Former CIA Director’s Back Against the Wall, Says His Character Has Been Assassinated

The House Dems stopped being nice a long time ago. Now, they’ll drag anyone’s name through the mud in order to get the answers that they seek. The most recent victim is John Brennan, the former CIA director. He’s had his entire character assassinated by the Dems as they want answers about what has been going on.

Brennan has testified in front of a House intelligence committee hearing to discuss any actions that Russians could have taken within the 2016 presidential election.

Republicans continue to want to know the truth about how the Obama intelligence community has been spying on the Trump campaign. They’re also wondering if the spying was outsourced to countries such as Italy, the UK, or even Australian.

Attorney General William Barr has asked Connecticut Attorney General John Durham to investigate all of this. However, at the heart of it all is John Brennan – and any role he may have played within the Trump-Russia investigation.

Chuck Todd interviewed Brennan on NBC and identified how he’s been put through the wringer. Todd identified that his character has been completely assassinated.

Brennan, who hates Trump to his core, was the first one to point the finger back at Trump. He called Trump dishonest and the one who birthed the conspiracy theory about Obama being involved in the entire 2016 Russian presidential election scandal. He believes that Trump has fabricated everything and that Republican Senators are terrified of the president. He also calls Trump a bully and said he’s “being pillared as an example of the deep state.”

Todd bathed Brennan with the kind of sympathy that he was looking for, hoping that he could sit on national TV and lick his wounds. Todd explained that a number of people have been criticizing Brennan for speaking out and trying to defend himself. He also asked about whether the FBI and CIA had the ability to protect America.

This is when Brennan decided to talk about his “obligation” as a former senior US official to call Trump out for lying to the American public. He’d like to see some of the Republican senators push back against the “disinformation” that is being spread. He says it’s because of the dishonesty that so many Americans are confused.

It’s hard to see what Brennan’s end game is, however. As someone who is a self-proclaimed Trump-hater, it’s difficult to see how he’s able to say anything without a significant amount of political bias. Brennan hates Trump so much that he can’t see any good that the president has done nor can he understand how other Republicans are able to go along with him.

Brennan talks about how there’s so much false information out there. While he’s right – the Dems have been spreading it the moment that Trump got into office – he fails to point out the direction in which the false information is coming from.

Brennan even goes as far as calling certain Senators out for being “putty” in Trump’s hands, including Senator Ron Johnson.

Brennan has made himself public enemy number one. While it’s easy for him to say that he’s gone through a full character assassination, he has brought it on himself. He is the one pointing fingers and calling the country corrupt because of the leadership of one person. Senators are not living in fear of Trump. If they truly felt as though he was not capable of running the country, they would go along with the impeachment proceedings of the House.

The former CIA director questions whether the United States is a democracy at this point in town if there is an autocrat in power. According to Brennan, there’s a significant amount of political instability that is consuming the government under the leadership of Trump. He questions whether there is the ability to handle things on the domestic front or in terms of national security.

While Brennan is certainly doing a lot of talking, he’s only shedding a brighter spotlight on himself. He’s managing to assassinate his own character by talking so much about something that doesn’t even make sense. There’s no way that everyone on Capitol Hill would stand by and let a corrupt individual run the country into the ground.

The only thing Brennan was able to prove during the interview with Todd is that he’s a raving mad Trump-hater who is taking his 15 minutes of fame to try to take down the President of the United States. He has no faith in the House or the Senate to do their job. Meanwhile, justice will be served where it is due.

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