Bernie Sanders Accuses Bloomberg of Trying to ‘Buy’ the Presidency

Sen Bernie Sanders, I-Vermont, has been barnstorming through Iowa, the first in the nation caucus state, often in the company of Rep Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-New York. The fiery, elderly socialist seems to have found a new foil, besides President Donald Trump. According to Fox News, Bernie was all aghast at the idea of a billionaire in the presidential race.

“Tonight we say to Michael Bloomberg, ‘Sorry, you ain’t gonna buy this election,'” Sanders told a crowd in Coralville, outside Iowa City. ” … Those days are gone.”

Bloomberg, a billionaire New York publisher and former mayor of New York, has dipped his toe into the Democratic presidential race by qualifying for the Alabama primary. Political pundits have suggested that Bloomberg has concluded that former Vice President Joe Biden is not going to hold up the moderate wing of the Democratic Party. Thus, Bloomberg has concluded that he must do that job himself.

The same pundits suggest that Bloomberg’s possible entry is a gift to the far left wing of the Democratic Party. The theory is that Bloomberg and Biden will split the moderate vote, which would be to the benefit of candidates like Sanders and Sen Elizabeth Warren. D-Mass.

Sanders also noted that Bloomberg plans to avoid the early states such as Iowa and New Hampshire and concentrate on Super Tuesday to make his big splash. Political observers regard the strategy as risky. Sanders seemed to agree.

“You’re not going to get elected president by avoiding Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina, and Nevada,” Sanders said. “Yes, we don’t have a super PAC and I’m not worth $52 billion.”

The Des Moines Registry noted that when Sanders found out that CEO Jeff Bezos had urged Bloomberg to run, he could not keep himself from laughing. When Sanders was trying to compose himself, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez jumped in.

“Of course!” she said in an interview with the Des Moines Register. “They’ve got class solidarity. The billionaires are looking out for each other. They’re willing to transcend differences and background and even politics.

“The fact that Bill Gates seems more willing to vote for Donald Trump than anyone else tells you everything you need to know about how far they’re willing to go to protect their excess, at the cost to everyday Americans.”

Sanders, as well as Elizabeth Warren, has focused on billionaires, even self-made ones such as Bezos and Bloomberg, as, for all intents and purposes, enemies of the people. Sanders would like to impose a wealth tax on wealthy people that has several purposes, according to Vox.

The first purpose is to raise at least some of the revenue that would be needed to fund some of the more expensive items on the far left agenda, such as the Green New Deal and Medicare for All.

The second purpose, however, is to close to the so-called “wealth gap” by taking away the assets of billionaires, in Sanders’ case eliminate the concept of a billionaire. In Sanders’ world view, the idea that someone can have so much wealth is inherently offensive. The fact that people may have earned billions of dollars by creating goods and services that people want does not enter into it. For Sanders, that concept smacks of capitalism and is therefore invalid.

While Sanders wants to ride to the presidency on the hobby horse of class warfare, NPR notes that one problem exists with a wealth tax. They have not worked anywhere they have been tried.

“Normally progressives like to point to Europe for policy success. Not this time. The experiment with the wealth tax in Europe was a failure in many countries. France’s wealth tax contributed to the exodus of an estimated 42,000 millionaires between 2000 and 2012, among other problems. Only last year, French President Emmanuel Macron killed it.

“In 1990, twelve countries in Europe had a wealth tax. Today, there are only three: Norway, Spain, and Switzerland. According to reports by the OECD and others, there were some clear themes with the policy: it was expensive to administer, it was hard on people with lots of assets but little cash, it distorted saving and investment decisions, it pushed the rich and their money out of the taxing countries—and, perhaps worst of all, it didn’t raise much revenue.”

In other words, billionaires like Bloomberg and Bezos will simply move their money to tax shelter countries like the Cayman Islands, using accounting tricks to evade any exit tax that might be imposed. However, for right now, a wealth tax serves as a taking point for politicians like Bernie.


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  1. I appreciate, lead to I discovered just what I used to be looking for.
    You have ended my four day long hunt! God Bless you man. Have a great day.

  2. I have no good feelings about Bloomberg, but Bernie and the gang of four are just no good Jew hating crap, but Michael, like Ed Koch, are just what happens when big money and egos stick together, does what the other does.

  3. I love it they are eating their own! So much fun to watch!

  4. Bernie, your calling the Kettle Black?! Better look in the mirror.

  5. Just another deep state clown ! I gonna vote for the lady that pisses hillary off That’s ny pick so for. Tiired of seeing these same old has beens people

  6. Hey Berno are you threatened much? You should be a little insecure since another rich old white guy is running and he’s not a radical Leftist. You and JoJo are the targets here so your nerves should be running amok.

  7. Another example of the pot calling the kettle back. Rush is right. When dummycrats are out of power they’re funny. When in power they’re dangerous.

  8. Bloomberg: Soros’ favorite puppet. Only thing more dangerous than a billionaire in politics? 2 of ’em!! Lord help me for agreeing with birdie sanders but I sorta have to on this point. God help us all…

  9. I’m not a supporter of Sanders because he acquired 3 houses and puts himself at our lonely, poor level….. but I sure as heck won’t support bloomburg… …if any other state wants him, please get him away from us New Yorkers.. talk about corruption and rascist… this is the man who only had police officers search and frisk black men in new York… that should bite him in the ars….

  10. Two pieces of garbage at each other’s throats. I love this

  11. Anyone stupid enough to vote for either of these nutjobs deserves what they get. Besides, Boinies only going to run long enough to get another vacation home…

  12. It’s so damn fun to watch the Democrats cannibalize each other. Well Bloomers, it’s going to cost you more to buy the Bern off this time. The I-The-Closet-Communist realized too late that he should have held out for more when the Hillarybeast’s pay-off convinced him to stop running. Always makes me wonder why an Independant gets to run under one of the two main parties banner.

  13. Bernie, that what you and Warren are trying to do, by offering all the free stuff. You have never ever earned real money from a real job in your life

  14. Bernie is lying since in 1960 Fixed 59 years Bernie tells only lies

  15. I really like that last part.

  16. Really Bernie? You really think that all the money in the world is going to beat President Trump? Well all your brain-washed college kids or all of Bloomies money isn’t enough. So stop all your hand waving and your spit sputtering Commie rhetoric because there are way more of us than your kind and we “all” plan on voting!

  17. awww,look.the 2 commies are already fighting. takes you back to stalin and hitler

  18. Not that I am a Bloomberg supporter or a supporter of any Democrat but , I say this , Bernie you are such a hypocrite ! How many homes do you now have Bernie boy ? Three is it ? You make a fortune as a politician , after spending twenty years on Welfare rolls in your home state and living in a shed in your parents yard . Bloomberg earned much of his wealth honestly . He worked for it . You have lived off the people for much of your life . You are nothing more than a modern Vladamir Lennin or Joseph Stalin ! You are not fit to be the captain of the Latrine in a Siberian Goolag !

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