Schiff Gets Nervous, Sends Warning to GOP

Adam Schiff seems to be getting nervous now that the impeachment proceedings are starting. He’s shown on multiple occasions that he’s afraid of what the GOP will say, do, or demand. If he is doing something shady behind the scenes, he’s acting like it.

House Republicans have been pushing for the anonymous whistleblower to testify publicly. After all, if this person wants to say that they have insider information that could lead to President Trump being impeached, it should be public testimony.

Schiff doesn’t like the idea of public testimony, however. He’d rather have closed-door testimonies where he can control more of it. Now, he’s warned the GOP that outing the whistleblower could end up in an ethics violation.

The House Intelligence Chairman has been warning members of his committee about outing the whistleblower and the detrimental effects it can have on congregational ethics rules. However, the whistleblower is the one responsible for igniting the Democratic-led impeachment inquiry.

Schiff wrote a memorandum out to his colleagues on the Intelligence panel, reminding everyone that the committee has a “long, proud, and bipartisan history” of protecting various whistleblowers. This includes protecting them from efforts that involve retaliation, intimidation, and threats. He also shared details of the code of official conduct for members of Congress.

With all of these reminders, it sounds like Schiff is concerned whether his fellow committee members are going to do their job or not. The first public testimony within the impeachment probe is happening soon – and the memo came out just in time. Democratic House members are fearful that Republicans are going to expose the whistleblower. However, everyone is eager to know who the whistleblower is considering that he lodged a complaint regarding the call that Trump had in July with the Ukrainian president. However, it has already come out that the whistleblower was not on the call nor was he in earshot of the call, so everything that he has to say is hearsay. Who fed him the information?

A lawyer for House Republicans has named the whistleblower in a closed-door deposition and that name has been added to the requested witnesses for impeachment hearings. Schiff, however, has something else in mind. He responded to identify that the whistleblower will not be appearing because the potential testimony would be “redundant and unnecessary.”

While there is certainly the desire to protect the whistleblower, Adam Schiff has not made it easy for people to trust him. Many are concerned that there is no whistleblower – or that the whistleblower has been hand-fed information from Schiff in order to create the entire impeachment inquiry. As such, conservative allies and the president himself have called for the identity of the whistleblower to be identified.

Additionally, lawyers have identified that there are ways for the whistleblower to conduct testimony without revealing his or her identity. The whistleblower should have to testify along with Adam Schiff and everyone else, and Donald Trump has reminded people of this throughout his tweets.

The impeachment inquiry will start by listening to testimony from George Kent, a deputy assistant secretary with the State Department who has been involved in Ukraine. William Taylor, a top US envoy to Ukraine will also be on the list of testimonies to be heard on Wednesday.

Schiff obviously has some information that he is hiding, which is the biggest problem with all of this. The whistleblower is the one and only thing that the Democrats are holding onto in order to impeach trumpet – and yet they don’t want to identify who the whistleblower is. Lawyers are fighting on both sides to either reveal or maintain protection for the whistleblower based on whether they are a Republican or Democrat. Meanwhile, the impeachment inquiry goes on without potentially getting a public testimony from the whistleblower – and that is the biggest question of all.

With Schiff sending out memorandums to remind his committee that the identity of the whistleblower cannot be revealed, it certainly shows that he is looking to cover all of his tracks. He has been the one behind the impeachment inquiry from the very beginning, and many people are wondering whether the whistleblower truly has anything that can result in impeachment. Even so, the Democrats can move forward but it’s still can lead to the same ending: Trump remains in office because the Senate chooses not to carry out the impeachment, allowing him to stay in office. Then, everyone realizes that Schiff was as dirty as they come, resulting in Trump winning his reelection.

