RINO Amash Seals His Own Doom with Publicity Stunt

Here’s a familiar pattern to Republican voters: A political candidate running for office comes across as a pillar of potent conservative manhood (or womanhood) on the campaign trail. They call for building a wall on the southern border, repealing Obamacare, deporting illegal aliens, cutting taxes and so forth.

But as soon as they get to Washington, DC, they turn into MSNBC anchor Joe Scarborough. They were never actually potent conservatives. Instead, they were limp soy-boys looking to enrich themselves at everyone else’s expense while bossing everyone around. They were nanny-state Democrats in disguise, in other words.

Conservatives have finally seen through this scam and we have punished many of the soy-boys right out of office. The election of President Donald Trump in 2016 was the ultimate rejection of the soy-boys.

But there are still a few traitor-to-the-cause hangers-on in Congress that we haven’t managed to purge yet. The latest example of this is the sneaky little “libertarian” Rep. Justin Amash (R-MI).

Amash has discovered that old tried-and-true trick to get the New York Times to write fawning, adulatory puff pieces in honor of an elected Republican: Simply betray all conservative principles and throw your fellow Republicans under the bus.

Do this, and the liberal media will beat a path to your front door! 

Amash suckered his way into office in the conservative “Tea Party” wave of 2010 by pretending to espouse values that were important Tea Party voters at the time. While following a voting pattern that has left his libertarian-leaning base scratching their heads for the past nine years, Amash has managed to tick off practically everyone in Washington, DC, and America – but never in a good way.

In his latest publicity stunt, Amash has become the sole Republican in Congress calling for President Trump to be impeached… because of the contents of the Mueller Report.

You know, the same Mueller Report which concluded that no one in the Trump campaign colluded with Russia and that President Trump did not obstruct justice? Yes, that Mueller Report.

Poor little Justin Amash! He actually started calling for the impeachment of Donald Trump way back in 2017 – before Trump was even in the office. But he could never get the media to pay attention to him.

Now that the Mueller Report has finally been issued after a baseless two-year witch hunt, Amash’s dream has come true. The New York Times is finally writing lovey-dovey articles about his sage constitutional wisdom and how Amash is a True Conservative™, unlike all of you dopes who think that there’s literally no possible reason to impeach Trump.

Is it still too soon after John McCain’s death for the media to start calling Amash a “renegade?”

For anyone with remaining doubts as to Amash’s conservative bona fides, here is how he has voted on some key conservative legislation since President Trump entered the White House in 2017:

  • The Hartzler Amendment: This amendment would have banned the use of taxpayer funds for sex changes in the military. Amash voted “No” – because nothing says “liberty” like forcing the middle class to pay for transgender surgeries!
  • Kate’s Law: Named for Kate Steinle, who was murdered on a San Francisco pier by a previously deported illegal alien, this popular law would have made criminal aliens automatically deportable upon arrest. If an illegal alien was deported and re-entered the country illegally, it would have resulted in an automatic two-year prison sentence. Amash voted “No.”
  • The “No Sanctuary for Criminals” Act: This equally popular bill would have denied federal law enforcement funding to sanctuary cities that openly defy federal immigration laws, by shielding criminal aliens from deportation. Amash voted “No.”

Those are just three votes that we picked out of a hat. The plucky little Michigan congressman looks neither conservative nor libertarian when you examine his voting record closely – especially since the election of President Trump.

Unfortunately for Amash, he’s about to learn the same lesson that the former Obama-loving, pro-amnesty House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA) learned in 2015.

Amash is facing a serious primary challenge from Michigan state Representative Jim Lower. Disgusted by Amash’s impeachment antics, Lower appears to be a true MAGA candidate who is ready unseat the preening little “libertarian” soy-boy. Lower is up by 16 points in early polling over Amash.

Don’t blame us when your political career goes down in flames in 2020, Mr. Amash – you asked for it!

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  3. Just another CHICKENSHIT DEMOCRAP lying 2 face POS!


  4. I hope he gets voted out. There’s a few more that need to go too. Maybe one day we will have a truly conservative Republican Party in D. C. That would be a miracle.

  5. Amish is a big fucking pussy with shit for brains. He’s going to get his ass kicked good.

  6. Can’t get rid of him soon enough!

  7. Mr Amash you are one Fat Jerk and sad you are from West Michigan where people have values and too bad you forgot yours some where. You will be in for a rude of wakening being a traitor and I pray your fraud will be short lived. We dont need puks like you in office. Go back to the hole you came out of as you have decieved your voters enough. Maybe we can vote you in to a job in the circus as a clown!

  8. Out with him!! Off with his head ………awash Amash…….

  9. Yup I was on stage with other business owners in Grand Rapids MI supporting Ron Paul years ago. He said Amash was Tea Party all the way. I think he and Rand have changed their minds. I sure have.

  10. Take your frustration out at the polls. Vote the scum out of office!
    Holds true for the entire country.

  11. But no matter whether voted in or out, we the stupid people still have to pay for him. Maybe he will get caught up in a great new abortion law in Michigan which will take him out of office.

  12. We need to vote out all the phony RINOs, Progressive Democrats, Communists and Pretend Libertarians! If you pick a side you deserve more respect at least. Playing both sides against the middle just shows you are a coward .

  13. Hey Amash! UP YOURS traitor!


  15. Primary the weasel. Get him out.

  16. I pray Jim Lower wins. Amash was a Democrat running as a Republican so he could be elected. I wondered when someone would do this! I now have my answer. So sneaky and underhanded!

  17. Justin Amash owns a manufacturing business in China, and his profits are being hurt by the Trump tariffs. How can Michigan elect a person who is stealing Michigan manufacturing jobs and sending them to China? Amash is a rat!

  18. Piece of crap

  19. Wow! Forgive my lack of knowledge but what in blue blazes is a soy-boy?


  21. Good riddance of bad rubbish !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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