Trump’s Campaign Has Dems Shaking in Their Boots

There will be some different things to expect this time around for the Presidential Election of 2020.  President Trump is not going to begin his campaign with visits to other states like Pennsylvania, Florida, or Wisconson.

No, he is going to start his campaign off inside a corporate office.  This re-election campaign will come equipped with a document outlining the entire process, and is titled, “Branding Guidelines for the Trump Presidential Campaign.”

The corporate branding style book will be the first step before the president even steps foot in any state in the U.S. It will have categories for each rally and function he attends.  “Trump Red,” and “Trump Blue” used as logos for regular rallies and “Trump Gold” for special events.

It can even let the public know when contributions need a boost by showing a picture of President Trump pointing at the camera.  Each image will show either strength or compassion, and Trump is once again setting the bar on how campaigning will be done.

What makes it amazing, this was planned and designed four years ago when Trump announced he was going to run for president and everything is ready for the re-election campaign.

Everything will be organized and conventional with the new technology as it brings in corporate business tactics.  Branding and merchandising will evolve into greater tactics and will collect supporters’ numbers and data information, and there will even be a smartphone app coming out soon.

Details and notes will be taken from every location on the campaign trail to give accurate information and news to the public.  All of the information will be stored in the app and updated daily.

The main goal for the new stuff is not meant for approval ratings or critics.  It is meant for campaign advisors to keep track of what needs to be done to get Trump’s supporters to the polls and vote.

One of the hardest issues President Trump’s campaign advisors face is keeping Trump away from Twitter.  He continues to defy his advisors’ wishes and stop with the attacks on Biden and the other candidates.

The president made it clear his Twitter account is his own brand and not part of the campaign, so the people in charge of the campaigning are prepared.  They have built a political infrastructure which will run full force no matter what the president says on social media or on stage.

The Democrats are taking notes on all the President’s campaign is doing, and they are a bit nervous as they are taking him very seriously.

A spokeswoman for the Democratic National Committee, Adrienne Watson, stated, “Congratulations to the president for having a functioning campaign this time.”

They are prepared to use the questions of lower drug prices and how the working-class American citizens are being helped.  They feel it is an area they can use for an attack in the debates.

In Trump Tower for the 2015 and 2016 campaign, everyone working was crowded and placed in a room where some of the sheetrock was not even put up.  This campaign is different, and some fear the president will not approve because the room is across the 14th floor.

It overlooks the Potomac River and is one huge office where conference rooms were put together to make one big room.

The workers in the operation hope he never visits the location due to the size of the operation, but it is hard to say.  No one wants to work in the room they had in the last election, and who can blame them?

The president put the word out he wanted organization and discipline.  It is no different than working for a boss.  They all claim he can change his mind at any time, even though Trump and his family agreed for better.

The campaign has doubled in size from the 2016 elections.  There is nine political directors and 13 state directors hired by the Republican National Convention.  A Latino coalition has been set up to assist the Hispanic voters and get President Trump’s message across to them in their communities.

A Kansas businessman, Brad Parscale, has been promoted to the lead person over the campaign, and he oversees 50 people.

Eric Trump and Jared Kushner work alongside Parscale as they make major decisions in the campaign.  As President Trump is the final say in the campaign, he wants any mistakes made in the first election to be fixed in this race immediately.