Amid Recent Tragedies Gun Owner Saves Lives

With the recent shootings that have rocked the country, we can’t forget that guns aren’t the problem and as one recent story reports they could be a bigger part of the solution. At times, if you follow the mainstream media, the sensationalism now inherent to these outlets made it feel damn-near apocalyptic. This doesn’t minimize or in any way demean the tragedy and senseless horror, however, that befell the victims and their families this past week. If anything, it should shed light on an imbalanced and partial media conglomerate. When they say the writing is on the wall, sometimes they couldn’t be more right!

That is the thing about the media, it is literally there for us to see. And not see. We should know and be informed as a concerned and caring nation about the shootings, the hurt and the tragedies that occur in our country. That is simply part of a moral code that we want to believe the press and media have to inform us of news and events, good or bad. We also want to know about how heroes step up, also using firearms, only this time to thwart crime. In this case, that crime was another potential shooting and early reports suggest that it could have been on an unthinkable type of scale.

According to reports, an off-duty firefighter hailing out of Springfield, MO noticed something very alarming. Fast forward just a bit and the police arrive to apprehend the suspect now being held at gunpoint by our hero and gun-owning firefighter. The suspect, as the story reported, was carrying multiple weapons along with 100 rounds of ammunition while wearing body armor. Oh yes, and just to add he was filming himself via cell phone while entering a WalMart store… yeah, imagine the rest of the story.

Fortunately, we won’t have to, because of gun ownership rights. Because guns stop crime. You won’t see or hear this story plastered on every headline or newscast though. See, nobody died and this doesn’t necessarily fit certain agendas.

How awful is that?

We want to know about these stories, don’t we? Isn’t this simply part of that moral code we want to believe the press and media have? No, this doesn’t take anything away from the ugliness of what recently transpired but it isn’t part of the solution either. If more stories were reported by the major media outlets, about how gun owners stopped crime, would that have an impact on criminal behavior? The Republicans and our President are beginning to focus more on people, not guns, as the issue and as the source of the problem. This might be evidenced by their recent actions announcing that they support background checks.

Gun restrictions, more bans, and greater legislation would have done nothing to help aid our hero who wasn’t on the clock that day but was always on duty. Maybe, and we all hope so, we are beginning to find the right path to figuring out how to better prevent gun violence. It is difficult to think, however, that the more aware people are of gun owners using firearms to prevent crime, the more of an impact that would make. Because if you and I are aware of heroes like this, dressed in plain clothes, the more aware the perpetrators of gun crimes are as well. It is one thing to bring a gun to a fight when you are the only one with a gun but when the good guys are also carrying, just maybe that fight is less likely to happen. Maybe that home doesn’t get invaded? Maybe, fewer shootings are seen?

It is time for a change in gun laws and how gun violence is being handled. Perhaps it is time to put more guns into the hands of people like our nameless hero above – maybe gun owners are the solution. We cry with those who have lost and hurt with those who hurt. Then we roll up our sleeves and get back to work, not the work creating more anti-gun laws but the work of finding solutions and answers. If this past week has reminded us of anything, it should be just that, there is work to be done and it is time to try a new approach.

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