Buttigieg: You’re a Problem if You Like Straws in Your Drink and Meat on Your Plate

While Mayor Pete Buttigieg of South Bend, Indiana appeared, along with the rest of the Democratic candidates, appeared on CNN’s seven-hour long climate change marathon, he waited until the next day to become a serious climate change scold. Buttigieg appeared on CNN and attacked Americans for clinging, to paraphrase former President Barack Obama, to the burgers and their plastic straws. Fox News takes up the story:

Buttigieg, the 37-year-old mayor of South Bend, Ind., told host Alisyn Camerota he thinks many people view climate issues from ‘the perspective of guilt.’

“You know, from using a straw to eating a burger. Am I part of the problem? In a certain way, yes,” he said. “But the most exciting thing is that we can all be part of the solution.”

Buttigieg went on to compare the challenges of climate change to the Great Depression, World War II, and the Apollo moon landing. The idea he was trying to impart was that we overcame those challenges, we can certainly do the same to keep the world from burning up thanks to fossil fuels.

The young, openly gay mayor, though, has taken a different path to try to persuade Americans to vote for him so that he can solve the problem of climate change. Most of the other candidates invoke science to advance the idea that co2 emissions are going to kill us all unless we inflict some version of the Green New Deal on ourselves. Buttigieg invokes God instead.

“Let’s talk in language that is understood across the heartland about faith,” Buttigieg said.

“If you believe that God is watching as poison is being belched into the air of creation, and people are being harmed by it — countries are at risk of vanishing in low-lying areas — what do you suppose God thinks of that? I bet He thinks it’s messed up.”

He went on to suggest that people who do not sign on to the Green New Deal or the rest of the liberal agenda are committing a “kind of sin.”

Usually, conservatives take a bad rap for allegedly drafting the Almighty to support political positions. Over 20 years ago, the liberal American Prospect warned about the idea that God is a Republican.

“The idea that right-thinking Christians should take back America has been a rallying cry for Ralph Reed’s Christian Coalition, now the strongest special-interest group in the Republican Party. Without a doubt, the coalition has helped transform many Protestant evangelicals into GOP zealots. But the connection carries considerable risk. Reed has tied his religious troops to the fortunes of Republican candidates in November. If they win, the Christian Coalition will remain in the news—at least until the next election. If they lose, and especially if they lose because of perceived close links to what many voters view as strident moral crusading that quotes the Bible on behalf of slashing welfare and defeating bans on assault weapons, Reed will pass into history.”

Now, ironically, Pete Buttigieg is suggesting that God is a liberal Democrat, something that would surprise most people of faith, especially those who find themselves supporting President Donald Trump. The warm support that Trump enjoys from the evangelical community has perplexed many on the left, considering his reputation as a robust sinner.

Religion News Service quotes Ralph Reed, who despite the confident prediction of the American Prospect has not faded from history, as saying, “There has never been anyone who has defended us and who has fought for us, who we have loved more than Donald J. Trump. No one!”

A quick look back at some of the policies of the Obama administration suggests that Reed has a point. From attempts of force the Little Sisters of the Poor to provide abortions to lawsuits against Christian bakers and florists who refuse to participate in same-sex weddings, the Obama era was one of hostility toward religion and religious people. Trump has promised to defend religious liberty and has, by and large, fulfilled that promise. His frequent invocations to God on the stump are surely music to the ears of the religious as well.

It remains to be seen whether Buttigieg’s attempt to guilt-trip people of faith to support the Green New Deal will work or not. The candidate, who made a big splash as a young, telegenic, openly gay man who was less scary than Beto O’Rourke, has since settled to about 4.4 in the Real Clear Politics poll average.

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  1. Hes an idiot…enough said

  2. Butt… evoking God to scold those who eat burgers and use straws and a the same time is openly defying and rebelling against God in the way he lives. The Bible say that homosexuals and other who live in willful sin will not enter the Kingdom of God.
    Get the log out of your own eye before you try to get the speck out of the eye of others.

  3. Butt igieg, the guilt should be on you, for all your sinful ways.
    How dare you blames us for climate change, the change is YOU.
    Before you lecture us about sin, look at yourself.
    Stop bending over touching your toes.

  4. Buttgig is the problem.

    Leftists are losers from start to finish, even when they appear to win, they lose.

    …AND Frank Zappa for President 2024::
    “Socialism produces bad art, bad music, social stagnation & really unhappy people.” …and satanists.

    Leftists seem to have full spectrum narcissistic psychosis & inflict PTSD on opponents by using verbal abuse & lies of every kind as well as other terroristic underhanded tactics of the dedicated psychotic-natcissist. See for yourself on YouTube:
    Narc ology unscripted.
    Surviving Narcissism.
    Michele Lee Nieves.

    For real news go to OANN (One America News Network).
    Also: THE EPOCH TIMES, Truth & Tradition. Dedicated legitimate legal Xtian immigrant patriots who escaped commie China & know they are finished unless they continue to fight the commie HORROR regardless of consequences.
    To remove the blinders & psycho propaganda MASK Read:
    TIPING POINTS: How to Topple the Left’s House of Cards. LIZ WHEELER (OAN Commentator).
    MAKING LOVE GREAT AGAIN: The New Road to Reviving Romance & Winning at Relationships. DEANNA LORRAINE.
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    BIG AGENDAç President Trump’s Plan to Save America. DAVID HOROWITZ.
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    Web sites h channels for truth:
    Stefan Molyneux, .
    Bill Whittle.
    Apostate Prophet.
    Julie Mora.
    American Intelligence Media.

