Pelosi and the Left Think They Have a Deal

Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats think they have won the world with a deal that they were able to agree on with their progressive partners. In an all-out effort to avoid a party split they to have developed a bill that will work for them. They believe that a bill that addresses all of their own concerns is the best bill and to solve the problems at the border. The final details were added just hours before the discussion was to begin on the $4.5 billion bills.

Pramila Jayapal really believes the issues that surround the bill centers around financing. Other Democrats seem to believe that the detention centers are the problem. But the real problem that the Democrats refuse to face is their hatred for President Trump. They have chosen to stand in his way and refuse to fix the issues his way.

President Trump wants the loopholes fixed that are in the current immigration laws, He wants to see the border wall finished, and the humanitarian problem dealt with immediately.

But so far the Democrats have only come up with their own plan that they think to solve the problem. They have refused to give the President the funding he needs to succeed in securing the border.

The Democrats do not seem to care about the people that are currently housed in the detention centers, or they would have provided the funding months ago to fix the living conditions for the migrant people.

The Democrats have kept the president from receiving his funding in the bill, and they have placed conditions on those receiving funds. Under the new bill, detention centers that are hired out are going to have to meet a set standard or be shut down. This idea sounds good on paper but where are you going to put the displaced detainees? Common sense dictates that they will have to move to an already overcrowded detention center down the road.

This new bill will only hurt a buffering system.

The Democrats seem to be living in a world where there are no problems to think that this plan actually benefits anyone. The Democrats were reluctant to come up with a deal at all as they have been fighting back and forth with each other.

Pelosi in her arrogant way went around the room asking if anyone had problems with the bill. At one point she stated, “A vote against the bill is a vote for Trump.” She definitely has a hatred for the president.

Pelosi seems to be trying to get something in place before the House leaves for vacation. It seems like they just want to put something together, so they all can go home for the holiday break.

There are two obstacles that Pelosi and her gang still have to face and that is The president and Mitch McConnell. Majority Leader McConnell has stood with the president and has vocalized what needs to be in the bill in order for the president to put his signature to the bill.

Anything short of what the president wants to see is bound to vetoed for all the right reasons. The Senate has its own version of a bill that does a better job of addressing the issues of immigration.

The Democrats say they want to come to a compromise, but they have shown in the weeks leading up to this point that compromise is out of the question for them. If they truly wanted it, they would have done it weeks ago.

The president is tired of the Democrats playing games with the people of America. He has given them an ultimatum that dictates that illegal immigrants will start being deported within weeks. The vision for the border is very clear but the Democrats refuse to see it. The bill needs to eliminate the loopholes in the current laws and provide funding to fix the border wall.

The President is the force that stands in front of the Democrats and their attempt to control the country.

Every plan that they have come up with has proven to hurt the people of America. President Trump had continued to beat them at every turn in the games that they like to play.

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  3. With the two politcal’s split makes it what is called what turns into/becomes a bunch of foul balls! Play ball or shut out the park s lites!

  4. I’ve listened to politics this entire year and 1/2, and my questions have the Democrats done for the American People.
    You can’t accomplish what this country needs unless the Democrats face the reality, they are so obvious that they don’t like trump. It scares the hell out of me , they just want power. that power they had has put them where they are.

    Have you done your job to the fullest, that you were voted in to do. How much money did they make for playing games.

    If you have done nothing, then you don’t get a pay check. This country is divided because of their insane ideas and games. this is not a soap opera. This is our lives that you play with. Where is your common sense.? If the people of the United States demanded to take their pay checks away., until you do your job. I don’t care if you like trump or not. 34 Million dollars wasted for nothing. That could have built a wall , detention center and better health care for the United States of American. Stop robbing us in this Health Business, just so you can line your pocket books. Isn’t that treason in
    this country? I don’t believe its politics. It’s treason! May God help these powers demented souls. May God Bless American.

  5. you go President Trump

  6. I listen to these liberal candidates talk and it makes my head spin,I listen to the establishment talk and it makes my head hurt,and I think, are these people for real,can anyone really tell you they are going to shoot you in the head if you vote for them to lead the country,and really expect people to vote for them,not one liberal has said anything to the population about how they would work for the benefit of every person in this country,they are totally caught up with the illegals and what they can do for them by giving them every desire of their hearts and to Hell with all others,Thrump is doing his best to aide the American people under great resistances and getting little help from the republicans as well,this must change,and the best way for that to happen begins with ourselves, unless we want lawlessness,then we need to stop being lawless our selves,and it starts with obeying our creator and getting on his side,or we can kiss our own butt good by.

  7. As President clearly knows, never trust a smiling Pelosi. And as we have seen recently been exposed to she clearly has mental problems. I am not even sure she understands reality any more. For example, the Pelosi Shummer dance at the White House right after the Clinton Traitor leaked details of the illegal Alien mop up for deportation cancellation. They looked like Author Murray drops outs but were really smiling. To Dems, the only thing is power and grabbing elections by any means. And keeping illegals in the US of A is just more votes for Democrat. It often takes immigrants many years of beng here leagally to understand who is really on their side and who is taking advantage of them.

  8. The Dems and Pelosi “think” they have outsmarted Trump with this new bill that lies on the President’s desk. Pelosi thinks she is so smart always sneaking bits and pieces in a bill to be signed. Pelosi should know that nothing gets by Trump unless he wants it to. So unless you took out your little extra, be prepared. The people of the US arent as stupid as you think we are. The American citizen that will be voting in 2020 will not win unless they back off and start working for the people who will vote for or against you. U R just not that smart.

  9. Put all the illegals on a plane and send them home. Also throw a couple dozen demonrats on the plane while your at it and send them to Venezuela to see how socialism/communism works.

  10. The democrats are stalling. President Trump should continue with his plans and stop trying to deal with these obstructionist, they have no intention of dealing with anything do with the President except to try to impeach him. GOD BLESS AMERICA

  11. The Dems are cutting their own throats out of spite; they need to consider what is good for our country, not what is good for their political party & the fools who are their leaders……. Pelosi, Biden, Obama (yes, he’s still very much one) etc.

  12. What ever the democrats plan is for the border and illegal immigration will not work period. Any plan they come up with you can be sure it will benefit illegal aliens.

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