Cops Give Trump A Roar of Approval

Mayor and police in Democratically held strongholds such as New York City, Chicago, and San Francisco would like for you to believe that like them, their officers and the men and women under their command all hold similar beliefs. That they are liberal to their core and really care about our nation. Furthermore, they want you to believe that Trump is an idiot and not worth your support.

However, a gathering of police chiefs in the historically Democratic city of Chicago let the world know differently recently.

When President Donald Trump spoke to a gathering of police chiefs in Chicago, the crowd left no doubt of their support for him and nearly shook the whole city in the process.

They got especially loud when Trump compared the ongoing impeachment inquiry and past similar attempts to the embarrassing case of Jussie Smollett.

Back in January, Smollett, who was a star of hit drama “Empire” on Fox, reported that he had been attacked by two supposed Trump supporters on the street in the windy city one early and cold morning.

However, as the case progressed, it was soon made evident that the whole thing was a scam. Smollett had essentially beaten himself up to throw shade on the president and push the liberal agenda. And he and his lawyers had the audacity to blame the cops and detectives of Chicago who handled the case, saying they did their jobs too well and were too thorough.

As unbelievable as it sounds, it happened, causing Smollett no small amount of disgrace. He’s probably hiding out under a rock somewhere still, just trying to let things blow over.

Trump made a joke of Smollett’s embarrassing scam by saying, “You have the case of this wise guy Jussie Smollett who beat up…himself.” Now Trump made sure to pause dramatically during the line to draw even more emphasis to the ridiculousness of it. But it was also in anticipation of what he said next.

And that was the real kicker.

Trump stated, “And he said ‘MAGA Country did it.’ MAGA Country. He said, ‘it’s a hate crime.’” And he added, “It’s a hate crime. And it’s a scam. It is a real big scam just like the impeachment of your president is a scam.”

Just watch the video and see.

As you can see, this is what really drew a roar from the crowd. This room full of top cops and the International Association of Chiefs of Police left no room for any doubt of their support.

Trump also criticized Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson during the event as well. Now, it is essential to note that Johnson was not in attendance that evening. He had reportedly told the Chicago Tribune on Saturday during a news conference that he would not be attending it because he knew that “the way I feel about the core values of this city” would not line up with what President Trump was going to say.

Is he really that biased against the president that he knows he won’t agree with anything the man says? Or did he somehow know what the president’s speech plans were?

No matter the case, he made it clear that he, unlike the rest of the Chicago police force, is not in favor of Trump.

Trump said about him, “Here’s a man who could not bother to show up for a meeting of police chiefs, the most respected people in the country, in his hometown and with the president of the United States. And you know why? It’s because he’s not doing his job.”

This statement was made in reference to the city’s choice to be a sanctuary city that was unwilling to help out Immigration and Customs Enforcement. And Trump went on to explain this by saying, “People like Johnson put criminals and illegal aliens before the citizens of Chicago.”

“And those are his values. And frankly, those values to me are a disgrace.” The crowd went wild at this as well, so much so that the President’s next line could barely be heard by some. However, that didn’t stop him from exclaiming, “I will never put the needs of illegal criminals before I put the needs of law-abiding citizens. It’s very simple to me.”

The shout of approval that rose from the audience of police chiefs proved that Trump is still their commander-in-chief, and they would be willing to support him for another four years, just as they did in 2016.

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  2. Ask the whistle blower who’s agenda Johnson is pushing.

  3. ROFLMAO….Johnson nor Chicago have any “core values” to speak of. Political corruption at it’s finest as well as high criminal activity. Much of which never gets addressed. Just another pimple on our nether regions of the country.

  4. thank God for the men and women enforcing our safety night and day

  5. Anyone in the criminal justice field knows the law and gave an oath to uphold it even when they get pressured by their bosses. That man knew he had a force of real law abiding officers under his command and didn’t want it seen what a coward he had become. Thank you men and women who took the oath and defend it under such circumstances that all the illegal immigrants and uneducated democrats bring shame upon you. They cause you so much disrespect that should never have been allowed so stay strong in your belief this to shall pass. Keep up the good work.

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