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  4. Love how the word “whistleblower” plagues him every time one of the GOP reps mentions it during the hearings!! ;P

  5. Take your own advice!!!!

  6. Hey weasel day you’re hilariously stupid and misinformed

  7. Trump for prison2020! I agree

  8. What’s even funnier in intelligent peoples minds is that it’s pretty clear you’re at idiot

  9. You sound like your profile pic. Ignoramus comes immediately to mind

  10. You talking about trump right.

  11. Takes one to know one

  12. Yes can wait for the impeachment too,

  13. Hey idiot you meant trump and sixpence

  14. Shut the fuck up with your nonsense. You sound like a fool.

  15. That’s a sin bitch. Amen

  16. Could you stretch the truth more. You want orange jumpsuits just wait. The orange piece of shit in the White House will be in one, or probably two to fit his fat ass

  17. Try it this time in correct English dumbass

  18. He who knows who the whistleblower is Adam Schiff, but he keeps lying about it. So it’s very disgraced and totally
    ridiculous, and very wasteful of tax payers money!

  19. He can’t stop the Senate from calling for testimony unless he goes to court and don’t believe any court would deny the Senate.

  20. You mean Schiff and Pelosi , not Trump and Pelosi!

  21. If there actually is a whistleblower and the republicans know who it is, they simply have to call him to testify. Shiffty’s reaction to that would answer all questions.

  22. Schiff IS the whistleblower. To expose the whistleblower is to expose Schiff. Complete liberal democrat socialist TDS hatred and lies.
    Will be a hoot when they masturbate their coup without evidence, indictments, charges, trial. Schiff can run his fraud in this “inquiry” hearsay. Sad not enough honesty or integrity in Congress to unseat Schiff for the fraud he is.

  23. It is Truly Amazing how so many people have made derogatory comments about the Dems who are led by three complete Morans.
    Nadler,SHiff,Pelosi, and have wasted so much time and Govt money too
    It’s amazing how this trio has the ability to screw up our Government, and get away with not doing any work they were voted to do by the people.
    The day of reckoning is just around the corner, and the FIREWORKS are about to begin

  24. Funny thing is…we all already know deep down in our hearts what they are doing to this President…all because they have their own crimes being uncovered and they have zero credible people to run in 2020. I am more and more convinced that the people of America are smart enough to realize this and the Dems are truly harming themselves with this circus. So…keep it coming Dems! We can take it…but you are NOT going to take this President out of the race. And if anything happens to this President it is on YOUR shoulders and the people will never EVER look at this party the same. Heck, you have already done plenty to ruin it for many years to come.

  25. I soooo agree! It is a sham and a shame to waste our tax dollars this way.

  26. A pre-Thanksgiving gift to us??

  27. There is NO Whistle Blower PERIOD ! TRUMP 20/20 the Do Nothing Democrats are trying to make America A socialist Country ! Adam SHIT has got to GO !

  28. Schiff is a Traitor. Schiff outed his own ” Whistle Blower ” by not redacting the name in a transcript. The person EC is not a Whistle Blower but a Deep State Anti-American POS who needs to be held accountable for the Seditious and Treasonous acts along with all of the others involved in the Illegal Spying and Attempted Coups.


  30. Schiff is a traitor and should be treated as such!

  31. It really pisses me off but I don’t believe any of the crooks(Clintons, Obama, Pelosi and the girly elf on the shelf Schiff) or any of the many other crooks in the Dem. party will ever see the inside of a prison cell! They are to wealthy and connected. I hope I am wrong but I won’t hold my breath. Also if someone would take out Soros that would help. TRUMP 2020!!!

  32. This whole fiasco should scare the living feces out of every American. If they will go to these lengths against our president think of what they would to to you and me. Wake up America!!!!

  33. I will be at that trial!! I will even bring the popcorn

  34. We can only hope!!Those vermin are polluting everything they touch.

  35. Shifty Schiff is a lying piece of garbage. I think he’s crazy. I believe he is the whistle-blower. It is disgusting how the dems. have turned OUR country into a mockery. I hope you all pay dearly for all the lies and hate you have shown OUR President. Imagine if the rep. did this to Obama. All you democrats. go to hell. YOU ARE RUINING AMERICA.

