Is Cannibalism The New Climate Approach AOC Is Touting?

Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez held a town hall event in Corona, New York. There were a lot of conversations about climate control. Then, during the Q&A, it showed just how well AOC can attract the crazies.

One woman said that she loves that AOC supports the Green Deal but that “we only have a few months left.” She suggested that the Representative’s next campaign read: “Save the planet. Eat the children.”

The women continued, talking that getting rid of fossil fuel isn’t going to help the situation fast enough. She believes that “we got to start eating babies.” She launched into ideas of bombing Russian but also that there are too many people and simply too much pollution. Her solution is to get rid of the babies since that’s the biggest problem. Even if people stopped having babies, that won’t be enough. Her solution is to eat the babies.

AOC looked as uncomfortable as one could be during the situation. At no point did she condemn the woman or say that it wasn’t the solution. The only thing that she did was take to Twitter following the situation to say that there was a “woman in crisis” and wanted to treat the situation with compassion.

AOC also knew that the woman’s antics would bring out the Republicans in full force. She was right. There was no way that the right-wing media was going to let this go. It was a feeding frenzy to talk about how this woman shared an idea that was not immediately condemned.

Since the New York Representative fails to communicate to crowds when she’s forced into a corner, she sends tweets. If she were to suddenly have her Twitter handle deactivated, she’d become mute. She said that the woman “may” be suffering from a mental condition and that we shouldn’t mock her. She told people to knock it off and “be a decent human being.”

The problem is that AOC cannot follow her own advice. There have been plenty of situations where she hasn’t been a decent human being. She has constantly talked in demeaning ways about the President of the United States and even some of her fellow House Dems because they don’t take the same extreme leftist approach to politics that she does.

While the whole “eat the babies” approach is to the highest level of extreme, it’s not too far off from what AOC sees as the utopia of the country. She follows the same political train of thought as Bernie Sanders. This Democratic Socialism is what many fear is the end of the US as we know it.

Sanders has talked heavily that in order to have climate control we need to have population control. That is why he is such a supporter of third-semester abortions. He feels that anything that anyone can do in order to reduce the population of the United States from growing, they should do it. Should he be elected to the White House, we would even like to provide foreign aid to third-world countries so that they can have abortion clinics.

With so many countries growing their population by two percent or more each and every year, there is the fear that there isn’t enough food or resources to sustain everyone for future generations.

Killing off people isn’t the way to accomplish this. The Democrats continue to show that they are a God-less group because only the God-less would be okay with abortions, particularly when it is in the third trimester when there is a viable fetus that can live outside of the womb. For the past few years, more and more Dems are showing that they are not religious. They are not God-fearing and, therefore, they’re okay with some of the more outrageous and downright frightening suggestions being made.

Kill the babies! Eat the babies! That’s what AOC allowed to be shouted at her rally. While they weren’t her words, she didn’t condemn them. Yes, the woman may have been mentally ill. Yes, AOC looked uncomfortable. However, AOC didn’t shut it down, either. She has yet to condemn that idea.

While the country isn’t likely to turn to cannibalism if a leftist Dem were to get into the Oval Office, it’s questionable of just how far off we would really be. If we’re going to kill the babies, where in the world do we stop? Reducing the population cannot possibly be the solution to climate control. The Dems need a significant shove to the right for mankind to be safe for future generations.

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  4. We really don’t know what is going through AOC’s HEAD until she changes the AIR in it. Shouldn’t take long . . . not much is in it. Team Trump and his allies 2020 – KAGA (Keep America Great again).

  5. First they want to take our guns to defend our families, and NOW they’re talking about eating our babies?? Oh Hell no!

  6. Maybe they should start is the squad.

  7. She (AOC) said that the woman “may” be suffering from a mental condition and that we shouldn’t mock her. She told people to knock it off and “be a decent human being.”
    Well geee, I wonder what could have sent this mentally unstable woman over the edge? could it be the people who shout Global Warming, the World will End in 12 Years, massive extinction event…That could not set off some unbalanced nut right?

