest of California. They are destroying that state and driving businesses out of California with their insane corrupt polices. Pretty soon California will end up being among the poorest states in America

  13. The guilty here are the voters who elect idiots to take down the city.You can’t blame the so called politicians,it is the people who vote for this time after time

  14. I have a sneaking suspicion the voting rolls haven’t been cleaned out in decades. Surely the people of California are not dumb enough to really vote these do nothings, cause more heartache kind of people? Such a beautiful state….what a shame. Let this be a call for action, Californians….get together and get your stuff together!

  15. Stop voting these do nothing politicians into office. No place should ever fall to ruin in any city, especially in a city like San Francisco, with the revenue that comes in there. as much taxes Californian’s pay, etc…if it has gone down hill this far, it’s due to poor management from those you put in office to take care of you, your interests, and the State.

  16. SF and California have been called the “cutting edge of society” by those that have created this mess. Sadly enough they are expanding to other States and invading the politics wherever they “land” trying to do the same thing there. My opinion is the other 49 States should let California Rot into the ground.

  17. Here’s the problem. The people living in San Francisco can’t see what’s happened to it because the deterioration has been slow, but steady. We tend not to notice as things around us wear down. The same people probably don’t know there is any place better, believing the same conditions exist everywhere. The relatively few who can will get out. The rest will just be stuck and they won’t know what to do about it. This is pure tragedy.

  18. San Francisco has become like a third world country with its street beggars and homeless while the wealthy live behind their fenced and gated mansions. This is the nature of communism where the people have nothing and the rulers everything. Actually San Francisco is one of the richest city in the world with the most billionaires living here.

    Solutiona ? Our president Donald Trump wants to round up the derricks and place them in camps away from the citizens of the city, and restrict welfare from those who refuse to work and make it a career. The wealthy Democrats want to have open borders to increase their voting base and control over the illegal immigrants such as the third world dictators do where the citizens have no guns.

    The citizens and businesses should not have to leave San Francisco and California because of a bunch of liberal greedy politicians.

  19. The results of the liberal lowering of standards to pacify all that hurts all! The so-call gay rights are the perversion of the 60’s civil rights movements!

  20. Politicians are NOT suppose to use taxpayers money as in Social Security for anything, it is for We The People and must Stop those of you American fools!

  21. YES! indeed . the anti-GOD-, anti-American democrats and their tool for it the bought out biased medias propaganda LIES are the party and people for hate and division of America just for Americans. Already You Americans allow people who hate America to be elected into politics, the hate American squad! It is right in America’s face the results of socialism and communism as in any sanctuary city going down hill by liberals democrats!

  22. Well , I’am a bit short on memory but I seem to remember some mayor’s or politician’s possibility an attorney general passed a law that any crime under $15000 or $1500 will not be charged with a crime. reading these stories they brought that thought out, I’ll have to go back into my cords and see if i’am close to being right. well when you decriminalise the price of a crime will only authorize more crime , now these robbers now have to either preprice what they rob or wait for the police and courts to tell them the price of what they stole, or just wait for the police to come ,seeing they most likely saw them on a security tape, if no police then they were right. so lets do it again . so there ya go. my problem is my little sister and my nephew’s live in california..

  23. Gotta love public education !

  24. You all have overlooked one thing. The unions were in large part responsible for the evolution of prosperity in California and especially Sacto, the Bay Area, LA and other pockets of socialism/communism. It’s great that they benefited the workers, but bad that they used union dues to support democrats/socialists/communists. When you think how many union workers were fooled into voting for those leftists along with the university students being brain-washed into socialism, you can see how it happened. Many of us conservatives moved to the outlying districts of California, but we still feel overwhelmed that our votes hardly ever get heard.

  25. this is true quit voting them in

  26. Nancy and Schiff need to be removed and sent back to clean the garbage and streets of crime and trash on the labor crew

  27. I can only agree having lived in SF back in the 80’s. I was out there last year with no plans of ever returning, or even doing business with companies HQ’ed there. The city is a garbage dump littered with homeless that feel the streets are their toilets, and your property is theire’s.
    The good people are bailing out as fast as they can, many businesses are as well.
    I would say Demo-rats rule for far to many years.

    Detroit is the perfect example of where SF and even LA could be under a better gov.
    Detroit has worked hard to bring back its city and suburbs, and is doing a great job.