  36. Btw tonight’s guest with Mark Levin will be Devin Nunes!! 😀

    Glad they moved “Life, Liberty and Levin” to 8 o’clock ET from its former 10 o’clock time slot. 🙂

  37. Many Hugos , Ottos , and Blutos are anxioulsy waiting to bid for Adam Soros-Schiff’s services in their cells; I beleive they have reached an agreement to share Adam Soros-Schiff ‘s services……
    Adak Soros-Schiff, however will be allowed to receive care packages of old fahioned Kotex pads left over from the 1940s……..

  38. Will his pencil neck become further elongagted when he3 is hung as a traitor???


  40. Schiff, Deserves the shaft. In any other time in this Great Nation, he would be arrested for TREASON.

  41. They are just buying time as they SOLD America Beneath the American’s Feet To Communist China Is Not Adam And The Rest Of The Communist Socialist Democrats Acting As Such as Their Witchy KANGAROO Court Is Dictating?

  42. I wouldn’t be surprised if their was no whistle blower or the true WB is Schiff him self, lying as always, Who was stupid enough to vote for him, If you are a Dem or Rep and you vote for any democrat you need to check into the funny farm.

  43. The way , ALL , of these Demoncrats are acting , I would imagine all of them see themselves as , Maybe , the Next , NAZI American Party. Wonder what would happen in Washington DC , IF , people started using that WW II Nazi Salute when addressing all of these Democratic Idiots. You know , raising the Right hand , and saying Heil Schiff(ty) , Heil Nadler , Heil Peeelosi , Heil Schumer , Heil Hoyer , Heil Waters , and all other Stupid Assed Demoncrats.. TSgt., USAF Vietnam Vet ., Retired.

  44. Lol the whistleblowers name is in every public rest room as well as all juke joint cans so now what will pencil neck do sue the whole dang country and his self as he outed this paid scammers name. This is Democrat stupid to say you can’t just drives more to do it just for spite. He is a total damned fool.

  45. Shifty Schiff, I had a dream about you the other night. A very tall man with a black hood over his head was dragging you up several steps. You were screaming and crying for help, and then I woke up.
    I believe it was a warning from GOD for you to confess your sins and ask him for forgiveness. Only HE can save you, no matter what sins you have committed.


  47. What do you do if you want a political hoax, you call Adam Schiff.
    What about misinformation, that causes you to wonder why, you call Adam Schiff.
    What does hillary clinton do to disrupt a political system, she calls Adam Schiff.
    What about freedom, and American citizens rights, you re-elect Donald Trump.

  48. Iagree on the murders, Hillary and Wee Willy had it done to many people in Arkansaw and in Dc Even though they were shot in the back of the head, it was said a suicide. Now I ask how can someone shoot themselves in the back of their heads? They didn’t, The Clintons hired a sniper who knew how to do it and escape the scene. These people who were murdered worked for the Clintons and were getting ready to tell authorities about what they were up to, so they were murdered and the Clintons get away with it. A few years ago, another was shot in the back of the head and ruled a suicide. I believe his name was Jon and he was only 27 years old.. He, too, worked for the Clintons and made the , mistake of saying what they were up to. Again, another senseless death. There is no statute of limitations for murder and The Clintons can still be charged with premeditated first-degree murder and they will face the death penalty. To tjat, I say good riddance.

  49. ” Now, he’s warned the GOP that outing the whistleblower could end up in an ethics violation.”
    Yes, ethics violations committed by schitt!
    BTW: How can a person chair a meeting and give “whistleblower” testimony at the same time?

  50. I was thinking the same thing, but I would have them claim that Schiff put them up to it and directed them what to put in their report. They could then claim to be blowing the whistle on Schiff’s coup, and demand protection. Schiff would be forced to expose the real whistleblower, if there is one.