    So I say we can tell all those wonderful self-sacrificing women who have abortions to wait at least until the 6th month – you know when the babies, oh, sorry, -lifeless fetuses- will have some meat on their bones and be ready for consumption. Then we can ship out all these babies- I mean, food sources, around the country to feed the Liberals. Then when they all die of Mad Cow/human disease the rest of us will end this process and be grateful for their sacrifice to save the planet!

    But when you think about it, Babies are probably not that big a meal and not really a good meat replacement- Maybe we should just go for adult Liberals (who of course will willingly sacrifice their bodies for the sake of saving the planet) and feed them to the children, after all we do need a next-generation and she is not thinking this plan through to the long term. So if we feed adult Liberals to the children, and these Libs will then also not give birth so we solve the problem of saving the planet and preventing future Dems/Liberal all at the same time!

    AOC is on the Menu folks!

  8. She is nuts. To eat the Children. It is crazy.

  9. Get that stupid,mentally sick towelhead BITCH out of our government NOW. She has no earthly right to even be in our country.Send that towelheaded bitch back to wherever she came from .She is nothing but a satan worker.

  10. O*&&^(*^& “RANDAL FLAG LOVERS”
    BY (Dare I Say) “LOKI~ING””

  11. I got a better idea about eat the babies. Since we hear all the time my body my choice and how the government supports wholesale slaughter of the unborn because of a “rights issue” and abortion is a law. Make another law to append that one. If you get an abortion, you are required to eat the fetus. We’ll see how my body my choice is important after that. We can call it the Donner family abortion law.

  12. Did they ever think of JUST KEEPING THEIR LEGS SHUT!



  15. SICK JUST DAMNED SICK she is a complete fool being lead by bigger FOOLS

  16. The New Demoncrat Fight Song: Eat those babies, eat those babies eat those babies , eat those babies, eat those babies, eat those babies !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. I don’t understand how this
    miserable idiotic scumbag
    is still allowed in this country,
    why hasn’t the communist dirty
    no account piece of crap been
    deported, how can someone
    want to eat babies, those idiots
    need to be put on a long roasting
    stick and put over a hot fire until
    they are well done then ship them
    back to where they came from,
    and make sure they are never allowed
    back in the U.S.A.

  18. I cant stand aoc but i dont like lies. She did not just nod when the woman was speaking…she handled this woman very carefully. I was impressed with the way she handled the lunatic. I doubt very many people would have stayed as calm as AOC.

  19. It was pure lunacy and AOC allowed it to continue. I’m believing she (AOC) was in concurrence, somewhat. Either way, it was disturbingly sad. I have no doubt it was an act but hey, the lass was convincingly crazy. And AOC stood by and let her rant. No condemnations, no attempts to interfere, no attempts to “talk over the top” of the “lunatic”. In fact, AOC even nervously smiled and nodded her head in affirmation to the “crazy lady” as folks escorted the “crazy lady” out of the room. Personally? I think this was a staged ruse by the “lunatic” but it was well played. Very well played. AOC took the bait hook, line, sinker.

    No condemnation of the vulgar, horrific ideas suggests AOC’s tacitly approving the idea, or at least isn’t condemning it and is keeping an open mind about it. Either way it was well played by the “lunatic”… very well played.

  20. This site is “Conservative and Free”. Why are my comments, which contain NO profanity, are always “waiting moderation”? This sounds more like a communist lefty site!!!

  21. I have something AOC can eat before I flush!!!!

  22. This child AOC continue to come up with comments that can make a gorilla
    laugh his head off. She has the skills to be a great comedian and nothing else.
    The people who put this child in Congress must be a mob of embezzles.

