Biden To Be Bumped as Front-Runner By Fall

Elizabeth Warren, a Democratic Senator out of Massachusetts, is one of the many individuals who have identified that they’re running for president in 2020. Although Former VP Joe Biden has the initial lead in the polls to get the DNC nomination, it’s expected that Warren will be the clear frontrunner by the fall.

The Rise of Warren is the Result of Biden’s Fall

One of the top reasons why Warren is expected to rise in the polls coincides with the fall of Biden. Many people, especially within the early polls, vote for a name that they recognize. While Warren has a lot of name recognition in comparison to some of the other candidates, Biden is the clear lead because of his position during the Obama administration.

However, Biden is beginning to stumble in the polls. Many are realizing his age, which would put him as the oldest president to be sworn in. By the time inauguration rolls around, he would be 78 – 8 years older than Trump was. Additionally, his age is on display each time he takes to a podium with his outdated references and his remembrances of Senators who have long since passed.

Biden is also losing favor with his recent choice to reverse public funding on abortion.

Warren has a well-organized campaign with a lot of discipline. She has a lot of liberal thoughts on policies, and many of them counter Trump in a way that Democrats love. Further, she’s a female. Plenty of polls have shown that they would like to see a female in office, which is one of the reasons why Clinton received the DNC nomination in 2016.

Co-hosts on The View also noted that while Joe Biden is considered the most electable candidate as of right now, more voters align with Warren.

First Round of Primary Debates

Another way that Warren is going to get a clear advantage is that she’s the only frontrunner to take to the stage on the first night of the first DNC debate. The two-night debate features 10 candidates on each night. Warren will be among a number of names that most of the country hasn’t heard of. Meanwhile, many of the other frontrunners will all take to the stage together on the second night, which includes Biden, Sanders, Harris, and Buttigieg.

As her website for presidency shows, there will be a number of things she is likely to focus on during the debates. This includes rebuilding the middle class, removing the corruption in DC, and strengthening the democracy. She wants to make sure every American’s right to vote is protected, including eliminating voter ID laws, which she claims are racist.

Warren also has a plan to change the student loan debt that is crushing a generation and the ability for families to access affordable childcare.

As more Democrats start to “meet” Warren through debates and rallies, the shift may start to be seen within the polls. Much of it is about proving how she is capable of not only getting the nomination from the DNC but also taking on Trump in the general election.

Moving Forward

Trump’s campaign has, admittedly, focused more on Biden as the frontrunner than Warren. They have said that they will wait a few more months because they feel that her liberal policies will end up hurting her on their own. The Trump campaign and GOP will likely push stronger once a few of the DNC debates have happened. There are a total of 12 organized debates that are scheduled to happen between now and the primaries.

The focus for Warren right now is grassroots organizing as well as policy proposals. There have been 23 proposals already, which is providing forward momentum. Inside the headquarters for Warren is a wall that’s identified “Letters to EW” where people write letters to Warren. This includes letters of encouragement, personal stories, and even strategy suggestions.

She has gotten letters included with checks, too. One contribution was for $100 along with a thank you for recommending that Congress start the impeachment process on Trump. Countless other letters with donations to her campaign pour in each and every day.

There’s no doubt that Warren will have the funding necessary to continue her campaign trail all the way through primaries. With more people worried about Biden’s age and intrigued by Warren’s policy proposals, it’s likely that she will continue to build momentum in the polls. Now, we wait to see how she does in the debate on June 26 against other rivals such as Beto O’Rourke and Cory Booker.