Judge Suspended Order for Trump to Testify

Impeachment, stupid Democrats, snowflakes, and now a lingering lawsuit which an appellate judge stayed an order for President Trump to testify in court.  This case dates back to 2015 when Trump’s security guards allegedly assaulted protesters in front of Trump Tower while he was on the campaign trail for the Republican nomination.  The trial was expected to begin Thursday morning where the president would be grilled by lawyers in a video deposition.  There was no context or comment other than a one-sentence decision by State Supreme Court Appellate Division Justice Dianne Renwick.

Renwick announced Wednesday morning, “Application for an interim stay of enforcement of Justice (Doris) Gonzalez’s order dated Sept. 20, 2019, as well as a stay of the trial, is granted pending a determination of the motion by the full bench.”  She ordered the case to be expedited.

Bronx Supreme Court Justice Gonzalez had ruled last week that “no government official, including the president, is above the law” and that his testimony was “indispensable.”  She also ordered, “Trump would not actually testify at the trial, but would instead answer questions under oath during a videotaped Q&A that would be shown to the jury.”

Trump’s legal team argued a sitting president could not be forced to testify and that the judge lacked authority to have him do so.  The lawyers argued, “Unless there were exceptional circumstances, Trump’s official White House duties would preclude any summons to answer questions from the plaintiffs’ attorneys.”  The lawyers also told the reporters, “The president has no relevant information to provide in the case.  He was not at the protest.”  Trump’s lawyers added, “The plaintiffs are trying to subject the president to politically fueled cross-examination on issues that have no real bearing on the claims or defenses in this proceeding.”

In 2015, Trump told the truth which angered the crowd of Mexicans during his presidential campaign.  He stated, “When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best.  They’re bringing drugs, they’re bringing crime, they’re rapists.”

After the riot, five of the protesters filed the lawsuit saying, “Trump Tower security assaulted them and snatched their protest signs during a lawful protest over the offensive remarks.”  The plaintiffs’ case stated, “Trump security head Keith Schiller and his underlings acted at their boss’ behest.”  The claim also said Schiller “punched one of them in the head while another staffer tried to choke a protester.”

The attorney for the plaintiffs, Benjamin Dictor, stated, “I am confident the court will uphold Gonzalez’s ruling that Trump is subject to the same rules and procedures that govern all defendants in our civil justice system.”  There was no immediate response from Trump’s defense attorneys.

Schiller told reporters, “The plaintiffs’ banners were blocking a sidewalk and that he hit Efrain Galicia, the man who alleges he was punched after Galicia grabbed him.”  Schiller continued, “I thought Galicia was reaching for his gun.”

Back in 2015, all the plaintiffs did was prove the president right.  They were protesting and attacked first when the security guards were only trying to clear the place up.  Trump had every right to order it if he was there, which he was not because it is his property.  And the security guards had every right to defend themselves.

As many snowflakes are all alike, these were indeed no different.  Their lawyers explained this on their clients’ behalf, “Shortly after Trump announced he would run for president, contend that Trump, as well as his campaign and business, bear responsibility for the security guards’ behavior because Trump employs the guards and because his language suggested he would condone such violent actions” they would pursue the matter further.  Really?  That sounds more like hatred and racial than anything president Trump ever said.  That is why snowflakes are no good.  They think they are entitled to everything on the planet and they deserve the silver spoon.  Why? What have they done that is so special?  All they have done is help go along with the Democratic agendas to try and ruin this country.

At least for now, the president does not have to have another useless claim against him.  With all the man goes through, he should be getting the Nobel Peace Prize over anyone else for “Keeping America Great!”  A president’s job should never be that hard.  Trump has caught nothing but hell.  Conservatives end up having to school other people’s children on how to act like American citizens and not a bunch of baboons like what is in Congress.

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  3. Screw all the Democrats, Trump is the best President we have ever had ! Democrats want the votes to make America a Socialist country ! GO TRUMP Keep America Great ! PS take care of our Venetians first before Illegal Aliens

  4. So am I to assume that only Liberals are “Above The Law”? For the last three years I have seen all kinds of evidence of Laws that Liberals have broken, yet they are still out walking while Conservatives who have done far less are locked-up, what’s wrong with this picture?🤔💭🏴‍☠️

  5. No one is above the law? What about Slick Willie and Hillary? Why wasn’t Hillary indicted?

  6. This looks to me like a partisan judge trying to create a situation in which the president could possibly be caught up in a process crime where he says something that is totally misinterpreted. That would be a disaster.

  7. The Quote used, “When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best. They’re bringing drugs, they’re bringing crime, they’re rapists.”The quote Used,”, unfortunately is simply not the complete Quote. Is It taken out of context for a specific narrative ? When Quoting Anyone, it would seem so much more Honest to use the entire Quote !

