Romney Has Become Never Trumper #1

Isn’t it strange how quickly the media can turn on a particular issue or even a person? One minute someone is a hero, an all-American, and a great businessman. And yet in just a few hours, weeks, or even years, that same person is suddenly a racist, a bigot, and downright abusive human being.

For President Donald Trump, the change was quick and absolute, with no turning back. The very minute he announced his candidacy for president in 2015, he became an object of ire for the left and all who stood with them. No longer was he an ingenious business giant with the guts to do what was needed. Now and forever, he will be seen as the enemy, plain and simple.

The change for Senator and former 2012 presidential candidate Mitt Romney has happened rather quickly as well. Only it is in reverse.

When Mitt announced his candidacy for the 2012 race against President Barack Obama, he, like Trump, become someone the left could hate. They drummed up all sorts of stories about him, painting in a less than favorable light.

And yet it seems his luck with the media has suddenly changed as of late.

He now has a “wholesomeness” and “old-fashioned civic starchiness” that remind us of the late and great days of the GOP, of a simpler and less “vulgar” time, as The Atlantic’s McKay Coppins wrote. Even his newfound “secret identity” as Pierre Delecto can rain on the parade the left is throwing for him.


Because he is officially Never Trumper #1.

Since his return to politics and the senate in January, the Utah congressman has made it quite apparent that he is not a fan of the president. And his actions in Congress, if nothing else, prove that. He has consistently fought Trump on several issues, putting himself squarely on any side that opposes our leader.

In addition, he has begun to lash out at the president via the press, Twitter, and other social media platforms. He has even insinuated that if Trump is re-elected, he may leave the Republican Party, as he could no longer in good faith agree with the direction it is heading.

And this has earned him the full respect of the progressive left who is now putting him up a pedestal for all to see. While he may still currently be a Republican, he is someone they can show off as an example of what a real right-winger should look like, as opposed to Trump. As if they would even know. They want us to believe that secretly they admire Romney and his type, even if they don’t agree wholeheartedly with him on all issues.

So does that mean that we are just supposed to forget about all the things they said about him a mere seven years ago? Seven years ago, his “47 percent” was seen as just as racist as Trump is.

After all, he was the white Republican trying to take the White House from America’s first black President. It seemed that every time he spoke out against Obama, it was somehow deemed as racist. As Alex Kane’s “Nine most racist moments of the 2012 election” pointed out, “Romney has been touring the country and spouting this totally false talking point: that President Obama has gutted the work requirement by President Clinton’s welfare reform.”

But according to others, his lies about the entitlement programs were not the only thing racist. Even talking about them, or Obama’s birthplace made him and entire campaign racist.

He was also labeled as a dog-abuser during his 2012 campaign. It found out that nearly 30 years before his presidential race, Romney put the family dog in a specially designed dog carrier that was attached to the roof of his car for a trip to Canada. But the media turned that as well.

HuffPost wrote, “When Mitt Romney strapped his Irish setter to the roof of his car is 1983 and drove all the way to Canada as the dog defecated in fear, he couldn’t have guessed his decision would follow him for decades…”

He was “unconcerned” about human life as well. In 2012, Politico reported that a woman died after not being able to receive healthcare because Romney and Bain shut down a plant and cost her husband his job.

Now, however, in “more vulgar times, there is a certain appeal to the senator’s wholesomeness.”

What? Talk about hypocritical.

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  6. Right on! Wish I had not supported him & what’s his name (escapes me at the moment—guess he was not too important).

  7. I don’t think I can add anything more about Mitt Romney than has already been stated in the above reply messages, other than the utter disgust that I feel for this person ( I would say man but that is too much of a compliment to give him). I am a life long Utahan of 70 years and never have I seen the likes of Mitt Romney in this state. I do realize that he lived in and politically grew up in the east so what can we expect from such a politicians views, but its his actions that are so appalling . I am so disappointed that he ever came back to Utah, and disgusted that he was elected as a Senator from Utah , it is totaling embarrassing for true conservative Republicans to know that he is listed as one. All I can say is go Romney, go to your true leaders, the Democrats and hope you sink with them.

  8. I’m ashamed I voted for the jerk and his butt buddy Ryan, another RINO…I have since become a never Romney and damn sure never Ryan either….I didn’t want to see Obama get back in, that’s my only excuse, but it was a lost cause anyway….We survived his being president, but barely, and America is still suffering from it….Trump is the best President America has had for years, has saved the Republic and is still fighting for Americans of all races and beliefs…I’m an Army vet…..I served for this reason….Liberty and Freedom above all…Thank you President Trump.

  9. Romney, aka Pierre Delecto, has become the new Hillary Clinton, except more feminine.

  10. I wish he would fall off one of his wives horses and break his neck

  11. Romney is the grandson of the man who ran the plagymy branch of the mormon church until poncho viva ran them out of mexico. Then the mormon church paid for all of them to move to idaho. Then set is a grandad ul with a huge construction company. They then set his dad up as an executive in american motors and finally set Romney up with his own company bain capital.

    Romney is a whore that doesnt even know who all his family members are. He could be married to his sister for all he knows.