  51. In your pipe dreams lol!!

    DIMS are so full of it for enough to spread around farmland from Maine to California!!

  52. Congratulations on breaking away from the Party of George Soros!! 🙂

  53. AMEN AND AMEN!! 😀

  54. Isn’t it odd, that a couple of Californians, Liberal Socialist Californians like Trump and Pelosi are experts on Ukraine corruption….?…and if they are, is that because they are involved?

    Schiffty and Pelosi …not Trump

  55. Wednesday rather

  56. November 20th is next Tuesday.

  57. after all the deep states pay back three years of dishonest nonperformance circus theatrics prom.

  58. the spineless republican should take up his warning by using his previous unredacted transcript who the leaker was/is. he will have to prove to the world this is the real leaker. from his lying fork tongue, he said he had the document to prove his source. i think he used it three times now and he has struck out. no way he even has a legal ground to prevent anyone uses the leaker name…eric ciarmxxx the leaker.

  59. Author: Schiff is not the least bit nervous. The biggest problem, the biggest question in this impeachment inquiry is NOT the whistleblower. It’s the facts of the case, which you refuse to discuss. Trump is guilty. He incriminated himself in his July 25 call to Zelensky. He is a criminal. Stick to the facts. With a dozen better witnesses testifying behind closed doors, and at least three in public, the whistleblower is not needed anymore. He is moot and will not be called by the House. He CAN be called by the Senate, if needed. But he’s growing mooter by the day.

  60. We already know who the whistleblower is. We know what was said on the phone call we read the transcript. What are the democrats doing? This is a coup and a bad disorganized one at that. This is farce and schifty and Pelosi should be remove from Congress immediately for lying to us the American people

  61. I got on Twitter and sent a tweet to Schiff that had the whistleblower’s name repeated over and over again. ERIC CIARAMELLA. I suggest that everyone who want’s to help do the same.

  62. This is nothing more than a smear campaign perpetrated by Schiff and Pelosi aided by the democratic party.

  63. he should be locked up forsure

  64. He COULD be VERY nervous about being HANDCUFFED, going to a PRISON CELL for SEDITION and TREASON as per the U.S. Constitution, for crimes against a sitting POTUS Trump. This is not a JOKE or POLITICS, this is SERIOUS business and needs to be dealt with SWIFTLY and DECISIVELY. This includes the OTHER DEMOCRATS, “whistleblowers” committing perjury, etc. The prisons might get REALLY full. I would suggest these individuals get “LAWYERED UP”. Team Trump and his allies 2020 – KAGA (Keep America Great Again).

  65. Schiff-ty is a 3rd rate Snollygoster.

  66. Here is a hypothetical scene: Wishful thinking …and completely fictional.

    The Republicans come out with someone to say they are the whistleblower AKA Leaker , who says it was all hearsay and made the whole thing up to discredit the President and has since regretted it. He admits to lying and goes to jail for a term. Gets pardoned later by the President.

    This would put Shifty Schiff and his enabler, lying Partner, the old senile Hag Pelosi into complete turmoil. They would either have to bring out the REAL Whistleblower (if there is one) or they stand to get impeached themselves for lying, wasting taxpayers money, doing nothing to help the country, and thrown in jail for treason.

    Now THAT would make for good television and it’s no more than what Shifty and the old lady Pelosi is doing to POTUS right now, creating a mockery of a impeachment inquiry and shifting the goalposts and accusations to suit themselves when one accusation fails, they try another.
    A one sided kangaroo court where the accused cannot even defend himself against all the fabricated allegations. This is Demonic and totally evil. It’s a farce.

    Shifty Schiff CANNOT produce a Whistleblower IMHO because he made it all up knowing he could plead “protection” for the so called whistleblower who is non existent and will never have to appear. He is the most low lying creature in the swamp and hopefully the first to go down the drain when the pug is pulled.

