Kamala Harris Accidentally Gives Away Democrats’ Grand Plan for America

In Finnish, the word “Kamala” is an adjective meaning: Terrible, abysmal, dreaded, evil, ghastly, horrendous or horrid. We just thought we’d point that out since here in America, Kamala Harris would like to be your next president!

The fun thing about having utterly unimpressive candidates like Abysmal Harris getting a national spotlight for a little while is that sometimes they’ll slip off message and accidentally tell you the truth about the Democrats’ Grand Plan for America.

Which Abysmal Harris did just this past week!

Talking about President Trump’s recent announcement of mass deportations planned by ICE, Harris accidentally stated that this is “an attempt to remake the demographics of our country by cracking down on immigrants.” Oops.

Say what you will about the Democrats, but there is one thing they’re actually very disciplined about most of the time: Staying on message. Abysmal Harris’s comment may be the first time that an elected Democrat has inadvertently admitted that mass immigration changes the demographics of America

The idea that America can admit 2 million legal and illegal immigrants per year without it changing the nature of our country is absurd. The 2 million people the federal government is allowing in annually have different political and social beliefs than Americans.

They eat different foods, they worship different gods, and they have wildly divergent opinions when compared to Americans about things like animal sacrifice, the treatment of women, and whether or not child rape is actually a crime. 

Nations are people. And when you switch the character, nature, and beliefs of the people by importing millions of new ones – it changes the nation. This is, of course, the Democrats’ Grand Plan for America.

You pesky American voters have been voting the wrong way to suit the Democrats. Good grief, you elected Donald Trump in 2016! That wasn’t supposed to happen. Therefore, the demographic replacement of American voters with compliant socialist foreigners who will always vote a straight Democrat ticket must happen faster.

Of course, they never phrase it that way – at least not until one of the JV squad candidates like Abysmal Harris accidentally admits it. The narrative is supposed to be that the immigrants are more American than you.

They’re better than you in every possible way, they’re great for the economy, they start businesses, work hard and… well, they’re just better, dang it!

Ignore the guy with the machete who just crawled out of a Honduran jungle three weeks ago and who has literally never seen a computer. Trust the narrative! Even the pitiful George W. Bush parroted the Democrats’ narrative in his first inaugural speech. He said that every immigrant we allow into America makes us more American, not less. 

Prior to the 1965 Immigration Act, immigrants often did appear to be more hardworking than Americans. That’s because we didn’t offer welfare-for-life to every person who managed to sneak into the country. Immigrants were required to work hard, assimilate, fit in and survive on their own with no help from the taxpayers. Starvation was a great motivator for success.

The reason we hear about so many immigrant success stories from the early 20th century is that all of the failures were sent back home before they became a drain on American social services. You had to prove that you were capable of surviving before America would even let you in.

Today’s immigration policy: If you’re 63 years old, blind in one eye, can’t read or write, and require expensive taxpayer-funded dialysis treatments every day… come on in! You’re sure to make our economy better!

If you genuinely believe the open borders rhetoric from Democrats and self-loathing RINO Republicans, here’s a little experiment to test your thesis. Fly to China tomorrow. The moment you step off the plane and set foot on Chinese soil, declare yourself to be Chinese.

In fact, declare yourself to be more Chinese than the Chinese, and announce to the nearest government official that you are sure to be a boon to the Chinese economy. Then ask where you can sign up for a welfare check and the right to vote since you are a full-fledged Chinese citizen who is more Chinese than the Chinese. Report back with results. 

Just kidding. Don’t do that. They’re harvesting people’s organs in the concentration camps there now.

But you see the absurdity of open borders when you apply the exact same standard to any other country. The people coming in are not Americans. They are demographically changing America into something else. If we do not act to prevent this massive replacement program, we will lose our nation very soon.

Abysmal Harris will be forgotten shortly after the 2020 election season. But we should thank her for being so open and honest about the Democrat Party’s Grand Plan for America – even if it was an accident.


