Nadler Hates GOP Victories So Much He’s Picking At Kavanaugh…Again

Jerry Nadler, the House Judiciary Committee Chairman, seems to think that he’s more of a detective than a Congressman. He’s opened a number of investigations over the course of the past two years, although he’s not authorized to do so. Then, he gets upset when people block him from the investigation and demand that they comply by holding them in contempt of Congress.

Any time that there’s a GOP victory, Nadler is in the background with his sour puss face on. Then, he decides to pick at the scab to watch it bleed.

He hasn’t gotten his way with the Mueller investigation, making the idea of impeaching Trump a distant memory. Rather than letting things go and focusing on helping the government succeed as one, he’s deciding to tear things apart…again.

This time, he’s decided to go after Brett Kavanaugh, the Supreme Court Justice. It’s old news, though. He was already sworn in as the 114th Justice of the Supreme Court – and it happened back in October. Nadler, however, has decided that he’s not okay with that, so he’s going to open up another investigation.

What’s the issue now?

Jerry Nadler and Hank Johnson (D-GA) has asked the National Archives to release a large cache of records regarding Kavanaugh and his time during George W. Bush’s time at the White House. According to the judiciary committee, they say that accessing the records are essential in order to maintain the integrity of the judiciary.

What the judiciary committee fail to understand is that Kavanaugh has already been sworn in. They want to reopen a debate regarding his nomination. Democrats say that they lacked access to certain records – though they should have requested those long before Kavanaugh was actually sworn into the Supreme Court.

Further, the Democrats fail to understand that they don’t get to access every single record that belongs to a person. There is a limit to how much they are allowed to see – and there has to be integrity in that, too.

Chuck Grassley, the previous Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman had requested records from the time Kavanaugh spend in the White House counsel. However, some documents were provided and the request was withdrawn. That’s not enough for Nadler and Johnson, now. They want more information – and it’s a ridiculous waste of time and demonstrates the stubbornness that these house Democrats have.

Why pick on Kavanaugh?

There are a number of reasons for the judiciary committee to pick on Kavanaugh. Mainly, he is Republican, so he is going to vote in a way that leans more towards the GOP – something that the house Dems don’t want to deal with or admit. This is because Kavanaugh is going to be ruling on matters such as executive authority, abortion rights, and more – and the judiciary committee is increasing the urgency so that they can try to get him out of the Supreme Court prior to having to vote on these things.

However, the top Republican within the House Judiciary Committee is already calling it harassment. Rep. Doug Collins is identifying Nadler’s request as being extremely far outside of judicial ethics, making it harassment.

This isn’t the first time in recent history that the house has been told that they are harassing people, either. The same judiciary committee has been told that they are harassing Trump when trying to obtain personal records.

Nadler cannot request information on anyone at any time. There is a limit in which enough is enough. Nadler is showing how petty he is by trying to get Kavanaugh out of the Supreme Court, simply because he doesn’t like the way that the man is going to vote.

There are certain rules that pertain to how Supreme Court justices are confirmed. The president makes a nomination and the Senate approves it. At no point is the House of Representatives involved in the process – which means that Nadler is way out of line by even asking for this information. If any of the Democrats were concerned, it would have been Senate Dems to make the request prior to the confirmation.

Nadler is way out of line, yet again. If anyone is going to be accused of demonstrating divisive nature’s across the country, it would have to be Jerry Nadler. The man is so obviously against anything that the GOP does, and his recent move to go after Kavanaugh records is his way of trying to do something – even though he has absolutely no control. Once he realizes he can’t get his way here, either, there’s no telling which member of the GOP he will go after next.

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