Ted Cruz Criticizes Group for Creating “Generation of Pansies”

As the school year begins for students across most of America, Senator Ted Cruz reminds us of the importance of education and the diversity that it must contain. On Friday, at the Young America’s Foundation’s 41st annual National Conservative Student Conference, the Republican from Texas spoke to students and members of Academia saying that educators of America are raising a “generation of pansies.”

This comes after many American colleges, universities, and other educational facilities have begun teaching in “safe spaces” that allow students to only hear what they want to. Teachers, faculty, and administrators censor, blacklist, and ban ideas that are they don’t agree with.

In addition, they even begin discussions by asking students to let them know if certain words, whether religious, gender-based or otherwise, are offensive to them and then prohibit the use of such phrases or words from the room, creating a “safe space.”

To this Sen. Cruz says, “For those watching at home on C-SPAN, there are no safe spaces in this room.” And that “if you are a university administrator, the ideas that are represented in this room are terrifying.”

“What is this sense that you have the right not to be offended? You have the right not to hear ideas that are scary?” And he continued with, “Look, the entire purpose of university is to hear ideas that are scary.”

That’s how we learn, right? When we hear of, read about, and even study ideas that are not natural to us or that may go against what we believe in, it doesn’t mean we agree with those. It merely allows us to understand them better. If we stay in our own little world, stuck in our own beliefs, how will we ever be able to tolerate those who are different from us?

That is what the left is calling for, is it not? If we are going to learn not to be racist, a bigot, or anything else that incites hate and fear, we must first understand those around us. And we don’t get to that point by banning discussions or words that make us feel uncomfortable.

Cruz talks about his educational experiences saying, “Now listen, my family comes from Cuba. My family was imprisoned, was tortured.” He noted that his aunt in particular, “was tortured by Fidel Castro’s goons. But you know what, I was perfectly happy to take classes from Marxists – not because they convinced me to become a Marxist – but because I wanted to understand how they thought.”

He continued saying, “I wanted to understand what they believed, I wanted to engage in the intellectual dialectic; that’s what a good education is about.”

And he has a good point. Peace doesn’t arise through the shutting out of other’s ideas. No, that only makes matters worse. Peace is established through a genuine understanding of concepts and principles, whether you believe in them or not.

The Texas lawmaker noted that “not everything has to be life or death. Not everything has to be ‘if you disagree with me, you’re evil and must be destroyed.’” He said, “part of learning, is learning how to discuss and disagree with people who may have different views, and to understand them.”

And he would know. That’s what our congress members are called to do every day, to listen and hear out others who may disagree with them on specific topics and, through understanding, come to a realistic compromise or agreement that benefits everyone.

However, as Cruz says, “Universities are undermining their core missions when they seek to censor and blacklist speech they disagree with.”

He says that Americans must defend our liberty, and it starts in the way we educate our youth. We have to encourage open discussions in the classroom to focus on our freedoms. If the “stark-raving nuts” of the left have their way, the government will control it all, from healthcare and abortion right down to education.

And as Cruz says, “What young person in their right mind would want the government to control every aspect of your life? We have a message that is much more powerful than that, which is: The person in charge of your life is YOU!”

He encourages students to make their own decisions, to take part in discussions and classes that go against their beliefs and decide their opinions for themselves, rather than having “some damn bureaucrat in Washington” dictate what they and can’t learn.

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  1. My brother recommended I might like this blog. He was totally
    right. This post actually made my day. You can not imagine simply how much
    time I had spent for this information! Thanks!

  2. Cruz’s is sooo right!!!!!!

  3. These people won’t be able to function in the real world after graduation.


  5. Hooray for Ted Cruz. It is about time someone said this to educators. Without varied discussion and exposure to all ideas will we ever be able to understand one another.

  6. Ted you are so correct. we have to take back our universities and schools both grammer and high school. Our kids are learning nothing and cannot develop a healthy mind. All they are being taught is so, so, crap.

  7. Well said senator Cruz! From parochial institutions to the acclaimed halls of academia socialism has dashed diversity for a single tainted point of view that advances no one intellectually. It only serves to foment hatred and division.

  8. Jackass not jackals. Spell-demons are satanic jackasses.
    Lampwick went on to become a slave jackass. SUCKERS!!!

  9. I’m thinking Lampwick. The Pinocchio fairytale character that seduced the little puppet Pinocchio to run away from home & join the carnival. Both grew donkey ears (Democrap logo) then Lampwick turned into a jackals & Pinocchio got lucky & escaped.

  10. Thank you Ted Cruz. I was a teacher’s aide for 10 years at lower and upper schools and these teachers of today would never have been hired. Oh yeah, I’m old and don’t know anything.

  11. Senator Cruz is quite correct. We need to continuously call out these people for what they’re doing to our young people.