  67. City pants shift is a lunatic and he must be smoking crack or he has a brain tumor ready to break that’s why his eyes are ready to pop out of his head just like a a snail being popped out of it’s shell freaking gross

  68. Schiff is an ethics violation. There has been nothing fair at all about the way this is being handled. He should be charged with being a traitor and attempted coup. Both carry the death sentence.

  69. That would be really a great Christmas present shipping Shifty shift in a box to Venezuela make sure the pieces are very small unidentifiable

  70. agreed Schiff must be called although he lies so much they have to use a lie detector

  71. How goofy.
    He released a paper and forgot to redact the whistle blowers name.

  72. This bias idiot name should really be “Chicken Schiff” he is afraid to tell or face the truth!!

  73. Have you thought there might not be a Whistleblower, their just saying there is.

  74. I agree with you…. `All of them MUST go to jail. SOB DemocRATS…

  75. Either this slim ball comes forth to testify if not, no impeachment, no trial, case closed and impeachment should be brought against every demo, the whistleblower and all that pushed for this camel manure circus who pushed, express anti-American commits about America, the president, and the people of this nation.

  76. This sure has all of the makings for ‘obstruction of justice’.
    Does it not work both ways?

  77. I agree with you…. and let the Baba take care of him too…

  78. Yes….. You are 200% right..

  79. Amen……. You said it all. Thank you for that..


  81. All that I will say is when President Trump is reelected in 2020 and he will be only if these Democrats are prevented from doing what they do best and that is Voter Fraud and the Dead people votes. Why President Trump never signed an executive order to have Voter ID Cards made for the American Voters is beyond me?

  82. One thing is certain, I sleep incredibly well knowing Donald J Trump occupies the White House.

  83. The democrats need Schiff,they have no one that is lower than he is except maybe Hillary Clinton,old shifty will stupe to any low and even lower,but Hillary isn’t available to them so they go to who ever they can find who will do their bidding.

  84. When ois this Piece of Dog Shit Schiff going to Jail…

  85. If this person doesn’t have first hand knowledge then he’s NOT a Whistle blower,it’s just that simple

  86. Schiff needs to be ASSASSINATED!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  87. Exactly, Schiff should be publicly sworn, that his whistleblower does exist and is not just of his another lie. I guess that Schiff is so psychotic liar, that he never, ever tells the true. Why DEMs does not insist that he should be for his functions cleared by team of psychiatrics?

  88. Exactly, Shiff should be publicly sworn, that his whistleblower does exist and is not just of his another lie. I guess that Shiff is so psychotic liar, that he never, ever tells the true. Why DEMs does not insist that he should be for his functions cleared by team of psychiatrics?

  89. I definitely think, President Trump campaign manager should come with some ads to cover schiffs determination from the one to remove the president in the office.
    Democrats people are so selfish, they can’t even realize what are the American people needs and wants. They are just fighting for power while they don’t realize how we are doing well financially in this country. Mostly, people in general are worried about two major things: Job security and security in our country. So far the president has provided both. Next November I’ll be the first to vote for Donald J Trump.
    By the way I’m a black man who wrote this post.
    Thank you

  90. The “only” reason the dems and Shifty are trying to get rid of the President is to try to stay out of prison with many indited for Treason and the hang mans rope! Plus they don’t want to lose their gravy train!

  91. ADAM SHIFTY SHIT PENCIL NECK SCHIFF, should be SUBPOENAED,put in JAIL until the CRAP is over and then let the REPUBLICAN SENATE COMMITTEE have a FILED DAY with him ! Squeeze the living SHIT right out of him until he that he will CORPORATE with the SENATE COMMITTEE once and for ALL !!

  92. I think you may want to back and edit your comment.
    You put pelosi and Trump where I beleive you wanted to put pelosi and sciff.

