Romney is Out in the Wilderness Alone

When revenge takes hold of a person’s heart, they usually find themselves isolated and alone.  A person’s ulterior ultimatum becomes visible to the world as their actions show nothing but hatred and jealousy.  So is the case for Senator Mitt Romney, who has been only one of three Republicans who fell by the wayside when they went against their own party by turning their backs on President Trump.  Not only have the Republicans in the Senate left behind Senator Romney, but his home state has left him behind too.

Romney’s tweet at the beginning of October had landed Karma in his lap when he posted, “By all appearances, the President’s brazen and unprecedented appeal to China and to Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden is wrong and appalling.”  Senator Romney finds himself along with very few other senators cold and alone as his colleagues leave him behind.  It shows how everything he goes against the president is out of spite and nothing else.  No one who matters in the Senate supports Romney anymore, and he has become just a voice in the wilderness as the GOP continues to push forward and fight the Left.

No one would have more reason to be jealous of the president than Mitt Romney.  He has tried in the presidency twice and fell short while President Trump beat him in the primaries.  The icing on the cake came when President Trump encouraged to throw his name in the hat and audition publicly for the Secretary of State position and completely overlooking him.  Was it as a joke President Trump did this?  Nope, President Trump just found someone more qualified, Mike Pompeo.  But considering how Romney is acting now, it is kind of funny.

Democrats viewed Romney as an asset in their circus act to impeach President Trump.  They figured he could get the support of more Republican Senators to side with him, but that is just not the case.  His anger and jealousy showed more of his personal intent rather than what is best for the country.  GOP members saw right through it.  So not only does the GOP leave Senator Mitt Romney by the wayside, so do the Democrats.  He just is not wanted right now.

We see every day how the Left cries as they try to throw President Trump under the bus only to burn themselves in the process.  One would think Mr. Romney would learn his lesson, but he has not entirely caught on yet because he is still trying to go against the grain.  His GOP voters in Utah have expressed their anger toward their Senator, and it seems he may have burned his bridge within his own state.  Romney told NBC News in attempts to cover up his mess up after leaving the Senate chamber, “Nobody’s said anything.  Everybody expresses their own views in the way they should. People don’t talk to each other or criticize each other or praise each other.”  He practically ran away from reporters after saying this.

Many feel Romney could redeem himself by simply shutting up.  The same three Republicans are the ones who stir the pot, Senators Lisa Murkowski, Susan Collins, and Mitt Romney.  As Senator Lindsey Graham put on the Senate Floor a resolution to combat the impeachment inquiry, these were the only three who were not in support of the president.  What keeps the GOP alive with believing in our leader is the severe lack of evidence for impeachment.

Still, those three Senators side more with the enemy.  But there is something Mr. Romney forgot.  When he ran for President against Obama, President Donald Trump endorsed and supported him.  So not only do we see a man who is bitter, but we know a man who is not loyal to someone who has helped him out as much as President Trump.  It is a shame, but that is how the world turns.

Other senators are saying about Romney, “He does get heard.” For almost all of the Republicans, they are saying they don’t care and don’t like what they hear because neither of the two men like each other.  President Trump only attacked after Romney’s tweet and called him a “pompous ass,” which is still hilarious.  For the most part, President Trump has done his part to work with Romney, but the reactions are not met mutually.  Romney is receiving tons of mail and phone calls from voters who are “disgusted” with him.  Most say, “Romney is not representing us.”

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  2. I think the voters of Utah should have a recall vote and be rid of Romney. He had a home here, but is not one of us. He is not behaving , or spouting verbage that indicates he is Republican. He is totally Left wing, and is a lier to those who voted for him.

  3. Romney js a very jealous man who would like to have had the success that Trump has had but he is lacking in many fields so he wants to score by hurting the best President this country has ever had and the only ones who can stand him is the left where he leans on most issues, He could have backed Trump as Trump did for him but he is not man enough to stand on his own two feet. He is too stupid to realize that the stupidity he is showing is not hurting Trump but is driving nails in his own coffin, Romney ran for President as a republican but his ideas were so leftist that he would have done better as a dem–He was so much like Obama and had no leg to stand on because he is not a debater, and it was easy to blow holes in everything he said. The best thing for Mitt to do is to support Donald Trump, open the Bible, blow the dust off and try to see why so many of his leftist ideas go against morality, and against the Word Of God, but he is not smart enough to be the Patriot he thinks himself to be and he will instead be a part of the Washington Swamp and will be flushed out of politics–the sooner–the better.

