Oh, Brother: ‘The Squad’ Announces Who They Are Endorsing for President

When Sen Bernie Sanders, I-Vermont, a candidate for president, suffered a heart attack, the consensus among political pundits was that his presidential campaign was all but over.  At 78 years old, he is very close to the average life expectancy of the average American male. He would be, by far, the oldest person to be elected president. His chances of surviving a term in the Oval Office, especially considering his heart condition, would seem to be problematic. Sen Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass, seemed to be the rising star of the far left of the Democratic Party.

That was then and this is now. For one thing, Sanders turned in a vigorous performance during the October Democratic presidential debate. For another thing, the elderly senator is getting an endorsement from a group of politicians that exemplify the trend of young, radical Democrats who are pushing the envelope in pushing what they call “democratic socialism.

According to Fox News, Rep Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, D-New York, Rep Ilhan Omar, D-Minn, and Rep. Rashida Tlaib, D-Mich, are endorsing Sanders for president. The three young members of the so-called “Squad” of radical, women of color members of Congress are making common cause with the white, Jewish, elderly senator to advance a socialist agenda and, they hope, place him in the Oval Office.

The endorsements are happening separately. Over the weekend, AOC is going to appear with Bernie at a “Bernie’s Back” rally in Queens, New York. Omar and Tlaib may or may not appear with their political godfather at the event.

Sanders posted a tweet that quoted Omar’s endorsement.

“I am so proud to endorse Senator Bernie Sanders for president. Senator Bernie Sanders is the only candidate that has built a movement and continues to build a movement that transcends gender, ethnicity, religion.”

The Fox story suggests that the endorsement of three members of the Squad will have at least two effects on the race for the Democratic nomination for president. “The endorsements would be a significant blow to the campaign of Sen. Elizabeth Warren, who, like Sanders, has been representing the party’s progressive wing.”

The endorsements will also attract several younger voters to Sanders’ cause. He will need them because he has been lagging in the polls as of late, far below both Warren, who is 70, and former Vice President Joe Biden, who is 76.

The Washington Examiner suggests that the endorsements will complicate Elizabeth Warren’s efforts to lock down her front runner status and, ultimately, the nomination. Warren will have to unite that Democratic Party’s establishment and radical wings if she hopes to get the nomination, not to speak of winning the general election. But with Sanders getting a new lease on life, she may not be able to stray too far away from socialist dogma.

On the other hand, Sanders faces an immense barrier to gaining the presidency. According to City Journal, the ten-year cost of all of his promises, including Medicare for All and his version of the Green New Deal, would approach $100 trillion. The extra spending would be matched by an unprecedented increase in taxes. Both spending and taxes would dwarf those of the most generous social democracies in Europe.

Sanders dismisses these fears, suggesting that a combination of economic growth (in a socialist economy?) and cost savings as a result of his programs (run by the government) will make up the difference. But City Journal ran the numbers and has found that they come up short by at least $90 billion. All of that free stuff is not so free after all.

Still. what Bernie and his younger acolytes lack in math skills, they more than make up in passion. Recently, Sanders offered the ultimate insult to Elizabeth Warren coming from a socialist. He called her a “capitalist,” which some have found to be strange since most of her campaign has consisted of bashing private business.

People who write about politics find Bernie’s forthright advocacy of positions that, in times past, politicians ran away from to be quite charming. Sanders cannot be accused of hedging or shading. What you see is what you get. In the view of most, he has achieved a frightening degree of political success as a result.

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  5. they just want to take over when he passes

  6. true the all need to be shipped back to the hell from whence they came

  7. do not for anything these idiots say

  8. who care what the squawk says or does as they will be gone next year after elections and so will commie bernie as they all feel the burn.

  9. Actually, the last thing the so-called squad wants is a Jew in charge anywhere, They are confirmed Muslims and Muslim sympathizers.

  10. Actually, the last thing ‘the Squad’ wants is a Jew in charge anywhere. They are Muslims and Muslim sympathizers by their own statements. Muslims want a Muslim World Caliphate, and its far more likely that the coming world leader will be Muslim. Ignore chants of “Islamophobia”, there is nothing irrational about fearing a Muslim World Caliphate.

  11. Bernie, you and the squad of four want a Jewish Hitler, Bernie as Hitler, Omar, Tlaib, Pressley and AOC, the big Hitler four, kill all Jews.

  12. Why bother.
    Who ever they pick, In my opinion is not an American patriot.
    Haven’t they had a prosperous life of freedom and wealth. Not
    to mention being able to make their own decisions not following
    manufactured hate by someone else. Has any one of them really
    said why they do not like President Trump? Do any of the anti
    gun individuals been asked if they or family member own a gun?

  13. LOL, who cares who they endorse or what else comes out of their ridiculous mouths..

  14. Oh Bernie, if you ever had a chance of winning the Presidency, YOU HAVE LOST YOUR CHANCE NOW WITH THE ‘SQUAD’ endorsing you. Good Luck with that, they are worse than Hitler-y was and you know how she kicked you out on your rear-end.

  15. yall are out of your minds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Dear God, I hope and pray that man is not elected president or hopefully he will pass onto to another life before the election. Just watching him speak with all the gestures makes me nauseous

  17. Those squad women are lunatics. They hate this country. AOC needs to go back to New York and the rest to the countries they came from. They are idiots and are tearing their party apart.

  18. Their vote, no DOUBT, will hurt their candidate because of their EXTREME (and senselessly STUPID) stand on ALL things which I LIKE! That means that there may NOT be a DEMOCRAT in ANY race that will win ANYTHING, which is fine with me . . . Team Trump and his allies 2020 – KAGA (Keep America Great Again).

  19. How the nut job squad giving their endorsement would help any candidate get a bump in the polls is beyond me or any thinking voter. The radical twits are an embarrassment to the Damn-no-Rats and the great country we live in. President Trump has done more good for this country than the Damn-no-Rats could ever hope to do. Please help our country remain great and vote these Damn-no-Rats out of office and to give our President another four years in office. I don’t agree with everything he says or does, but he is fighting for every one of us, even the idiot Damn-no-Rats.

  20. What happened to the African-American member of “The Squad”? Did they ban her and how racist is that? Or did she move to the right so is no longer welcome in their gang?


  22. Has the Squad been drug tested?

  23. the SQUAD are nothing but AMERICA hate’rs who could give a shit about less about AMERICA they think they have the power to change AMERICA to a third world country but that will never happen true AMERICANS will make sure we stay a GOD loving country;;I just hope and pray when 2020 comes we take back AMERICA from these hate’rs the people in their districts need to look deep in their hearts to see them for what they are””””””””””’AMERICA HATE’RS””’GOD BLESS AMERICA

  24. I’m surprised they didn’t endorse one of their own squad members.

  25. Demoncrat Socialism and all people who want it should be deported. These people represent the enemies of Our great country and are trying to destroy it from within.
    The strategy by the Islamic groups is to infiltrate and conquer countries by gradually entering government positions and indoctrinating people by offering what they want to hear. It’s a slow process but has worked for them in other countries. This is by far the most evil war we ever faced because you can’t fight the very citizens you want to protect. This brainwashing is like a cancer and keeps growing and eating the very fiber of freedom. In some states they even teach their false beliefs in public schools. The very public education that cry separation of real church and state. We are facing a real evil an people better be prepared for WHATS coming.

  26. No big surprise. Sanders is an anti-American socialist and so are they.

  27. The squad just shot Sanders.

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