There’s Nothing Left On Trump, So Here’s A Political Story On Bedbugs

The news outlets have been trying to get their hands on something juicy regarding President Trump. Only, the Russian hoax was just that – a hoax. The Mueller testimony sizzled out faster than the Dems could blink. And the economy is doing well, all thanks to Trump actually doing his job, which they all hate. It’s disappointing that the Dems are actually hoping that the country goes up in flames in order to point the finger at Trump.

Well, that’s not worthy of news. They couldn’t possibly say anything nice about Trump, so they’ve resorted to the lowest of the low: bed bugs. That’s right. The news outlets are now going after one of Trump’s properties, identifying that it’s infested with bed bugs.

The Doral Resort just outside of Miami, Florida is one of the many properties owned by Donald Trump. A report resurfaced about the resort settling a lawsuit that took place in 2017 after a man allegedly woke up at the property with bites all over his body. It’s sad that a report that took place in 2017 is just making headlines – and it’s all because the Democratic news reporters have nothing else better to do. Rather than talking about the elections, promoting the fact that the economy is stronger than ever, or anything else, they are talking about bedbugs.

Trump has repeatedly denied that any of his properties have bedbugs. It’s quite the rumor and a juvenile one at that.

The 2017 lawsuit was at the result of the 2016 stay at the golf resort. To show just how petty the Democrats are, #Trumpbedbugs was a trending Hashtag on Twitter as soon as the news broke.

According to the person who stayed at the resort, Eric Linder, he woke to bed bug bites covering his upper body. It was settled just after the Trump inauguration in 2017. In order to get that number of bug bites, it would have to be a full infestation – and since only one person claimed to have bedbugs, it was likely a fabricated story, to begin with.

Bedbugs are actually extremely common, so it’s completely likely that there may have actually been bedbugs. If Democrats ever bothered to research anything rather than simply opening their mouth and lying, they would find that 98% of hotels have at least one bedbug prevention program. Further, 82% of hotels throughout the United States are treated for bedbugs at least once a year. With these statistics, it is proof that bedbugs can be an actual problem.

Many of the five-star hotels, such as the Doral golf resort, don’t encounter bedbugs because of the significant prevention programs that are in place. This means that, if someone were actually covered in bedbug bites, it is likely from bedbugs that they brought with them.

Suitcases are often the biggest carriers. Bed bugs can jump on board from planes, trains, and more. If Mr. Eric Linder had stayed anywhere else, he could have brought the bed bugs in with him. Then, when in the bed, the bed bugs could have bitten him. Of course, if he wasn’t properly inspected, the bedbugs may not have been bedbugs at all – they could have been sand mites or something else – perhaps from playing a round of golf. It’s simply easier for many people to claim that it’s bedbugs when they show up after a night of sleep. Trump, being the practical businessman that he is, would rather settle than deal with the negative press. Especially since it was a single instance, there was no need to get upset that he had a bedbug infestation.

With over 600 rooms in the Doral resort, it is likely that at least one other person would have had bedbugs if there was an infestation that would leave someone completely covered. However, the Dems don’t want to think about that. They don’t enjoy reasoning, which is why a bedbug article is even making the news – and worse yet, they are categorizing it as political even though it has nothing to do with politics. It doesn’t even have anything to do with a sitting president because it happened before Trump was inaugurated.

It’s sad that the Democrats and the news outlets have absolutely nothing to complain about Trump with. The House Dems have given up trying to impeach him because they don’t have enough dirt on him. There are likely committee chairs who are upset that they can’t impeach because one of his hotels dared to have a bedbug. The pettiness of the Dems continue, and it’s leading to very yawn-inducing headlines because they have nothing else better to complain about.

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  5. The media should enjoy eating the bugs go find them yummy.

  6. I suspect that ms. Omar has built in stink from all her incestuous and extracurricular activity.

  7. Why don’t they report the news. Imagine a hotel with bedbugs. I IMAGINE ANY HOTEL IN AMERICA COULD HAVE BEDBUGS. That’s why they have exterminators. Too bad they don’t report on how well the economy is or how low the unemployment figures are. Of course then they would have to report something positive about the president and that wouldn’t further their agenda.