  4. Thank you for you service to our wonderful country and for your educating not only the writer you responding to but also me re your Mormon religion.

  5. I agree with you

  6. I agree 100%. Wish I had not voted for him and Ryan in their run. Maybe he can become the new dem candidate for President since he seems to go along with them more than the Republican Party. Change parties Mitt, you are a Rhino #1.

  7. agreed need to read up on him he’s a joke

  8. i would say lol

  9. why is no one talking about what Joe B. did when he was VP
    He did the same thing to the same country that they say Trump did
    withhold funds till he got his way. He bragged about it said Obuma know the deal

  10. He makes more being corrupt and making money from being president than his salary. He is for one person and that is himself. Open your eyes.

  11. yes.VOTE RED …If it weren’t for President Obama we might not have done the intelligence community assessment that we did that set up a whole sequence of events which are still unfolding today including Special Counsel Mueller’s investigation. President Obama is responsible for that. It was he who tasked us to do that intelligence community assessment in the first place. CLAPPER’S OWN CONFESSION

  12. Mittens is a RINO NWO/OWG, Globalist who because he is wealthy thinks he belongs with that bunch who think they know best for the “little people”, but what he does not get, is, if the NWO/OWG Globalists get what they want, he and his wealth will be theirs and then why would they need him?



  15. Blow your Trumpet, Trumpeters !
    Go TRUMP!

  16. What a great comment…A good laugh and completely true at the same time….Liberals prefer Freebies over Freedom….One thing for sure is, this guy won’t be taking anyone else’s job, like the illegals….Hell, I’m betting he won’t be taking any job for that matter….To lazy and to stupid.

  17. You are speaking the truth for all of us!

  18. Romney has turned out to be a true lightweight who is so blind angry that the American people elected Donald Trump to the office rather than him that he is totally irrational now; if he ever was rational.

    He is a national embarrassment and is absolutely too stupid to know it. No matter, he is a traitor to the party and to the voters who put Trump in office.

  19. I was taught that if you can’t say something nice about a person, you should keep your mouth shut!!! Mr. Romney, you are going to be history real soon! Bye, bye!!


  21. I couldn’t have said it any better. Stay strong President Trump.

  22. How can you say Trump is a deadbeat? He doesn’t keep his salary, he gives it to charity. I don’t see your insane Schiff and Nancy Pelosi giving anything to charity. All those deadbeats do is show their hate for Trump AND THE AMERICAN CITIZENS. Those two deadbeats are running a sham hearing, a hearing like Hitler did when he took over Germany. The Democrats have become the Nazis of today. Guess you approve of their Illegal activities in refusing to allow the President’s attorney or the REPUBLICANS to question the witnesses. That is un-American. From your post, I can clearly see that you approve of lies, bribery, and the other criminal actions of the DEMOCRATS. You should read our Constitution and laws. Get educated and stop being stupid.

  23. You are mixing up John McCain with both his father and grand father, both of which were actual Admirals. While said John was just a joker playboy before turning traitor!

  24. He is running this Great Country and has donated his complete salary to different charities. Since you are so courageous and know how to live within your means, HOW MUCH DID YOU DONATE TO CHARITY in 2019? Another question might be how many people did you put to work in 2019?

    Sounds like you need a new and improved adult head diaper for looney liberals.
    Just wrap the diaper around your head and tuck the end back in. 
    This process doesn’t cure anything at all.
    It WILL however completely cover up the nasty symptoms and foul odor of your shit 4 brains.

  25. Romney is toast and he knows it. He won’t even run for re-election because he knows he will lose. He’ll make up something about spending more time with his wives.

  26. You canot claim somthing that you are not. That is what transgender’s do. He fits the profile eh?

  27. Just because Mitt Romney is a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints (Mormons to you), DOES NOT mean that every member of that religion is a traitor or a NON-CONSERVATIVE!

    I am a member of that same church, I am a Vietnam era Veteran and have been HEAVILY involved, as a citizen contractor, in EVERY WAR THIS COUNTRY HAS BEEN IN SINCE VIETNAM!

    Our church is NOT a CULT, as you mentioned in your comment, we KNOW and ACKNOWLEDGE that Jesus Christ is the Son of the Living God and OUR SAVIOR. Our knowledge of Him and our Father in Heaven is different than most other so-called Christian beliefs due to the FACT that Joseph Smith SEEN BOTH God the Father and Jesus Christ His son standing side by side and speaking as two separate beings NOT one personage with three different personalities as most others believe.