  12. I totally agree and it is so refreshing to actually hear one of our politicians speak truth and make a stand.

  13. Cruz for President?

  14. Hearing something you don’t like, and learning to deal with it is the equivalent of being vaccinated.

  15. ITS ABOUT TIME!!!. Someone finally had the balls to say we are creating and have created generations of pussy’s. Young People that have been shielded from anyone that disagrees with them. Anything that is offensive to them. Anything that they feel uncomfortable doing and on and on and on. I have twin boys that are entering your second year of college. This idea of protecting them from the realities of life started in kindergarten for my kids. They would sit on a carpeted floor with various rows of colored square patches to sit in while the teacher worked on the chalkboard. They were told if the color of their square didn’t make them feel comfortable that they could ask somebody to change with them. Now if a color is going to upset my kid, I certainly don’t want to encourage that asinine behavior. I would expect the teacher to tell my son’s that it’s just a color, what difference does it make?. Having to sit on a certain colored carpet is not something that should upset you. Mind you, this started 14 years ago with my Boys. Thank goodness it my wife and I were aware of this and were able to offset that rhetoric with activities and rules at home. They had chores. They had responsibilities. The boys and I backpack all over the Sierras and endure some really uncomfortable situations. We would take surf trips along the northern pacific coast in California, Oregon and Washington. Freezing cold water and no idea what was swimming around underneath you. To me that is living. Protecting a child from every situation in life that may be uncomfortable, difficult or upsetting will turn your child into what Ted Cruz had the balls to say “PANSIES”. It is the left that is encouraging this kind of behavior. I just watched something on YouTube where a young college age person was talking about a presentation. Now there were six areas where you could view this presentation. First off, there was no clapping. Only raising your arms and wiggling your hands. There was a room set up where you could view the presentation but there was no sound. There was also a room set up where you could view the presentation but you couldn’t wear any perfume or hair products or any smell that may be offensive to someone, I’m sure with the exception of the smell of weed. Of course there was the room set up where you could just listen to the presentation and not have to watch it on the screen. I could go on but you get the point. I could go into talking about bathrooms. Or men competing in women sports. The left is responsible for this decline western civilization. It’s time to man or woman up and quit letting the left tell you how you should feel. The left will lead you down one really screwed up path

  16. “Even a broken clock ….twice a day!!!”

  17. I see and hear this nonsense from young people and I wonder what will happen if we have to institute a draft to build up our armed forces for a national emergency.I think back to when I was in basic training and it would have been a bit foolish to tell the DI.who is yelling at you that you need to go to your safe space and cry.When I was in basic in 1979 they would have given you something to city about.People need to grow up and deal with the realities of life and not expect to be babied

  18. Amen!! Electronics have their place but they have taken over our youth and destroyed communicating,. They don’t know how to deal with people, how to have discussions and question things. Want to know anything, ask Google. Whatever Google says is always right. NO!

    The Politically Correct agenda has also destroyed communicating. People take offense at everything. Seems to be no sense of humor left. Everything anyone says is taken as an offense. Think like me or it’s a crime. People who are free are going to say things that hurt you, on purpose or unintentionally. They’re going to swear sometimes and get angry sometimes. Get over yourself. We all have the choice to avoid those people, walk away. You become strong by listening to others and making your own choices. Not following what other tell you to do/say/be. That’s staying free and becoming strong.

    If you can’t learn how to think through and deal with others ideas and words how on earth are you going to deal with the hard things that happen in life? Our youth seem to have lost the ability to dream, and to figure out how to make those dreams come true. They latch on to whatever crazy idea comes along as if it were life and death and get violent about it without any thought of consequences.

    They’ve lost the value of how great and unique each of us is. The value of history, family, friends, experience, and true freedom.

    Sad world they live in. How did we get to this point? They are not free, they are lost.

  19. Cruz is right on. good grief, safe spaces are you kidding me. don’t say no to me or I will cry, what a bunch of pansies, of course the parents aren’t any better. what has happened in the past 20 years to America is scary. socialism, safe spaces, if you disagree with me, I will hate you. oh come on enough. bring back the draft for females as well, 18 yrs old, do 2 years in the military.

  20. Cruz could not be more correct in his analysis of the educational institutions of today; and the products in the way of student education handed out these days. We are slipping into, if we are not already there of young people who are ignorant, yet they formulate opinions based on nothing of merit. Most exhibit no soul and puss for brains.


  22. Great article! Agree with him!

  23. And Cruz is TOTALLY RIGHT! These idiots NEED TO BE FIRED, NOT ABLE TO DESTROY KIDS MINDS ! We got nothing but a bunch of pansy asses thought propaganda! Just go around and ask our ‘ next generation ‘ about history, and politics! They don’t know their butt from a hole in the ground! College graduates, yeah, right!

  24. The snow flake society has been around since the 1960s.

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