Proposal for Denial of Work Permits to Illegal Immigrants

For decades, illegal immigrants have robbed the American citizens of jobs in the workforce.  The sad part is, those same illegal immigrants never pay a cent of taxes for working in America.  They work for cheap and cost big companies less when it comes to the labor force.  President Trump has done great things to push for the American workers and shutting down illegals from taking over the jobs.  Another step has been proposed by the Trump administration, which will ban asylum seekers from obtaining a work permit if proven they are here in America illegally.

Before Liberals can get their panties bunched up in a knot, they need to understand there are certain exceptions within the proposal.  Cases will be reviewed by immigration officers, and only certain situations will be accepted if there is a “good cause” for a person who enters the United States illegally.  Their status will be looked into and possibly receive help through the proper chains of command to become a citizen if it is a life or death situation.  Some of these immigrants do not understand the appropriate directions to take in becoming legal citizens.  There will be appointments made to assist, and if the arrangements are missed for any reason, work permits will be denied.  Any convicted felonies at the state or federal level will also cause the work authorization to be rejected.

Even when explaining to Liberals, these provisions, they are still ramping up their legal teams to oppose the plan.  Those judges and lawyers are arguing that lack of notice and clerical errors are “common concerns in the U.S. immigration system.”  There are always excuses when it comes to Liberals protecting illegal immigrants.

Over the last few weeks, the Trump administration has cracked down on asylum seekers, and no one was allowed to enter into the country in October due to the fiscal year.  The laws made by this administration will only continue to get more robust as the goal of ending illegal immigration becomes a reality.

According to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) Director, Ken Cuccinelli put out this statement, “Illegal aliens are gaming our asylum system for economic opportunity, which undermines the integrity of our immigration system and delays relief for legitimate asylum seekers in need of humanitarian protection.  These proposed reforms are designed to restore integrity to the asylum system and lessen the incentive to file an asylum application for the primary purpose of obtaining work authorization.”

The whole process is meant to discourage asylum seekers from coming into our country for all the wrong reasons.  In other words, if they don’t have the desire to become American citizens, then they have no business being here.  In the proposal, there will be an added fee to the applications.  This would be the first time fees would be charged for this request in the U.S.  In September, a proposal was also placed, which would coincide with this new proposition from the Trump administration.  It would eliminate the thirty-day deadline.  It would slow down the process for denial or approval of each application.  The waiting period for work permits would be increased, which would also add to the discouragement.  If they want it bad enough then, they will wait for it.

Currently, there is a 180 day waiting period from the time of submitting the application before a work permit is issued.  The new proposal calls for a 365 day expected wait from the time the application is received for asylum.  This is to ensure the protection of the asylum seeker and our national security.  Thursday, the Federal Register will publish the proposed rule, and the public will be allowed to comment on the proposal for 60 days.  From there, all comments will be taken into consideration and will be voted on after that.

Many people who have a heart for immigrants should understand, this is all because Democrats allowed illegal immigrants to flow into the United States by the masses.  Now, we have a problem that needs to be resolved with extensive measures.  Is it heartless to put such a strain on immigrants?  We as Conservatives believe it is more heartless to take the jobs, benefits, security, and safety of American citizens who worked so hard to do things the correct way.  The bottom line is, it is stealing from the citizens, and it needed to come to an end.  Heartless or not, every country has the right to protect what is theirs.

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  1. Oh my goodness! Impressive article dude! Thanks, However I am having troubles with your RSS. I don’t know the reason why I can’t join it. Is there anyone else having similar RSS issues? Anyone who knows the solution can you kindly respond? Thanx!!

  2. GOD BLESS YOU! You said it all.THANKS

  3. My family did it the right way coming to America and they worked and made a life for our family.Follow our laws to become citizens stay out of trouble and support our constitution.This is all WE THE PEOPLE of AMERICA ask you wantabes to do.Is that so much to ask.We are a nation of all nations and we will welcome you but do it the right way or we will send you away.ILLEGALS your days are numbered and WE THE PEOPLE will find you out and help you go back to where ever you came from.

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  7. Instead of INS looking for green cards, IDs, etc. they should make them produce verification of paying taxes. Its bad enough they get so many free benefits that many citizens can use. Not many work in the fields. They work in construction and take the jobs away from US citizens. I can’t talk to the lawn people, repair guys, etc., cause they don’t speak English and I don’t speak Spanish. Very annoying and an inconvenience. I have latino friends but they work, pay taxes and don’t have a bunch of kids to feed. They get free education and go from laborers to white collar. My bank of 30 years had whites, blacks, oriental and a Mexican working in it; now there is nothing but latinos who speak broken English. Can’t believe the blacks or whites aren’t crying discrimination. Where is the govt. on this issue? Why are the latinos getting away with it. The longer they stay here and up their education, the more they take away from the whites, blacks, and other US citizens. The problem is, they multiply like rabbits. Some are good but a lot are bad and bring their poor, illiteracy, and criminal behaviors with them and eventually make their area like a ghetto. Had a black Sudanese refuge here that had to move out of his house because of the latino gangs moving in his neighborhood. Now that’s bad a good example of the latinos.

  8. Keep on voting for Democrats and things will stay the same. States like MN and CA should get 0$ from Uncle Sam to support the illegals and their families. It is not our fault these people come from S–t Hole countries. We cannot afford to feed and support 2,000,000,000 (billion) people.