    Our belief system allows for others to believe what they will and we do NOT condemn them, as you are doing, for their differences from us.

    I am NOT proud of what Mitt Romney is and has done in politics, I believe he is a sore loser and he should NOT go against President Trump. I fully support President Trump and believe that he is the best president this country has had in my 65 years of life on this earth. He is the first President that has actually did what he promised to do or is still attempting to fulfill his promises to the American people.

    President Trump could have accomplished MUCH MUCH MORE for America if it wasn’t for people like Mitt Romney, John McCain, Paul Ryan and the other Republican TRAITORS and OF COURSE ALL OF THE TRAITORS MAKING UP THE ENTIRE DEMOCRATIC PARTY!

    I would ask that you NOT show your BIGOTRY and INTOLERANCE for a large group of very fine people JUST because they belong to the same religion as someone who you dislike. If every American had your attitude then EVERYONE that belonged to a different religious belief system would be hated by those who didn’t believe the same religion.

    One of our fundamental rights is to have freedom of religion in this country and it is spelled out in that same document that I took an oath to defend and support against ALL enemies both foreign and domestic, that being our GREAT CONSTITUTION of the United States of America.

    A Vietnam era veteran and an active member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints.

  28. America saw Romney’s true color and that he cannot be trusted. So sorry I voted for him once and now I know why my wife would be saying that many many times

  29. You want to see a Deadbeat LOSER look in the mirror A hole LOSER Bevis

  30. I think even the ones’ that voted for Romney will vote him out next election. Even when you don’t like the President, you don’t like the RINO’S even more. GOOD BYE YOU NUMBER ONE RINO, NO MORE VOTES FOR YOU.

  31. The reason Romney turned on Trump, he did not pick him for Secretary of state. Trump wine & dined him & picked whom he has now which is great. Romney was terrible to Trump when he won President what did he except. Trump will get even, listen up Democrats.

  32. Actually, the whole WORLD is watching! But, above & beyond that, so is God. He may give us one more chance, & allow Mr. Trump to be re-elected. Or He may be tired of fooling with us, & will pull the plug. I pray not, & that he gives Mr. Trump the strength to make it through this. And, that He gives US the strength to help him through this, & the coming election.

  33. No more a coward than Deadbeat Trump, a loser who can’t live within his means.

  34. Romney is dismayed, and a snollygoster.

  35. Romney is dismayed, and a snollygoster.

  36. I worked for Romney and he was a huge disappointment. He didn’t do his part to beat Obama. Now he is bitter against Trump because he had the energy and drive to get the job done. I am proud of our president and after seeing “turncoat” Romney behave, I doubt he would have made a strong president. God knew better and prepared us for Trump!

  37. Sad that a grown man acts like a child, good luck Romney. Take your marbles and find another sandbox to play in.

  38. He’s a backstabbing Rino who cant be trusted! He looks the part of a president but you can only go so far on looks!

  39. No big deal, Romney just lied to the people of Utah. He said he would work with President Trump and instead he is working with the Democrats to get rid of President Trump! Romney is an idiot. Donald Trump supported his run for the Presidency, but when push came to shove Romney turned on President Trump and backed the Democrats (who by the way said some really nasty things about Romney that were probably true!). Romney should just shut his mouth and support our President!

  40. Mitt
    You’re a great disappointment to your
    State Utah and to your self…Hopefully I
    Would not like you to be my Senator….. I
    Speak as a veteran who served my country and know what it Means to take
    The oath to protect the constitution & to
    The commander in chief…. the President’…
    You are only interested Mitt Romney inc
    And have failed your state, ; religion ,friends ; &Mitt Romney ; let you live in
    Shame the rest of your life….lastly you could’ve been one of the great ones…..

  41. Shame on you Mitt Romney.
    How dare you voted against this President who has accomplished so much for ” The People ” of the U.S.A. What a bitter hateful man you are. Start working for the Democratic Party you will fit in good with them. They are liars, hateful, manipulating human beings. I am Proud to say I will vote for Donald Trump again in 2020. He is one of the greatest. Presidents in my time.
    P.S. I am happy you left Ma. we do not need your kind.