  23. This is how bad the dims are today!!!!!!! LORD, PLEASE HELP US!!!!!!

  24. It appears Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Has meet her match in ‘STUPIDITY’. AOC couldn’t wait to get out of the room after that flake spoke her mind or what little of it! I hope AOC went home and thought real hard about what was said to her in regards to eating babies? I would hope she reflected on herself asking the question.? Do I sound as nutty as that?

  25. the socialist party should be ,moved to a commie county

  26. Schiff is a real Scuss ball. He Needs To Go for a long time Can’t we get him for Lying To all including We the People who Employ Him..??

  27. I can’t believe someone didn’t pull the plug on her. It is hard to think that the left has gone so far with killing these precious babies. And letting this women talk trash about eating our babies. What is happening to the people in this world. What if someone came along while there children or grandchildren were being born and a person just came along and killed your child. Guess what, they wouldn’t be here on this earth today, for people to be able to hold and love their child.
    And to be able to talk about this so called (Climate Control) with scientist not backing it up. God put all of us on this earth for a reason. But people won’t even figure it out till it’s to late. God please be with us in this dark time that we are in. I will pray for all of the children in the world to be safe.

  28. WHAT A MORONIC MORON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. They just won’t a workable number of people that they can control completely.

  30. If abortionists and homosexuals have their way there will be no human population to worry about.

  31. Has anyone gotten that woman some mental help.? We all know that AOC needs mental help, even some time in a rubber room.

  32. now democrats don’t want just to killed babys now they wanting us to eat them


  34. This reminds me of “Soylent Green”! There is a think tank called “The Club of Rome” which has its “headquarters” somewhere in the Carolinas. The Club of Rome published a book, “Limits to Growth”, in which they postulate that the quality of life will deteriorate to such an extent that changes will have to be made. One of the changes mentioned is population control. Cull the population in order to eliminate those people who require the most amount of resources–such as the OLD, YOUNG (babies), and the infirm. The book was published in 1973 and has all types of data, charts, and statistics, with lots of examples and “proofs”. The group was established by a “benevolent” billionaire and membership was by invitation only. Their task was to study demographics and do research to verify compliance with the “mission” of the Club.

  35. Anybody that believes the bullshit this loser and the dumacrap losers climate hoax, are being manipulated by fear & ridiculous lies used many times by communist regimes to have their victims willing walk into POVERTY, STARVATION AND INHUMAN LIVING CONDITIONS WITHOUT RESISTANCE!

  36. Anybody that believes the bullshit this loser and the dumacrap losers climate hoax are being manipulated by fear & ridiculous lies used many times by communist regimes to have their victims willing walk into POVERTY, STARVATION AND INHUMAN LIVING CONDITIONS WITHOUT RESISTANCE, USING THREATS OF

  37. If you don’t vote AGAINST someone or something you automatically vote FOR it. Airhead Idiot may use the excuse that this woman has a mental problem but she didn’t dispute what she said then or after. That means she agrees with her. I think this woman is a very good actress and she was paid well for her performance because George Soros KNOWS the college age and younger people WILL agree with her. They’ve been brainwashed to the point that they cannot THINK much less think for themselves.

  38. If the Democrats were really serious about population reduction being the answer to the world’s problem, then why don’t they kill themselves to let the rest of us enjoy life?

  39. Obviously this woman is a total brain dead moron, almost as moronic as the followers of AOC……another brain dead assholette…….

  40. AOC needs a padded cell somewhere and out of congress. She’s nuts!

  41. Oh my gosh. The people who attend any function or favor aoc are as deranged as she is for sure. What an abombination. Only sickos as the salamander would even listen to her. Aoc and her squad need to go back to hell period.

  42. This AOC needs to be booted out from Congress including Ilhan Iman & Tlaib on the next election. They’re out of their minds . They don’t know what they’re talking about. I don’t understand why people in their districts voted for these women in the first place.

  43. If you want to eat the babies and kill the unborn and you say that there are too many people then why are you bringing in unprecedented amounts of Illegals into our Country!?!? Why is that ok!?!?

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