Pettiness Continues With Whistleblower Attorneys Offering Discounts

Can the Democrats be any more obvious about their desperation to get dirt on President Trump? The attorneys of the whistleblowers have stooped to an all-time low with offering discounted rates on legal representation.

The law firm responsible for representing the whistleblower at the center of the impeachment proceedings with Trump over the Ukraine scandal has been offering discounted pricing on legal representation for anyone who will come forward as a Trump administration informant.

It doesn’t bode well for the whole “political bias” aspect of the whistleblower when the law firm founder’s Twitter account is filled with anti-Trump posts. Andrew Bakaj has countless tweets showing his hate for the president, including advocating that Trump cabinet members invoke the 25th amendment of the Constitution regarding competency issues. The 25th amendment would make it possible to remove the commander-in-chief should the president be “unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office.” However, clearly there aren’t any cabinet members within the Trump administration looking to come forward with such a charge.

Bakaj is the one responsible for founding the Compass Rose Legal Group – and they are the ones representing the whistleblower regarding Trump’s phone call with the president of Ukraine. Bakaj has also worked with a number of Democrats and was even an intern for Hillary Clinton.

According to Bakaj, he is representing multiple whistleblowers. What we know about at least one whistleblower, however, is that they received their information secondhand and show political bias – which isn’t surprising considering who their senior counsel is.

The Compass Rose Legal Group (CLG) has issued a number of tweets that identify the “seriousness of the situation” and are offering dropped rates to White House staff that may be contemplating disclosures. Their tweets are extremely difficult to read, abbreviating many basic words, which shows that they are either making it hard for people to understand exactly what they are offering or they don’t understand how Twitter works regarding the ability to use over 200 characters.

The law firm has been offering discounts for Trump administration informants since February 2017 – the start of Trump’s presidency. They even cofounded a small nonprofit known as Whistleblower Aid to actively seek out whistleblowers to try to take down President Trump. If this sounds a bit shady and back-handed, it’s because it is.

Republicans have every right to question the validity of the whistleblower considering that the law firm likely sought out the person in order to give the Dems a reason to enact the impeachment articles. The whistleblower, too, never heard the call that the President was on with the President of Ukraine. All of their information is through second-hand sources. This begs the question of whether we can rely on anything that they have to share.

The law firm has also constantly reminded federal employees that their loyalty is to the Constitution and not to an individual. This is their way of saying that they don’t owe any kind of loyalty to Trump. However, The House Dems may need to be reminded of their loyalty to the Constitution as well since they have been on a witch hunt for Trump since he first took office. They haven’t remained loyal to the Constitution because of their hate for Trump.

It’s hard to see how the law firm is able to take a bipartisan view to everything when Bakaj has interned for Clinton and even Senator Chuck Schumer. He has even referred to President Trump as “President Drumpf.” There’s no way that he can provide proper representation of the whistleblower without extreme political bias because it’s written all over his Twitter profile.

The firm, from the very beginning of the Trump presidency, has actively sought out whistleblowers as opposed to waiting for them to come forward. Whistleblower Aid has said that the “Republic is under threat.” With all of their Democrat links and far-left ties, it shows that the law firm is making a mockery of the constitution. They can tweet all they want about the 25th amendment and helping to stay true to the American government. However, they cannot stay neutral about the president and, therefore, should have nothing to do with the impeachment.

Republicans everywhere shouldn’t be worried about Trump being impeached. If Dems are depending on the whistleblower and this law firm to be what they need to get the impeachment carried through, they should have chosen someone who clearly has had it out for the Republican Party and Trump since day one of the man taking office.

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