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  2. Harris is deceitful and a liar. She shouldn’t even be a senator let alone a president. Maybe she is suited for president of a kennel club back in California.

  3. Learn some linguistics Dummies!! “Kamala” comes from Sanskrit!

  4. Just think of the possibility, “President WillieBrown’sWhore”.

  5. Harris and the democrats grand plan is to raise taxes and to continue to work for illegal aliens and dumping American citizens.

  6. The DumbocRATS wants to attempt to remake the demographics of our country by cracking down on Immigrants. A DumbocRAT speaks from different side of their mouths, according to what they think the people they are talking to want to hear.

  7. Sorry ignorant people. What do you think the Republicans have been doing? Dun!!!!!!!!

  8. We’re in a world of sh*t and most of the U.S. population is playing with their iphones. If Trump isn’t reelected we’re plain

  9. Ever see those super bacteria, that
    Consumes every-other bacteria?
    Welcome, the democratic party almost was successful at this.
    60+ million people disagrees with
    The 40 year ole policies that f$&led America up.
    This bacterial soup (immigration)
    Will destroy America.
    As far as harris is concerned, she doesn’t deserve a capital letter in her name.

  10. The modern day democRATS are the United States of America’s worst enemy. Their ultimate goal is total domination of the people. To make everyone fully dependent on the government(them). Medicare for all is the first step. They will have to raise taxes so high to accomplish this that high paying wage earners will have to divide their paychecks to be redistributed so the low wage earners will have any money to try to live on. Ever heard a democRAT say “redistribution of wealth”? I have. What did you think that meant? Just think about “Medicare for all” for a minute. If you work for a company that offers health insurance, and today most of them are self insured and use a company to process claims, then you know how HR is always talking about how much they had to pay out for medical claims in the wage and benefit meetings. They say that right before they tell you how much your premium is going up and the coverage is going down the next year. I’m retired and am already on Medicare so I know how it works. The maximum Medicare pays is 80%, so you definitely need a supplement insurance to go with it. It costs me around $200 a month for my insurance. Use common sense on this scenario please. The democRATS want to do away with all private insurance and put every person in the United States on Medicare. The millions on top of millions of people that are now insured by private insurance through their jobs or buying it outright themselves due to self employment, and like me for a supplement. Can you even comprehend how much it will cost the government to put every single person in the United States on Medicare? It will be an astronomical sum of money. Now think, where does the government get their money from? From the taxpayers. Now imagine that your heart fails and you need a heart transplant. They have raised your taxes so much that you now draw about half or a third of what you did when you had private insurance. I have no idea how much a heart transplant costs, but lets just use $250,000. Twenty percent of that or your part to pay is $50,000. Let’s use $150,000 then. Twenty percent of that or your part to pay is $30,000. I would venture to say that most people don’t have that kind of money laying around that they don’t need. I would imagine those figures are too low for that type of surgery though. That’s just one example of what “Medicare for all” could be like. Their next step would probably be deciding who gets a heart transplant and who doesn’t. People that have a lot of money stacked away could qualify for the transplant. Me, I would just have to die from a catastrophic illness. Think about this and use your common sense. The numbers just won’t add up.

  11. Excellent summary of the Globalist plan for our country. MAGA2020!

  12. By including the illegals gate crashers in the census count without knowing that they are not citizens they increase the number of electoral votes. The goal of the Damocrats is to control the Electoral College. That is how they change the demographics, there will never be a conservative in the White House again when that happens.

  13. Oh what web we weave when we wish to deceive! That’s the Democrats moto!!!! As Hillary said oh just tell them what they want to hear and do what u want Nice! The Democrats want their power, position and illegals to vote, cheap labor for their constituents! They could care less about them or us Americans that don’t fit their narrative sick!

