Fact Check: Image is Not What it Appears

Over the past several months the dumb Democrats have become proficient at posting fake pictures of themselves and others around them. They have tried to use photos of kids in cages to get people to believe that President Trump is cruel and mean. When the truth was told the photos were from the Obama era. The pictures only proved how cruel the Democrats are. Ocasio-Cortez tried to use pictures of her crying over the detention centers only to be exposed as a fake fraud. Should it surprise the nation that the dumb Democrats are trying to use a photo of soldiers being moved from Syria crying as they are ordered to leave.

The picture showed up on Facebook that shows three soldiers from America that are said to be crying because the president ordered them out of Syria. The old saying that “a picture is worth a thousand words” really does not fit in this case. People can interpret a picture in any way that they want to. If the Democrats wanted to make people believe a certain story about an event all they have to do is find a picture that portrays what they want people to believe. The truth of the matter is that it is still a lie. To make people believe something that is not true about a picture is lying to the public.

The picture had the caption “The results of Trump’s betrayal.” This statement is from a person that hates President Trump. And what is misleading is that the picture is actually from a different war and a different time. When the facts check the picture is from 2011 which would be the Kuwait war. So not only is the caption fake but so is the picture. It’s a sad day when the dumb Democrats lie to the public and post false pictures. No wonder many people do not trust the Democrats when they open their mouths.

The original post has been shared on Facebook since October 17. The soldiers are shown hanging their heads and weeping over the order to pull out of the area. The facts do not lie but the Democrats do. Soldiers are trained to obey orders no matter how they may feel about them. But this sick person decided to post a fake picture with a caption that lied the following “U.S. soldiers on the ground in Syria seen crying and visibly shaken saying they could stop this in 10 minutes but Trump won’t let them.” The person wanted people to believe that they were shaken over the order to leave. The person wanted people to believe that President Trump was not letting them do their job.

A soldier’s job is to obey the orders that they are given. They are not to be a rogue force sold out on solving the problems of the world. The facts are that President Trump does not want American troops in harm’s way. The truth is that the president did not want them anywhere near Syria knowing that the Turkish military was about to attack Syria. American lives would have been caught in a crossfire. It would have been disastrous for them. The move by Turkey to attack the Syrians is one of desperation and is not something that Trump can endorse.

An analysis of the photo proves that the troops are not anywhere near Syria but rather in Kuwait. Some stupid people took the picture and tried to pass it off as a genuine photo of troops crying over Syria. None of the troops that came from Syria were in tears when they left. They were in full support of pulling out or face the possibility of being killed.

The picture has the following history behind it “Soldiers from the 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 1st Cavalry Division rest while waiting to pack their weapons for shipment back to the United States at Camp Virginia, Kuwait December 19, 2011. The 3rd Brigade, 1st Cavalry Division was the last U.S. Military unit to depart Iraq and is processing to return to Fort Hood, Texas.” It has nothing to do with what the liar from the Democratic Party was trying to pass off as truth.

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  1. Doesn’t surprise me in the least! The dimocrats haven’t always been like this, but, when they kicked God out of their party, when Obama was running for a 2nd term, the devil moved right in, & took over. And, they’ve steadily grown worse, til we have the demons trying to run the show. It’s scary, but, with God’s help, we CAN overcome!

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