  42. UTAH NEEDS TO FIND A WAY TO GET RID OF the rotten, evil, hateful, jealous, insane, no good idiot Romney. I do not understand how the people in Utah could have voted for this creep. Send him packing as soon as possible!!!

  43. Both these men suffer from the Benedict Arnold syndrome. Remember he was once s great American Admiral, but was jealous of those promoted over him, so he turned back to the enemy. Sane ad McCain snd Romney.

  44. I never liked Mitt Romney, never supported him in either if his attempts ag the presidency. The man comes across as untrustworthy, and has proven that he is. I wonder if he really dislikes Trump or the Demonrats have found the skeletons in his closet?

  45. Romney is a great example of there being more HORSES ASSES than HORSES.

  46. What do you expect from Romney, he belongs to a false religion that doesn’t accept Jesus as (GOD in the flesh) the way and the only way to eternal life with GOD in heaven.
    “If the blind leadeth the blind…………….”

  47. Too late for that… LOL

  48. Amen 100 %. He should just exit gracefully with his head high up and with his integrity still intact and not become the laughing stock of everybody.

  49. Exactly what I was going to suggest! Great minds find the same solutions!

  50. PAST TIME TO VOTE HIM OUT AND SEND HIM PACKING! … You know this man still HAD a shot at becoming PRESIDENT until he Back-Stabbed the current PRESIDENT. Therefore, he has proven he is not intelligent enough to put personal differences aside for the good of the Country. AGAIN, VOTE HIM OUT AND SEND HIM HOME. It’s over dude.

  51. President Trump is right. Romney is a pompous ass. He is also a phony and a RINO! I knew Romney would not beat Obama because he was too arrogant and saw himself as above reproach. I did vote for Romney because I could never vote for Obama. Thank God for President Trump and everything he is doing for our country. He is not a globalist like phony Romney who is trying to stay relevant.

  52. Romney is the consummate RINO. The Dems may not need Romney but they will soon be wooing him to get his support in the Senate when they try to push their impeachment hoax in that arena. The Republicans/GOP need to stand together or the Democrats will romp all over them like they did in what was once the great state of California, now known as the cess pool of the nation (very, very sad). America does not need the Socialist Democrats in charge. They are in the process of destroying California and will do the same to our entire nation, if given that opportunity! One accomplishment of Trump, that no one has given him credit for yet, is bringing out the “true” Democratic agenda. As this impeachment hoax moves forward, the true hateful nature of our Democratic leadership is coming out (the “I do not care about America, I am just in it for “the money and the power” nature) and all of America is watching. Romney is just another pawn for them to use when they need him. and he is just fool enough to do what they want when that happens.

  53. Romney is a traitor, Utah voters will kick him out at mid term.

  54. That Carpetbagger. He woul NEVER have been elected to the Senate if he wasn’t a money bag forthe Mormon Church. he is a RINO. Heis a whiner, and a phony…using an alias to TWEET. Coward.

  55. Thank God every day that stupid, jealous, dummy, stupid, idiot, disrespectful, hateful, disgraceful, Romney will NEVER be president.

  56. If Romney fought Obozo as hard as he fought Trump he might have won…..I voted for him but now realize that he and Paul RINO were LOSERS……If Paul RINO ever runs for higher office…I’ll stay home….and if he runs against Tulsi Gabbard…I’ll vote for Gabbard….and I’ve never voted for a DemoRat in my long life…..

  57. HMMMMM! . . . Romney the RINO! Fits, doesn’t it? has a nice “RING” to it. He’s NOT to be TRUSTED, just like the REST of the Democrats. Team Trump and his allies 2020 – KAGA (Keep America Great Again).

  58. Sorry to say I worked for Romney’s campaign in New Hampshire in his run against Obama. He is not a good man–RINO–and should be ashamed of himself. Glad Utah voters see him for what he is–traitor to Republicans and to America.

  59. Romney is a power hungery, petty, little whiner and isn’t worth squat. He’s blatantly jealous that Trump got elected when he couldn’t. I got a bad feeling about him when he ran in 2012 and he has proven my gut feeling right, whats a real shame is how he bamboozled the people of Utah and got himself elected to the senate


  61. And he calls himself a Christian . So like Satan before his fall. Get him out ASAP!

  62. Coming from Mass what the hell would you expect from this lib piece of shit?

  63. Romeny should go home and retire and do what he does best, NOTHING

  64. Mr. Romney has now placed himself in a position where no one would ever be able to trust him, and without trust. he is most certainly lost! It is my prayer (and others’) that he resign his position! He has clearly established himself as untrustworthy!

