Russia is New Recipient of Sanctions

Russia has been jealous that they have not had sanctions placed on them by President Trump. They are now the latest and overdue recipients of sanctions as they have been found guilty of poisoning an ex-spy from the United Kingdom. President Trump has placed the legal sanctions on the nation of Russia for their unlawful behavior and murder of this person. For some time now President Trump has been wanting to place these sanctions on Russia and finally got the opportunity to do so.

The maniac media would have the nation believe that President Trump was holding back the sanctions because he is a Russian puppet but that cannot be further from the truth. Trump was not waiting for the approval of Congress. He was waiting for the right time to put the sanctions in place.

Russia denies any involvement in the killing of the British spy and his daughter. But proof dictates that they were involved. The Russians used a nerve gas agent to attack the man and his daughter and even left another bystander in a coma. This dirty attack by a moral nation is just another way that Russia thinks it can rule to the world.

President Trump gave the order for the sanctions to go into place. He has even spoken with Putin before the sanctions were signed. President Trump was trying to offer help in battling the wildfires that are affecting Siberia and other parts of the Russian territory. The discussion between petty Putin and Triumphant Trump was brief but nothing seems to have been said about the sanctions. Russia knows they are guilty so there is no reason for them to protest the international actions of the sanctions.

Putin and Trump have a good relationship and these sanctions are not going to hurt their relationship as leaders. The White House placed the sanctions because it was the right thing to do and Putin knows that. Of course, the meddling media would have everyone believe that Trump is a Russian spy that does not want to hurt his own country. But Trump is pro-America and his actions have only proved that truth. The actions of the traitorous Democrats would show that they hate America.

Chemical weapons are deadly and inhumane. Many countries ban the use of them and Russia has stated that they have not used chemical weapons. But this attack would seem to dictate otherwise. The use of chemical weapons in an assassination or for any use is illegal and will be met with stern punishments. Russia will suffer for their lies and their actions against people around the world.

The dumb Democrats would have the nation believe that they are forcing the President to put the sanctions in place. But Trump’s time table only shows that he does not jump to conclusions as the Democrats do. President Trump wants to make sure that the events are true before enacting the punishments for any crime. This shows that President Trump is a wise president and does not jump to conclusions just because the childish Democrats want him to.

President Trump knows the big picture and acts accordingly. He has placed more tariffs on China because they have lied and refused to uphold their end of bargains that they made months ago. He has had to deal with Mexico and their refusal to help at the border, but he was able to motivate them to act. President Trump has only the best interest of the United States in mind as he acts and deals with other countries.

President Trump cares about the people that are going to be affected by these sanctions. This is proved out when he called off the Iran airstrike because it would have killed innocent people. He believes that the innocent should not suffer because of the actions of the criminal. However, there are times that he knows a broader course of action is needed to get the point across to nations and people that would hurt the innocent and destroy the freedoms of people around them. When Russia attacked the British spy they killed an innocent little girl and an innocent bystander. These actions cannot be ignored.

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