US Citizenship Birthing Scheme Run By Chinese National

A ‘birth tourism’ scheme was recently discovered. A Chinese national pled guilty to helping pregnant women by the hundreds to enter the United States so that they could have their children born in the US and receive US citizenship.

Dongyuan Li pled guilty to two different federal crimes. This included one count of conspiracy to commit immigration fraud and another of visa fraud. According to a press release from the Justice Department, she was part of a birth tourism business found in Orange County, California.

Li ran a company known as You Win USA Vacation Services Corp during the years of 2013 and 2015. The company’s specialization was to help Chinese government officials, as well as wealthy pregnant clients, get around various US immigration laws. That allowed them to enter the United States said that they would be able to, eventually, give birth to their children. Those children would automatically earn US citizenship by being born on American soil.

The company operated out of China as well as Irvine, California. Allegedly, company officials would coach customers on how to make false statements on their visa applications as well as to US immigration officials. Customers were also coached on how to lie during their interviews at the US Consulate in China. They would tell interviewers that they would only be in the United States for a couple of weeks. In actuality, they would remain in the country for as many as three months. Clients were also taught how to conceal pregnancies from U.S. Customs officials.

Li was able to make a significant amount of money in a short period of time. Customers were charged as high as $80,000. A total of three million dollars was made via wire transfers originating in China over the span of two years according to a federal grand jury indictment in 2019. The immigration fraud scheme was significant, with Li using 20 different apartment addresses for customers throughout Irvine California.

You Win USA Vacation Services marketed that they were able to serve 500+ Chinese clients who sought citizenship via American birthright for their children. Li was one of 19 defendants who was named within a series of indictments that were unsealed earlier in 2019, according to the Justice Department. Li is the first one charged with operating the birth tourism business to plead guilty. The remaining 18 defendants are either fugitives or pending trial.

A number of government organizations have been investigating the case. This includes IRS Criminal Investigation and Homeland Security Investigations. As of right now, Li has a sentencing hearing that is scheduled for December 16. Until then, the rest of the defendants are being dealt with to ensure that they face the fullest level of the law.

With such a problem with immigration, the fact that such a thing can happen under the noses of the US Consulate in China and within California is shocking. When Democrats look to ease up on immigration laws, they need to be reminded of these types of problems that occur.

Hundreds of Chinese women came to the United States simply to be able to deliver their children so that they could become US citizens. The United States is one of the few countries who grant citizenship to someone who is born on the country’s soil, regardless of whether the parents are legal citizens of the country or not. It’s why there has been such a problem at the southern border, too.

A number of Republicans have looked to change that law so that citizenship isn’t so easily granted. However, it’s constantly being thwarted by Democrats who would rather put an end to immigration law altogether in order to open up the borders.

The United States may be the land of the free but there is a correct and legal way to enter the country. Those who were behind You Win USA Vacation Services found a loophole within the laws of the country and exploited that for personal gain. They also lied and deceived to ensure that immigration would not find out that visas were being given to pregnant women who planned to give birth to their children in the country. Had each person told the truth, they wouldn’t have been granted.

If the US were to allow each and every person who visits to become a citizen, the cost of benefits given to everyone would send the country into more of a deficit than what it is already in. Li has pleaded guilty, and the hope is that all of the others behind the birthing scheme will do the same.

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  4. don’t put them in prison because then we support them. Put them on a island and leave them there alone.

  5. Each of these children born in this scheme should have there citizenship revoked immediately with this admission of wrong doing to scheme citizenship in this manner.

  6. Any non-citizen giving birth illegally in the United States should be banned from the country for the rest of their lives.

    Problem addressed if not solved.

  7. How can this be? The Chinese are not a part of our country and should never have anything to do with our laws or policies! Get them out and remove anything they have put in or tried to put into our country. They should take care of their own problems as they have enough to deal within themselves!

  8. I’m with Trump on this. USA is looking like a melting pot of the minority peoples. I feel like I’m from a country I no longer belong in, no longer relate to and am foreign to. We need more white people to immigrate to the USA who embrace the western values of individual liberty, free markets and privacy. I want to live in a country where the population looks like me and shares my values.

    I have moved to Greece to get away from this melting pot cesspool which has become the USA. If fewer Europeans want to move to the USA compared to other peoples it must mean there is a lot wrong with the way the country is being run.

  9. Back in 1947, when I was born, my birth certificate required the names of both my parents, where they were both born, and if they were both US citizens. I’m betting all that information is no longer required, but it should be, and natural born US citizenship should ONLY be granted to newborns who have at least one (but preferably two) birth parent who are US citizens. If neither of the newborn’s birth parents are US citizens, no citizenship should be granted, and neither should US taxpayers be stuck paying the $25,000 delivery fees for those newborns.