  65. Romney is a disgrace to himself and his family. He is a loser, Sad way to end hisl career.

  66. Romney, the Jekyll and Hyde of the Senate!
    Ashamed to say I voted for him. 😐

  67. Get rid of this traitor!!!! the good people of utah must be embarrassed.

  68. Romney’s only concern is Romney. I can not believe the people of Utah fell for him. He pulled a Hillary. Run in a state that has the best chance success. If he cared about the people he would of ran for the senate in state which he was governor. Romney filled his pockets and moved on.

  69. Romney, you are a yellow bellied sore loser!!! Utah, vote him out!!!

  70. Mitt the big damn LOSER & cry baby!!

  71. Who gives a damn a damn aout Obama!!another phony like the rest of the dumborat party!!!!

  72. Have a MID-TERM RECALL ELECTION and send his ass back where he came from. Utah should not be stuck with him.

  73. Romney is a “Backstabber!”
    Trump supported him when he ran for President and now he is not only stabbing him but turning the knife too.

  74. Romney is a traitor to the Republicans like Macain. I hope his state will vote the traitor out. He is jealous of Trumps success . OUST HIM!

  75. Have a MID-TERM RECALL ELECTION and send his ass back where he came from. Utah should not be stuck with him.

  76. Let him rot in a cage like the skunk he is. NO cocktail parties, BBQ… NOTHING. Isolate him, wrap him in duct tape and stuff him in the A/C vents. He ain’t worth spit. Not even good enough to join the opposition/resisters. RIH.

  77. Romney said he was there to carry on what McCain had started. We all know he voted so many times with the Democrats. I as a American citizen can’t believe what is going on in this country.. I am ashamed of the Democrats they don’t care about anything but power. All these promises no way to pay for them but nothing on how to keep this country safe and good health care. I have missed it if they are talking about how to take care of our veterans the very ones. keeping us safe. When in the world did we get to the point one man has so much power. I have always believed it was the people of this country they were working for. To give this power to one man we all know who has hated Trump from day one. Good God think of this country and remember who gets in you will have to live with it just like all the Trump voters. Life as you know it will be gone.

  78. Romney is a fake and a RINO he is a disgrace to Utah

  79. Why do Rino’s think it is the ticket to the promised land to suck up to the liberal media, I didn’t understand it with McCain and then Romney.

  80. As a Utahn and as someone who has always supported Mitt Romney, my disappointment in him is huge!! He is an embarrassment to this state.

    I did not support Trump, but since 5 minutes after his election, he has been the biggest, most positive surprise.

    Thank you, President Trump for delivering!

    Shame on you Mitt Romney for not! You need to Unite with your fellow Republicans to stop this ridiculous impeachment!

  81. He deserves what he gets then some!

  82. There is no Party for him

  83. He hung himself. Made his true person know and buried himself.

  84. Plain, blind HATE is a poor substitute for the President who buried the hatchet and SUPPORTED him in his Senate drive. “By their ACTIONS shall you know them!!”

  85. Romney had to lose to Obama so he actually threw the race using lackluster points and energy in their last presidential debate.
    His reason is that the disaster Romneycare in Massachussetts was costing taxpayers 7.5 times what he said it would. Romney needed Romneycare to go away with the implementation of Obamacare but Obamacare wasn’t yet in full force so he could get any deniability.
    Romney actually sent his MA health people to help Obama craft Obamacare using Romneycare as a template!

  86. Romney is a Rino and want-a-be President thank God he was rejected because the man is a coward!!

  87. They have more in common than that. They are both self serving slugs. Funny nothing was mentioned regarding Romney’s alter ego on Twitter, Pierre Delecto. The man is like all left wing loons. He is a clown.

  88. He will always be Mitt the Mutt. A NOBODY!

  89. In many western countries the word Romney is allied to a particular breed of sheep These sheep are well known for the inclination to sulk when things don’t go there way. Maybe there is a parallel Here ?

  90. So Romney and Hillary share at least one thing in common and that they both lost twice in Presidential election processes. Neither will except responsibility for there losses.

  91. He needs to realize he is the one who lost to Obama.

  92. Come voting time Utah needs to make sure he’s out!

  93. He is another sore loser! Too bad when your party turns against you!

  94. Romney is past tense!

  95. Romney is not Republican! He is the enemy. The voters should throw him out.

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