    As for this impeachment hearing goes.
    Schiff sat there wearing his fez and when pelosi started cranking her organ schiff jumped off her shoulder with his little tin cup and started begging for someone to help him conjure up his bullshit evidence.
    There is no whistleblower but schiff. He is probably pelosis’ trained monkey that she uses to go after President Trump without fronting herself off as one of the two democrat whores that want so bad to impeach but don’t want to take the blame when it fails.
    The other whore is mad maxipad watters.
    Pelosi will claimed she warned the democrats about impeachment.
    All watters really wanted with her IMPEACH 45 was for the Pabst Blue Ribbon Co. to put peach flavoring in their Colt 45 Malt Liquor. The 40 ounzers, so she can add some class to her family gatherings!

  93. Schiff is a low down lying piece of s–t.! Needs to be thrown out of congress.

  94. the man should be thrown out of congress and banned from this country.

  95. I feel at the end of this broadway show Schiff and Pelosi should be required to repay the taxpayers all the money they have waisted on these sham investigations. They have not done one bit of work for the people who they are the PUBLIC SERVANTS for . I can say for certain they have forgotten their place believing they rule over the people!

  96. I see the organized crime criminal – schiff , pounding his gavel when he doesn’t want somebody with intelligence , honesty , integrity, & actually American to even speak . Sargent of Arms should shove that gavel right down schiff’s throat – HARD !


  98. I’m gonna say this much repeatedly

    adam schitt is the deceptive hypocrite whistleblower

    and I am really proven wrong and haven’t been proven yet

    I’m gonna stick by my belief that

    adam schitt is the damned hypocrite whistleblower

    💥💞👍TRUMPenceour/hisUSReTRUMPlicanLawmakers2016-2028👍💞💥 successfully US Landslide Reelected assuredly
    Amen & Amen!!!

  99. As noted previously, THERE IS NO WHISTLEBLOWER. Hillary and Schiff dreamed this up as another attempt to destroy Trump.

  100. Schiff and Pelosi working together in collusion of the 2020 elections! Collusion in our freedom to elect whom we want. You want to go after a crook go after Hillary! She says witness tampering is against the law! Excuse me Schiff was the one witness tampering by going off his AGENDA when anyone else was cut short because it wasn’t on the agenda…..So what gives him the right to pick and choose what goes on the agenda. And Hilary has the nerve to talk about Trump when we all know that sending classified emails in a unsecure email account is definitely against the law. But who had her back..OBAMA! Democrats! Who’s the stupid one???Who broke the law? Who needs to be prosecuted and who needs to be jailed?????? She believes she’s safe now that shady Schiff-off is in charge of the AGENDA! I think they’re all afraid of what else will come out! More reasons to vote TRUMP in 2020! If it pisses off democrats!!!

  101. Guys like SCHIFF and many more others belong in JAIL to do hard labor!!!!!!!!!!

  102. All the Do Nothing Democrats are disgusting PIG’s Nothing less, they are trying there best to make America A Socialist Country ! this is insane, all liars and TRUMP will defeat these Morons. Where is 2 time LOSER Presidential Candidate Hillary’s 33,000,00 bleach bit emails, Sick Bitch ! And her pervert sick husband in Drag Bill Clinton with there Pay to Play Clinton Foundation that TRUMP has Drained ! Lol . Trump 20/20

  103. Schitt has NOTHING!!!! And he knows it!!!!! Nancy knows it and the American people know it!!!! LMAO!!!!! AOC confirmed it!!!! The dimocrap party is done!!!!! Trump is exposing you lying, murdering crooks!!!!!

