China Issues a Threat to the United States

China has taken efforts to threaten the United States regarding an approved $2.2 billion in arms sales to the country of Taiwan. The threat is clear as China has stated that “The U.S. and Taiwan must not step out of line; otherwise, a price must be paid.” China is out to make the United States look like the bad guy in this deal that has been made with Taiwan. The little nation of Taiwan has the right to defend itself. The arms deal between the United States and Taiwan should not concern China unless China is trying to take over the little country.

The Chinese government has been angry with President Trump and his staff for some time as Trump has called the Chinese bluff regarding trade issues and tariffs. China does not like the fact that they can no longer bully America, so they are looking for any way possible to make the United States look like a bad nation. This fact is proven in the very article that China has published with regard to the deal.

In the article, China does not believe that Taiwan will benefit militarily by the deal. So if there is no benefit, then why the big threat against America. The threat centers around the point that China does not want a strong Taiwan. They want a week nation that they can easily annex should they choose to do so. The United States has declared that the sale would help the nation of Taiwan “maintain a credible defensive capability.” This is something that China does not want.

Gripping China has stated in response that “It’s a gross interference in China’s internal affairs and harms China’s sovereignty and security interests. We deplore and firmly oppose that.” China claims to want a stable region but with Taiwan getting the forces it will destabilize the region. China cannot be trusted with their words as they have for years lied to the American people as they have taken advantage of the country through trade. This is one reason why Trump did away with the agreement and placed tariffs on China, so they would play fair with trade.

Taiwan is an important part of the world as it provides access to that region for the United States. In the past, the United States has neglected relations with the tiny island in hopes of fueling better relations with China. But China does not want relations with the United States. When the United States defeated Japan in World War II one would think that liberating China would have caused them to trust American forces and at least would have led to a better relationship with them. But China is devious and seeks only their own way and gain for themselves.

President Trump is not blind to the actions of China. There is one thing for sure is that the president will not be intimidated by little China. It is a nation that has built itself on the destruction of its own people through communism. They have been a problem in several wars as they have secretly supplied communist nations with people and weaponry. President Trump has done right in his dealings with this nation so far.

The weapons sale is a staggering $2.2 billion deal that will come at a cost. The cost will be stronger ties with Taiwan. The Defense Department has also stated that this sale will “help improve the security of the recipient and assist in maintaining political stability, military balance, and economic progress in the region.” This kind of benefit is only good for every person in the region. It lets the communists in China know that the American people stand for freedom, and they will promote it wherever they can. America will help protect all allies and will aid those that seek help.

President Trump will not be intimidated by the Chinese people and will only act in ways that benefit the American people. China is starting to feel the pressure of the tariffs and will have no choice but to talk with the United States about a deal that is fair to every person.

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  5. I think they are also afraid that instead of Chinese goods, we will purchase Taiwan goods which would be cheaper than what China charges us. I think it is a good deal, plus we will be paid billions of dollars which will help our economy.

  6. China isn’t worth the trouble!
    China has totally taken advantage of the United States for decades.
    A threat from China, is like a threat from a liberal, and its difficult to explain to a liberal that nothing is free you have to work at it, and then you can receive it.
    Now China has seen the light!
    Hopefully they will give in or, just leave us alone.

  7. China has been making artificial islands in the strait of China and interfering with trade in the region with the other countries in the far east. It is trying to take over Japan who has their own freedoms and laws to Govern themselves with their Government. They have American Bases on Japan , which is their right to have if they wish it. China is trying to force these smaller Nations under their rule! They have enough land and people with out taking other countries against their will. Why not leave them alone and run your own country -you have enough problems in China without causing more problems with other countries. Free all the people you have in your work camps and become HUMAN instead of a inhuman country.

  8. One of the reasons Democrats hate our President, is that he cannot be bullied, bought, or intimidated VOTE TRUMP IN 2020. Trump stands up for America, not political correctness.

  9. I think China will up it’s support to N. Korea to piss Trump off (the sanctions will take a hit). The president wiil
    need to get AND LISTEN TO High level advisers or he is F***ed. Support Taiwan, Mr. President, Right thing to do
    China has built up those island near the Philippines to intimidate every nation in south east Asia. We must not be
    one of them.

  10. Number one is that China has always claimed Taiwan as part of Mainland China. There is nothing new in this. Their comment is consistent with what they have been saying since WWII. However, this in addition to NK, the Islands in the South China Sea and the trade war…makes every move a dangerous one.

  11. China can go FLuck self! Cunning scums!

  12. China needs us, more then we need China!

  13. Lies, misinformation, distortion of the facts and the truth. It’s called socialism !


  15. The author says he (or she) would have expected the liberation of China by the US in WWII to make them more friendly to the US. The author apparently forgets that the China we liberated was Nationalist China, and we allowed the Nationalists to resume governing it. Nationalist China was indeed a friend to us, but was the enemy of the communist Chinese, so they may not see what we did after WWII as being friendly.

    When the Democrats under Truman turned our backs on Nationalist China and allowed the communists to take over the country, they might have thought our stabbing our friend in the back would buy us some gratitude from the Red Chinese. Gratitude? From Communists? Come now. could we really have been that gullible?

  16. It is about time we have a President who will stand up to the Chinese and let them know that the free ride is over!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. America is stepping out of line? The Chinese have been stepping out of line ever since their existence.