    I was raised in a Chicago suburb when Common Sense was still alive and kicking in our Gov. today we have Demo-rats running the country into the ground in Illinois, Colorado, Nevada, In Ca. If you haven’t read the start of the Third Reigh (sp). Start with the young people in schools, do away with their history, their right to be heard, sell everyone on Socialism, and then push how great life would be under their control, “sound familiar” America is on its way.
    Life in LA, SF, Denver, Chicago, and now Seattle Wa. All snap shots of where we are headed under Dem-Rats rule, America is headed in that direction fast at current rate.

  28. YOU WANT A SOLUTION THEN HERE IS YOUR ANSWER! First I’ll say where are they PELOSI, SCHIFF, FEINSTEIN, HARRIS to busy trying to down a President who
    Is actually working for the people! You California’s are now crying and you have no reason to, you did yes you did when you put these Politicians in Office! Remember
    that old Cliche “YOU REAP WHAT YOU SOW!”

  29. People who voted for the “sick” Governor (in name only) Gavin Newsom deserve every bad thing that happens to them. Their choice of Governor has made everyone else in California live in a sewer. My wife & I no longer live in or near a large city. It’s the Socialist Democrats that are hell-bent to make the USA into a Castro – type nation. Their allies are the brainless youth of our nation – brainwashed by the likes of the phony lying Indian Elizabeth Warren.

  30. Instead of posting on the internet, why not write all the local papers,and expose Pelosi as the fraud she is, she couldn’t care less about the people in California, all she wants to do is pontificate about ALL the Democrat socialist ideas, open borders, free healthcare for illegals…the socialist utopia…..and you have that ding dong Newsome, giving taxpayer dollars away as fast as they come in….buying votes, and telling jokes…he’s a waste of oxygen.

  31. California and SF are Democratic! With a liberal Democratic government entrenched in Sacramento for decades, is it any wonder that the government and the state in general have gone into the toilet? Liberals have brought this upon themselves! It is unfortunately a truth that the everyday CA folks must be the ones to pay the price for the liberal agenda.
    Our liberal political and Hollywood elitist are safely housed in their private, protected estates and above the crime and mess what the the rest of CA citizenry must daily endure. California needs a political turn-around to conservatism before there will ever be any hope for a resurrected state!

  32. Dem Controlled! That’s all that needs to be said! Sad really. Once a Great City!

  33. Any City that spends millions of dollars on were or
    How men can PISS are sick and don’t deserve any pity!!

  34. So, what’s the big surprise?? This was ALL foreordained when the ‘enlightened citizens welcomed first, the hippies in the 60’s/70’s, the loss of MORAL compass in the 80’s and 90’s and the FINAL disaster, a tale-over by the democrat’s in the 2000’s. We NOW have the “ideal” governmental state, DEMOCRAT/SOCIALISM, kept in power by corrupt politicians supported by illegal aliens with control of the Legislature. A declining infrastructure supported by the HIGHEST taxes in the country and run by crooks — HOW CAN IT FAIL?????

  35. Whatever!!!!! Talk to Nancy and Maxine!!!!! They wanted sanctuary??? They got it!!!

  36. This is what you get when you continue to elect Democraps. BTW, I spent an afternoon in SF back in 1960 and it was a beautiful city and I never saw one police car the whole time as there was apparently very little crime.

  37. San Francisco, there is something called . . . THE BALLOT BOX! YOU guys know FIRST hand that SF liberal Left Wing policies DON’T work, and never will. Put that ballot box TO WORK by FIRING these idiots who call themselves a statesman. You may even want to try to IMPEACH or RECALL some of these statesman “impostors” and put some R E A L “civil servants” (Remember: YOUR SERVANTS) to work to CLEAN UP this horrid mess!

  38. The radical solution would be to VOTE ONLY REPUBLICAN!!

  39. If the people really want to take back San Fran they will need to VOTE REPUBLICAN!! For only DEMONCRATS WILL STEAL, KILL AND DESTROY!! Just like Satan!!

  40. San Fran was once a beautiful city. It’s time the politicians took care of it.

  41. Pelosi. i was in San Fran back in 1969 and it was a beautiful city. Shame on you for letting it get in this shape. Stop the impeachment and take care of your people.

