Kamala Harris is after Fracking, Meat Eating, and Plastic Straws

Sen Kamala Harris, D-California entered the CNN climate change marathon with her campaign worse for wear. After a boomlet that occurred after she beat Joe Biden up over school busing, an issue that has not been around since the 1970s, Harris has seen her poll numbers fall to the point that she is fifth or sixth in the rankings.

Harris had the opportunity to try to jump-start for her run for the presidency with her ideas about how to address climate change, a burning issue among Democratic voters. She did not have a coherent policy, unlike Bernie Sanders. She did have some interesting policy proposals.

According to the Washington Examiner, Sen. Harris wants to ban plastic straws.

“Harris pointed to how the state of California had banned plastic bags and said there should be incentives against single-use plastics.

“Plastic straws a big thing. Do you ban plastic straws?” CNN moderator Erin Burnett asked.

“I think we should, yes. I’m going to be honest. It is difficult to drink out of a paper straw. Like if you don’t gulp it down immediately, it starts to bend and then the little thing catches it. We have to kind of perfect that one a little bit more,” Harris said.

“Innovation is a process … But you know, let’s encourage innovation. I think we can do a little better than some of those flimsy plastic straws, but we do need to ban the plastic straws,’ she added.”

Harris gets some kudos for admitting that paper straws don’t work. However, she wants to get rid of plastic straws anyway, which means that we will all have to burn our lips on cups of hot pumpkin spice latte. And if you happen to be disabled, forget about drinking anything without help.

In any case, the United States contribution to the plastic pollution of the ocean is dwarfed by what comes out of the Asian part of the Pacific Rim. Plastic straws are a tiny part of the plastic that is generated in the United States.

Sen. Harris is also against fracking, a technique that has made the United States a petroleum exporting nation and has created so much natural gas that electricity prices have plunged. The Washington Examiner also explains her thinking on the matter:

“Presidential candidate Kamala Harris said Wednesday that she supports banning the technique of fracking for natural gas to combat climate change.”

“There is no question I am in favor of banning fracking”’ Harris said during an all-night CNN town hall event focused on climate change.

“Harris suggested she would start by taking executive action on ‘day one’ to ban fracking on public lands and then move to have Congress pass legislation to extend the prohibition to private lands.”

It should be noted that fracked natural gas has allowed the United States to decrease its carbon footprint, as power plants that use it to replace coal-fired generators. Natural gas can also be used in carbon capture power plants, such as the one being tested in La Porte, Texas, that emit zero carbon dioxide.

Harris has also announced that she opposes the eating of meat. Newsweek notes that the senator says that we should reduce our consumption of red meat to save the Earth.

“California Sen. Kamala Harris is one of the top Democratic presidential candidates for the 2020 election, and at a climate change town hall on Wednesday, she said Americans must be more educated in their dietary habits to save the planet. This includes chowing down on cheeseburgers — though the senator confessed to still indulge in them now and then. At a marathon town hall on climate change with 10 Democratic hopefuls on CNN, Harris was asked by a woman in the audience if she would change dietary guidelines of Americans to combat global climate change, including the reduction of red meat consumption.”

Harris answered in the affirmative. She also opposes sugary soft drinks. She did not, however, propose a meat tax, as had Bernie Sanders.

Harris’s objection to the common people chowing down on steaks and hamburgers likely stems from provisions in the Green New Deal that call for the elimination of cattle. Cows belch methane, a greenhouse gas. Harris also thinks that too much red meat is unhealthy and thus, in the true nanny-state style, would see the government discourage its consumption.

Whether Sen. Harris’ approach that involves taking things away from people will boost her poll numbers remains to be seen, however.

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  7. She is a liberal, what can you truly expect from someone like that but stupidity

  8. FYI:
    As a former prosecutor, AG of California and a Senator, she SHOULD be smart enough to know that the Constitution allows Senators and Representatives to be “citizens”, even if naturalized citizens, but the President (and later, through the 12th Amendment, the VP, too) must be a “natural born citizen”, one born on U.S. soil to parents who are themselves, citizens. A child may be a “citizen” through birth in the U.S. (but there are exceptions), through birth anywhere to at least one citizen parent, or through naturalization, but citizen and natural born citizen are two different things. The only two offices that require a natural born citizen are the presidency and vice presidency. Even Supreme Court Justices may be naturalized citizens, but not the POTUS or VP. Citizen-at/by-birth is also NOT the same thing as natural born citizen.
    Kamala was born in Oakland, CA in 1964. Her mother was from India and moved to the U.S. in 1960. Her Jamaican father moved here in 1961. They had not lived in the U.S. long enough to have become citizens, so her only claim to citizenship is through the 14th Amendment, which does not and cannot make anyone a “natural born citizen”. Kamala Harris is NOT constitutionally eligible to be president. If elected, she would just be another fraud and usurper, like Barack Obama. He was never eligible even if born in the White House, because his father was not a citizen.


  10. No slutty racist, criminal is going to tell me or ANYONE what they can and can’t eat…..STUPID is as STUPID does……..LOL Thank you harris for always making Republicans look good with you stupidity..hahahahahahahahahahahah

  11. You Dumb Democrats need to get a FRACKING LIFE and take care of our real problems and do less about your fracking, meat, and plastic straws. All the illegals coming in , The wall not being taken care of, and caring for our country and our people are whats most important. Get some dag gun sense in your heads. I’d like to put everyone of you misfits on a slow boat to china and leave you there.