  104. Schiff, you are about one minute away from getting your ass kicked!

  105. The Clintons and Soros crime families i.e. probably have had involvement in those deaths and disappearances.

  106. Shifty Schiff outed the whistle blower already!! What a dumb ass.

  107. Is the whistleblower, actually a true whistleblower? It is my understanding that the Intelligence Service had a requirement that a whistleblower must have “ first hand” knowledge in order for a complaint to be valid. This question was on the official complaint form up until August this year, but the form was changed just two weeks before the whistleblower filed the complaint. There was only one change made to the form. That one change specifically removed the requirement of “ first hand” knowledge. Seems quite coincidental that the whistleblower didn’t file his complaint until after he had met with Adam Schiff’s people. Questions which need to be investigated are; When did the form charge get initiated? What is the standard process to make the change? Was the standard procedure used or was the change expedited to accommodate the fact that the whistleblower had no “ first hand” knowledge. If it can be shown that this took place, there would be no “whistleblower, and no “witch hunt impeachment inquiry.

  108. Schiff has virtually zero credability. He has made promises and claims of all manner of things, and NONE of it has come true. He said the Mueller investigation would PROVE President Trump colluded with the Russians……$40,000,000 later of wasted tax payer money and…NOTHING….Now Schiff is leading this Farce at Pelosi’s direction, and claims real solid evidence against Trump, and what does he bring to the table, gossip, innuendo, and not a single fact. Just a continuation of the Democrat party trying to undo an election because their darling Hillary was a miserable corrupt liar.
    Schiff needs to go back under the rock he crawled out from under. Isn’t it odd, that a couple of Californians, Liberal Socialist Californians like Trump and Pelosi are experts on Ukraine corruption….?…and if they are, is that because they are involved?

  109. It appears to me that the Republicans try to stay within the rules, knowing that if they break them the Dems would use that to destroy them. Some news folks say that they are cowards…not so. The Republicans (most of them) are true statesmen and will win out in the end.


    BREAKING: BREAKING: Identity Of Whistleblower Exposed- Worked For Obama, Biden And Brennan…
    For a town that leaks like a sieve, Washington has done an astonishingly effective job keeping from the American public the name of the anonymous “whistleblower” who triggered impeachment proceedings against President Trump — even though his identity is an open secret inside the Beltway.
    More than two months after the official filed his complaint, pretty much all that’s known publicly about him is that he is a CIA analyst who at one point was detailed to the White House and is now back working at the CIA.

    But the name of a government official fitting that description — Eric Ciaramella — has been raised privately in impeachment depositions,

  111. Looking forward immensely to the days when Barr and Durham will finally get the Deep State Spygate participants of John Brennan, James Clapper, Clintons, James Comey, Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch, Andrew McCabe, Jerry Nadler, Obummers, Ohrs, Lisa Page, Adam Schiffty, Peter Strzuk etc (anyone else I’m missing?) in the Drill and Grill seat!!

  112. well they didn’t protect the whistle blowers when oboma was in office and one was even killed before he could blow the whistle , funny how democraats make people die mysteriously and disapear

  113. The GREAT AMERICA people know what a dump ass Schiff is and lier. He needs to be locked up.

  114. It’s time for that moron Schiff to be put in prison. He and his Democrat buddies are ruining our Congress. Also, take Pelosi with you.

  115. The whole world is laughing of the ignorant stupidity of our judicial system , any corrupt person can expose lies and is accepted & defended by the democrats

  116. Having been in a union seeing the workers money bribing democrat politicians for getting job I see the game is rigged

  117. I totally agree!!

  118. Schiff is lower then a snake. Someone who heard info from someone who heard it from someone who heard it from someone is not a whistleblower. That person is a gossiper. Whistleblowers are only protected from losing their jobs. Now people that have info on the Clinton’s are the ones who need protection. Doesn’t Epstein make 57 or 58 deaths? 2 guards asleep, camera’s not working, taken off suicide watch, was beaten by cellmate. How many of you know 57 or 58 people that have been murdered nothing taken or committed suicide? Epstein was to arrogant to kill himself. He had a lot of dirt on many powerful people. I’m 71 and only know of 1 friend murdered and one suicide.

  119. I once voted democrat but I’m sick of the Democrats and will switch and vote for Trump next year after 3 years Russia Russia Russia theirs nothing and Biden the crook. The more I look at it I believe Trump is not in it for the money just the legacy .

