Democrat Candidate Tulsi Gabbard Says She Is Against Impeachment

Naturally, anyone who is running in the 2020 presidential race has a certain amount of dislike for President. Most of them are even calling for his impeachment, as are many Democrats who aren’t running. And so it comes as a great surprise that Democratic White House hopeful Tulsi Gabbard says she is firmly against Trump leaving the office early.

The House Representative from Hawaii, in fact, urges the Democrat Party to drop the impeachment inquiry against Trump, as she believes it will do more harm than good.

If I didn’t know any better, I would say she was trading sides or something.

However, she is most definitely not. What she is doing is proving herself to be rational and well-thought-out in a field that is crowded with impulsiveness and lies.

Gabbard was recently interviewed about her thoughts on Greta Van Susteren’s new TV show, “Full Court Press.” During the interview, which aired on Sunday, she said, “I don’t” support impeachment and went on to explain why.

“You know, I think it’s important for us to think about what is in the best interest of the country and the American people, and continuing to pursue impeachment is something that I think will only further to tear our country apart,” she said.

And she continued, “Make no bones about it: We need to defeat Donald Trump. But I think it’s important for our country’s sake and our future that the voters in the country are the ones who do that, and I believe that we will.”

Finally, a voice of reason.

The choice for president should come from no one else but the people. It was our choice for him to become president, and it should be our choice that he leaves that post. The whole idea of voting, a republic, was created so that the government is run in accordance with what the people need and want.

To let party leaders who most certainly have an agenda of their own to do it is not what is our nation’s best interest. As Gabbard says, it most certainly will cause division. And she is not the only one to say so.

Former Vice President Joe Biden has also mentioned that the idea of impeachment would be divisive and a “gigantic distraction.” Then again, he also said he believes Trump has committed “impeachable offenses and that the president should be tried for them.”

As we well-know, he isn’t one we should exactly rely on for truth, even if it’s his own opinion.

But there are plenty of Democrats in both the House and the Senate who have said they do not favor impeachment at this time. Much of this could be because it is unlikely to gain any ground in the Republican ran Senate. However, they have also noticed that it isn’t what the public of America wants.

According to a recent Monmouth poll, 57% of respondents said they want Trump to be replaced. But 59% also said that they thought there were better ways to achieve that than impeachment.

So while this might not be ideal for Trump, it also isn’t great for a majority of the Democrats who support impeachment. And that includes a good number of those heading for the Oval Office.

Leading contender and Senator Elizabeth Warren has probably been the most outspoken in her support for the idea. She said at an NAACP conference, “This is a man who has broken the law and he should be impeached.”

At the same conference, her rival Senator Bernie Sanders agreed with her, saying, “the president did everything that he could to obstruct the Mueller investigation.”

Senator Kamala Harris and former Representative Beto O’Rourke from Texas have also voiced their assent for impeachment.

Gabbard’s no-nonsense approach and adamant disapproval for impeachment has caused more than a few raised eye-brows in the Democratic party but has also won her quite a few approval votes.

Van Susteren is one of those and says, “The reason why I wanted to Tulsi Gabbard is because out of the pack of 20 or so Democrats that are running, she’s probably the one that is most unlike the others. So I wanted to hear from her.”

While we might not readily agree with her stance on Trump, we can most certainly get behind her idea to get rid of any impeachment ideas.