Why Sanders’ Backers Are Getting Nervous

Bernie Sanders is running for president in 2020, just like he did in 2016. He didn’t get the DNC nomination in 2016, so he’s convinced that he’ll get it this time. Unfortunately, many of his backers aren’t as convinced as they were at the beginning of the year.

Bad News Bernie
Bernie Sanders continues to get bad news. He’s also getting plenty of bad press. It’s crazy because he can’t figure out why more of America isn’t able to connect with a white man in his 70’s who has three homes and a net worth of over $1 million. The fact that he can’t see that is only the start of his problems.

The first round of primary debates went worse than he would have anticipated. Both Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris took the lead in the debates and have, accordingly, risen in the polls. This has sent Sanders plummeting down to the fourth position, behind the two women and Biden.

While most polls are focusing on the first-in-the-nation Iowa caucus, there are national surveys showing that Sanders is doing just as poorly.

The Money is Slowing Down

Anyone who wants to become president knows that it’s going to take a lot of money in the campaign bucket to make it all the way to the primaries. The reason is because of the cost of marketing as well as going all around the country to visit potential voters. People want to hear from the person who they’re going to be voting for, and not just on the TV.

Sanders isn’t getting the same level of investment that he did the first time around. Although he did raise $18 million in the past three months, there are others who are bringing in more – including former VP Biden and South Bend Mayor Buttigieg.

Of course, if you listen to the campaign aides in Sanders’ office, everything is just fine. They’re saying that what you hear is fake news because they have the utmost confidence in Sanders. There are only a few temporary changes in the surveys. That sounds like they have gulped down the Kool-Aid faster than anyone.

Faiz Shakir is Sanders’ campaign manager. He said that many in the elite class told Sanders he didn’t stand a chance of winning in 2016. Now, he’s proving a lot of people wrong. It seems that Shakir doesn’t understand that Sanders didn’t win the DNC nomination in 2016 and that Sanders is number four in the polls right now. How, exactly, does it look like Sanders is proving people wrong? He didn’t stand a chance of winning then and he doesn’t stand a chance of winning now.

The polls are spot on – Sanders is slowly plummeting down the polls. With so many more debates set to happen, Harris and Warren are only going to gather more speed. Biden may be dropping in the polls but Sanders is dropping right behind him. Part of the reason? Both are old, white men. The average American can’t identify with them. If people want to complain about Trump for being an old, white male, he’s almost four years younger than both of them. Oh, and Trump doesn’t have the history of being a politician, which has worked in his favor.

What If…

The election campaign behind Sanders enjoys playing the “what if” game. What if they attack his rivals? What if they try to connect with some of the hard-to-reach voters? They’re starting to experiment a lot, which is proof that they’re in trouble. With someone who has been in a presidential campaign before, there shouldn’t be the need to experiment so much.

The Sanders’ team isn’t calling it a reset, though. Okay, well, it sounds like a reset and looks like a reset, but we won’t call it that.

Sanders knows that he needs to take a more personal approach if he wants to get more ground on the polls. The problem is that he doesn’t know how.

Further, Bernie Sanders’ vision for America scares the crap out of most Americans. He’ll take care of college debt by passing it on to those who have either already paid off their debt or who never agreed to college debt in the past. Sanders doesn’t want to deal with any of the problems that America is facing. He simply wants to pass them on to others who have more money.

The only reason he performed even half as well as he did in 2016 is that the only main opponent he had was Hilary Clinton. She was as crooked as her smile, so it made sense for people to give him the vote. Now, he’s up against people who have real ideas and real possibilities.

In the end, Sanders will continue to drop in the polls. Let him. No matter who the DNC ends up nominating, they’ll have a tough time getting the vote against Trump.