  120. Demonrats sure like to preach to the choir re the Constitution, Ethics, Rule of Law etc!!

  121. The whistle blower can not testify, if he does then Schiff will have blown his own cover, yes Schiff is the whistle blower, he’s the the clog in the wheel that is turning the gears of this impeachment cult. When America finds out that he and Pelosi
    are both behind this whole dog and pony show. Another case of the tail wagging the dog.

  122. So, schitt says the committee has a ‘long, proud and bi-partisan’ history? LMAO.

  123. I do not trust this shifty Schiff. I think he is lying. He should be forced to resign and then lock up in jail for lying to the people of the country as well as President Trump.

  124. Schiff is lower then a snake. Someone who heard info from someone who heard it from someone who heard it from someone is not a whistleblower. That person is a gossiper. Whistleblowers are only protected from losing their jobs. Now people that have info on the Clinton’s are the ones who need protection. Doesn’t Epstein make 57 or 58 deaths? 2 guards asleep, camera’s not working, taken off suicide watch, was beaten by cellmate. How many of you know 57 or 58 people that have been murdered nothing taken or committed suicide? Epstein was to arrogant to kill himself. He had a lot if dirt in many powerful people. I’m 71 and only know of 1 friend murdered and one suicide.

  125. John Wilkes Shifft will never shoot Lincoln. He imagines greatness, but suspect Barr will put him out of his delusion.

  126. schiff warning GOP but he doesn’t like when President just comment about the ex Ukranian ambassador she felt bad sorry is collateral about when you accepted the job

  127. I think Schiffis the real wh
    istleblower. The other guy is a fall guy.

  128. Chicken little is a Douche-bag Demo-stain and everybody in this Country knows it!!!!👌👌👌👌

  129. we know President Trump are doing great job even democrats are making since the first day everything possible to make Him look bad but God and American people are looking all about

  130. This is amazing, Schit w2arns others not to do what he has done which no law protects this whistleblower from his identity being exposed. What is ironic is Schit, Pelosi and many demons are initiating impeachment for crimes where there is not even probable cause even occurred. They are attempting to oust the duly elected president which is attempting to over through our government. Every one of these demons should face the firing squad for treason against the United States of America.

  131. Adam Schiff = democrat = double standard, double standard!

  132. The Weasel day is coming and it won’t be nice I’m so tired Democrats getting away with murder and republican always go to jail, Schiff Pelosi Comey strosk McCabe Brennan clapperhilliaryricebidenobamaallthedemocrat need to go to jail..Period

  133. Here is how that goes “liar, liar, pants on fire, nose as long as a telephone wire.

  134. All of you are right the bug eyed weasel should be kicked in the ass!

  135. Strange Democrats doesn’t care about the “fake dossier” presented to the FISA Court, Hillary Clinton lying under oath and using a private Email server to send Classified Government Documents, Hunter Biden receiving $83,000.00 month from a corrupt Burisma Holdings in Ukraine for sitting on the Board with No Experience. Now “BIG bag of Schiff” is all over anything President Trump does or doesn’t do. Schiff and his Democrat Cronies are ALL BIG HYPOCRITES.

  136. Schiff pant are on fire! Liar, liar, pant on fire!

  137. After Adam Schiff releases impeachment testimony transcripts and forgets to redact name of the whistleblower… Eric Ciaramella. He warns Republican members of his committee about outing the whistleblower and the detrimental effects it can have on congregational ethics rules. Can’t make this stuff up!

  138. Throw the bum out. Shiff is SHIFFTY

  139. screw adam shifty eyes let’s get the whistle blower to testify america wants this

  140. Shitty Shitt is an asshole

  141. Schiff is the one who should be impeached, not Trump. What has Schiff done for this country. He is a lying weasel. Every day he gets caught in another lie. It is embarrassing and the Democrats should replace him with someone credible – if they can find someone credible in their party.

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