  8. I certainly have to agree, that what this president is having to endure since before he even was elected is wrong, evil and definitely
    criminal treatment. How he has accomplished so much with the amount of hatred spewed on him, plus the distraction it causes just makes his job much more difficult. His detractors in Congress are constantly voting against any and all he tries to do.
    However, in spite of their lies, negativity and with the press on their side he stays focused on the important goals. I can only come to one conclusion, GOD is on the President’s side. HE is the one , powering President Trump, by giving him the strength , stamina, and focus to accomplish his goals for America. No one is perfect and certainly Trump is human and makes mistakes too, but he is blessed with this power to get the job done because of his great love for this country and his determination to get America back on track again. He is up against a tsunami of lies the liberals are consistently inventing against him, but even with the burden of the world on his shoulders he keeps his main focus on the job he’s trying do for this country and its people. He is doing a great job, and thank goodness there are many more people noticing each day and coming to his defense, but the narrow mindedness, of certain groups of people plus the greedy politicians that are against his determination to clean out the SWAMP of which they are a big part of. HE WILL NOT GIVE UP !!! That green stuff they have been receiving without really working hard or earning it, is much more important to the leftist radicals ,than Making America Great !!!!
    President Trump did not acquire his money from the government, he actually stopped working for his personal enrichment, and is putting all his efforts to improve America and help the American people become successful with more job opportunities and more fairness. But the Liberal /Socialist/Communist people that are taking over our country , have too much to lose, if Trump’s Dreams come true. They will no longer be able to enrich themselves while impoverishing the rest of us, pretending to care about America and Americans. Trump is his own man, worked hard for his successes and truly wants all Americans to accomplish to the best of their ability a much better life. He is giving his ALL to a THANKLESS JOB, that is probably taking quite a toll on his health. The
    stress this man is under has to be the kind, none of us have ever had to endure. God help him, keep him well and safe not only for
    himself, and his family, but for the Americans who are blessed with common sense enough to understand the dangers this country
    CANDIDATES FOR 2020, I have not found even one candidate that comes close to fighting for ‘AMERICANS NEEDS’ like our
    duly elected PRESIDENT TRUMP>. GOD BLESS PRESIDENT TRUMP WE ALL NEED HIM , even if there are
    way too many who don’t know it yet. GOD BLESS AMERICA AND ALL WHO LOVE AMERICA AND SEE HER GOODNESS !!!!

  9. I support President Trump. All the attacks against him are horrible. Both the judiciary and the legislative are being used against him in extra-legal and illegal ways.

  10. Tell this idiotic judge to go pound sand. He cant force a sitting president to testify as per Clinton v Jones US Supreme Court. And since civil cases have only a 3 to 5 year time limit when Trump gets out of office the statutes of limitations will have expired.

  11. Another bunch of disgruntled entitleds looking for a “reward” for their bad behavior. The “blame it on Trump” mentality is getting old and boring.

  12. It’s a shame that people come to this country illegally and then try to get bye on other people’s money. If they don’t like our President go back home and support your president there.

  13. WHEN is the gutless Chief Justice John Roberts, “The FATHER of ObamaCare”, going to reign in these damned Obama appointed left wing homosexual judges. ONE judge [out of 870 federal judges] can STOP everything yet Chief Justice Roberts sits with his thumb up his ass, allowing this. Pretty easy to figure Roberts in anti-Trump OR the left has dirt on him. Or both.

  14. The idiocy of the Democrats continues. How stupid that this case ever got to any court over hurt feelings. What a waste of a court’s time.

  15. The only question I have is “Why are democrats so dumb and stupid?” I have not found any democrat that knows how to have an original thought.

  16. “With all the man goes through, he should be getting the Nobel Peace Prize over anyone else for “Keeping America Great!”
    AMEN and AMEN!!!

  17. What about Maxine Waters who told people to attack any person from the White House who was a Republican? Shouldn’t she be prosecuted for her big mouth? Of course not, she can break the law because she is a Demorat.

  18. That Judge is above the Law. She needs to go to driving school to learn “Constitution 101”. She is talking about the POTUS, not about her kids, give me a break. Suddenly she wants to be noticed by us people of the USA.


  20. What is with these people. He should get some kind of award for having to put up with stupid allegations ! so tired of the other side on him 24/7 ! No one should have to put up with this .Especially our President !

  21. President Trump is in the Democrats cross hairs. They should be obliterated. We not only have the “squad “ we have the “mob” .
    I’m grinning from ear to ear because I know Trump and his team will take them out and it’s going to be pretty sweet.

  22. if the Judge would do this to Clinton she would be 6′ under

  23. Those puto madra’s thing we the American people owe them something!! But now the tables have turned,,, Spanish PUTO MADRA’S are reaping the rewards from trump.. (Low) unemployment rates..

  24. This is patently ridiculous. Under our system of government, the President is chief executive & commander-in-chief. Compared to the rest of us (including Congressional Democrats & left-wing lower-court judges), he IS above the law. That’s the way it has to be. If his opponents don’t like this, their only two courses of action are (1) impeachment & conviction, or (2) defeat in the next election. What his Deep State enemies are doing with the assistance of the MSM as propaganda arm of the DNC is the moral equivalent of assassination. Presidents should begin ignoring the rulings of any judge or judges outside their own jurisdictions. The Supreme Court alone should be allowed the authority to overrule them.

  25. Where does this end. Some dumb ass judge thinks she has the power of God Almighty . President Trump was right in the remarks and he has as every American to state his opinion. If the Mexicans don’t like it, they know the way back home. I didn’t think there was this many Stupid people in the United States but once again the Democrats are proving me wrong. They learned a new word, Impeachment, and they just can’t believe they can now pronounce a 3 syllable word and then the they learned the phase, Above the Law. This has really thrown them into a tizzy. Step up to the plate Attorney General or get out.

  26. The Democrats are the trash of society! The liberal judges from Obama have made worse and th media are a bunch of traitors!

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