DNC Narrows The Playing Field Leaving Some Front-Runners Feeling Nervous

The DNC has no choice but to narrow the playing field. They certainly never anticipated for over two dozen politicians, writers, and entrepreneurs to come out of the woodwork in order to run for president. As the primaries get closer and closer, there are still not enough people pulling out of the race. As such, they are choosing to narrow the possibilities for the American public by making it harder to qualify for the televised presidential debates.

Who is left?

According to many news channels, there are really only three Dems left who have any kind of real shot at getting the DNC nomination. With others polling at less than five percent in national polls, it’s unrealistic to think that they’re suddenly going to triumph over the three that have been battling it out at the top since the very beginning.

Biden, Sanders, and Warren are the three that the news channels are referring to. Warren has even pulled ahead of Sanders in some polls. A recent piece from the New York Times also questions whether Joe Biden even wants to be running in the race. Since he’s had the lead from the very beginning, he better decide quickly if he wants to stay in or get out.

Although Kamala Harris and Pete Buttigieg have done well for themselves despite being virtual nobodies outside of their state prior to running, they aren’t in the double-digit numbers in the polls. Harris started getting into the double digits in June, but she’s been slipping ever since. Buttigieg hasn’t made any new progress in weeks, which is another reason why the media aren’t including the two of them to be frontrunners.

The only way that Harris or Buttigieg move up is if Biden decides to implode his campaign and bow out. That’s when people are going to look for another moderate to replace him since there are too many people fearful of what a progressive like Warren or Sanders could do.

Biden pulling out is a very real possibility. He hadn’t planned on running again. He also wouldn’t be running if it were someone like Mitt Romney or Jeb Bush in the office. At 76-years-old, there are probably countless other things that he’d like to be doing right now – and he may decide those are more important, giving the power to one of the other Dems.

DNC is Getting Forceful

With too many Democrats thinking they have a chance at winning, the Democratic National Committee is forcing the candidates’ hands. If you’re not polling at least three percent, it’s hard to make it into the DNC debates moving forward. Further, if they don’t have the fundraising efforts in place, they can forget about getting onto the stage to debate with the higher tier candidates.

There are plenty of Democratic candidates who are feeling the wrath of the DNC, too. They don’t think that there have been enough polls. They feel it’s too soon to start making such severe cuts. However, the only ones who are complaining are the ones who are barely holding on. If they can’t get the votes to match up to one percent, how can they expect to get the nomination from the DNC? Bill de Blasio (mayor of NYC) and Michael Bennet (Senator in Colorado) are the loudest of those who failed to qualify.

Another reason that the DNC is getting more forceful is that they see how Trump is gaining on his approval rating. The only real competition that Trump has is the media. None of the current Democratic candidates have the ability to beat Trump in the presidential election, which is what really has the Dems worried – and it’s why it’s being called on as a topic in every debate. All they want to do is beat Trump, and they don’t even care who it is that will do it, as long as someone can.

The Upcoming Debate

With the September DNC debate just around the corner, it ensures that everyone is on the same stage. This allows Biden to share the stage with Warren for the first time since the campaigns began.

A total of 10 people will be on the stage, which means that over a dozen people have been cut out of the equation. In addition to the top five, a few others were able to make the cut: Julian Castro, Cory Booker, Beto O’Rourke, Andrew Yang, and Amy Klobuchar.

Not all 10 appearing on the stage have already qualified for October, either. This means that there’s still time to narrow the playing field a bit more while hoping that those who failed to qualify to get the hint to pull out of the race.