Trump Campaign’s Counter Attack on the Democratic Debate – Look Up!

One thing is for sure about President Trump, is that there is nothing he will not do when it comes to winning.  With the National Democratic Debate having taken place in Houston, Texas Thursday night, many watched as the lousy Democrats tried to tear apart each other verbally on stage and on TV.  Many spectators were able to witness both the Democrats debate many issues while the Trump campaign was carrying its own debate and taking to the skies outside the building ahead of the debate.

The Trump Campaign ordered two full pages of newspaper ads for Thursday’s paper and a huge banner was flown behind a plane reading, “Socialism will kill Houston’s economy!”  There was also be a number to text behind the ad a Trump campaign official told ABC News.  Approximately $7,500 was spent on the banner being flown between 2 pm and 6 pm Central Standard Time along with the newspaper ads.

The Democratic debates began at 7 pm Central Standard Time and only had one night of debates in this cycle.  The Texas Southern University hosted the event, and only ten of the Democratic candidates took the stage.  To qualify to continue in the debates, the candidates must gain two percent or more approvals in the national polls for New Hampshire, Iowa, Nevada and/ or South Carolina.  Out of the ten candidates, only five are a concern of who will gain the seat to go up against the president.  Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris, and Mayor Pete Buttigieg.

All of these are a joke, but the rest pose no threats.

On Labor Day, the president’s campaign also took to the skies as the plane and banners flew over beaches where key swing states can see see the messages in plain view.  The deputy communications director of the Trump campaign, Erin Perrine told ABC News Wednesday, “Every single Democrat candidate has job-killing, economy crushing policies that won’t work for America. Team Trump is here to remind them and let everyone in Houston know what a complete disaster Democrats are for America.”

Flying those banners ahead of the National Democratic Debate posed as a warning to every American citizen who votes.  It lets them know “Hey you are voting for communism and the fall of the Constitution and the United States of America as we know it if you vote Democrat!”  It is a wakeup call letting Americans know of the socialist’s agenda, which will happen if one of these idiots win.  These banners prove the depth of which the Trump campaign is willing to go.  Democrats claim it as disrespectful.  It is far from it compared to the smoke, fire, and brimstone they set upon this great nation.

The banners also boost the sales of merchandise, and it will add more money to the campaign, which is already the most raised in history.  Even the map the Democrats ridiculed in the wake of Hurricane Dorain claiming it as “altered” boosted sales for the campaign by selling black permanent markers.  Everything the Democrats try to combat against the president, the campaign turns things around for the better while exposing the Democrats socialist agenda all, the more.

The newspaper ads ran in Houston and in San Antonio, which is also Julian Castro’s hometown.  Two full pages will attack Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren stating, “The Democrats of killing jobs.”  One ad was thrown in the mix attacking Castro for “obstructing the president.”  Another announcement said, “Donate to San Antonio’s deplorables and join the prestigious list of those who stand tall for America.”  The remaining ads attacked the health care issues the Democrats are in favor of with the “Medicare for all” proposals.

The significant issues President Trump has all of the Democrats beat by far are, the economy, healthcare, unemployment ratings, the military, and basically everything else.   The Democrats have done nothing but reek havoc since they formed centuries ago and they just keep getting worse as time goes on.  They will never admit their downfalls or speak the truth.  A snake in the grass has more integrity than Democrats do.

So while the people were lining up to witness the Democratic debate on Thursday, they could all admire the work of art written on the banners overhead.  It is always lovely to see things flying in the sky with pride.  No one does it better than Trump!

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