  8. To all you morons out their i hope you all get bed bugs. FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF grow up.

  9. Democrats still using the Alinsky tact of projection. they bring in the malady and blame it on their enemy.

  10. Desperation breeds lunacy. And the liberal DemoRAT socialists are really desperate! Some of these so-called reporters should take up writing fiction for a living.

  11. Bed bugs have been around longer than anyone alive. Nice try left but like everything else bad you probably breed them

  12. these parasite democrats are just plain ignorant i think the bed bugs are smarter than these democrat idiots that just proves how ignorant & hateful they really are

  13. I bet President Trump had the NY Times building infested too. I bet there’s not a building in that filthy hole that isn’t infested.

  14. The only bed bugs i know are the SS Democrat Nazi Party,and i hope they eat them up.

  15. The Democrats are so full of hate that they have to come up with such a sorry story. If the Hotel had been infected with bedbugs, more than one person would have complained. Maybe the Democrats should soak their heads in lime water so that their brain cells could get stirred up with some sense.

  16. My husband and I have stayed at the Doral several times. We were there in 2017 and every year after, And absolutely no bed bugs anywhere.

  17. WOW!! A two year old fake infestation story. That’s almost like it was yesterday. How about bringing up some of the dealings and questionable business activity of the Dems? Everyone knows about the many propties of Trump and the the companies that he owns or is a partner in. This was a great information story for an up to date kind of thing. But I feel it was a huge waste of resources and money to actually bother with.

  18. You offer zero PROOF to refute the bedbug “story”. Right wing media is an insult to intelligent people.

  19. This will be the leftist lies & hate rhetoric as always. The same Stalinist strategy & tactics. The same HOAX & HATE psycho-narcissist SPIN game.
    Just like the pre-WW2 Antifa, owned & operated by Joseph Stalin, this is a commie-fascist operation set on dominating a city’s streets, inciting riots & causing escalation of violence against passing motorists, independent reporters & cameras and otherwise peaceful marchers-demonstrators & street speakers that are pro-American & are easy targets. They fly commie flags. They are paid-professional terrorists. They are what they look like & sound like – a truly demonic-psychotic mob of fascist bullies. They are there to get their flat-footed targets to fight them so the HOAX “news” can edit reports to show “white supremist” violence. This diverts attention from the real issues of the day & brings false issues into play such as gun grabbing & racist Trump.
    For real news go to OANN (One America News Network).
    Also: THE EPOCH TIMES, Truth & Tradition. Dedicated legitimate legal Xtian immigrant patriots who escaped commie China & know they are finished unless they continue to fight the commie HORROR regardless of consequences.
    To remove the blinders & psycho propaganda MASK Read:
    TIPPING POINTS: How to Topple the Left’s House of Cards. LIZ WHEELER (OAN Commentator).
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    JIHADIST PSYCHOPATH: How Hw Is Charming, Seducing & Devouring Us. JAMIE GLAZOV.
    TAKE NO PRISONERS: The Battle Plan for Defeating the Left. DAVID HOROW9ITZ.

  20. All of those Bed Bugs Came Into The USA With All Of Those Illegal Immigrant-Aliens From Other Countries, And They Were Paid For By Those Ignorant Progressive Liberal Democrats, Who Stole From “We The Legal Citizens/People And Legal Immigrants Of The USA’s Hard Earned Tax Dollars, The Very Same Way By The FAKE One Sided Mueller Report Too!!!

  21. It’s a good thing I don’t buy the liberal newspapers that have nothing better to do than report about bedbugs. What about the hurricane, earthquakes, fires or shootings. Seems that would be real news not something that you read the title then flip to another page hopefully with a real story to read.

    I watch local news channels and read local newspapers. If the local news station starts bashing Trump, I turn the channel and watch the Hallmark mystery channel. I must have seem every Murder She Wrote hundreds of times.

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