Supreme Court Slams the Hammer Down on Liberals

President Trump has another win for him as he can effectively put in place the asylum laws that will keep America safe from foreign invaders. The Supreme Court put out the order that will effectively end all injunctions that have been used to limit what President Trump is trying to do for the country. The joke of a judge that reinstated the injunction against the Appeal Court found out he was not the president after all.

The United States can keep people from entering the country seeking asylum that has first past through another country that can offer it to them. People have been coming to America seeking asylum from counties around the world, and they have passed through other countries to get here. These are places that they could have sought refuge but for some reason skipped them and headed to America.

These people have been coached and trained by the Democrats themselves on how to enter the country. The democratic staff has been discovered coaching migrants on how to enter the country illegally. Something that should be considered treason because of the state of emergency at the southern border that President Trump issued a year ago. The dumb Democrats continue to believe that they are above the law. They are finding out now that they are indeed under the law and will be held accountable for their actions.

In the past few weeks, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals has sided with the White House on the asylum laws to a point. But a stubborn liberal judge thought it best to reinstate the injunction after the upper court tore it all down. He thought he should be the president. But now he must even abide by the decision of the Supreme Court. Any person that is seeking asylum must not seek it in the first country that they come to. If they do not and try to enter the United States, they will be rejected and deported.

President Trump has stated that “Big United States Supreme Court WIN for the Border on Asylum!” The new asylum laws will keep the border centers from becoming overworked until a more permanent fix can be found. The loony liberal judges on the court could not see the greater good as they accuse the president of hurting those needing protection. What they fail to see is that many of these people have passed up plenty of chances to find safety in other countries. Does the question still stand as to why so many are headed to the United States?

The lower courts should have never been involved in such a matter. The loony liberals think that every time they do not get their way that they have to drag everyone to court to force their will upon the majority. This time they have found out that the majority will win every time. The loony left can no longer force the country into a mold that it no longer wants to fit into.

Hogan Gidley who is the deputy White House Press Secretary stated that “This greatly helps build on the progress we’ve made addressing the crisis at our southern border and will ultimately make American communities safer. The district court’s erroneous nationwide injunction was another in a series of overreaching orders that allowed a single, non-elected district court judge to override policy decisions for the entire Nation. While there is much more work still to be done, thankfully the Supreme Court took a decisive step here and rejected the lower court’s egregious ruling.”

The only thing that is going to happen with these new rules is that the country will be a safer place. The illegal population spike will go down and the border will be more secure. People around the world can now stop trying to take advantage of the United States and start learning to respect the greatest and most generous country in the world. The loony left has lost a major battle, and they will continue to lose for many more years to come.

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