  9. You may be right about some paying taxes, but the majority are working un der the table and not only are they not paying taxes, neither is their employer who is scaming the system.

  10. Heartless is an American child doing without while illegals send their money to their home nations while living on welfare in our nation. Heartless is American citizens unable to take a job for the same monies an illegal can because the illegal is drawing welfare and getting free healthcare while the American can’t get additional help or free health care. Heartless is providing for illegal invaders while American citizens, veterans, elderly, down on their luck citizens, do without. Heartless? Not at all, my heart is at home with my family, neighbors, friends and fellow citizens FIRST.

  11. I worked 38 years for $495.00 S.S. because I started at .50 per hour and ended at $8.00. I was a medical secretary.
    Why should all the illegals get housing, food, medical,etc.? I don’t have any retirement but S.S. Unfair !

  12. Not only should newly arrived illegals be denied work permits, but green cards to legal foreigners should expire at ten years if the holder has not applied for citizenship. As long as they are allowed to renew their cards every ten years….why should they ever apply for citizenship….and many do not!! Green cards were not meant to be home-free cards, with benefits, indefinitely for foreigners. Many legal residents do not and will not ever become American citizens because they want to remain citizens of their home countries….which means they will never be American citizens, never support the U.S. as Americans and they will return to their home countries to retire and live off of the money they made working American jobs. The U.S. and its American taxpayers are raising, educating and supporting the anchor and illegal children of legal and illegal foreigners!! The uneducated, non-English-speaking children are overwhelming the school system in large numbers requiring expensive bilingual education not benefiting ALL children. This needs to stop NOW!!! Whose country is this and who is our government representing??? American citizens…..or legal/illegal foreigners?? In my area, it appears the non-English-speaking foreigners are winning this debate!!!

  13. I am a retired ICE. Officer. Democrats wake up and do your jobs in Congress or retire or better quit, you already taken your money for your retirement.

  14. I AGREE… The politicians have encouraged these illegal aliens to flood our country when they hand these people more and more of OUR rights and benefits as citizens… we should NOT be paying ONE dime to take care of illegal aliens.. PERIOD!! We spend well over $150 BILLION of our tax dollars taking care of illegal aliens and these politicians hold these illegal aliens above our laws and above the citizens… IT IS NOT RIGHT…
    How many out there like to pay for the medical care of the illegal aliens while they send their money back to their country??!!!
    the politicians have absolutely destroyed the value and the meaning of being a citizen…

  15. WRONG.. MANY of them get paid cash under the table.. NO Taxes paid!!!!

  16. GOOD! They should’ve never been allowed in the first place.

  17. Illegals never had the right to work. The democrats, as usual, kept hiring them.

  18. All an illegal has to do is mark the dependent box with a high number and he gets much less taken out for taxes and since many of them do not work year around they never have to pay a lot in taxes and if they file at the end of the year many can actually file for credits and get money sent back to them from IRS. They know how to work the system. They also tend to have large families which ends up being a drain on the school systems. Also they bunch up and have several families in the same home to save on property taxes, utilities and other things so their share of taxes fees and other things are less then the average American in the same economic situation. Illegals do not end up paying taxes at the same rate as citizens making the same wage no matter what the liberals want you to believe !!

  19. I don’t think Illegals should be entitled to anything except Jail time!

  20. Both the Democratic Party and the Republican Party did this.

  21. They have been working on farms for years under the table. Meaning NO taxes have been taken out.

  22. It needs fixed with the new numbers out over 22 millon in here illigly this most be fixed they are taking jobs using ss number they guess an it ends up maching your number you fill an they say no you made more by our records becuse someone used your number but whats more inportent then that is they broke our laws sinking in we live by the rule of law they broke it anif they have been here that long they could of became amercan no they hid an keep braking our laws no they most go out an try an come in by the law we will not stop till we clean the law braker out of our country

  23. I’m a Democrat but I dont always agree with them. We need to stop these people from coming over here. They are taking over our country they have like 8 to 10 kids on top of that. They are getting 3,000.00 a month. Medical and food assistance.
    I’m disabled I live on 790.00 a month my rent takes my whole check, I got hurt when I was 38. They get to buy a house, get a new car and a business.
    I have a problem with this I’m told no on USDA LOAN because I dont have enough income.

  24. That is the MAIN REASON I voted for Trump, to stop the F’n illegals from taking jobs and resources!
    I am unemployed for FAR TOO LONG because of this!
    I am a retired Medical Technician because of the economy, I took early retirement because after a lay-off & a severe storm (Sandy in 2012) I could find no F’n employment, all of the jobs were taken by illegals!
    Pelosi, Hillary, and the “Squad” (coven?) have only made it WORSE!

  25. While I AGREE That the illegal immigration needs to be addressed and curbed significantly! To say they pay “$0 Taxes” is complete BS! Payroll Taxes are being collected on ALL these people, just not in their name! LOL…

    As one who had their identity stolen by one of these Cretans I will say they definitely are having taxes taken out of their checks! MOST employees (including illegal Aliens) pay taxes through payroll deductions, except where they are paid under the table (which happens with a LOT of LEGAL Citizens)…

  26. It is about time. The Immigration has been broken for many decades. Congress keeps putting the dirty hands in and destroying the laws that is already on the book. I know because I used to be married to an Immigration Officer.

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