  12. Eating meat has nothing to do with the climate. This nonsense all proves that you just want to starve us to death while you eat anything you want.


  14. Kamala Harris, why do you attack everything, just do it to yourself.

  15. When Kamala Harris went after hamburgers, hot dogs, and barbecue, she killed her campaign! You can put a fork in Kamala Harris, she is done!

  16. She’s been hanging around with the SSS ( swamp scum squad ) its rubbing off on her , her stupidity level has increased substantially, She will say anything to try and get votes !

  17. This is one stupid bitch.

  18. Have you noticed that the only thing the Dems have proposed to this point is….banning this, outlawing that…..taxing this, confiscating that. And let’s us not forget give away everything to illegals. I’ve yet to hear a single common sense idea come from any if them. Seriously…..its insanity at its it’s best.

  19. never ever vote for a Democrat their ignorant as can be,

  20. The only thing I would do with my fork is shove it up her…..! I’m still going to eat my steak and there isn’t anything on earth going to stop me unless I’m dead, yes I do eat vegetarian meat quite often but not always, Harris and Booker need to go jump in a tree and climb a lake if they think they are going to tell people how to live their lives! Climate change is a hoax and president Trump knows it!

  21. I don’t quite understand how anyone can think that they can outwit Mother Nature. I don’t mind living a less carbon free life but I want the government to stay the heck out of it. They have shown themselves to be totally incompetent at managing anything–the budget, the VA, the homeless situation, the drug problem, updating air traffic control and infrastructure, etc. And yet, they want more money to mismanage with 16 trillion for Bernie’s plan (which we know will probably cost 3 times that) and I wonder why they think they deserve more tax money to squander? I don’t think they should interfere in my life to the extent they seem to be wanting to. I’m kind of tired of them all. Come up with a new idea, try saving tax dollars instead of spending them, stay the hell out of health care (you’ve already totally screwed that up), stop suggesting eugenics is a solution for anything, etc. and just try doing your job.

  22. Where do these lame brains come up with these ideas?

  23. Boy, how STUPID can you go? . . . Only HARRIS KNOWS! I can’t imagine ANYONE voting for Harris now – There are not THAT many stupid people left to VOTE for her. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  24. She’ll probably be in our bathrooms next limiting how much toilet paper we can use daily!!! Just say NO to Harris!!!!! 😲😲😲

  25. She needs to get a life along with her other cronies.

  26. Harris has a mental disorder! Kill the Cows for releasing gas ! lol . Its stupid. Humans release more gas then cows. Too many humans, get rid of them lol ? Also, she never sat in the back of a Bus. Her time span is wrong. Could she be lying?
    s cioffi

  27. So, psycho bernie boy wants a separate meat tax, and halfbreed Harris wants more taxes on the working White man/Woman. Demorrhoids like taxing us. To all politicians with a (D) after their name, i proudly say F.O.

  28. How about if we ban GMO, like most other countries do.

  29. Now the Ass hole dems want to tell us how to Eat!!!!!Go F______ your self,K.Harris.Maybe that Swedish Jerk had a point.We should Start with you!!!!!

  30. Who cares what she thinks…………she is NOT eligible to be POTUS since she is NOT a Natural Born Citizen as both her parents were NO US Citizens at the time of her birth. See the US Constitution, Article 1, Section 2.

  31. Plastic straws are already banned in California you moron !!!!

  32. As she eats her Prime rib and drinks on the taxpayers money! What a POS you are Harris!

  33. No thanks. The last I looked….individual choice was protected in our U.S. Constitution
    …and this incontrovertible reality has always been found in our First Amendment.
    What Ms. Harris wants is to take away our individual choices…for what we eat, or think.
    Apparently, she’s against any independent thought that disagrees with her….elitism.

  34. Telling all the bad stuff that conservatives already believe is good , but maybe you should tell those Dems and fence hangers about all the good things Trump has accomplished amid all the fake news from the left- media.

    Just me Hal

  35. harris can kiss my old ass I Am 65 years old and have been eating red meat as well as pork and chicken all my life and am not about to change just because of cow farts and crap they use the crap as fertilizer its natural and organic.Now as far as the plastic straws they are recyclable where the paper ones are not so all the waitress or busboy has to do is put them in there own container these people need to just the space between there ears

  36. Just another wack job democrat.

  37. What the Fuck, Now the IDIOTS are going to inact a federal mandate(law) that we eat nothing that they don’t approve of and TAX food, well here we go down the road to imperialism. I thought they were all out avid about supporting Illegals and POOR people, well everything a Liberal DUMMY does to help backfires, but they make millions on it. POOR People have been voting Liberal Democrap for 60 years and they’re still POOR.

  38. Another Democratic Idiot that has really no idea what the results are just out there wanting to control everyone but the so called Elites aka (Democrats). Not that she would listen but she needs to find a good church, live how she really wants and go home to her family.

  39. What a BULLSCHITTER she is, I,ll stop when I know she is not eating 25.00$ dry aged steaks or eating at HIGH END STEAK HOUSES and 100.00$ meals. A NO VOTE for her is the ONLY VOTE she deserves.

  40. Kamilla Harris hates Christians, especially Catholics. Want proof? Check the Supreme Court Kavenaugh Hearings!

  41. Kamala Harris hates Christians, especially Catholics. She is unfit to serve! Want proof? Check the Kavenaugh hearings in the Supreme Court!

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