  13. Pretty much. He may get out of the Republican Party because no Republican will vote for him ever again.


  15. Romney is the worst kind of RINO he is a cesspool dweller, and we the DEPLORABLE ONES are reminded of a scripture quote that fits this creature–A WORM AND NO MAN.” God Bless President Trump. #KAG

  16. That’s too nice a description for that satanic creep!

  17. You can’t fix stupid – which is why he was NOT elected in 2012.

  18. Early onset dementia??

  19. Romney has a mangina and does not have the balls to join with a true leader, our President!

  20. how could so many many true conservatives not see this coming. like mccain before him, a spineless backbiter. romney was the candidate the dnc chose for us. he is everything the dnc wants in a republican candidate. glad to be there and why even try to win. romney would have lost all his slimeball friends in the dnc if he had won. a jelly fish has more backbone than little wool mittens.

  21. Pee in the air collecto. Is yellow. Stinks, and a coward. Disgrace to to his Mormon religion . A cry baby , whimpering. He’s no better than the other loser Hillary. Narcist , loves himself, needs attention !

  22. Me too!! What a wasted vote!!

  23. Willard Mitt Romney , doesn’t like his first name thusly doesn’t like himself , he is addicted too dying and losing situations where limitation and suffering is his theme ofvthe day !!!!
    People of Utah should impeach him as a fraud Rino makes them look disgraceful anti Republican , he and Ryan choked in their election attempt !!! Romney looks like Nixon !!!

  24. Judas. That’s the best name for him. I really wasted my vote for Judas in 2012. He is a disgrace to his Mormon faith.

  25. Certainly, one of MY biggest disappointments – I’m sure the President’s Personal life has been incomprehensible to men such as Romney and Ryan – however, out in the real world, I am sure both of them have worked with folks whose personal moral code did not match their own. The president is crass, brassy, quick to hit back at any personal criticism, – and yet has shown enormous strength in not simply throwing in the towel and giving it all back to the crew – liberals, upper echelon of FBI with abetting of CIA and NSA, dems who got control of House, but were not helpful even as the minority party and most of all the Fourth Estate. The latter is supposed to be fair and not the spokespersons and Chief Abettors of the liberal (or any other political ilk) philosophy! I have never seen such vitriol with things happening such as some of the rest of NATO allies paying their share of their own defense, a roaring economy, especially for the middle class – tax break, which DID benefit us, lowest unemployment in a while, lowest number of unemployed in decades, and for once, including the Black and Hispanic communities and wages making a move up – finally. None of that matters with them and it would seem on CNN and MSNBC and main stream channels, they pay scant attention to any of that and simply talk on and on , on their so- called News Programs about the president’s latest tweet and/or they are giving an entirely negative report about that was actually a great accomplish. They are supposed to be educated, thinking folks, so I’m not sure how they can keep doing that with a straight face. As for Romney, even though I get that he differs in how he has led his personal life, it didn’t keep him from asking for Trump’s support in HIS run for president – come on, republican politicians, do you actually want to turn this country over to a Socialist candidate and the likes of Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi?? Nothing more scary in my lifetime.

  26. That’s to Nice################################ Commie Bas###

  27. He certainly is what is wrong with America. He should join the SQUAD so he has a place that he fits in as a Liberal Lunatic. He probably is working to oust Trump thinking he could slip into the presidency BUT IT AIN’T GONNA HAPPEN YOU LOONY LIBERAL ROMNEY. As a Utahan, I am truly ashamed that he even claims to be from Utah, when he really isn’t really from Utah, I agree we do have some savory characters but Romney is the WORST. Anyone who doesn’t respect the President of the US is a big loser with no brains or loyality to our country.

  28. Romney is the lowest of low. He is obsessed with trying to please his wife since she has never let it go that he did not get elected. So, he is trying to find peace by doing what he is doing to Trump and the Republican part. He is a loser and will never be more than that along with his wife is a loser in that she was stupid enough to marry him. Just ask the people of Utah what they think of him. They want him and and would get rid of him if they could. Too back you can just shoot ignorant politicians like you do rabid dogs.

  29. He is so angry that he didn’t get elected President he can’t accept that Trump did. It was supposed to be him because, in his mind, he is far superior. All ego!

  30. Nothing new to see here. Romney has always been a back stabbing bitch and the Left has always been lying, cheating ,hypocrites. Now they can add communists to their resume.

  31. Romney is a scumbag I hope he changes his political party sooner than later. He must be in cahoots with the deep state. See you later turn coat>

  32. Utah….WAKE UP ! Romney will only destroy your beautiful state… him out!

  33. President Trump will be re-elected because he is a true American who loves this country and its people. I believe God appointed him to lead our country–so Go ahead, Mr. Romney, leave the Republican Party and the Senate, as you could no longer in good faith agree with the direction it is heading. We Americans are so disappointed in you. Go home.

  34. Romney is not aRepublicac he is a liberal socialist Comunist domocrat. Run as a democrat and Comunist.

  35. and I voted for the SOB

  36. I would NEVER VOTE for Romney. He is a RINO.

    He will do or say anything to get what he wants.


  38. This guy is what is wrong with America.

  39. Romney is never going to get over this betrayal!

  40. Romney is a Judas Turn Coat, A fabricator of truth, a jealous Senator who doesn’t have the ability or guts to stand up like a Man and tell the Liberals to go stick their heads up their own assholes, and leave America alone. He’s does Just like Obama did, he kisses foreign leaders asses and give them American Tax payers money to Build up ISIS, Like Iran, plus he is related thru marriage to some high muckiest muck in Irans Government. What a disgraceful Senator.

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