  14. Most people believe that the u.s. is better than the country they’re in, many millions more will try to reach our soil, even if they die in the process. The wall is intended to ensure that we know who and how many are coming.
    Too bad that there are some who hate our president more than they love our country.
    Free college: why would anyone join the military or go to work when they can spend 20 years being a student, and I’m sure they will next demand free books, transportation, and of course, a monthly income.
    When the colleges are overflowing and the labor force diminishes, they will simply weed out the undesirables, you can be sure that the elites will be able to bribe their way through .
    And when you are waiting in line for an organ transplant or medical care, or food or anything that’s scarce, you can be sure that there will be some who get to cut in line.

  15. Karmela didn’t make a slip of the tongue. That was just one of the methods they all use. They mostly always tell or paint a picture by way of a movie of the plan and if we don’t catch it, shame on us. Throughout all the historical events there were bits and pieces of the illustrated EVENT written for all to see if our eyes were opened. The Japanese Navy foretold of the pending invasion of Perl Harbor. The crashing of planes into the Twin Towers on 9/11 was also warned in advance, but shame on us no one was listening. The Canadian camera crew making a training film of fireman miraculously caught pictures of the first plane to hit the tower. What a stroke of luck. We must learn to act upon what our eyes and ears tell us.

  16. Democratic/Socialist Democrat Party. Anti-American hypocritical dirt bag racists.

  17. Harris has shit for brains. What a dumb ass bitch. She sucks.

  18. It is important that the nation votes to overcome the Democrat plan to screw America up. These mentally disturbs idiots have no problem with destroying America from within. Vote them out of Washington!

  19. gm
    JUNE 25, 2019 AT 8:04 PMThe democrats and some republicans in congress are criminals and should not be allowed to question the government as they are in no position to do so, since they are under investigation for crimes against a legitimate president, we shall soon learn. They continue to revel in sedition and treason here and countries they connect too. They remain defiant towards the rule of law as though they are untouchables and above the law. Everything they do they blame the republicans of, when its them who is above the law as evident of their behavior and crude talk. The republicans have to jointly hold a meeting to fix this problem and work around it to overcome these creatures who are bent on the illegals to come and assure them of work or even to replace citizens with cheaper labor. Freedom of speech and liberties is fine, its when it gets out of control and there is abuse of this freedom, harsh measure have to be introduced to discipline the situation or it gets out of control, people become lawless. And, this is what the democrats want, so as to put pressure on Trump. Well, they are not going to succeed, Trump’s got balls of brass. It’s they who have to be careful what they do otherwise it will come back to bite them where it hurts the most. There are some real bad reps in the demo. and repub. and its time the people remove them from the government come 2020 polls. This must be done by the people and by the people only not the politicians or the rich and powerful or Hollywood who use the people to voice their opinions as they have a lot to lose. People on both sides of the isle must get together and vote bad politicians out in the country’s interest and yours. Trump needs the support of the people and he will fight till the end against demo.& repub.
    who are false prophets, and preach, but do not practice what they preach to make false promises of all things free only to get into power and do the opposite, once they are in that’s it you cannot remove them, and, who loses, the people and, the rich gets to have their way, to only put even more pressure on the people who they consider as deplorables. Wisen up people, lets get rid of the bad politicians for good, for we the people rule by our voice and not theirs, so be it.

  20. The Democrats plan is a Pandora’s Box. Open it and you never know what tempests and pestilence will emerge. They don’t know and don’t seem to care like petulant child who cares not what chaos and havoc they cause.

  21. Excellent article. This is exactly why I have never, and will never, vote Democratic.

  22. Camal Harris is one off the worst liars, she stated that Criminals & illegals are better then our Service Men as an AG she never won a case except those for not violent crimes messed with evadence etc. She is a snake in the grass, not to be trusted all that about free health care schools housing etc. for illegals BS what about our Homeless adults & children how about our Veterans that keeps us save her ass also and the rest off the cheasy Democrat’s like said poleticans want to become Billonairs, Billonairs want to become poleticans the whole Democratic party are nothing but crooks stealing taxpayers money want to waist taxpayer’s money

  23. GREAT article LOVE the sarcasm. ( which was used ARTFULLY ),not just sarcasm for sarcasm’s s sake. Wish I could compliment the author….but article
    was not attributed to anyone name I could find.