  42. As a long ago frequent visitor to S.F., Lombard Street, Top of the Mark, Pier 39 and all the other lovely tourist sites, it amazes me that those who vote in California can’t see what Pelosi has caused the city to become. My wife and I would NEVER AGAIN visit any place in California. What fools inhabit California and who continue to vote liberal, (socialist/communist) ideas and candidates.

    Fix the place by never again voting for any democrat and you’ll see improvement immediately. However, please don’t give up and move to Florida as we are trying to get the damn democrats out of our state before we begin to have your problem.

  43. Here’s a perfect example of the Lefts policies NOT working. San Francisco is a TOILET literally and figuratively!! The sad and sick part is the ones who are lucky enough to be able to afford to leave are taking their FAILED ideas to other states!!! I doubt they will ever learn.

  44. What did you expect? Really san fransisco and California voters what did you expect? You followed Detroit and chicago politics and you end up with the same result then your upset and move somewhere else and take your dumb ass politics with you. Seattle and portland are going the same way and they are just as shocked! What the hell is wrong with your heads?

    Liberal / democrat politics doesnt work it never did. You are stupid if you have not figured it out. Stop voting for liberal cuases, yes all of them, they lead to disasters every time.

    Single payer heath care. Free college. Clamite change, carbon credits. Anything the Sierra club sponsors, gun control of all types, and any other liberal cuase will be a disaster.

    Grow up and stop using politics as a way to try to be cool and in the in crowd a d start thinking about the damage a politic proposal will cuase

  45. The main problem for them is they need to get rid of the Govenor , along with Pelosi, and Maxine. The state is being run like some third world country. So the only way to clean it up is get rid of those individuals that are the cause.

  46. This city is just one example of what this whole country will look like if the democrats win the coup they are doing right now. If they kick President Trump out of office, they will then kick all Republicans out of office also. Then they will end America as we know it. It will become just like Venezuela, another 3rd world communist country.

  47. Hey Maxie aren’t you proud

  48. Luckily and wisely our Godly Pilgrims dumped corruptible socialism for Capitalism, and thanked God! Sadly stupid degenerate Godless Californians dumped God in trade for socialism, and thanked Satan, I guess.

  49. We have but one person to thank for the degradation of not only San Francisco but of the State of California, it begins with the Governor and the democrat cronies who now and for the better part of fifth years starting with the 1930/40’s corruption when California Politicians had Lukey Luciano as a business partner, smuggling illicit materials into California . what a total shame on all of the participants from the liberal and dishonest politicians from all over the State, We need to clean house.

  50. San Francisco and the rest of the state are BANKRUPT. Zoros money eels them by but the bankruptcy came from politicians stealing the money from this enormously taxed State. Normally people just vote the crooks out but this State keeps voting them in. Truly amazing isn’t it?

  51. No sympathy here. Reap what you have sown. Electing those individuals who don’t really care about the legal citizens; rather stay protecting the illegal alien element. I remember Kate Steinle with respect to the entire CA court system. If you lay with dogs, expect to get bit by fleas.

  52. Well as soon as your politicians are done wasting time and taxpayer money on trying to get rid of our President, I’m sure they’ll try and help you out. Not really, they’ll still be working on making the rest of the country look like your shi-hole state.

  53. They complain about the crime and everything else then they elect a DA that said he his not going to prosecute prostitution, urinating in the streets, drug use and other crimes. They want to elect these liberals what do they think is going to happen

  54. San Franciscans are now reaping what they’ve sown over the last few decades. When voters repeatedly elect Progressives (read that as Communist Democrats) and prefer “tolerance” instead of truth, this is what they get. I don’t have any sympathy for this city. The real solution would be to remove every Democrat from elected office and replace them with constitutionally-based conservative representatives who legislate with and from traditional values and common sense.

  55. Its polose city she no what she doing they voted her in she doing nothing for them so they are getting what they desiver cal is garbge now peoole are running out of that state you can see why the dems own that state the people are controled by the dems lol pepole camping on the steets drug us ever where but they till there people they are doing them a good job lol have the dems explain why the rest of amerca it to can be like cal lol so vote dem an you to can become a garbge state lol an on top of that they take better care of the illages then there own that need help ya good luck if you pive in cal

  56. It’s called a gun! But the liberals running the city want you to be totally vulnerable!

  57. “It’s time for radical solutions”……that’s what made your shitty a shathole in the first place!

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