Why People are Afraid of Barr Booking a Party at Trump’s Hotel

The devilish Democrats are desperate to find something to accuse President Trump with or at least someone that he likes. This past week Bill Barr used his own money to reserve a spot for 200 people at Trump’s International Hotel.

The nation needs to know that the president has removed himself from his business life while he is office and has turned the running of the business over to other people not involved in politics. Many of the so-called Democrats are raising objections to this move by Barr.

Bill Barr is wanting to host his family’s holiday party at the hotel. It is a private event and has nothing to do with his involvement with Trump or politics. It is a simple get together with his family over the holiday season. It has been confirmed by a reliable source that the event has nothing to do with the Justice Department or any social gathering other than his own family.

But the demonic Democrats want to ruin the lives of innocent people and this is an opportunity for them to do it.

One can only imagine the discussions that the stupid Democrats have behind closed doors. The Barr consulted the Department of Justice and it was said that “Career ethics officials were consulted, and they determined that ethics rules did not prohibit him from hosting his annual party at the Trump hotel.” This is not a violation of the rules and no stupid Democrat can have any objection to something that has been approved by the ethics committee.

But of course, the stupid Hempowicz stated that “It creates the appearance that high-level political appointees or allies of the president may feel like they need to spend money at the president’s businesses as a show or loyalty, and that is something that makes me deeply uncomfortable and should make taxpayers deeply uncomfortable.”

As if Barr cares about how Hempowicz feels about his family affairs. If Barr were to be that sensitive to the feelings of other people, he could never live his own life.

Hempowicz needs to understand that not everything people do is going to be approved of by other people. The taxpayers do not care that Barr is using his own earned money to spend at a private hotel owned by Trump for his family over the holidays. The people of the nation are going to say “Merry Christmas Barr” and look the other way.

The congressional Democrats are no better as they have repeatedly tried to incriminate Barr for nothing that he has done wrong. At one point the Democrats liked Barr until he did his job and defended the Republican president. The stupid Democrats tried to tear Barr apart over the Russia incident and the census question. All attempts failed and now they are looking to do the same with his personal life.

The congressional Republicans are just happy to see that the Democrats of the House are going to lose in 2020. Then they can get on to taking care of business the right way and focus their efforts on things that matter. The stupid Democrats think they live on a stage, and they love to drag their drama through the media.

The stupid Democrats are just mad that they cannot sue the president and get away with illegal intent. The Democrats have tried to move into the courts to tear the president apart, and they have failed at it. The Democrats have their illegal secrets that they hope never get out.

This attack on Barr is another attempt to keep the judicial spotlight off of them. Of course, Ilhan Omar just could not help herself as she has rightly been accused of an adulterous relationship with a consultant linked to her campaign.

Everything that the president does is for the good of the people. He does not do anything in the White House for his gain. He does not even accept paychecks but rather donates them to causes that are making a real difference in the lives of the people. Something the Democrats should watch and learn from.

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