Trump Puts His Foot Down on New Asylum Rules – That’s an Order

The nasty Democrats have tied the new asylum laws up in court to keep the president from protecting the southern border. The wave of asylum seekers has gone down but there are still many that are flocking to the country hoping to not get caught by the Mexican forces trying to help. The new laws that the president wants to put in place would allow enforcement officers to operate under a new set of rules. They would be able to deny asylum seekers the right to asylum that did not first seek protection in a country that they traveled through to reach the United States.

The nasty Democrats want to try to keep this from happening because they love the illegal criminals that are pouring into the country. They love the fact that these people are hurting the American people and exploiting them for all they are worth. The Democrats only appear on the outside to care about the issues. Yet on the inside, they are hungry to destroy the nation as it sits today. They want to see America fall into the hands of the enemy. They only want to get out of the nation that will benefit them.

The loony liberal Judge Jon Tigar was the one that placed the injunction in place designed to keep the president from protecting the country. This stupid injunction kept the rules from being put into place around the nation. Noel Francisco said that “The injunction prohibits the executive branch from implementing an interim final rule adopted to address an ongoing crisis at the southern border, with significant implications for ongoing diplomatic negotiations and foreign relations.” Later on, the 9th Circuit of Court of Appeals rescinded some order and allowed the rules to go into force in other parts of the nation.

President Trump has asked the Supreme Court to lift the injunction, so he can protect the nation the right way. The battle will continue even if the Supreme Court removes the injunction. At some point, the Supreme Court will have to intercede to keep the Democrats from taking over the nation with their corrupt agenda. The devilish Democrats want to see the nation fall into the hands of the enemy. They want the illegals coming across the border because they love the opportunity to take advantage of them.

The groups that are challenging the new rules do not have anything legally to stand on to request such an injunction. They are just a liberal group of people that are seeking to tragically harm the American people. They are claiming that the president should have provided public notice of the changes but that is not true. The President does not have to notify people of changes. Especially when it is a state of emergency. No great general would ever announcement his plans to attack the enemy. So President Trump is not going to announce changes designed to increase security at the borders.

The new rules are designed to decrease the number of illegals pouring into the country. They are designed to provide relief to a system that is overworked and ready to snap. The border agents and personal are doing an excellent job keeping up with the work that just keeps coming their way. The president wants to fix the problem once and for all, but he needs a Congress that is willing to work with him and not fight against his every move.

The liberal judges that continue to place roadblocks in front of the president need to get back to taking care of public business and keep out of the political system. The Supreme Court is there to keep the other branches of government in check and to keep them from overstepping their authority. The problem is only increased when the secular courts step into the arena that they have never been brought into. President Trump realized the liberal bias that was sweeping the courts and has done a great job of rebalancing the heavy sided liberalism that was beginning to take over.