  5. Pete , I love meat use a plastic straw when I can and enjoy it. You dems have a mental problem. What ever we do towards climate change will not help the world one bit , China, and India are the worst at that. Your hole dem platform is crazy .

  6. I was not craving a steak for diner, but now i kind of want one

  7. This guy is absolutely beyond belief. Let’s look at the facts. We have an openly, and evidently proud to be, homosexual saying his god made him that way. Now, this same individual is going to tell me, and everybody else about sin. How rich is that?!!! His god did make him like that, homosexual. The problem he obviously has, and conveniently overlooks is the fact his god is the god of this world who is not now or has ever been in hell, but will be soon. The Creator and God of all to Whom every knee will bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord to the Glory of God The Father , will soon put Petey’s god where he belongs. Guess who will be keeping him company

  8. OK then Mayor Pete. Since you had to go and throw “God” into the equation….what do you imagine God thinks about your homosexual lifestyle? The Holy Bible clearly states that it is an “abomination.” How do you reconcile that with your beliefs? I’ll bet God thinks “that’s messed up!”

  9. We do not need a politician preaching to us. What has GOD had to say about BUTT MAN BEING A QUEER? I’m amazed that the people of SOUTH BEND, INDIANA elected this guy. The same goes for STRAWS, A weird individual who is lost!

  10. Just as God has no favorite football team or baseball team, He has no favorites in politics. His only statement in that regard was “Render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s and unto God what is God’s. Get a life, Mayor Pete. You are all wet.

  11. Does he stand in front of the mirror and practice the stuff he’s saying to believe it? He’s nuts and no one in their right mind and s listening to this only laughing he’s a joke.

  12. BUTTpig has NEVER read a BIBLE(AV1611King James BIBLE) and would most likely burst into flames if he tried. He knows NOTHING about GOD. His sexual partner CHOICE proves that as does his support of Abortion and every other pro-Democrap IGNORANCE he supports.

  13. Anyone in the area that Buttigieg is an official for needs to vote him out of office as soon as they can possible can.

  14. Hey who put these animals on earth for what purpose ? God did for food , and clothing , read your Bible , nut case man lover !

  15. Buttigieg will go straight to Hell if he continues his homosexual lifestyle, he will not pass Go.

  16. Buttigieg does not know the God of creation because if he did he would not be gay.

  17. Buttigieg is married to a man and is telling US about sin??

  18. Where do the Dems find these guys, really, and he actually has people voting for him???

  19. The Green New Deal will cost way too much money. If you will pay for it out of your own pocket fine do whatever. But it will not change the climate dumbass because ONLY GOD can change the climate

  20. I think this man should stop and read the Bible. God does not condone MURDER, HE does not condone LYING, HE does not condone GREED, HE does not condone HATE. Therefore, I don’t believe God will bless the DEMOCRATS who lie, steal, are greedy, murder babies, and live IMMORAL LIVES.

  21. What a moron….I guess I’ll be going to hell because I’m not a democrat and I certainly love my hamburgers….

  22. It’s ironic that “Buttplug” mentions sin. He’s hip-deep in sin, according to the religious freaks

  23. Go have fun with a banana

  24. Wondering what will be served to world leaders, etc., who are invited to White House should Buttiegieg be elected…

  25. Mayor Pete is really full of it, and does not have the required experience to be considered serious presidential material! Ditto for mostly f the Democratic field of candidates!!!

  26. Dumb Demoncrats, yes, demon-crats, this is what they are. Cultural habits are everyday customs we do, such as common as having coffee each morning. Gee, these shallow officials are elected by shallow voters ; lacking depth of character, intellect, or meaning. The Democrats want to control the way normal people live their lives, what we eat, the way we eat and how we eat. Why in the hell can’t these jerks propose a better government for the people. Start by their cleaning up their evil and criminal intentions of controlling everyone. We elected a great President, yet, instead of working with him, the Demons are constantly spewing hate and animosity. It’s time for voters to wise-up and elect officials who are interested in making our country better. A good way to start is by transforming the elections. The right to vote requires responsibility. Irresponsible voters are unfit to vote, they may have a right to vote, but lack the knowledge of our system of government. We could have a better Congress and government if only our voting laws had certain requirements and restrictions in order to vote or to get elected. Anyone with half a brain can see the mess our Congress is in because of our election laws. If the Demons want to change anything, start with our election process.

  27. Your a problem if you can find love by looking at another man’s hairy ass!

  28. I like straws, meat and woman too. As a guy I can appreciate those things.

  29. as I said the Democrats in and running for office hate Americans.

  30. Buttgrease – the proud little practicing sodomite, who distorts the actual message of the Bible regarding his sexual predilections, has no ethics and would turn this formerly Christian nation into a laughing stock. Go ahead and elect him you American apostates, and see what happens to you.

  31. Our national problems are a great deal larger than drinking through straws or eating burgers. Your inability to address the larger issues show that you are not a fit candidate for president.

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