  18. If it will help pay down the debt who cares.

  19. Screw China, they are trying to take over that whole area of the Pacific, and that won’t wash!! If they take over Taiwan where does it stop??

  20. Titan is moron spellcheck for Taiwan.

  21. Sadly the Chinese people have been repressed & propagandize for so long that few of them have any ideals there is such a thing as freedom or rule of law. I aplaud their rejection of muslims-Islam as terrorists. But they also repress & demonize Christian Chinese who are among the few who know the truth about Chinese government opression. MAGA. God help China. Titan must be aided as long as it is a US ally. Likewise S. Korea & any other true ally (not Islam). Islam is true Nazi anti-Jewish even tho Arabs are semitic! What a mess.

  22. The true intentions of China, like those of Russia,is, has been, and will forever be, world domination by whatever means necessary to accomplish that goal. Liberals, and progressives sell out American efforts to curb these objectives at every possible juncture.
    Let us all be clear on this subject: America stands in the way of China’s machinations
    to seize, and control, the world through economic and political means. Reading of the communist manifesto provides unequivocal proof that their ultimate goal is subjugation of
    ALL peoples under the yoke of their absolute control. Their total commitment to these ends
    is unwavering. Due to the 4yr election cycle, (and I do not advocate its demise) some legislative traitors in Washington are unwilling to present a coherent and cohesive front which opposes the inroads totalitarian ideas are currently making to the collective (interesting word in this application) American political “psyche”. As has been proven by history, repeatedly, communism gets its “toe in the door” by widespread adoption of
    socialist “feel good” proposals which eventually lull unwitting societies down the path to
    communism. The current Progressive Movement is just another thinly veiled attempt to institute these policies and practices, in my opinion.
    these types of
    the road to communism begins with

  23. China was used to dealing with that fraud Obama. Now that President Trump is in the driver’s seat, the game has changed big time!

  24. What should we expect really?? After we saved their butts from the Japs, they decided to go Communist. As long as they remain Commies we can expect minimal cooperation from them.

  25. Just who do the “Slant Eyes” think they are to rell US what we can and can do with countries that we wish to?


  27. Too bad China should just shut their mouth they’re nothing but a shithole country to begin with glad Trump is going after them with tariffs they’ve been slapping the American people in the face for years and getting away with it screw China I’m sick of the junk they send over here sick of buying that garbage

  28. Trump is taking the right position in selling these arms to Taiwan in order to improve their defensive posture and help support them. Likewise, Trump’s position on Traffics being imposed on China over their unfair trade practices is the first time in a very long time that the USA has taken the appropriate step toward ending China’s unfair trade practices. Trump should be supported by all Americans and we should provide financial support to farmers and others hurt as a result of this trade war since it is the correct action and will benefit the USA in the long run (and the world – except for China which has acted inappropriately for years).

  29. About 50 years ago when I was in the army, I spent about a month in Taiwan, mostly out in the jungle, but occasionally got into Taipai. Basically, we learned that there were three types of people there. First, were the natives who lived in the mountains. Second were the first Chinese who fled China about 500 years ago. They pretty much took over the country and chased the natives into the mountains. Third, was when Chang Kai Check (sp) fled the mainland onto Taiwan. Two of the people I was with were the last two who left the dock on the mainland when this happened. The ones who were there were NOT pleased with this. They would tell us “before C hang came, this was ours. When he came he took over everything.” But, they were succeeding nicely.

  30. china should be careful what they asks for, they may get it

  31. Isn’t that what Communism is all about? power to an elite few, whilst the rest must kow tow and be grateful for breadcrumbs! It goes against Gods 10 Commandments. God gave us all 10 Commandments, (not just Christians), and HE also gave us a choice! Free will. Communism doesnt want you to be free and choose your path in life. You obey or get punished.

  32. CHINA should go F**k themselves with a nuclear missile up their asses. I would say lets start world war 3 and light up all the chinks in China like a human candles with the USA nuclear arsenal . I despise the Chinese and if I were TRUMP I would end all trade talk and get ready for a real world war

  33. Harris & CORTEZ, = “The gruesome Twosome”! And also the othe,r “also rans”, OMAR / TLAIB.

  34. China will find out to its regret that Taiwan will not bend to their will or threats no matter how often and as loudly they claim to own the island!

  35. Things would go more smoothly if the Lying Liberals in the MSM and The DeMONcRATic Party would stop assisting the Chinese and other enemies of America and put AMERICA FIRST!🤔💭🏳‍🌈


  37. China is a despotic/atheistic/brutal nation which cares NONE for humanity (unless the person is in charge, at which point he is also trying to get “not eaten” by the other sharks in the pool). The bosses are NOT Nationalistic. They are egocentric, caring for ONLY themselves. They are, as it were, pirates for power and status. Thus, no other country has any value but to suck from and leave the slaves to do their bidding.

  38. China needs to understand they can n o longer take advantage of us as a Nation and the Countries around China does not have to be intimidated by the Dictator of China!!!!

  39. The American people stand for Freedom? The liberal commie Democrats stand for communism. Watch and see how many democrats are against this arms deal. In fact every democrat in the House will be against this deal just to obstruct Trump. They would sell out Taiwan in a heartbeat, and sell their own mothers into slavery, if they knew it would get rid of trump.

  40. China goes way back to the Korean War. They sent wave after wave,
    10,000 men all shooting at once.
    ( I think I am correct not sure )
    It was the North Korean War.
    The point is China has abused our nation through trade, and it has stopped…..

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