    A second means of curbing the fraudulent birth tourism racket is by ceasing to issue travel visas to Chinese or Asian females, and most certainly, airlines that fly passengers from Asian countries to the US, should be banned from flying pregnant Chinese and Asian females to the US unless they can prove they are US citizens.

    We either get smart instead of remaining monumentally stupid , or the F”N Chinese will eventually take us over! That, of course, is assuming the Muslims, who illegally support multiple wives & concubines on the public dole to produce far more children at a faster rate than native-born Americans do, haven’t taken over our country first!

  10. The Constitution already does that, please read it. “The child goes with the jurisdiction of the parent”! Lawyers have twisted the meaning for years!!

  11. The Constitution of this Great Country clearly states, “the child goes with the jurisdiction of the parent”! So there are NO anchor babies! I did a petition on this very topic and was told it wasn’t needed due to our Constitution and what it says!

  12. I think it’s time to repeal the 17th amendment and teach the American people why it is so important for the states to select their own senators. This will go a long way to cleaning up the deep state.

  13. Ship them all back to China and revoke the birth certificates of the Chinese Nationals that came over here for the scamming.

  14. How true. That ‘Anhor Baby’ BS needs to disappear!

  15. Very well definitely

  16. Keep up the tight immigration laws already on the books for travel and other visas. But we want smart people in this country so have Asian students getting degrees over years, allow travel in America for months, and screen everybody already within the law. I know at least one post-doctoral student who remains in this country post-graduation who married his girlfriend in China and brought her to America for a degree and to live as a family. I have no problem with people who have that degree of education, ambition (he’s a post-doc researcher in another university now) and desire for connections to this country for the present and future.

  17. There was a story on these places Years ago on 20/20 or 60 minutes . WHY wasn’t busting this a top priority then ?

  18. this same crap is being done in the state of Hawaii and has been going on for years

  19. Time to put away (Thank You POTUS Trump – One Grateful Patriot) this “anchor baby” problem to rest, PERMANENTLY! Don’t depend on the TREASONISTIC TRAITOROUS Democrats to DO THEIR JOB . . . They won’t. They need to be either impeached or VOTED out of office. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  20. Two questions come to mind.

    1. Obviously, the children are not culpable, however given what appear to be substantial elements of fraud in their birth and citizenship, has their citizenship been voided? Is there actually a legal basis for voiding of their citizenship?

    2. I also wonder as to what would happen if at some point in the future. their mothers presented themselves at U.S. Borders, or ports of entry once again?

  21. All we have to do to end the Birthing Scheme by tens of thousands of Chinese and Asian “tourists” annually is to interpret the 14th Amendment as the author of that amendment intended for it to be interpreted! That amendment was passed to assure that the offspring of former slaves born in the US would automatically be granted natural-born US citizenship. At the same time, the 14th Amendment barred the offspring of foreign diplomats from being granted US citizenship. The same should be true for the offspring of illegal aliens! As foreign nationals, illegal alien parents are subject to the laws of their own countries, and can only legally cast ballots in their home countries, not in the US. It is thus insanity for the Democrats to continue insisting that the offspring of illegals be granted US citizenship, which grants them the ability to bring in multiple extended family members using “Anchor Baby” policies which NEVER should have been enacted!

  22. This is another reason why Republicans want and should denied birth certificates to children born to illigals in the U.S.A. another thing that should cancel once and for all food stamp can’t support them shouldn’t of gotten pregnant bet you population will go down no more handouts they’ll go back

  23. This scheme has been going on for 15-20 years as a cottage industry but no one, including California, has done anything except close a blind eye. The US should invalidate any births deemed illegal due to participation in the pay to play scheme. Rumor mill also says Florida and Maine also have this nonsense happening but to a much less scale that the Socialist State of California.

  24. This is a sickening abuse of Our absurdly written law granting citizenship to ANCHOR BABIES—-It is obvious fraud and each birth should be dealt with on a case to case basis. People running a business are just as guilty as are the coyotes and should be: arrested, fined and serve time in prison. Fine should be based on Their “illegal earnings”.

  25. BUST these individuals AND their clients . . . Make EXAMPLES out of them. And MAKE sure that the ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS are deported (ESPECIALLY for FRAUD) PERMANENTLY. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  26. Ant baby found to be part of this scheme should be sent back to China !!!!!!

  27. with the democratic blessing li was able to become a millionaire

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