Dems Try Using Loopholes to Bypass Trump

For a few years now, we see President Trump has always been one or two steps ahead of the Democrats as they continue trying to throw him under the bus.  Democrats thought they had something with the Mueller investigations, but the president has come out of the situation clean.  The only thing which was questionable to them they thought was the “obstruction of justice.”

Even with that issue, the Democrats hit roadblocks as the president uses his executive powers to override every trick they pull.  Now they are calling on witnesses who do not work in the White House.

The Democrats figure if someone outside of the White House has information on the president, then the president cannot pull an executive order to stop them from getting answers.  They are going to use the former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and President Trump’s former campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski who had key roles in the Mueller Report.

The Democrats are in search of anyone who has never served in the Trump administration who they feel could benefit their case as key witnesses for Congress.  These also include Rick Gates and Paul Manafort who were top campaign officials and pleaded guilty in the Mueller Investigation.

Former Attorney Michael Flynn is another one who may receive a presidential pardon and was also a key factor in the report.

As the leader of the obstruction probe, Representative Jamie Raskin, a Democrat from Maryland and a member of the Judiciary panel who seeks impeachment hearings, stated, “These people could be called without any reasonable shred of a claim of executive privilege.”

With the White House blocking documents and witnesses through executive orders, Democrats have become frustrated as their investigations have come to a halt with every turn and with everything they try.  They feel this move may give them the momentum they need to get the ball rolling in their favor.

Democrats hope with the high profile witnesses they are subpoenaing, they will capture the public’s attention to make them feel special again, which is highly unlikely.  Lawmakers who support impeachment strongly support the move to calling these witnesses as they feel it will be in their favor to remove the president through the impeachment process.

Between the House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler and the House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff, they feel they have a case put together since all of their witnesses so far have been blocked through executive order, not cooperated, or handed over the evidence requested only to find there was nothing they could use because it proved the president’s innocence.

It does not matter how good the Democrats feel about this decision to call these witnesses, there is one key factor they seem to have forgotten.  All of these witnesses are loyal friends of President Trump.  The truth they seek to find may be what kills their investigations.  Almost all of the Republicans and Trump supporters are praying they do take the stand.

A St. John’s University law professor, John Q. Barrett stated, “Where’s Paul Manafort? He’s in a prison somewhere. He’s readily available. Get him a suit. Get him a haircut. Have him testify.”  Barrett is getting everyone back to Capitol Hill for further questioning such as Michael Cohen, Gates, and Flynn.

Barrett continued, “The people who were actors in the conduct are available.  They’re fully and cleanly available to the Congress.”

Many people see this as the biggest failure and waste of time in the History of America.

A former federal prosecutor, Joe diGenova had this to say, which leaves Trump supporters to believe it is a waste of time, “You know what happens in a hearing like that, the witness says, ‘You know what, Mr. Nadler, go to hell. I’m sick of you. I’m sick of what you’ve done to my family.  If they want to do that, I’d be there with a camera to watch that. How stupid. Do they think people are going to roll over and play dead for these morons? They may accept just to have the opportunity to spit in the face of Elijah Cummings, Schiff and Nadler, and I would recommend that they do it.”  diGenova said in conclusion, “If they want to call Corey [Lewandowski], that’d be their biggest mistake.  Ooohoo! I hope they do it. They’re going to regret it.”

It was reported last year, Lewandowski went through the same experience and said he is not answering any of their “f—ing” questions.

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  4. gm
    JUNE 25, 2019 AT 8:04 PMThe democrats and some republicans in congress are criminals and should not be allowed to question the government as they are in no position to do so, since they are under investigation for crimes against a legitimate president, we shall soon learn. They continue to revel in sedition and treason here and countries they connect too. They remain defiant towards the rule of law as though they are untouchables and above the law. Everything they do they blame the republicans of, when its them who is above the law as evident of their behavior and crude talk. The republicans have to jointly hold a meeting to fix this problem and work around it to overcome these creatures who are bent on the illegals to come and assure them of work or even to replace citizens with cheaper labor. Freedom of speech and liberties is fine, its when it gets out of control and there is abuse of this freedom, harsh measure have to be introduced to discipline the situation or it gets out of control, people become lawless. And, this is what the democrats want, so as to put pressure on Trump. Well, they are not going to succeed, Trump’s got balls of brass. It’s they who have to be careful what they do otherwise it will come back to bite them where it hurts the most. There are some real bad reps in the demo. and repub. and its time the people remove them from the government come 2020 polls. This must be done by the people and by the people only not the politicians or the rich and powerful or Hollywood who use the people to voice their opinions as they have a lot to lose. People on both sides of the isle must get together and vote bad politicians out in the country’s interest and yours. Trump needs the support of the people and he will fight till the end against demo.& repub.
    who are false prophets, and preach, but do not practice what they preach to make false promises of all things free only to get into power and do the opposite, once they are in that’s it you cannot remove them, and, who loses, the people and, the rich gets to have their way, to only put even more pressure on the people who they consider as deplorables. Wisen up people, lets get rid of the bad politicians for good, for we the people rule by our voice and not theirs, so be it.

  5. Ph-ing stupid demorats as usual. After all this bs do they actually think they can change anyones mind that has been even remotely payin attention. Lol I will never vote for someone that hates America like they do.

  6. The Democrats are not looking for justice but are seeking relief for Hilary losing and them cheating and they still lost to a mere mortal, and not to another politician. They still do not know how that could happen, Ronald Ragan was the first one to do that and they are worried that more people other than career politicians could get elected to be President of the USA. This is a scary thought to the Democratic Party, this could put an end to their lying, cheating, stealing party, Oh My God, more than likely the only they would use the word God ?

  7. Pathetic! DemonicRATS are simply pathetic!

  8. The Demoncrats can KMA! They are unfit to serve. They specialize in giving tax payer’s money to people who refuse to work. I’m 82 years old and am still working!

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