  24. HARRIS IS NOTHING BUT A WHORE. SHE SLEPT WITH THE MAYOR OF San Fran to get into politics. She’s one of those dumb dems from Cal.

  25. I wouldn’t vote that traitorous anti American into office. She needs to be run out of office (which I suspect she will be hopefully and soon) and join AOC bartending. That’s all any of these Democratic contenders are good for. Let them work a REAL job and live under the laws they legislated. What a RUDE AWAKENING . . . Trump and his allies 2020.

  26. Sick! Sick! Sick! I think best describes Kamala and her comrades. I think we’re witnessing the remake of the ” Coocoo’s Nest”

  27. The republiscum party will try to twist the meaning of every comment to their advantage, What about the mentally ill moron in the White House, And his ignorant followers!!!!!!!

  28. This Harris bitch has shit for brains. What a dumb ass cunt. But all of the Democratic nominees are dumber than dog shit.


  30. Any politician from California is a idiot.

  31. I totally agree with all that you have said here except for one thing you said that President George W. Bush said immigrants who we allow into this country not illegals who sneak into our country there’s a big difference


  33. What the democrats don’t seem to realize that when the day comes and it will if what is happening now isn’t stopped and stopped soon is that when the trampling starts they will be trampled too! Thank GOD I will be dead!

    Sorry GOD!

  34. What the democrats don’t seem to realize that when the day comes and it will if what is happening now isn’t stopped and stopped soon is that when the trampling starts they will be trampled too! Thank GOED I will be dead!

  35. This woman who worked her back off to get to the top, has a circus going on in her head and she’s the only one there!

  36. So much twisting of what the truth is!

  37. In nature there is a simple rule. Taking in more than you can handle does not work. Alcohol is a prime example. Anyone who power slams their drinks of choice is looking at a DUI in their future, if not multiple.
    Baking is also another example. But the results are a lot more drastic than many other things in nature.
    I am not sure what the best influx of immigrants is, but I am sure it is not what is happening now. And of course we have to coddle them so they vote Dem. With in mass migration of Latino’s to US lately, the balance is way off. We are changing the way we communicate, Spanish has taken over in California. There is a movement to take Ca. back. I do not agree to shutting down anyone’s heritage, but you need to make American your first Heritage. And many are not and the liberals are playing along with them. Our school system is a joke. there is no incentive to even finish High School for a large proportion of the population. A student that has all the possibility to Ace High School and College a lot of the time. There is the Machismo imbedded in there Culture that does not allow higher education into the picture. Now please don’t jump me about the comments, first of all there a exceptions to every rule, and there is a large percentage aspiring to improve there station in life.

  38. SHE’S DISGUSTING!!!!!!!!

  39. This woman is bat shit crazy!

  40. What Kamala and the rest of the liberal commie democrats want is a one party rule. and the only way they can fundamentally change America to Obama’s America is buy changing the voting landscape of America, which means letting into the county as many illegals as possible and giving them voting rights, not that they need it, they vote illegally anyway. This is why they want open borders. Kamala and Bolshevik Schumer should tell the voters what a one party rule is., A one party rule= Communism. They want an all mighty powerful govt. just like China. They have the final say, Your Liberties and Freedoms will be what they say it is, Your U.S. Constitution will be in the toilet. If you so much as say boo against the Government, go to jail. If that’s what you want then vote liberal commie democratic. I sincerely hope that Kamala and the rest of the liberal commie Democrats bring on a 2nd American Revolution. This country is ripe for one. I’ll be waiting, and just like FDR and the Democrats rounded up all the Japanese Americans in WWII., the liberal commie democrats turn will be coming.

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