Shady Schiff up for Liar of the Decade

Adam Schiff is like all other Democrats when he speaks. Every time he opens his mouth a lie jumps out. Schiff is said to have known about the concerns from the CIA that claimed the president supposedly overstepped his power regarding his conversations with the Ukrainian president. Schiff says he learned about the complaint and that he never spoke with the whistleblower. But as it turns out he is now caught in the lie.

What seems funny about the whistleblower story is that it seems that the person is so anxious to rat out the president that one can only imagine that he or she is a plant by the Democratic party. They have been after the president so long, and they have never been able to pin anything on him. So their course of action would be to fabricate a story from within his camp. So the dumb Democrats send in their spies.

The hired whistleblower was just dying to let the cat out of the bag regarding the president and his alleged phone call. Schiff had spoken with the person which would explain why he knew all about certain facts long before they came out into the open. The accusation against the president is very sketchy as the facts surrounding the call do not seem to line up. The person approached a coworker first with the issue, then the CIA and finally the House aide committee. One department would have been enough except this person has a hired agenda to bring down the president.

Schiff says that he never met up with the whistleblower but that statement is turning out to be a lie. The whistleblower was advised to get legal counsel on how they were to bring the complaint up. Patrick Boland who works for Schiff has stated that “Like other whistle-blowers have done before and since under Republican and Democratic-controlled committees, the whistle-blower contacted the committee for guidance on how to report possible wrongdoing within the jurisdiction of the intelligence community.”

The fact is that Schiff knew about the complaint, and he did talk with the whistleblower before it all came out and now he is trying to act like it never happened. The dumb Democrats are awful about enacting stories, and they are bad at acting like everything is fine when it is not. What is sad about this account is that even with the facts proving the president is innocent some stupid Democrats refuse to believe them. They are still calling for his impeachment.

The phone call transcript showed that the president is completely innocent of what he is being accused of. Schiff was quick to move the complaint to Congress. Which is further proof that something else is going on behind the scenes that is illegal? What is happening is that the Democrats are making up a story and using the whistleblower and Schiff to enact it out. What is going to happen is that the truth will be realized and the Democrats will once again be seen as a complete failure as a political party.

The president maintains that Schiff helped write the complaint. This is one of the reasons why no one can come forward as the whistleblower. President Trump has stated “Big stuff. That’s a big story. He knew long before and helped write it, too. It’s a scam We don’t call him shifty Schiff for nothing. He’s a shifty, dishonest guy.” Schiff and his fellow cry baby Democrats are up to something illegal once again.

They have repeatedly tried to incriminate the president with anything they could find. And now they are forced to make up things as they go along. They are forced to write a narrative and use simple people like Schiff to carry them out. Schiff is a pawn of the Democrats. They believe that he is expendable if everything is discovered. Schiff will be the one that will be blamed for it all even though the Democrats are behind the entire operation.

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  1. They are trying to make the President look guilty with the undecided voters and the thousands of Democrats that have abandoned their party because it is being controlled by socialists. Bernie Sanders and long standing communist, Elizabeth Warren a socialist liar and AOC a crazy liberal who is actually in charge of the Democrat Socialist Parry. When this circus fails and it will they will dream up something else and keep doing so until after the election. Many Americans see the truth however, a large number of people who only listen to CNN, MSNBC and other socialist networks will never here the truth. It is a sad state of affairs that the wheels of government will grind to a halt because of socialist democrats. The framers of
    the Constitution of the United States new this would happen that why we have the First and Second Amendment.

  2. Again and again pencil neck, bug eyed lying, shitty shifty schumck Schiff from Kalifornica!

    • We Have No Place for People Like Him In Government Dem Or Rep…. Both Parties Should throw the Lying Bum Out… But They are All about Themselves Not The people who put Them in Office….Adam Ur Nothing But DREK

  3. LIAR LIAR……………….HYPOCRITICAL BIG FAT LIAR. That is what radical stiff neck SCHIFF IS. He needs to resign he shouldn’t even be in Congress no less lead any committee with his record of lying.

  4. How many people know that Adam Schiff’s sister is married to George Soros son?? It seems that Nadler has disappeared and Adam Schiff has taken over the impeachment actions. Wonder who is really calling the shots?

    • Georie Soros, The WORTHLESS DERANGED DEPLORABLE that got kicked out of the Country he was born in !! And they said that if he ever ever stepped foot in the COUNTRY again they would put him in PRISON for the rest of his LIFE !!


  6. in reference to lying news media reporters fox news now has hired several lying liberal commentators. i would like to see every conservative that watches fox news to boycott and not look at fox when shepherd smith,donna brazille or chris wallace is on the air. to watch these liberal commentators you are giving them better ratings. i urge you to tune them out when they are on fox.

  7. Come on socialist democrats and specifically Pelosi,put up or shut up the President has called you out (yes the president the honorable Mr. Donald Trump) take a vote for impeachment. WHAT ARE YOU AFFRAID OF. The president has done more for this country with out lining his pockets than any democrat since John Kennedy………

  8. We The People know what a damn LIAR Schiftty is he needs too be REMOVED from office ASAP!! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!! If it were a REPUBLICAN all hell would breal loose …. SCHIFTTY cannot be TRUSTED!!!

  9. impeach Schiff he is a lair , he has lied to the American people too many times. There is not one Democrat that can tell the truth they all lie, cheat, and steal They are a disgrace to America and the American people. I do hope that the American people are sick and tired of the lies and tired a of the illegals being put first before the American people it is all about money to the Democrats if they can get the House of representatives and the White House the money that they can take from the tax payers to line their pockets will be unlimited., so please lets stop the Democrats before this happens I do not want to lose everything i worked so hard for. REPUBLICANS ALL THE WAY IN 2020

  10. Schitt for brains is The Biggest threat to this country ! He’s in bed with Soros And is hell bent on Destroying Our President
    and Our Country ! He and the rest of the liberals/Socialist Hate America ! They do Nothing for American Citizens and I’m Very Hopeful he and many others will be loosing their next elections . Crooked Romney too I hope is found guilty of his Treasonous actions !

  11. The American Patriots know that Adam Schiff is a POS Liar. The Democrats are becoming Socialist and should lose 20-30 % of their Party by election time Nobody in the USA that has any brains will support Socialism. Christians are fighting back against Socialism. Americans wake up, the Trojan Horses are hear and the evil people of Islam are taking over the Democratic Party. Vote these people out of government offices, they will destroy America.

  12. Schiff if the whistleblower! No matter what the dems try to shove down our throats, we will stay loyal to President Trump!! He is our leader, our President, our voice!! Congress better get in line with what the people want or they will be the ones that face the boot from their positions. We voted them in, we can vote them out!!

  13. Schiff is more than a liar, he’s actually mentally disturbed. Look at his eyes, they’ll tell you everything. He belongs in an institution and without a doubt should be heavily medicated.


  15. Will Pencil Neck “fall on the sword” politically and TELL THE TRUTH, or will he run like a scared little girl squealing? STAY TUNED for PART II of the DEMOCRAT’S “UKRAINE hoax”! (NAAAAH, he’s a coward . . . He’ll run – No honor in him). Team Trump and his allies 2020 – KAGA (KEEP America Great Again).

  16. adam shiffty shiff is a downright disgrace and doesNOT BELONG IN CONGRESS

  17. Schiff ‘s wife should check on what he tells her. He lies so much for sure he doesn’t tell her the truth ie, where he is and with whom. Maybe she should put a tail on him

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